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9:25 AM
@Cerberus: I have declared war once again.
9:40 AM
@Cerberus That's the German name of that Ahnold movie.
Commando is a 1985 American action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vernon Wells, Rae Dawn Chong, Alyssa Milano, Bill Duke, Dan Hedaya and James Olson. It was directed by Mark L. Lester and shot on location in and around Los Angeles, California. The film was nominated for a Saturn Award in 1986 for Best Special Effects but lost to James Cameron's Aliens, another movie with music provided by James Horner from Commando. A critical success and commercial hit, Commando is the 7th highest grossing movie of 1985. Plot Retired Special Forces operative John Matrix (Schwarzenegger) is inform...
@Reg: anything similar to waste weir in German?
And on a related note, any ideas as to when German had had an influence on English?
I am asking because both waste and weir are obviously old words for English, but the combo thereof, waste weir, is as recent as the late 18th century
The OED dates it to 1793, and the earliest authentic hit in Google Books dates to 1793 as well (from a different book by a different author than cited in the OED)
Oh and also, any ideas as to when they actually started building waste weirs in the UK/US (my google-fu is insufficient)?
Well, Google Images would suggest that waste weirs are a rather recent invention.
For me, waste weir sounds almost like a play on Brustwehr (бруствер).
Any chance it didn't originate in the US/UK?
Um, me's no specialist in waste weirs, honestly.)))
On a tangentially related note, wasteway (which is a different word altogether, but still…) is dated by the OED only a few years later than wasteweir, and it's first recorded in the US usage
So I am thinking that perhaps German, Dutch emigrants or whatever started building those in the US
In the late 18th century
OK, I have recently watched BBC: Dirty Cities and can remember that waste disposal systems are rather recent, around that timeframe
But can't remember if those who proposed it in the US were German speakers
Or maybe the series didn't mention it at all
> During the early 19th century the River Thames was an open sewer
> As part of a trend of municipal sanitation programs in the late 19th and 20th centuries, many cities constructed extensive sewer systems
> It was also in the late 1800s that Americans began to notice possible links between polluted water and human illness.
I don't like that.
Doesn't seem to fit.
Any Russians here?
Any Germans?!
Any Justin Biebers?..
9:57 AM
Again, no amount of Justin Biebers will help you in answering wasteweir-related questions.
10:11 AM
Is -ificate even a legit verbifying suffix?
I would say it's more like three suffixes.
I suppose I will just cite a book without writing anything of my own.
10:31 AM
So, Reg du bist Deutsch oder was? Schämst du dich? :)
So -> also, du bist -> bist du.
And I suppose, Deutsch -> Deutscher.
correcting me? that's no proof, we need a shibboleth
That's turning into a text wall of text wall text…
I should get ready for incoming downvotes for a text wall of text wall text. Though I really tried to get rid of some of it (could have been thrice as longer). :D
@z7sg: who's that guy and who's that girl and what team is that?
10:46 AM
That's you, Roman K aus Saarbrücken.
Hm. Am I the boy or the girl?
thrice as long*
I have no idea why people would post wrong pictures of me after I have posted actual pictures of myself in this very chat.
@RegDwight You can be whatever you want to be, it's the internet.
I don't want to be whatever I want to be. I am perfectly comfortable with just being myself.
10:52 AM
Anyway, this not why I came here, somehow you always manage to turn the conversation into a quest for your secret identity.
I actually wanted to ask if there's an established collective noun for cunts?
Actually, I was talking about an Ahnold movie.
It is you who always keeps turning the conversation into a quest for secret collective nouns.
Yes, I'm doing my best
32 mins ago, by z7sg
So, Reg du bist Deutsch oder was? Schämst du dich? :)
23 hours ago, by Third Idiot
@RegDwight Are you Ukrainian?
May 6 at 13:30, by brilliant
@RegDwight RegDwight, are you also Russian?
Feb 25 at 9:20, by Eldros
@RegDwight spanish?
23 hours ago, by Third Idiot
Rod Stewart?
Mar 31 at 13:02, by JSBangs
@RegDwight, care to answer some linguistic questions about Bulgarian?
23 hours ago, by Robusto
Yep. @RegDwight is actually Justin Bieber. True story.
23 hours ago, by Third Idiot
So Reggy Dwight, You are Hungarian, of the age of 31. Robusto and kiamlaluno are your neighbours right?
11:07 AM
What have I missed?
Someone disclosed your affiliation with Knight Industries.
Yes Reg, an impressive collection of unwitting victims. I feel foolish. :(
@RegDwight I am not affiliated with Knight Industries.
Apr 13 at 13:20, by Robusto
31 secs ago, by RegDwight
Lots of echo in here.
@RegDwight So what's the German title of Commando? Keine Unterhosen?
11:17 AM
This is the Internet. You can click on links here.
Phantom Kommando ist ein US-amerikanischer Actionfilm aus dem Jahre 1985. Handlung Colonel John Matrix, ehemaliger Offizier einer Spezialeinheit, hat sich zurückgezogen und verbringt mit seiner kleinen Tochter Jenny friedliche und glückliche Zeiten. Aber dieses Glück hält nicht lange an. Eines Tages sucht ihn sein ehemaliger Chef Major General Franklin Kirby auf und teilt ihm mit, dass jemand seine ehemaligen Kollegen tötet. Als Kirby wieder geht, greifen diese Männer Matrix' Haus an und entführen seine Tochter. Matrix verfolgt sie, wird aber beim Kampf mit ihnen überwältigt. Dann zeig...
@RegDwight OH! I get it. You'd rather I clicked than chatted.
@RegDwight Try some milk and sugar in your morning cup of snark, Reg.
Did it work?
@RegDwight That's better.
I dunno, can't tell the difference.
@Kit "snark?" what's that?
11:24 AM
It's a shark that has lost its dorsal fin.
@ThirdIdiot The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll
Hopefully it's not a boojum.
@z7sg Not a boojum.
@Kit Have you read it? Can't get my hands on a copy.
@RegDwight I should 'Thwack' you, but that's really quite clever.
@ThirdIdiot It's quite elusive.
11:31 AM
@Kit Reggy gets thwacked quite a lot between you and Martha
Nah, @Martha doesn't seem to be in the thwacking business these days.
I have thwacked Robusto more than Martha has thwacked me.
@RegDwight Let's get thwacking!
Guys, is there any need to thwack anyone? Can't we just be excellent to each other?
@z7sg Party on, dude!
@z7sg Sorry, we've long established thwacking as an integral part of being excellent to each other.
Feb 22 at 11:17, by RegDwight
Hey, can't we all be friends, hitting each other with rulers?
11:47 AM
What's a word for constant whining?
@RegDwight I think that more like constant complaining, isn't it?
@z7sg That's not bad, but that's kind of grumbly, isn't it?
I'm thinking of a baby, constantly whining.
Like mine, right now.
Kvetch. AHD: "To complain persistently and whiningly." Wiktionary: "To whine or complain, often needlessly." M-W: "To gripe".
11:52 AM
@Kit Moaning? Or perhaps you prefer whimpering?
@RegDwight Huh. Well then.
@Kit I think whimpering is your best call.
For me.
@ThirdIdiot Do you have a baby?
Get a room.
@RegDwight Come on, Reg.
Not like you're feeling very chatty.
11:54 AM
@Kit Most of youse are probably adults and everything, but if you knew how old I was, you wouldn't have said that.
I'm actually replacing our logo in like five hundred screenshots.
@RegDwight Oh, yuck.
@RegDwight Do you use any keyboard shortcuts?
Feb 15 at 16:04, by RegDwight
Our company is getting a rebranding and I have to re-paint every single logo ever on every single site we have ever touched.
@ThirdIdiot If you're old enough to type, you're old enough to have a baby.
11:55 AM
Note the date. I'm still at it.
@RegDwight Damn dude. Didn't you use a linked image so you could swap those suckers out?
@Kit Not unless I'm married. I can't get married even if I knew how to type.
Someone's flagging your comments?
@Kit If you have your company logo in the top left corner of every screenshot of every product ever...
@ThirdIdiot Uh, you can have a baby without getting...Never mind.
Yeah, people, cut that out already.
11:58 AM
@RegDwight What? Cut what out?
Ze flagging.
@Kit Depends how old I am...
Could you stop that?
@kiamlaluno Stop the flagging? How do you do that?
11:59 AM
See, you summoned the dog.
@Cerberus Hey boy!
@Cerberus Got some cookies for you!
@Reg: is there a way to cut some content, but allow it to appear when clicked on?
keeping good formatting, of course
@Vitaly You need higher reputation.
(so no spoiler tag)
@Vitaly there is a spoiler tag
12:01 PM
@Vitaly Um. No.
Gaming has spoiler tags for that.
OK; ty anyay
@ThirdIdiot It's easy: stop clicking on "flag as spam/offensive."
Well, it 8:00am local, time for the morning roust. TTFN.
accidentally eats part of Kit's hand
@Cerberus Whoa! Easy there!
12:02 PM
Bye Kit, good luck in hospital!
says here there is spoiler markup: english.stackexchange.com/editing-help
I didn't mean to.
See, you can't even be on your way out of this room without getting your hand chopped off for no reason whatsoever.
grows hand back and tries to look nonchalant about it
@Reg: You declared war in the middle of Hades-night!
12:02 PM
@RegDwight It was the cookies, Reg. He can't help it.
sniffs new hand, but no cookies
@Billare: can you come here right now?
@Cerberus Go kill some Red Peace instead.
Good thing the enemy probably consists of some evil American shcoolboys, who are still asleep as well.
I am doing that as we speak.
By the way, I also lost two battles yesterday, though not against ThaWinna, but against the evil Chaolik.
Yeah, unlike this one guy here, they were quite strong.
12:05 PM
@kiamlaluno I mean as in stop someone's flags.
@ThirdIdiot I mean as in "stop flagging posts for no reason."
@kiamlaluno So you can actually see who flags posts?.
I can actually kick all of you so I can finally talk about cookies with my dog.
@ThirdIdiot I can see which posts have been flagged, and blind vote a flag.
12:08 PM
@kiamlaluno Which means? What does blind vote a flag mean?
@ThirdIdiot It means I can decide if it's valid or not, without other users' votes.
You you're talking!
Reg. The cookies.
@Cerberus What is about chocolate chip cookies?
12:11 PM
@Cerberus He's got some.
Its in his hat
I love the New York's style.
Try getting it.
I still have to understand why SOMEBODY said that my passive reputation is suspicious.
Nobody said that your passive reputation was suspicious.
Read. In context. Think. Read again. :P
Alain wrote a script, the results seemed wrong when compared to another script. You happened to be a prime example of how wrong they were.
Aww did someone insult Kiam? Let's eat the villain! War, I say!
By the way, I honestly don't think our current enemy could beat my defense deck.
12:17 PM
@Cerberus I have no idea which deck they are actually playing against.
I mean, you can only select a defense deck in the arena.
I thought that was THE defense deck one was using?
Again, no idea.
And no idea how to check.
I am quite convinced that it is. I will ask in chat.
For the time being, I've just selected the same deck for both.
12:21 PM
They say yes.
So have I: my deck isn't very specialized.
Well, all of my decks are.
As in, special comboes?
I have a Bloodthirsty deck, a Xeno deck, a Raiders, an Imperial, and one with flying units only.
By the way, I like how they advertise their factions: "offering the usual stuff, a forum, competent knowledge about deckbuilding, and multi continental officers for 24/7 wars."
Oh, I see.
I mean "specialized" rather as in, functionally specialized. The flying deck. Does that work well?
Obviously it works well in caves and such.
I only created it for that cave mission.
12:24 PM
With low ceilings?
Odeus Mines.
Yes, I can see that.
My all-buildings deck performs best in air levels.
I have a few cards I like to take with me from deck to deck.
I just fly over you and drop a building.
Yeah it sucks that one card can only be in one deck.
Electromagnetic Pulse and stuff. Don't have too many of those, so I have to put it into whatever deck I am currently using.
12:25 PM
One reason why I have only one real deck. The others are crap.
I don't even have EMP. Alas.
Which purples do you have?
Well, I'm still hoping to collect 60 war bonds, so I can join the club and buy individual cards.
@Cerberus EMP is awesome. "Strike All 2". Bang!
I knoez!
Are you guys still offering me the job of liter in your army?
Though I sort of stopped relying on strike too much after those Evade levels... but EMP is still very nice.
12:29 PM
NNS, the both of you.
I was trying to make a joke, now I'm being accused of pineappleness.
Well, if the husk fits ...
I finally know what NNS is, but not liter...
Nor pineappleness.
Well, as usual, Wallace Stevens weighed in on the subject:
12:33 PM
@Cerberus: do you feel like reworking a long answer into a short one?
"He must say nothing of the fruit that is
Not true, nor think it, less. He must defy
The metaphor that murders metaphor."
— Wallace Stevens, from "Someone Puts a Pineapple Together"
> @ Billare: I have tried to elaborate on my short version at the start of the post, but I am not really good at it. If you feel like it, feel free to use whatever excerpts from those quotes you deem relevant in your own answer; and I shall delete my answer when you post a better version of yours. – Vitaly 8 mins ago
I was beckoned?
Oh, yeah.
OK; let me see how I can prove my identity.
12:35 PM
Eh I don't know what that's about, so better let the great Billare deal with it!
Is it proove?
Maybe I get confused by "dance into the groove."
@Rob: A cryptic reference...
@Vitaly I might write up answer.
@Vitaly But it will be much later in the day.
I am just not sanguine that taking so much of an excerpt really qualifies as fair use.
@Vitaly Wow, никогда бы не подумал что наживка так быстро сработает. english.stackexchange.com/questions/26695/…
I prefer to use quotes as supporting material, not entire explications in themselves.
12:37 PM
@Cerberus — The reference is plain: stop murdering metaphors, you NNS!
@Kosmonaut Is the m in mousy aspirated?
@Billare — Hmmm ... an aspirated m?
@Kosmonaut And secondly, is it hard to voice another phenome after a stop consonant?
@Billare So what do you think of that short version at the start of my post, as of now?
I don't think we ever call English m's aspirated....
12:40 PM
I should say that I prefer original quotations as explications in themselves though. Unless the person who writes up a summary is a professional linguist himself.
The stops may be a bit aspirated, but not the liquidae.
@Vitaly Much better; my concerns have been alleviated mostly. Why not just delete most of the long quotations, and link to where you got them?
@Billare Can't link. The two books are in paper form in my apartment, from which I retyped the quotations. And OED requires a subscription to OED Online or OED CD.
@Vitaly Oh snap, that was alot of hard work then...I understand why you'd be reluctant to do so.
Well that's not the case, though I can understand why you think so. :D
12:43 PM
@Cerberus Liquidae? What??
I just think those quotations address most questions that could ever arise about those suffixes.
@Cerberus I have never seen that term before.
@Robusto What are you thoughts?
Where is the thinking behind my questions coming from?
Well I'm thinking about PLL's lousy / mousy question.
The first part, which I have an answer to, is that the reason lousy and mousy are spelled the same, though they are pronounced differently,
I gave you my thought about an aspirated m: hmm is about the only one I can think of. Maybe Hmong, a southeast Asian culture, (but the aspiration is usually dropped).
Oh, you're talking about an aspirated s ...
Versus a vocalized s?
is that they both were formed in formations in Old English, in which /s/ and /z/ were allophones, meaning they weren't differentiated in speech.
/s/ only became distinct from /z/ in Middle English.
That explanation would explain why lousy could be pronounced differently from mousy, and spelled the same, but it wouldn't explain the different pronunciations in themselves.
@Billare: A liquida is one of the following (semi-)consonants: m, n, l, r. I'm sure there is a more current term for them, but I couldn't think of any.
12:48 PM
I tried pronouncing mousy and mouzy myself, and find the latter voiced /z/ alot harder to say.
I don't think English has an aspirated s either; in fact, I've never seen any in other languages either...
@Billare: in any case, if your concerns have been mostly alleviated, would you care to clarify that in a comment on the main site?
I feel like there is more difficulty producing the /z/ because the /m/ is a nasal stop, and the /l/ isn't; there is less air to work with saying mouzy vs. mousy?
@Vitaly I'll delete the comment; would that work?
Sure. Thank you.
Oh, /s/ is voiceless, /z/ is voiced (nothing to do with aspiration, which is an h sound).
12:51 PM
@Cerberus I know hat. But I also found a phonological rule, that apparently says that voicing become more difficult after initial aspirated consonants.
@Cerberus Less air available for voicing the /z/ versus saying the /s/.
Hmm, possible. Is that Grimm's x-th rule?
I know Greek words cannot normally have more than one aspirated consonant.
I forgot who discovered that rule.
@Cerberus — Hoi weh!
@Cerberus Does the name have "F" at the beginning?
Anyway, I hope Kosmonaut takes a gander at that question. I'm very sure there is something more interesting to say than the currently accepted answer.
@Robusto What? I feel slow this morning...
@Boob I have no idea!
12:55 PM
@kiamlaluno How? Why? Where? who ...
Oh, I remember: it is Grassmann.
@Cerberus — Eu weh! => Oy vay! => Hoi [Greek] weh! [German]. There, a predigested pun. Are you happy now?
@kiamlaluno I'm the only one who pay attention to your sentence, please be more kind to me , from now on
The answers on the wh question suck right now.
@Rob: My thanks! Its complexity is certainly praiseworthy.
12:58 PM
The real answer is, "all these interrogatives likely evolved from the same word in different inflections in PIE", but that's not an actual answer, only a comment given.
Grassmann's law, named after its discoverer Hermann Grassmann, is a dissimilatory phonological process in Ancient Greek and Sanskrit which states that if an aspirated consonant is followed by another aspirated consonant in the next syllable, the first one loses the aspiration. The descriptive version was described for Sanskrit by . Here are some examples in Greek of the effects of Grassmann's Law: * 'I sacrifice (an animal)' * 'it was sacrificed' * 'hair' * 'hairs' * 'to bury (aorist)' * 'to bury (present)' * 'a grave' * 'burial' In the reduplication which forms the perfect...
I have to go. Bye kids!
And @Reg good luck beating that dead horse, c.q. American 12-y-o.
@Cerberus Ciao, Cerberus. Me too, in fact.
Later @Cerberus and @Billare
@Billare No, only oral stops are aspirated (under certain conditions) in English.
@Billare If it were hard to voice another phoneme after a stop consonant, then stops would have to always be at the end of words.
1:16 PM
Caution! The owl sees removed posts!
That's not a removed post.
Yeah, it hasn't even been moved once; how could it be removed?
Thankfully, I can see unremoved posts just as well.
But you can't see reunmoved posts.
1:24 PM
You're a reunmoved post.
It could be unremoved. In fact, most posts are.
Just don't deinmove it.
@Robusto Most of your posts, perhaps.
@RegDwight — I am moved by the attention you pay to my posts. But I remain unmoved by practically everything else you do.
I don't pay any attention to your posts. I just see them. And I never even asked to be able to do that little.
Prove that it's not removed
1:28 PM
It's removed cause circular reasoning works
Wow, the "lossily compressed" question hit the multi-collider. How come none of the good questions get there?
Stupid multicollider
@RegDwight — Yes, but that just points up the failure of computer vision. You're starting to be able to fake the Turing test, but other signs point to your true Cylon nature.
Not enough cowbell. And fur bikinis, for that matter.
@Robusto I would reply to that, but that would mean that I'm paying attention to you, which I don't.
1:30 PM
Meh, fur bikini is just a euphemism for "hasn't had a good waxing lately."
@RegDwight — Obviously.
@Robusto Genau.
Noch einmal, bitte, alle zusammen.
Ich habe probleme mit seinem akzent
Hallo, es wird hier Englisch gesprochen
1:32 PM
Also ich tunke die Feder in die Tinte und schreibe damit auf dem Monitor.
And it seems to work just fine.
Na gut.
Na klar
Na schön
Nana Mouscouri.
1:35 PM
I've never been to Nana, Missouri, but I heard it's nice.
Nana Kwame Abrokwa (born in 5 October 1968 in Accra, Ghana) is a German rapper and DJ, performing under the pseudonyms Nana or Darkman / Nana. Nana is not an actual first name, but a Ghanaian title of nobility. His most important achievement came in the second half of the 1990s, when his style was characterized as "euro-rap" and his lyrics focused on the relationship with God, with his family, or on topics like racism and Holocaust. Biography Nana arrived in Hamburg with his mother and his brothers at the age of 10. At the beginning of the 90's, his debut consists of DJ-ing in hip-hop ...
German rapper sucks.
This German rapper, or all German rappers?
All of these German rappers.
There are more than one?
1:38 PM
Fettes Brot () is a German hip hop group founded in 1992. Fettes Brot is German for fat bread. "Fett" is a German slang term for "excellent" and brot is slang for "hash". The band took the name from a fan who called them "Fettes Brot" after an early gig, which was probably meant as a compliment, but the members considered it so bizarre that they took it as the name for their new group. Fettes Brot's longevity has meant that it is sometimes referred to as "Hamburg's hip-hop-dinosaurs" by its members. History Success with Nordisch by Nature and Jein When the group Poets of Peeze disban...
Das ist kein Deutsch.
Schon besser.
OK, I really hate myself for trying to answer a question.
I blame @RegDwight for coercing me into answering.
1:40 PM
Well, to each his own I guess. If Boob prefers Swiss rappers, so be it.
Peter René Cipiriano Baumann (born January 5, 1968), better known as DJ BoBo, is an Swiss singer, songwriter, dancer and music producer. He has sold 14 million records worldwide and has released 10 studio albums as well as a few compilation albums which have included his previous hits in a reworked format. DJ BoBo has also released as many as 34 singles to date, some of which have charted quite high, not only in German speaking countries, but also in other European territories. As a dance music producer, his first big success came with the single "Somebody Dance With Me", which borrows i...
@Vitaly Why do you blame me? Hating yourself does have its merits. Нет худа без добра.
@RegDwight It was you who said I should answer more. You!
Yes, so?
I'm building on top of that.
It's an unbelievable mess. I can't structure it. I can't summarise the quotations. I can't write a linear answer without backreferences and references to later parts of the answer.
Reading comprehension. Class. You. Back.
8 edits and counting.
1:45 PM
Two more and it will get automatically CWed.
I know right. That's why I am frustrated.
Well, I can remove the CW. So knock yourself out.
Hoppla , Katzenjamer ist ein norwegien Band ! ich muss Bücher lesen :\
Boob, you're blowing your cover.
That ain't German.
1:50 PM
And then people would be less ready to answer on seeing such a gargantuan wall of text, thinking that maybe it answers the question properly.
@RegDwight I'm really going to have to pull my finger out
So I should also blame myself (and @RegDwight, by extension) for the possible lack of answers far better than mine.
@Vitaly Just remove every second word, see if anybody notices.
@Vitaly Yeah, it's true that your wall-of-text is intimidating.
1:51 PM
Feb 2 at 20:18, by RegDwight
I am yet to read Finnegans Wake, At Swim-Two-Birds, or Ulysses, for that matter. I am told that after page 200 Joyce just gave up and copied a phone book, but nobody has ever read that far.
So, just remove some random bits below the fold.
Add a fold proper. :P
Young photographer
Seriously, there absolutely should be a way to do that “More…” link.
I tried listening to the audiobook of Ulysses on the drive to work but I felt myself slipping into a coma.
I'm also reading “Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides.
1:55 PM
Q: Where can I get a small text proofread?

static_rttiI've just discovered this site hoping someone could proofread a small description of my new open-source project. However the FAQ specifically disallows it. Would anyone kindly point me to site that does offer this kind of service?

Why should we know? We specifically disallow it!
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