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11:34 AM

I created share-point custom list and i want to connect this list to outlook.
how can i do it?

from task list or document library list i can connect to outlook like this:
current list-->Action-->connect to outlook\

liron :)
1 hour later…
12:49 PM
@liron Hi Liron. Please could you post that question on the main board; there's a much larger audience to answer it there.
1:42 PM
I Coulds not ask quetion in the main board. and i Does not know why...
I'm getting the next announcement:
"it does not meet our quality standars".
what i supposed to do?
1:57 PM
@liron I believe that message is triggered when a question is very short and/or contains many spelling errors. This happens because the system believes these problems will make it very difficult to answer your question.
Try expanding on your question and running it through a spellchecker to avoid this.
3 hours later…
5:11 PM
@KitMenke I've been doing a little retagging, but it keeps sending the edited questions to the front page again. I've done them in batches to try to reduce the swamping, but is it best I leave this to mods? Do you guys have a way to retag without bumping?
5:35 PM
@StuartPegg Yeah the front page shows questions with recent activity. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Mods have the same issue when editing a question.
2 hours later…
7:20 PM
@KitMenke Done. Even made up a few tags on the way. Although I'm ambivalent about`user-experience`, as it's useful but painfully erm.... (rhymes with 'swanky').
1 hour later…
8:20 PM
@StuartPegg Haha yeah. I might recommend holding off on the tags for now since that is up in the air right now.
You've probably already read but...
Q: Version tags considered harmful

Jeff AtwoodWe've noticed that a huge percentage of questions are tagged sharepoint-2007 or sharepoint-2010. This is a dangerous pattern for your community to fall into. Here's why: Version tags are redundant. The site is already called "sharepoint". We don't need to know that it's sharepoint-2001, sharep...

Though I suppose if you aren't using version tags that is OK. ;)
9:03 PM
@KitMenke I've purposefully avoided such tags, thankfully.
I hadn't seen that Meta Q (somehow), I'll have a look.
9:22 PM
Oh bugger. That explains a lot.

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