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12:03 AM
@hwlau I am searching for some kind of a button to start a new proposal, but I do not immediately see it ...
@Dilaton That is why I ask you...
@hwlau I see, still looking for it ...
Ah, when you go to the old TP proposal for example, you see in the upper right corner a blue box which says closed and gives you a link to propose a variation of the site. Clicking it leads you to a form to fill in the information needed to start a new site. I knew that I had seen it somewhere ... :-)
@Dilaton So you want to propose it now? I will join immediately ;)
12:12 AM
@hwlau hm, its way after my bedtime now (02:11 in my local reference frame) maybe not the best time ... :-/
Hey @LoganM is here :-)
@LoganM Hi
@hwlau he is the nice guy I said I already talked about new TP sites with ;-)
@Dilaton I see. Is all these chats have full transcript of all time?
@Dilaton @hwlau hi.
@LoganM Welcome :)
12:16 AM
@hwlau as I understand it only the starred messages are permanent.
We had another chat room.
Actually everything is permanent, but it's very unlikely that anyone will go searching for messages more than a few days old unless they're starred because it's a pain to do so.
For example, here's the transcript from January 3rd 2011: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/71/2011/1/3
@LoganM They don't provide the search function, but here is full transcript. We just need to writee a simple script and then we can search for all texts
Actually there is a search in the upper right corner of the screen.
Ok, it is very small...
IS there a way to see all chats for a person. At least how can I read all my message?
@LoganM up to now there is not much going on on the TRF post Lumo resereved for discussion a new TP site ... :-/
12:26 AM
@Dilaton Link?
@Dilaton I haven't had much chance to write anything there, but it's a bit worrisome to me if no one else is contributing.
@LoganM yes, I though there would be more response...
the blogspot server seems to be annoyingly slow at present
I will try to write a comment or two there today. First I have to eat dinner though.
@LoganM I have written two comments there. I dont know about a good way to promote this, apart from pinging people I have talked to and know that they are interested.
I don't have enough connections to promote this anywhere except maybe in my own department (which is not that large).
12:33 AM
@LoganM that would certainly be good :-)
I could inconspicuously ping some people here, such as Mitchell Porter, Ron Maimon, Urs Schreiber, and some others ...
It is easier to promote to the grad students in the same department
but it is hard to promote to professors
12:55 AM
@LoganM may I ask what is your departement? Just immensely curious ... Maybe we should shedule a chat session in our room to continue, including hwlau ...
Ok, now I have to take some sleep, good night and see you ;-)
1:28 AM
@Dilaton Sorry, I was out to dinner. I'm in the physics department at Johns Hopkins University. I also know a lot of people in the math department here.
6 hours later…
7:38 AM
@hwlau Yes...
:This article is about S-duality (strong–weak duality) in physics. For the mathematical S-duality (Spanier–Whitehead duality), see S-duality (homotopy theory). In theoretical physics, S-duality (also a strong–weak duality) is an equivalence of two quantum field theories or string theories. An S-duality transformation maps states and vacua with coupling constant g in one theory to states and vacua with coupling constant 1/g in the dual theory. This has permitted the use of perturbation theory, normally useful only for "weakly coupled" theories with g 1) regimes of string theory, by mapping...
The last one is empty; weird .
I created my S-dual to propose the
7:40 AM
pop-sci proposal as I
did not want it to be connected
to my usual account .
@Dilaton Maybe "Why don't monkeys evolve into humans?"...
8:09 AM
@Dilaton /cc @hwlau @LoganM You can revive TP. Just that since it failed once, the bar for getting through private beta is higher -- you need to prove to them that the site is viable by getting a lot of good activity.
When the Arduino proposal was recreated, similar things happened -- it was close because of low activity, given that it had to touch a higher bar of activity
So if you want the proposal, I suggest you plan it carefully and get a lot of people interested
9:00 AM
@ManishEarth @Dilaton: Don't worry... It's not that easy anyway. But, they're always welcome to try...
But I wouldn't consider that, because it takes much longer time to complete the phases :)
9:15 AM
@Manishearth: It's funny that on your user profile on Physics.SE, you removed the "especially physics", but on Chemistry.SE, it remains...
9:38 AM
@Alyosha The Schrodinger picture is usually taught in high school, isn't it ?
If' not for that picture, most textbooks would probably not cover QM at all... As the textbook writers would have to else cover a looooooooooooooooooooooot of prerequisites......
11:27 AM
Thank @ManishEarth I think too that a new TP proposal should be set up very carefully and well thought out, this is why I did not want to do it way after midnight ... :-D
@CrazyBuddy I know ... this is why we consider setting it up outside the SE network too, to avoid having to deal with to stringent activity criteria. Outside the SE network, the activity has to be only high enough such that the contributors themself are happy and satisfied with it. Of course this would be a lot more work etc. BTW congratulations to your blog (post), it was fun to read ;-)
@Dimension10 so I think the S duality is ok then ;-)
@Dilaton Thank you... And, don't forget to call upon the QMech & other TPs avail. here to your site... I mean, don't forget to advertise it :P
11:46 AM
@CrazyBuddy yes, I am wondering what is the best way to promote it, telling people that it is time to really do it, etc ... All we have at present is the discussions in chat and Lumo has reserved some space to discuss starting a new TP site. I was thinking about writing a meta post to promote the idea and then take the discussion to TRF, but I am not sure if such a thing would be appreciated ...
12:11 PM
@Dilaton You could set it up like a wiki with wikia...
Or like a forum with propboards .
But like SE...
Would be hard...
There is osqa.net though . . .
12:14 PM
But the installation and stuff looks scary... P.S. The tpqa seems to have been replaced with nonsense...
@Dimension10 That's because I updated my profile on Physics to mention that I'm in EP (which is basically pure physics + some nano/solid state).
@Dimension10 @Dilaton Set up Discourse. I think BitNami offers preinstalled Discourse on their hosting
@skullpatrol ... ?
12:17 PM
What's that starring going on? What's so special in these, that I missed o_O
@Dimension10 osqa.net looks quite neat. Where can I find tpqa?
@ManishEarth ah, that is nonsense indeed :-/. You meant this bitnami.com ?
@Dilaton basically their hosting contract ran out and they didn't renew it
Yeah, bitnami.com
I think bitnami lets you do it for free if you don't want a separate domain
No, bitnami lets you do a 1-hr test launch for free. If you buy hosting you can then set it up
12:34 PM
@ManishEarth same people even said that they were willing to contribute a reasonable fee for having a good high quality site, so maybe it would not have to be completely free, not sure ...
@Dilaton I know. Just saying that bitnami gives you a hassle-free install
@Dilaton Here's a temporary Discourse server I managed to set up: ec2-50-16-55-173.compute-1.amazonaws.com
@CrazyBuddy That was me starring those messages of skullpatrol. I don't know why, they were soooooo funny.
@ManishEarth yeah thanks, this is good to know :-)
You can test what Discourse is like at try.discourse.org
@Dimension10 Who starred your messages back then..??? o_O
12:38 PM
@Dilaton Osqa is hard to set up in my opinion, they have an easy version (answerhub.com/answerhub-intro-lp/osqa-lp) but it isn't free...
@CrazyBuddy Probabsly like voteing up
@Dimension10 are you familiar with installing and setting up?
@Dilaton If you provided hosting I don't mind helping set up
@Dilaton Obviously, not.
12:47 PM
A probable solution: Propose Area 15 (pronounced One-teey five) on Area 51 where you can get to propose Q & A sites outside the SE network funded by a philanthropist. . : )
mzcoscnxx.a ak azxjnccslskns
@Dimension10 Quantum mechanics is only taught very qualitatively in high school here
d nx vcn jxncjnjcsufhutsiahiahduhcjsdbjsbss
@Alyosha Even the Schrodinger picture???...
Hey @Manishearth that is very kind of you, I will keep it in mind :-). I think the first thing to do is still getting a large enough crowd interested, even though outside SE there are no stringent activity/traffic criteria ... I will summerize the here uncovered possibilities on TRF too :-)
12:51 PM
@Dimension10 Schrodinger isn't even mentioned. It's only pre-Schrodinger.
It's pretty boring.
@Dimension10 with any financial aspects maybe Yuri Milner could help, he obviously likes theoretical (fundamental) physics A LOT ... :-)
@Alyosha Oh, OQT. (P.S. Pre-Schrod means Heisenberg , Pauli, and Jordan's Matrix mechanics, which as Lubos Motl often says is a better picture than Schrodjinger's, though I think it's not thaaat bad).
@Dimension10 You realise that is quantitative? Either India's education system is far superior to Britain's, or you have an overly optimistic view of the worldwide education system.
@Dilaton A bit of ssearching landed me in inspiredm.com/qa-websites .
@ChrisWhite ...that's an answer if you can explain the absence of a relation.
@ChrisWhite Interesting. No SR for us.
12:58 PM
@hwlau And that's where this started...
3 mins ago, by Dimension10
@Dilaton A bit of ssearching landed me in http://inspiredm.com/qa-websites/ .
Though I don't
know whether
any of them
would support
1:00 PM
MathJax .
(Other than SE)
Though probably, adding a MathJaX cdn at the top would be fine...
@Dimension10 Not hard to set up. Mathjax is a small snippet of HTML code that needs to be included, the embedded JS does the rest
@Manishearth I know, but the first one listed doesn't seem to allow changing the code...
2 mins ago, by Dimension10
3 mins ago, by Dimension10
@Dilaton A bit of ssearching landed me in http://inspiredm.com/qa-websites/ .
1:02 PM
Though, that site is outdatecd .
Qhub is not free anymore .
And SE doesn't
Q and A sites .
As far as I
1:03 PM
know .
@Manishearth @Dilaton That's fair, I have the feeling that the SE team will just let you try, so then when it fail, they will say "see!". There might be other community member intervene it, but it easy to deal with. The main problem is the traffic.
In that website, the "Shapado" thing seems fair... It seems to be paid, but it says on its website, "We also offer a free plan with unlimited traffic with no custom ads and no custom domain." .
And it seems possible:
1:06 PM
@hwlau yep, and in any case the initial crowd of people interested should be large enough (not only a handful of people) for a restart, may it be inside or outsied SE.
@Dilaton @Dimension10 Setting up a website is very easy these day, not a main problem
@hwlau Not when you want to install something like osqa or Discourse on it
Getting your own website is easy
@ManishEarth ok, I havent try Discourse
It is also easy for all content management system
But I just want to point out that maintain such website are much bigger challege
Only after few years or so, if you dont update stuff like MathJa , the website wont work anymore and people leave
It is what typically happens
@ManishEarth: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior --> Is that how US people follow? o_O
quite handy (but, difficult to practice it here) :D
We call whoever-younger-than-us as Junior and Senior to the conjugate :)
1:28 PM
@CrazyBuddy Freshman and Sophomore is just the term for 1 and 2nd year student. And I think junior and senior is the same as what yousaid
@hwlau Hmm... A few forums point me in the wrong direction then :)
1:40 PM
@Dilaton I am not quite sure whehter it is the case in US...
@ManishEarth: I know you're quite busy. But, how many hours can a laptop run continuously? I mean, it can go forever.... (as we wish)
But, is there any safety limit?
Because, my laptop has been running for more than 3 days :O
@hwlau I am not from the US ;-P, I am somhow even confused about what the definition of undergrad and grad students is ...
@Dilaton What country? Curious
Germany (Nazist) :D
@CrazyBuddy There is nothing prevent a laptop to run continously as far as there is power supply
1:45 PM
@hwlau I am born in Switzerland, now I am in Germany, and I have both citizenships :-)
@Dilaton ic, but German still separate UG and grad, right?
@hwlau I know.. But, such a confined space makes my brain to think awkwardly like the laptop will blow up :D
@CrazyBuddy nah, that was not me ;-), I was still resting in the Nirvana at this time ...
@CrazyBuddy Think less, save power ;)
@hwlau My soul is entangled within my laptop... I can't live without it. So, my friends usually call my laptop as my wife ;-)
1:48 PM
@CrazyBuddy Let me take a measurement, then you soul will be inside the computer. Simple
Now, where is Manish?
@hwlau What??? o_O
I;'ll guess...
Wavefunction collapse?
Collapsed in a strange way
1:50 PM
People are going crazy..!!! -_-
@hwlau at University, there used to be 1.Vordiplim and 2. Vordiplom exams after the first and secon year (=undergrad?) then came the Hauptstudiengang of about additional 3 years (grad ?) which colminates in the Diploma. After this you could apply for a job ore continnue your studies 3-5 years to get a PhD.
Now, who's gonna save my laptop from blowing up? o_O
@hwlau now it is calle Bachelor (the first two years), and Master (the rest of the educatiion before hunting a PhD).
What exactly to undergrad and grad correspond to in this scheme?
@Dilaton I know that it is not comparable, but it is similar to a master.
Not comparable
@hwlau You still owe me the answer :)
1:52 PM
@hwlau the grad level is similar to the master, or the _under_grad?
Undergrad and grad are used rather universally.
@Dilaton It seems German is undergoing a kind of educational refoem debate, has it done yet?
@hwlau I escaped with a Diploma ;-P, and many people are not happy with the Batchelor/Master issue ...
@CrazyBuddy here you go. Pour liquid nitrogen onto your computer, then everything will be cool down.
@hwlau I'm not that rich :D
I don't even have money to buy chilled water :)
1:55 PM
You are engineer, find a friend whos lab has LN2
You can't make a scene when you don't have the green ;-)
They usually use it to cool their food during lunch, you know
@hwlau Who said, I say Who said that engineers have LN o_O
I don't think my friends even know there's a temperature like -180 C -_-
@Dilaton So you are not study further?
@CrazyBuddy Because india is too hot?
@hwlau At least, my city is... :)
1:57 PM
@Dilaton which is the comment I'm replying to?
Ok, found it.
@Dimension10 I am just reading an undergrad book which Lumo calls a baby book, about s....omething now :-D. So I am a bit curious what this corresponds to in the German university education scheme, in particular since for me it is not a baby book ;-)
@hwlau I am finished, but still learning and researching on my own :-)
@Dimension10 based on this, to me the undergrad level looks similar to what master students are doing at a university, such as Rostock for example where I attended some theoretical physics courses.
@Dilaton About the old discussion on a separate TP site, I tried out a test at shapado (physicsavacado.shapado.com where "avacado" sounds like "shapado") and it is really terrible. There;s no MathJaX (Can't enable it either), even though they say it can, and the interface is horrible.
it shows
2:08 PM
the country of the answerer more prominently
than their name!
The only solution is when
when if --
Pop-Sci.SE ever succeeds, then Physics.SE itself could become
the utopic site .
2:09 PM
And that would be the ideal scenario .
As I'm
sure that
Pop-Sci . SE is likely to fail miserably .
Q: Really collapses the wavefunction in the quantum eraser double slit experiment?

Spiros252Really collapses the wavefunction in the quantum eraser double slit experiment? Someone suggested that the wavefunction persists but the two wavelets can not interfere because of different polarization. What is really happening?

An edit has already been suggested.
2:11 PM
Since 10 hours...
@Dimension10 is it was said in the discussion that it would be better to include all sciences, maybe it would help to ask some popular biology, chemistry, etc example questions too... But I have some diffitulties in coming up with one ... :-/. Cool example questions could help vitalizing it.
Mathjax or something like it is important for a TP site, the X^\mu(\sigma,\tau) have to look pretty after all ... :-)!
Ok, I have to go now and hit some tennis balls :-)!
2:34 PM
A good question I found...
Q: Why do power lines buzz?

Billy ONealWhen near high tension power lines, particularly after a good rain, the lines themselves emit a buzzing noise. A similar noise can be heard coming out of the electric meters attached to my apartment. I've heard before that this is supposedly from the 60Hz AC current that's running through the li...

2 hours later…
4:11 PM
@CrazyBuddy Not really, as long as you take care of the cooling you can run it forever.
@Dilaton Of course... It's possible to use LaTeX everywehre, but only with the help of codecogs.
So, MathJaX is always advantageofeous ,, . m ,
@ManishEarth Cooling.. That's normal (I don't have a conditioner) So, probably 30-31 C ;-)
A lot of people by laptop fan desks
Basically it's like a lap desk with struts, except that it has a built in external cooling fan
4:16 PM
I know... I've seen it. But, I forgot. You reminded me :D
Pull the battery out, attach the USB fan, run it like a desktop :)
3 hours later…
7:11 PM
I must be having a particularly off-day. This looks like complete BS.
A: Walking along a moving train, we make 18 steps. Opposite: 11. How long is the train?

JohannesKey is to notice that your steps provide you with a unit length as well as a unit time. So, let's measure distance in $steps$ and time in $ticks$, with your speed being $1 \ step/tick$. The length of the train is $x$ steps, and its speed is $v \ steps/tick$ ($v<1$). It follows that $$x \ + \ ...

Oh, the man isn't on the train?
I somehow missed the headline.
1 hour later…
8:26 PM
Gosh, I should really really stop asking stupid questions here for a while, at present I am just making a fool of myself, darn :-/ !!!

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