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1:00 PM
@Fluttershy You probably wanna wait until you get a monitor to fire it up so you can go into BIOS and such.
@OrigamiRobot Mornings are the best.
@StrixVaria Ugh no.
My first reaction to that was "Die." so that kind of indicates how I feel about them.
1:03 PM
16 hours ago, by OrigamiRobot
@Fluttershy You could also boot up a prepared Linux live CD or USB stick distro (configured so it automatically allows access per SSH) and see if it starts and if you can access it.
@MartinSojka This still doesn't help the fact that he can't see it.
@OrigamiRobot You didn't like being owner? Oh well, I guess I won't make you one then.
@FAE Well, no. But it would (likely) prove that the system boots as a whole, and you can then inspect the dmesg log and /proc to see which hardware got recognised and set-up by the BIOS.
1:06 PM
Or he could buy a DVI cable today.
@OrigamiRobot This is pretty much the easiest solution. >_>
Installing a Linux distro on a random USB stick or burning a live distro to CD can be done without leaving the house usually. ;)
He is already leaving the house for work.
... having to work instead of tinkering with new hardware? That's a sad state of affairs.
Damn you RDP!
1:08 PM
@StrixVaria Pick me!
Wait, Steam card drops don't reset even after you craft the badge?
@murgatroid99 nay
1:12 PM
Wow, that's stupid
@murgatroid99 You're eligible for boosters after your allotment is up. That's it.
I didn't realize that before because I just crafted my first badge
@murgatroid99 no, you just get boosters as people craft more badges, after you've gotten all drops
@FAE You don't even have to craft the badge for that.
@murgatroid99 Steam cards are stupid
1:13 PM
Oddly enough the whole system basically depends on a whole shitton of people not actually crafting their cards and just giving them away/selling them
If everyone kept their cards and only traded dupes I think the whole thing would basically grind to a halt. Of course, that's not what happens, people sell and stuff
@BenBrocka but even then, you each person only gets to sell a bounded number before they run out of all of their drops
Wait, I think that means that all of the cards will run out before everyone has a chance to craft all of the badges
The speedboat looks good but the cargo ships turn hilariously fast
@murgatroid99 Everyone won't be able to craft all of the badges
I've only done two.
They should be called 'Steam buying cards'
What will they do when all of the cards run out?
1:16 PM
Good morning, Bridge
There's booster packs too
Depending on the amount of cards in a set, the total amount of cards in the system either stays the same, or reduces at varying rates.
@murgatroid99 Every time someone crafts a badge on steam a random user gets a booster pack of three cards for a random game
that they have*
@GnomeSlice but if the booster packs only appear when someone crafts a badge, then consuming 7 to 10 cards generates 3, so they will still run out, just slightly more slowly
@murgatroid99 Yeah, I guess.
1:17 PM
@murgatroid99 Yeah. It depends on people continuing to buy the game and sell, not use, cards. It's an interesting way to enforce scarcity and is almost certainly intentional
@murgatroid99 Yep. Only sets with 6 or less cards return an amount greater or equal to the amount that was taken out of the system (by getting them from other people).
Steam cards are stupid. You basically have to buy them to do anything with them, and you can't get all the emoticons and backgrounds for a single game without buying those either.
Interestingly enough, the whole system collapses once level 2 badges are crafted no matter the amount of cards in a set.
@GnomeSlice Or you could, y'know, wait for the RNG to favor you and give you boosters.
@fbueckert Do you know how many booster packs it would take to craft the badge for a single game enough times to have all of the backgrounds and emoticons?
1:19 PM
@BenBrocka It also just killed my willingness to buy cards with money
Lets just say 'a lot'
@GnomeSlice Lots. Makes no difference.
@murgatroid99 I bought some cards with money I made from selling cards for games I don't care about.
There is no requirement to spend money.
@fbueckert There pretty much is if you want the cool stuff
1:20 PM
@fbueckert Effectively, there is.
Waiting for boosters is not practical.
@GnomeSlice Cool stuff that does nothing.
@OrigamiRobot Depends on your patience level.
@fbueckert Says you. I like my profile backgrounds and emoticons
I've only gotten two booster packs since cards existed
One for a game I didn't give a shit about
I've got a Portal 2 booster I got shortly after getting all the cards.
@fbueckert Possible, not practical.
@fbueckert How did you get all the cards?
1:21 PM
@OrigamiRobot Depends on your goal.
@fbueckert I've gotten one booster in the few weeks since this started. At that rate, it would take months of amazing luck to craft all of the badges for one game
@GnomeSlice That's already one more than I got.
@GnomeSlice All the card drops possible for me.
@fbueckert All the card drops are only half the cards you need for the badge
@murgatroid99 Yup. But it's still possible.
1:21 PM
@fbueckert The goal in this hypothetical is "craft badges"
@GnomeSlice And? I don't really care about badges.
It'll happen when it happens.
@fbueckert ...I thought you said you had 'all the cards'?
@fbueckert Winning the lottery is possible, but you still shouldn't give them your money
I don't really care about the badge either but I want the emoticons and shit
1 min ago, by fbueckert
@GnomeSlice All the card drops possible for me.
1:22 PM
@murgatroid99 technically the best time to buy is while the games are still selling and being actively traded. Once a game falls off the "hot" list it's going to be harder to get anything
@fbueckert Oh. Well that's not what you said originally.
@murgatroid99 And it costs nothing to wait for boosters.
@fbueckert Right, if you want to craft badges, you'll need to trade or buy cards.
@murgatroid99 I got one and have only had cards for a week or two...was hoping the drop rate was a bit higher than that
I'm just annoyed that Steam named the badge for Bleed wrong.
1:23 PM
@OrigamiRobot Because you've set yourself a goal that you want to complete as soon as possible.
Wannabe Hero is such a shitty name
@fbueckert Yes, but it's also so improbable that expecting it to happen in any reasonable time is not sensible
You've induced a time constraint.
Shit I haven't launched Bleed since I bought it
@BenBrocka You should be ashamed of yourself
1:23 PM
@GnomeSlice Aren't the developer of the games themselves suppose to be the ones doing the naming?
@fbueckert No, it's a statistics problem.
@PrivatePansy I don't know. I told Mana to tell the guy the proper name for it if he got badges but I guess he forgot.
He met the guy at school or something
@OrigamiRobot How so?
I can enter a bunch of crossword puzzle contests, but that's not an effective way to make money.
@fbueckert You get a booster for a random game.
@OrigamiRobot It is if you're really good at crosswords
1:25 PM
@OrigamiRobot A random game where you've gotten all your card drops.
@OrigamiRobot You're still qualifying it by "effective". @fbueckert never claimed waiting was effective. Just that it's an option.
@GnomeSlice No it's not because it's still a randome drawing.
You don't get a booster for a game you don't own.
@GnomeSlice and the reward isn't for that much money.
@FEichinger I know he said that. I am saying it's not effective.
1:25 PM
I was just arguing for the sake of arguing okay sheesh
@GnomeSlice I plan to play it...I plan to let's play it actually. Just haven't
@BenBrocka dooo ittttt
Also use a gamepad
@GnomeSlice Then stop it. No one on The Bridge likes to argue. We all hate it.
@fbueckert Again, possible, but not practical.
1:26 PM
Bleed is awesome
I still need to get good enough at it to finish arcade mode on a higher difficulty.
@GnomeSlice Is that @AshleyNunn?
@OrigamiRobot You're constraining it with time.
I haven't played with it in a while and now it's hard again.
@Wipqozn Wryn
Given unlimited time, you have unlimited badges.
I just want black and purple profile backgrounds. :[
1:27 PM
@fbueckert No, I'm not.
@fbueckert And you are assuming that people have unlimited time
@FAE ^
@fbueckert You humans have a limited lifespan.
@fbueckert Not quite, that also requires unlimited purchases of the game
@BenBrocka Touché
1:27 PM
@FAE o.ô
I think you don't understand the word "practical"
You only get more boosters when people craft more badges, and people can only craft more badges by getting more cards. If no one buys the game or crafts badges (which consumes cards) there won't be any new cards placed into the system
The solution to all this is to just have children, and then force them to earn cards for you all day.
@BenBrocka Right, that too. At some point, all of the cards from a game will dry out unless people will keep buying the game and selling the cards
@FAE You know, for a couple of cents you can have most backgrounds. It's still a better use of money (which time translates to) than going around collecting silly cards
1:28 PM
Whether it's self-sustaining or not depends a lot of whether the new booster packs will cover the number of cards consumed by making badges (I kind of doubt it would though, because that would devalue cards constantly)
@FEichinger They're 2 of my 3 fave colors, what?
@PrivatePansy Yeah, that's what I plan on doing.
Just sell a few of them to get a few cents into the wallet, then search the market for your favourite game backgrounds
@PrivatePansy I sold off most of my cards. I have €6.42 from selling so far.
@fbueckert Now that I think about it, it is impossible for every player to craft every badge, so if you don't buy cards, there is some non-zero probability that over all of time, you will never get enough cards to craft all of the badges
1:30 PM
I'm just annoyed that Steam seems to want to pay out of the wallet whenever I buy a new game
I can't be bothered to transfer money into the wallet just to get some, uh, backgrounds
@GnomeSlice Bleed doesn't have as many black and purple ones as They Bleed Pixels does, but I have neither of those games either, and I'd rather at least have a background I'm somewhat familiar with.
@PrivatePansy I just sold some cards for that
@murgatroid99 That's where those that don't care about badges will sell their cards to buyers come in. They, in turn, craft badges, and inject boosters into the world.
@FAE Yeah TBP has lots
1:31 PM
@GnomeSlice Hopefully they'll add a preview feature
@GnomeSlice Yeah, but after that the next time you buy a game Steam will empty your wallet first before charging your card
And then the few cents will be gone again
@PrivatePansy You can change the payment method.
@GnomeSlice Though I dunno if they could without making it so you'd then be able to get the background from the preview without paying... hm.
@PrivatePansy Hadn't thought of that. I don't have enough money to buy any games right now anyway
@FAE dunno
gotta go for a bit
@fbueckert but unless each badge generates 3 or more boosters, that still decreases the total number of cards
@FEichinger It's a bit of a pain to do that every time though
@GnomeSlice Oooh, that one's kinda nice.
I really some of the Really Big Sky ones.
@PrivatePansy Then you're just lazy. It's not like Steam forces you.
Some backgrounds though are kind of pricey.
@FEichinger There should be a setting for the default payment method, but I can't find it
1:33 PM
@FAE There are in fact Rares.
@ChrisHateZ I haven't played enough to know yet. But based on complaints, yeah, probably.
@FEichinger Yeah, for some it seems almost cheaper to buy the cards and gamble on the rare from crafting.
@murgatroid99 Yeah, there will come a point at which there no longer are any cards. I'm not sure how boosters work, but I don't think crafting a badge for Game X generates a booster for the same game. As long as people keep crafting badges, period, more boosters will be created.
@FAE I wonder if I could do something about that...
Anyone play Gunpoint yet?
1:35 PM
@Sterno Yeh.
@Sterno A little.
@fbueckert but if each badge only generates one booster, then we can get the same result across all games. And remember that every new person injecting cards into the system decreases the probability of you getting a booster
I like what I've seen so far but wonder how long it would stay fun.
(about 5 missions in)
@murgatroid99 Decreases the probability, but does negate the chance of getting one.
@Sterno It's not all that long, actually, so ... I found it quite nicely paced.
1:36 PM
I'm not saying it's an effective way to achieve the goal. I'm just saying it's a possibility.
@fbueckert given a little time, I think that I could prove that if each badge crafted produces fewer than 3 boosters, then the probability of crafting 5 badges for a single game after infinite time is low
Haha, all the Really Big Sky card descriptions are in haiku form
Hmmmm, I noticed Steam market has items in different currencies
I wonder what's the exchange rate
@fbueckert which is my response to your complaint that we were adding an unnecessary time component to the equation
@PrivatePansy Yeah, when I sell things, sometimes it shows me someone has purchased in €, sometimes in $
@PrivatePansy I wish I knew this as well
1:38 PM
I've made $5 selling Steam cards, which actually kind of shocks me since I haven't had all that many. Which means Steam has made about $.50 from that. Which means Steam must be rolling in money from this.
Any single game, not a particular one
@FAE You know, I heard of this site where you can ask questions about gaming platforms...
@PrivatePansy Exchange rate's pretty volatile
> For items listed for sale in a different currency than the buyer's Steam Wallet currency, we apply an exchange rate which we update daily.
@FAE Too bad the game is pretty dull
But yeah these are pretty cool
1:45 PM
@GnomeSlice Ah, I like it quite a bit. I have the newer version on PSN as well.
I really like the developers, but I found the game not very engaging
I much prefer Wake
@murgatroid99 Derp. Missed a word.
@GraceNote Moo
@GraceNote Woo?
1:47 PM
@GraceNote Did you manage to re-acquire your GG account details?
is £24 still to much for the new simcity?
@Blem $2 is too much for the new simcity.
@fbueckert ok, i will wait till it is down to $1.99
@Blem Woo!
1:54 PM
@GnomeSlice No
But that's for lack of trying.
@fbueckert Man, I love your hate. When you hate something, you really hate something. It's fantastic.
@GraceNote Hah.
@Wipqozn I rarely carry a grudge.
If you can get it past my tolerance, though, it's a grudge for the ages.
Uh... what.
@GnomeSlice Maybe it has hidden achievements.
1:57 PM
@Wipqozn Is that even a thing
@GnomeSlice I'm not sure.
Because it had a bunch with no description that were 'secret missions' but I got all those
In that case Steam is just being a huge jerk.
Hm. There's three in that list I just linked that aren't in mine
@fbueckert I knew what you meant
1:58 PM
Excessively Stylish, S-Rank Rival, and Quiet Contemplation
@GnomeSlice yes
@Blem Aww. I feel so special!
A: How can I get the secret achievements?

GnomeSliceSecret Mission 01: Gate Crasher (Stage 1) Awarded for smashing all of the chandeliers in Guppy's Mansion Secret Mission 02: Anti-Omelette (Stage 2) Awarded for not breaking any of the eggs in the Lava Caves Secret Mission 03: Lil' Mama (Stage 3) Awarded for not tripping any of the ...

I even made a site post about the secret mission achievements
I wonder why those three in the steam stats aren't in my list
@Blem You should photoshop @fbueckert face onto that.
2:00 PM
@GnomeSlice because that's how secret achievements work. The ones you haven't gotten don't show up on your list
Let me try getting S-Rank Rival and see if it shows up.
That shouldn't be too hard
@GnomeSlice Talk about cocky.
"S-Rank might be hard for some people, but not for me."
I don't get why that one would be secret though, the S-rank achievements for all the other bosses weren't
@GnomeSlice Did you just discover all my old answers?
@murgatroid99 Huh. I just got S - Rank Rival. Well that's weird.
2:10 PM
Which amount to like, two.
Never seen steam secret achievements before
@RedRiderX Yes, they were on the front page
seiklus is pretty boss
@GnomeSlice Oh.
Now I've got to figure out how to get the other two hidden achievements
@GnomeSlice Ask on arqade.com, I heard they have a few well-informed basement dwellers.
@MartinSojka Nah, nobody on Arqade plays it. I've figured it out already with some googling
I had to answer the last bleed question myself
2:19 PM
@GnomeSlice today listening to Savant
@2____ Nice
weeeeeeeeeeeee caaaaaaaaan try thiiiisssssss fuuuuuuuuun sttyllllllee........ yeeeeeees
Aaaand hidden achievements got
One of those should be "Persuade the devs to unlock this achievement for you."
@MartinSojka Heh
2:23 PM
... and the other "Visited us at a con."
@GnomeSlice I'm currious as to what this means for Vivendi in the future.
@FEichinger I couldn't speculate on that, but I agree.
at being curious
@FEichinger Don't they mostly deal with movie/tv/music anyway?
@Blem Oh no, there's a lot of stuff Vivendi is involved in. And they were having financial troubles for a while now (and were trying to force money out of Actizzard for a short fix).
@fredley It's Friday.
2:29 PM
@Sterno Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
@GnomeSlice Too bad it wasn't Blizzard splitting from Activision.
@Powerlord Yeah, that would've been better.
@Blem There is for instance Veolia which is pretty much what Vivendi originally was, rather than the media group it's nowadays.
But Blizzard needs to prop up the rest of the company, so there's no way they'll let them go.
I took a look at it, and I think I can build a simple gallery for browsing Steam backgrounds
@fbueckert You don't think Activision and its Call of Yearly Duty series isn't making money?
For the sake of doing something more interesting, I think I might research into image analysis so that the images can be sorted by colors
@fredley Lets see how long until that gets flagged by someone.
That would be flag abuse.
@Sterno And?
Flags get abused all the time in here
2:31 PM
@fredley And it would result in a lot of people looking forward to the weekend.
@Sterno Really? No one (but me) complained when I got suspended for linking to said video.
@Sterno We we we so excited
@Powerlord I would have complained if present!
@Powerlord ditto
Q: What is the aim of minecraft hexxit?

ReallyGoodPieI have been playing hexxit for a while now and I just keep raiding castles and ships and don't really seem to be getting anywhere, besides having like 5 stacks of diamonds (which may not even be all that useful). What is the actual objective of Hexxit? Like what is it that I should be aiming to ...

Q: Does Shadowrun Returns have random runs like Genesis's Shadowrun had?

grpradoI'm playing Shadowrun Returns and just found my first Mr. Johnson. He gave me only one run and after that run there aren't any other runs. Does Shadowrun Returns have random runs, like Genesis's Shadowrun do? Or are they "pre-made" and only offered at some points of the game, as a kind of sidequ...

2:32 PM
@Powerlord They are, but why let go of the golden goose? I mean, you do nothing, and get paid for it.
facepalm Wonderful. Just wonderful. I just saw a new 'kids bop' commercial featuring a cover of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's "Can't Hold Us"... I hope everyone involved appreciates the irony.
@Lazers Shouldn't there be a ?
@Blem No
Q: I only see 29 achievements for Bleed, but Steam says there's 32?

GnomeSliceAs I said, I can only count 29 achievements here, but Steam is telling me there's 32 of them. Am I missing something here, or is Steam just making a mistake? Are there hidden achievements or something?

A: I only see 29 achievements for Bleed, but Steam says there's 32?

GnomeSliceThis isn't a mistake; there are three hidden achievements for Bleed on Steam. The three of them and their requirements are as follows: Quiet Contemplation Awarded for standing atop the last elevator in the hall of heroes for a moment (Wryn recites poetry) Excessively Stylish Awarded for ...

2:36 PM
@TrentHawkins check the transcript of yesterday ;
@FEichinger Yes
@fredley hmmm, if it is not friday, why am I posting this video?
@GnomeSlice Freehand circles = upvotes!
@Sterno swish
@Blem ew
@GnomeSlice made you think of This NSFW site?
@Blem No, leekspin actually, but what does the gif have to do with it being friday
you dont have sound on?
A: I only see 29 achievements for Bleed, but Steam says there's 32?

GnomeSliceThis isn't a mistake; there are three hidden achievements for Bleed on Steam. The three of them and their requirements are as follows: Quiet Contemplation Awarded for standing atop the last elevator in the hall of heroes for a moment (Wryn recites poetry) Excessively Stylish Awarded for ...

edited, better images
@Blem I did. What does the song have to do with being Friday either?
Also I don't suppose any of you have picked up Crayon Chronicles have you?
Q: What does changing your character's 'heart' do?

GnomeSliceWhen creating your character in Crayon Chronicles, there's an option for choosing your 'heart'. There's a bunch of different options to choose from. The choices are as follows: Champion Dragon Glaiator Falcon Fox Hedgehog Lion Eagle Ogre Unicorn I can't work out what the 'Heart' does though...

2:44 PM
@GnomeSlice I like leekspin.
@OrigamiRobot There is literally nothing to like about leekspin
nothing, isitfriday.org is just one of the sites where they show different stuff depending if it is friday or not
@GnomeSlice Except the whole thing.
we have a danish site that checks if it is britney spears playing on the radio erdetbritney.dk
2:47 PM
@Blem ....hahahahahah
Speaking of Britney
Amazing amazing mashup
I've probably linked it a lot before
@GnomeSlice Do not speak of Britney.
@GnomeSlice Can't see
@RedRiderX Watch the video I just posted.
The part where they mashed in britney is fucking amazing
The whole thing is fucking amazing
CC @2____
@OrigamiRobot You are missing out
Yeah I have listened to kap slap. He is kind of like White Panda IMHO
@GnomeSlice it is so amazing because you can barely hear her voice?
2:51 PM
Oh, also, happy Sysadmin Day.
@Blem No. Stop being a hater and listen to it.
@Blem The things you do for uptime.
2:54 PM
So, does anything strike you as odd about this page?
@GnomeSlice Sysadmins already rule the earth...
I read some of that and it was really weird.
@GnomeSlice Hating things is fun.
Also quite a while ago.
@OrigamiRobot No, loving things is fun.
@GnomeSlice Good thing I don't have to choose one or the other.
2:56 PM
Yes you do. If you're a hater, you're gonna hate.
@GnomeSlice The fact that you say this just proves you're a Timmy.
@OrigamiRobot We're not talking about magic
stop calling me that
I want a book with an animated cover also
Who cares if I suck at magic
@Blem ikr? I came across that when testing a site.
2:57 PM
@GnomeSlice That's not what Timmy means.
Timmy Nook?
@GnomeSlice Not to be so contradictory here, but you self-proclaimed yourself this when we were talking about SCII yesterday...
@GraceNote I did?
yesterday, by GnomeSlice
I am a Timmy.
You did, whilst I was talking about how I used Cervantes' counter moves (among other things).
2:58 PM
@OrigamiRobot Whoops.
Hey, chat search highlights your own messages in blue now.
My new favorite passtime is dismissing things people say by saying they are a Timmy.
@OrigamiRobot I hate that
2:59 PM
@GnomeSlice It always has for me.
@GnomeSlice It's always done that
No, there's no way it's always done that

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