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12:21 AM
@msh210 Well yeah, but only two are MY-specific. Should we just start listing everything in the scripts tag on stackapps and let people vote?
(I'm being only partially facetious)
12:39 AM
@HodofHod No, I guess we shouldn't. It is worth linking to stackapps in the question (if that's not already done).
@HodofHod But the keyboard should go in that meta post, methinks.
@HodofHod Oh, and about the keyboard -- y'yasher kochacha.
Is this answerable? :
Q: Shalom Bayis story to share at a Chuppah speech

samyb8I am supposed to give a speech on a chuppah next week BSD. I am totally blank! Have had a few ideas to talk about, focusing on Shalom Bayit, but I cannot pick a nice one so everyone present can learn from it. Would anyone have any good and inspiring Shalom Bayis stories to share so I could pick...

Q: What is our attitude to "list questions"?

Shmuel BrinThere are a few questions on this site that are in the form of "List all ...". Are these questions on topic? Founders of Jewish movements Accurate list of Gedolim List of Techelet Wearers words often mispronounced Abbreviations before/after names good learning site At first glance, they a...

1:29 AM
@Daniel You wrote: "I rejected it because as long as the answer is understandable, we generally don't encourage edits just changing the wording without significantly adding to the content of the answer. Especially edits from someone different than the person who originally posted the answer."
@Daniel But the editing-help page seems to contradict you. It says that a common reason someone might edit a post is "to clarify the meaning of the post (without changing that meaning)".
@Daniel Is that page correct? And ISTM that page implies that I can edit anyone's posts for clarity. Am I understanding it correctly?
1:49 AM
anyone got aharon amram's shabboth cd? i want it :O
2:40 AM
@HodofHod, I just installed your Hebrew-keyboard script -- nice! Thank you! BTW, the meta post says it works on posts and in chat; I see it on posts but I'm not seeing anything in chat. Where should I be looking? (Current Firefox, OS 10.6, in case that matters. Since it works on posts I assume it's not a browser issue.)
@MonicaCellio There should be three buttons to the right of the text field. It's It should be the last one.
@msh210 Agreed. And thanks!
@HodofHod oh wait, I see it now -- somehow I blipped right over it because the other two have text and this one doesn't. :-) (On posts the icon is pretty clear to me, but in chat's light-on-dark button styling and at that size, the added icon is just a blurry light thingy on a dark button. Which is totally about my vision, not anything you did, just to be clear.)
@MonicaCellio No prob. @Charles suggested above that I change it to an Aleph, which I would love to do, if it didn't mess up the alignment so terribly.
@HodofHod now that I know what I'm looking for, it's no big deal. If no one else has trouble seeing it, there's no reason to spend effort on it on my account!
@MonicaCellio I'd like it to be more obvious what the button is for, though.
2:50 AM
@HodofHod I just noticed that it has a tooltip. That helps! (The others don't -- I guess because they have text.)
4 hours later…
6:52 AM
@HodofHod: When I click on the ‏ key, nothing happens, it is not added to the hebrew text I input.
@HodofHod: Never mind, I didn't have any punctation, so it didn't do anything. I thought it was supposed to add ` ‏` to the hebrew text.
1 hour later…
7:57 AM
All: Just a reminder:
Q: Parashat Hashavua' "gabfest"?

Isaac MosesWould anyone be interested in starting a weekly Parashat Hashavua' podcast in a format similar to the one used in Slate Magazine's various "gabfest" podcasts?1 Please keep reading for more details, then fill out this form (also linked below), if you want to participate. The idea would be to brin...

5 hours later…
1:06 PM
@unforgettableid That's right. But I don't think the edit really clarified the question
1:47 PM
@rosenjcb have you found housing?
2:34 PM
@msh210 I think this is too broad. Either that or it's multiple questions. Unless it's not intended to be as broad as the title and opening sentence (and #4) indicate. — Seth J 1 min ago
^^^ Anyone agree/disagree?
2:44 PM
@SethJ Not me.
Q: What are the characteristics of people who went into heaven and hell?

suhail Has God put anybody already in hell? (Maybe Pharaoh?) If Yes to question 1, why did God put him into hell? What were his main characteristics (i.e. wrongdoings)? Is hell permanent or there is a time limit? Has God awarded somebody heaven already? (Maybe Moses?) If Yes to question 4, why did God ...

^ I want to answer:
"Hell" in a discussion of Judaism is a place the soul goes after it leaves the body (i.e. after death) to be punished for sinning and purged of the spiritual remnants of sin. Many, many people go there; it's not permanent. I seem to recall reading of a fellow who sinned so much, and caused so many others to sin, that he's in hell permanently, and there may be others, too. Then the soul is close to God, which you may call "heaven", permanently, or unless and until it comes down to earth to live in another body for a while.
... but I have no sources and am not 100% sure I'm stating it right. So, first of all -- am I saying it right?
I've never learned philosophical or kabbalistic s'farim that discuss the soul or the afterlife (except M'silas Y'sharim, but that hardly counts).
3:25 PM
@SethJ Nope, I have no confirmations.
And so this is where I go into "freak out mode" and start making calls. We should try to avoid sleeping on the streets the following days before Shabbos.
4:20 PM
If anyone knows of someone who would be willing to house two poor Jews, just for a few days, in Silver Spring... then that would be totally groovy.
@Menachem Right. It adds the unicode character, which is a non-printing (i.e., invisible) character.
4:57 PM
I know this is an old question with an upvoted answer, but I think it should be closed as "unclear what you're asking"
5:30 PM
@doubleaa @Daniel thoughts?^^^
@SethJ Not sure
That question is a more general one than the new one
6:23 PM
All: as far as I know using a cup for washing is normative practice, not obscure. Yes a better question would support that, but "this is what I've seen" or "this is what I was taught" has been sufficient Q support in the past. Can we agree to (a) tweak the question and (b) not get too hyper about the Q not citing halachic chapter & verse? The quality of a question, including the sources it brings, is reflected in voting, so better support will lead to better scores, but we don't have a hard-and-fast requirement. E.g. none of our Pesach questions source the existence of a seder either... — Monica Cellio 19 secs ago
@SethJ You said you had some connections in Silver Spring. Would you mind helping me out in that case? I'd appreciate it.
6:45 PM
If you can give me some more detail, I'd be glad to help. I don't give out my own personal info online, so I won't ask you to give me yours, but anything you can post here might help. You'll be there tomorrow? Can you provide references? Who have you spoken with so far (you said you have shabbat hospitality)?
@SethJ Can I email you then?
7:39 PM
So I've contacted Rabbi Kranz's shul and I've contacted the Shomrei Emunah Hessed Committee. They can set us up with Shabbat hospitality, but that's all they can do for us.
However, I'm hopeful that they'll somehow find us a home soon.
@MonicaCellio Was I clear with my response to you about that answer/comment?
7:51 PM
@Daniel I see what you're saying. I thought a new user could comment on her own post, meaning in this case her answer, but you're saying that new users can only comment on their questions (and it's not her question). So now I'm not sure which is the case; have you seen that written somewhere that you recall? (I haven't gone spelunking on MSO yet.)
@MonicaCellio No, that's not what I'm saying
You're understanding is correct
a user can comment on her own post
But, as you said, her answer to the question should really have been a comment on the question
but she cannot comment on the question
@Daniel ah! Ok, I thought you were saying that she couldn't respond to my comment on her answer. Yes, if that post is going to be a comment we'll have to convert it. Before the edit it clearly wasn't an answer; now I can't tell if it's an extremely weak one.
A: Does artificial meat grown in a petri dish have the halachic status of meat?

Sarah RazAs far as I am aware the stem cells are extracted from a living animal, and thus the source is in the pre-shechita state. I'm not sure if that raises the issue of ever min hachai?

This is the post we're talking about. Is raising ever min hachai enough to move it from non-answer to weak answer, or is it still not an answer? Thoughts? (I see the flag but don't know if it's pre- or post-edit.)
@MonicaCellio I don't think it makes it an answer. After all, she just raises it to say that she doesn't know how it applies in this case
8:38 PM
@rosenjcb That's basically what I was going to recommend.
@rosenjcb The other thing you might try is the Jewish Silver Spring email list: www[dot]jewishsilverspring[dot]org/
@rosenjcb Are you visiting anyone in particular?
@SethJ A friend of mine, Michael.
He's doing renovations at his home though, so he has very little room.
8:58 PM
@rosenjcb And he hasn't offered to find you a place to stay?
He recommended both those places and I'm kind of in a stump.
@SethJ He basically just found me those two places.
9:21 PM
Do raw and/or roasted, shelled peanuts need a hechshur?
@Daniel Raw, definitely not. Roasted... maybe (perhaps the plants also roast peanuts that use non kosher flavoring agents).
There are a lot of instances where you need a hechsher for it to be kosher though.
Heck, only a few first world countries even have hechshers. In the rest of the world, Jews still read ingredients list.
@Daniel According to the CRC:
> Peanuts- A general inspection is needed to rule out obvious infestation. All DRY roasted nuts (such as peanuts in the shell) do not require hashgacha as long as there are no added kosher sensitive ingredients. All canned, jarred or cooked, boiled or oil roasted nuts require a reliable hashgacha.
@rosenjcb I'm not sure that's right. My wife studied abroad in Peru when she was in college, and even there they have a list of kosher products
@HodofHod What about peanuts out of the shell?
Does it say anything?
@Daniel Nope. But according to Kashrut.com
@HodofHod Doesn't the USDA cover any infestations of peanuts?
9:27 PM
> PEANUTS ROASTED - SHELLED - Must have a reliable Hechsher.
@Daniel Are they imported foods?
@HodofHod thanks
@rosenjcb The kinds of infestation that can render something unkosher is not necessarily the concern of the USDA
that's why we have to check leafy vegetables, etc.
The bugs don't pose any health risk, and they're so small most people don't notice them
@Daniel Also see this askmoses q&a
@Daniel If it's vegan certified then it shouldn't be a problem.
@rosenjcb Some are, some aren't. I think the list is assembled by the LOR
@rosenjcb Not all vegetables are
9:31 PM
@rosenjcb Hm. I wonder if "Vegan-Certified" has any kind of halachic weight.
And do you have any proof of that
@HodofHod The halachic weight is that unless it's bishul yisrael, there's no worries. The vegan people have a vested interest to keep their customers happy and to avoid shenanigans.
I agree with @HodofHod on that. I'm not particularly convinced that a vegan certification that is not concerned with kashrut would be considered reliable for this purpose
So in the case of vegan, there's no reason to believe that they are less reliable than a hechsher organization.
@rosenjcb But are their standards of checking as high as Halacha requires?
9:33 PM
@rosenjcb Maybe very very small bugs aren't considered a problem for vegan certification organizations
@HodofHod If it's vegan and it's not bishul yisrael, then definitely. They have different goals, but they overlap with ours.
@Daniel I don't have a source, but trust me; vegan consumers would go crazy with little bugs. I remember a ruckus a while back about the issue. Let me see if I can dig it up.
@rosenjcb That could be right, but that doesn't mean that vegan certification organizations don't have something to gain by certifying something that nobody is likely to notice and making money off of it
@Daniel Vegan is a very strong market. At my school, in the cafeteria (of which I don't go to), there is a vegan area. It's not just a certification that nobody cares about.
@rosenjcb Sure, but that doesn't mean their standards of checking are up to ours. I think I'm going to ask this.
@rosenjcb It could be that you're right. I'm just saying that I don't know. Do you know whether CRC, OU, Star-K have a position on the issue?
I think vegan certification is probably a rather new phenomenon. It might be that nobody has really explored this issue
9:38 PM
@HodofHod I argue that they are. But ask away.
@Daniel Let me check, I have a few kosher gurus I can ask on the subject.
@rosenjcb From Vegan.org/certify
> Even though the machines are guaranteed to be cleaned thoroughly between non-vegan and vegan batches, shared machinery may contain trace amounts of eggs or dairy. For this reason, a Vegan Certified product may not be acceptable to individuals with food allergies.
Well I was linked this: http://www.ka.org.au/index.php/Halachic_Policy/Kashrut_Standards_Today_-_An_Halachic_Discussion.html

It shows that historically that products made with small amounts of treif meat were kosher.
@HodofHod Depends on the vegan association then.
But even then batel b'shishim should be considered.
So in cases where they are processed (though not cooked) in plants with eggs and dairy, it still shouldn't matter.
Unless, of course, my understanding of batel b'shishim is garbage.
@rosenjcb A whole animal (like a bug) cannot be batel b'shishim
or in any amount
@Daniel Stole my line.
@Daniel That's what I was thinking about.
9:46 PM
@rosenjcb Clearly. So which ones are valid? How do we know they won't change their standards? What are their standards? This one seems to require nothing more than a signed paper from the company.
@HodofHod Maybe there are reliable and unreliable vegan associations like there are reliable and unreliable hechshers
@HodofHod Check out their website. Call them? It's really the same with hechsher companies.
Anyone can easily change their standards.
The question is whether we can rely on so-called "reliable" vegan certifying organizations
@rosenjcb That's right. That's why we have hechers which we consider "reliable" and ones which we don't consider "reliable". But the question here is deeper than that. First we have to determine whether there are "reliable" vegan certification organizations. Then we have to determine whether a vegan certification organization that is considered reliable is good enough for us for the purposes of assuming there are no bugs
The first question can perhaps be answered by the vegan community. The second requires a halachic authority
archives.quarrygirl.com/2009/06/28/… - Here is an interesting expose from a couple years ago. These people got food from 17 100% vegan restaurants, and tested it for milk/cheese (casein), eggs, and shellfish. The results may surprise you (or not, I'm sure).
10:04 PM
Q: Does Vegan Certification Have Any Halachic Weight?

HodofHodThere are a number of organizations that offer Vegan Certification for food products; the concept is the same as kosher certification, (though that is the only similarity). Examples would be Vegan.org or vegansociety.org Do these certifications, in general, or any of them in particular, have any...

@SethJ I agree.
10:59 PM
@Menachem And what kind of results would there be if I boil water in a ben yomo dairy pot which had been cleaned with soap and cold water?
11:25 PM
@JonEricson Hey! Do you think Hermeneutics might be interested in this:
A: integrated hebrew virtual keyboard

HodofHodIt looks like you're trying to get a feature request implemented. You should totally drop that and try jQuery. ;) I've thrown together (in jQuery) a really quick keyboard userscript (installation instructions). It will insert a button into the post editor and into chat, that toggles an on-screen...

(Right now it's limited to Mi Yodeya, but I'm going to change that to include hermeneutics, as @MonicaCellio mentioned she'd use it)
@HodofHod She was the person I thought would make the best use of it. But I think other folks would welcome it too. (Personally, I don't read Hebrew script, so I'm in the copy-n-paste camp. ;-)
@JonEricson Ok, good to hear! I'll go ahead and make that commit. If you and/or @Monica want to notify those who might use it, that'd be fantastic!
Would you consider it ready for public consumption? If so, it could be the answer to:
Q: How do you write Hebrew characters?

Monica CellioI see that some people are using actual Hebrew (and Greek) here. How are you doing that? (I hate having to resort to transliteration.)

(If @MonicaCellio doesn't want to self-answer, I could do the honors.)
@JonEricson Oh! Well, I only released it yesterday, so I haven't gotten much feedback yet, but it's definitely functional. I'm looking for further feedback on how to improve it, so I'd welcome new users.
@HodofHod Perfect. ;-)

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