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2:48 PM
good times today... I'm in an empty workplace... they eliminated half the working crew yesterday doing budget cuts
1 hour later…
3:48 PM
@NathanWheeler :O they fired half the crew?
pretty much
only 3 of us are still even full-time employees
@NathanWheeler Auch, so in three months time you'll be off helping me analyzing data then? ;P
haha... hope not
I hope so too, for your sake :)
Btw our views are up again, though I'm not sure if we'll maintain them
might be the spike from last week that we're only now seeing
4:06 PM
it's weird though, because I've seriously been thinking about quitting anyway and just picking up a lot of freelance work somewhere
@NathanWheeler Unless you really can't afford to quit, I'd say go do something you're more passionate about
I've sticked around at my previous job far too long
I really can't afford to quit
its poisonous
but I've been here way too long
is there anything contractually stopping you from doing similar work as a freelance?
4:08 PM
but I really don't want to do similar work
you could tell your boss you want to quit, but are willing to remain in service part time for x months to make the transition smoother (without some weird increase in pay)
I almost want to just quit programming...
and start doing what?
personal trainer? ;)
yes, actually
well one advantage you have is that you could built your own app to help monitor your clients
and help them keep track of their activities in a way that you can help them better
yes, there are a dozen of apps, but you'd need something that does everything that all those things do separately. Nobody's going to use 10 apps just so you can help them better, they pay you to do that for them ;P
4:13 PM
yeah... I dunno, quitting just scares me... (another sign that I've been here too long)
I know the feeling, but as soon as you have quit, your brain kicks into survival mode and you'll have no other choice than to find an alternative source of income
if you try doing that with something you love doing, I'm sure you'll find a way
I would want to just start teaching classes... a few hours a night, probably in the park or something
@NathanWheeler You can host a local C25/10k program, where you guide them
you could use the blog to show off your knowledge and talk about your services ;)
LoL... yeah, maybe
thing is the number of people I would have to train in order to survive...
@NathanWheeler that's why you have to find a way to attract larger groups of humans with less effort on your part
4:25 PM
for instance, go to a large local company and offer them some kind of program for x employees. a get-fit-blabla program
yeah, I could possibly do something like that
by the way... what can we do with:
I would just improve on it myself, but I would have to just make up an entirely new answer based on something that we know to be false due to the comments...
@NathanWheeler well any source would do
I've converted it to a comment
btw I need to start a meta question about supplements
yes, you do
@NathanWheeler I don't mind questions about supplements, but it shouldn't be: "Hey does this product insert brand here really work?"
we're not Skeptics after all
4:33 PM
@IvoFlipse for some reason I didn't think about converting it to a comment... (showing off my lack of mod experience here, I guess)
@NathanWheeler I didn't want to do it outright, because he was so new and didn't want to spank him directly
but after your answer, I have no problem with it
yeah, there's a fine line to walk with the product thing... this isn't a review site after all
and I'm wondering if its a bad thing that you guys don't have to go through the same painful experience learning how to mod
what do you mean?
that because I leave so many comments and flags, you guys aren't left oblivious as to what to do in some cases ;P
4:43 PM
ah, yeah... that you do
I've been so busy lately I haven't really had much of a chance to watch the questions and answers the way I've wanted to either
though I must admit we have a very polite community compared to some of the other sites
though I reckon most of our views come from passersby, so we actually only have a very small community that behaves well ;)
we're all in good moods and happy people since we're in good shape and eat healthy and all, right?
@MattChan Good Morning!
hey @NathanWheeler how are things?
good so far
and yourself?
4:49 PM
brb, need to wrap up the dinner and eat
@NathanWheeler almost above 80kgs again, so I need to step up again ;P
yeah, I'm still over the 200lb mark... I REALLY want to drop that last 20...
I want to drop the last 20 to the point I've honestly considered I.F. as a viable option, and I despise being hungry
5:15 PM
@NathanWheeler I can tell you, getting used to the hunger feeling and simply ignoring it was the most efficient change I made in my diet.
5:38 PM
yeah, that's what I had done before while I was losing weight, but since I started running the feeling is much stronger
@IVoFlipse i agree with that statement about the community here vs others, people here are pretty tame
@MattChan I love it, but I think it will chance once we hit get more critical mass
we'll just have to keep an eye on it and try to keep it friendly as much as possible...
though the early days of the site do set the tone for later on
@NathanWheeler exactly, if the site is generally friendly, being an ass isn't appreciated
it isn't appreciated anyway, whether the site is generally friendly or not. Even the unfriendly people don't like other unfriendly people.
5:45 PM
can you be banned or have your account locked in SE?
@MattChan definitely, but its not used lightly
@NathanWheeler have a look at Math or TCS ;P
I've heard horror stories...
of people being banned or locked?
of math
well... here goes... I'm going to advertise a "start to run" class and see what happens...
@NathanWheeler sorry I cant attend
but you should write down any questions you get and post them here
and you should blog about your experiences, as soon as we get a blog that is
btw care to help me find examples of questions that are too localized for a certain product?
Q: What is the difference between Maximuscle Promax & Maximuscle Promax Diet?

Jack GriffithHi, I've been using Maximuscle Promax for a while now whilst focusing on increasing my strength and size and it's been great. I'm trying to focus now on losing fat and just maintaining my size and strength and am considering trying Maximuscle Promax Diet to help with this. I'm not really sure w...

Q: Do the nutritional claims in Venus On Fire, Mars On Ice have any scientific foundation?

Charles LambertI'm reading VENUS ON FIRE, MARS ON ICE: Hormonal Balance - The key to Life, Love and Energy. The author suggests eating several foods for hormonal balance and longevity of life. However he is also suggesting that you buy his products to get these foods. I want to know if there is any real scienti...

5:57 PM
you want them flagged?
Q: Hay diet's effectiveness

VassDoes the Hay diet (essentially not mixing protein based food with carbohydrate based foods in the same meal) actually produce good results? Are such restrictions unhealthy or excessive?

nah, I want to add them to my Meta question
switched from calling out supplements to calling out anything thats so specific
Q: Are slender gels any good?

gruszczyDoes it make any sense to use caffeine/menthol slendering gels? There are many products for women and also some from (I've seen abdomen gel from shiseido). Do such gels work? Do you recommend any? EDIT What I mean by those gels working is: do they really increase fat loss in the areas where you ...

and that we need to enforce this a bit stricter
@NathanWheeler that one at least doesn't fixate on one brand
not exactly, although it almost does
listing individual brands may be helpful for SEO though...
@NathanWheeler you can list them, but you should focus on whats in the product
I'm sure the supplement question is just a difference between Whey and Soya proteins, so one has a lot of calories, the other doesn't
6:00 PM
yeah, but we want to be sure and make that a clear distinction so people don't feel discouraged from putting brand names in their questions
Q: How much of MuscleTech Anabolic Halo's causes the creatine effect?

Salsero69I've started using MuscleTech's Anabolic Halo about a couple of weeks ago and I've gotten really big with it. Some body parts have grown by over an inch and 8 pounds. One of the ingredients it includes is Creatine Monohydrate and wondering how much of the gains are water and how much is muscle. ...

ah that's a good one too
6:21 PM
Q: What should we do with very specific questions?

Ivo FlipseRecently there was a supplement question about the differences between two versions of the same product. While I don't have any problems with questions about supplements (I just bought Soya Proteins and Nathan called me stupid :P), but this question is very localized to this specific brand. I...

that was a quick comment :P
hahaha nice
btw I need to disconnect my internet connection for a bit, to connect my new router
so bbiab
6:33 PM
btw I'm going to try running with the Vibrams again tomorrow
I'm going to try running with them tonight!
10K no less
good luck to you and I hope you don't get blisters again
i'm inclined to say that those types of questions are too localized but hedging on the fact those specific questions listed as examples are not very good to begin with
have you figured anything out to help prevent the blistering?
@NathanWheeler I'm going to wear cut off socks this time, you good luck as well
@MattChan Our site is a mess regarding the scope anyway :P
isn't it up for evaluation now or something?
6:41 PM
@MattChan well I'm a bit angry at the team for being so stringent on our scope, while they aren't involved in the discussion at all
@IvoFlipse I agree that's very frustrating.
@NathanWheeler they say all those things aren't on-topic here, but who are they to determine what we want to talk about
as long as the quality doesn't suffer?
well... they're looking at on- and off-topic as defined in the original scope. But in the original scope, this site may only barely ever survive, and the other sites which could be included in with this one will likely never get off the ground
(i.e. Running)
who came up with the original scope or can it be modified?
@NathanWheeler but even then, that original scope was changed one week before launching
6:57 PM
I didn't know that... I kinda jumped in at the last minute on it
@MattChan The guy who originally came up with the idea for the site has never used it, the interested parties helped define the original scope once the site was proposed (not sure who was behind the changes prior to launch), and it seems that changing the scope shouldn't be too difficult a thing to do, but I'm gathering that only an act of God or Congress can get it done
7:46 PM
Not often I make it onto chat, but for the record... I was here! :-)
Yay @Greg
good to see you in here
I've been working so much the last few months, it's hard to spend a lot of time here...
but nice to have a break
8:03 PM
hi @Greg :)
yeah, I have a feeling I'm going to be taking quite a break soon :D
uh-oh. Hope that's a good thing!
@NathanWheeler He's going to be a health professional, so that would actually be a good thing indeed ;)
perhaps I should let you review some things when we get our blog, so you can use those to help your 'clients' ;)
yeah, I'm stepping out on a limb a bit...
Cool, good luck!
8:05 PM
woehoe, thanks for approving all my flags, I just got the Deputy badge ;P
although I'm not quitting yet, just waiting to become a casualty here first LoL
@NathanWheeler well you can start by preparing
how to manage a running session with a semi-large group (~10 individuals)?
because they'll all have different running speeds
@Ivo I know you've been gunning for that badge for a while. :-D
Got strunk & white as well
we don't have enough content for us to get Vox Populi yet
Don't see # edits anywhere in profile, but I've got to be getting close on S&W
8:08 PM
I'm thinking I'm going to run the trail prior to the session, and mark of the trail with flags of various colors for the different levels people are working at
@NathanWheeler Good opportunity to start ramping up some clients while you still have a paycheck
doing a c10K type program, but based more on distance than time
Oh there it is. Not as close as I thought...
If you have any experience, you should really built your own web app to manage things ;)
8:10 PM
or if we're on a track, have people walk 5 times around and run 1 (rather than walk 5 minutes, run 30 seconds)
I'd build my own app, but I can't guarantee everyone will have smartphones
quite a few people around this area still have flip phones
Do you guys think questions about fitness & nutrition in pets would be on-topic here? I have a fat dog...
LoL... I'd say that's off-topic
I definitely wonder about commercial dog food versus e.g. raw feeding. Same goes with effective exercise...
@Greg Go run with the dog ;P
@NathanWheeler Well I meant rather to collect info about their diet
workouts on 'off days'
@IvoFlipse I doubt either of us would make it past the end of the driveway :-D
8:18 PM
because if you work out in groups, some can't on certain days and have to run individually
so you'd want them to monitor their own activities in a way you can keep track
yeah, if someone couldn't make it on a particular day, they'd have to be responsible for their own workout
@NathanWheeler yeah, so you want an app that helps you track them
but you have to 'sell' it as if it helps them, help themselves
even something as simple as a step counter would help to that end
I can do that with micoach and the mobile app though if they have a smartphone, and just through micoach in general if they don't
If computers & smart phones are scary to them, you could just track it for them - have them call/email their workouts
and if some gadgets have an API you could tap into, you could advise them to get whatever tool you can draw the data from
8:21 PM
and I don't want to make them have to buy equipment right off
@Greg that's why he should make a simple web app
just fill in how many steps you took
or what workout you did
@NathanWheeler its not compulsory, just helps you help them better, their choice
but I agree it can be scary to buy stuff when you don't know if you'll like it
I could do something like that to track them all... I'd just have to see
oh and building up some 'track records' might help
you know, graphs that show progress of other people using that kind of stuff
I might even help out, if only for the experience on trying to built a web app
and I've always wanted to do something with accelerometers
anyway, I'm off to bed
so talk to y'all later!

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