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12:42 AM
I'm such an enthusiast user with my Enthusiast badge.
@Simon 70 more days till the golden Fanatic badge ;)
@TildalWave That's the plan but I still don't know how I'm gonna make it. I will be gone for a whole weekend at a huge party, I don't think I'll be able to login!
@RoryAlsop I have one thing to say about Dancing Tree Gin. Yummo.
@Simon how difficult is to make a JavaScript reload any of the pages here say every 2-3 hours and leave it running while you paarteeeeh? :P
@TildalWave It's not as easy as reloading, but it's not much more complicated.
12:53 AM
@TildalWave Also considering the fact that I have a server running at all time, super easy.
I'm assuming a script in Scott Pack's favorite language will do the job.
@ScottPack No? What else does it involve? Switching between two pages adding a random nonce to the URI to make sure it's not out of cache?
@TildalWave Hitting a couple of pages in a human reasonable time frame is probably sufficient. I've never taken the time to whack something together to try it.
@ScottPack me neither but @D3C4FF did... of course it crashed, but that's another story :))
but it ought to be really easy, maybe 2 minutes... I might be arsed to do it after I finish watching some movie
In theory you could refresh the front page, sleep for some number of seconds, grab a question from it, hit it (with a referrer from main). Sleep for a minute. Maybe do that a couple of times.
@TildalWave ;)
It worked out in the end. Note the shiny new gold badges :D
1:00 AM
@D3C4FF hehe you got it 49 minutes ago
@D3C4FF pastebin the script for @Simon so I don't have to reinvent the wheel
I'm not good at writing immense answers, you guys will need to teach me.
@TildalWave @Simon its not a script. its a firefox extension that from memory is called 'reload every'
@D3C4FF Oh cool, I'll look it up.
@D3C4FF So that's why gold badges on only 2 sites here? :P
@TildalWave Only two sites i care about, the otherones are just sites i use from time to time.
4 hours later…
5:29 AM
I did some quick research about which popular mail providers support TLS. I tested Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft (e.g. Hotmail), and AOL. I was surprised about the results I got.
It's attached to this crappy question:
A: Is there any security benefit of not using email services recently associated with PRISM?

tylerlMore recent leaks and evidence suggests that the email providers themselves are, as a rule, not cooperating with the NSA. Rather the telecom companies such as AT&T are. The NSA wholesale captures and analyzes all the traffic upstream of companies like Google and Yahoo, and through that get implic...

Interested if you test any of the other top mail providers.
5:58 AM
@tylerl interesting
6:21 AM
@tylerl I'm surprised at some of those too.
@AviD Yes, I expected different results
w00000t!! New gold badges... @RoryAlsop didja see them? @JeffFerland you probably only got one of them...
what are they?
@tylerl cant tell ya ;-)
and on that note, it looks like the badgers page was revamped again, I really like the new page.
6:45 AM
@AviD cool... now all I need is a water pistol and I can enact a Bob marley song later...
@RoryMcCune lol
you should totally instagram that next time you meet up with @RoryAlsop.
@AviD good idea! will need to find appropriate vintage filter for @RoryAlsop
@RoryMcCune @RoryAlsop doesn't need a vintage filter, he has his own built-in.
Just call me sepiatone...
@RoryAlsop the most amusing part of this whole meme is that I'm barely younger than you of course :)
6:50 AM
@RoryMcCune and I'm just after that...
@AviD What? no :(
@JeffFerland ohhh sorry - I thought you'd been a mod for much longer than a year?
damn time goes slow when @Jefff is around...
@AviD I think it was September?
oh, okay. In another few months then.
7:26 AM
@LucasKauffman flagged as subjective and argumentative.
Flagged @AviD as too fertile.
7:50 AM
holy useless taggage, batman! What the crap is ?
quick poll: any reason NOT to close this:
Q: How is HTTP PUT and DELETE methods insecure, if they really are?

gurvinder372If I really need to use these methods, how do i make sure they are secure?

as a dupe of this:
Q: How to exploit HTTP Methods

Digital FireMany security scanners like nikto, nessus, nmap, and w3af sometimes show that certain HTTP Methods like HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, OPTIONS, CONNECT, etc are vulnerable to attack. What do these headers do and how can they be exploited? I'm looking something more creative than common e...

... any thoughts on this?
any thoughts at all?
BOOM goes the dynamite.
@RoryAlsop Yeah! That's the stuff!
Now another one without the kilt
8:06 AM
@Adnan I really think that our site swag should be Sec.Se pressed Metaltech CDs.
@AviD Kilts with Sec.SE belt buckles
and the pin is the an electronic guitar
God damn it! I look so silly in the kilt.
Yet so intriguing
So pretentious, yet so interesting
I wanna jump into bed with myself and ask me to tell me all the interesting stories about love, life, and Scotland.
how is your scottish brogue?
This is sooo gonna work in the bar on Saturday
8:10 AM
@Adnan make sure to stand with one foot up on a barstool. That will give the full effect.
@AviD Still bad, but I'm working on it.
@Adnan practice on @RoryMcCune's youtube videos.
@AviD Yeah, hopefully I'll get some free drinks
@Adnan Absolutely. Hey, by the way, maybe you can get a friend to record the whole thing, upload it to youtube. No reason.
Should be heeeellaaaarious.
8:16 AM
bears are awesome.
Regarding the UPnP question
I don't believe this question is off-topic. True, it might seem as if it's about "about general computing hardware and software", but it's really intrinsically a security question. UPnP and default configurations is an important security aspect in networking and modern routers. — Adnan 1 min ago
seems there have been reports of some wild boars wandering around in the valley here. They look like bears.
@AviD I don't think they can be easily confused
@Adnan from far away, or in the dark? Definitely.
a few years ago, when I was on guard duty in the army up north, a huge wild boar came lumbering by (dont ask how it got into the base). I was sure it was a bear, walking on all fours.
luckily I didn't try to shoot it. Rumor has it that just makes them mad.
Instead I hid behind an electricity pole. Yes, they are that stupid.
Sure, there are security aspects to UPnP, but that's not what the question was about. It's like saying a question "how to connect my webapp to a database" is not offtopic because there are security implications. — AviD 2 mins ago
okay, its a crap analogy. Dont blame me, blame the lack of sleep.
@AviD Depends on where you shoot them :D
8:24 AM
@Adnan you're saying that there places it won't mind being shot?
somebody else that was there in the previous cycle shot one in its eye. It kept on charging.
@AviD Oh no, I'm saying if you shoot it in the right place, it won't have the capacity to be mad.
@Adnan I dont think wild boars wear kilts.
I don't know how I lived all the time without a food mixer
Yesterday I bought one... my life has changed!
and to think... until today, you'd have to mix your own food, by hand!
oh the horror!
@AviD Oh, I misspoke. I meant blender. Like one of these
8:34 AM
(hint: the secret is, the answer is always: "YES".)
and no, dont try this at home...
9:06 AM
@AviD It's some rule posted recently by someone on here
@LucasKauffman 34?
9:18 AM
@AviD Damn it! You shouldn't have introduced me to this! I've been watching so many of those videos.
@Adnan lol
I think there also used to be a WillItMelt or WillItBurn... cant find it now...
9:38 AM
5k rep to go
@LucasKauffman are there more rep. goodies at 20k?
9:53 AM
@RoryMcCune yea extended edit and protecting questions
@LucasKauffman I think you can protect at 15k
1 hour later…
11:25 AM
Looking at the rep chars make me sad. I think @Adnan is gonna pass me this month.
12:18 PM
just hit 35k, bitches! :P
@Polynomial That's a lot of sexual partners.
You should get yourself checked.
6 hours ago, by AviD
w00000t!! New gold badges... @RoryAlsop didja see them? @JeffFerland you probably only got one of them...
also constable.
12:26 PM
@ManishEarth Qocks.
Intestesting. Two of the people with Constable are completely unknown to me.
@ScottPack community managers?
or ex-managers...
I'm guessing Dori (joined SE right after Rebecca, she was popular on P.SE) and HedgeMadge - she was mod on I think Writers before joining the ComMgr team
12:38 PM
@AviD That's probably a bug
@ManishEarth or they were registered as mods during the beta... makes sense, I think.
@AviD could be that the employee flag didn't exist back then
@TerryChia Congrats you lucky bastard.
@ScottPack Where's your pretty face?
@AviD Do you still hate me?
@Simon not still. Again.
@Simon why lucky? isnt RedHat the Evil Empire?
12:41 PM
@Simon Oh, we were fucking around with Ryan Ries last night.
or wait, that's Oracle.
You've hated me before?!?
Oracle is evil?
@Simon counting from one anomaly to the next, this will be the sixth time.
@Simon soooo evil.
@AviD Wow! Have you documented when it happened and the contexts?
@Simon seriously? You didnt catch the reference....? :D
12:43 PM
@AviD I really didn't catch it and I can't think of what it could be :o
@AviD It was pretty weak.
@ScottPack maybe, but it was still pretty clear.
@ScottPack That's what she said.
looking for the clip for him...
12:44 PM
I'm getting "Matrix reloaded" on Google.
@Simon Thanks. :)
@Simon bingo
Now, I'm gonna make you hate me even more: I haven't seen any of the Matrix movies.
@Simon Me neither.
12:48 PM
@Simon ah that would explain your mistake, there was only ever one matrix movie
@RoryMcCune Really? I thought it was a trilogy.
@AviD how did you find that so fast?!
@Simon see that last strip...
I'm not gonna watch the whole scene because I feel like I'm knowing stuff that I shouldn't know about the movie.
12:49 PM
@Simon <ninja'd>
@RoryMcCune I rock at google-fu bing-fu!
@Simon dont worry about it, you would need a dictionary to understand half of hwat he says anyway.
He speaks in riddles or what?
@Simon he speaks in 7-syllable words.
12:50 PM
@AviD Are you serious?
@Simon exaggerating, as always.
Oh, haha.
Well, I've been curious about it because people keep saying it's complicated.
Yet I've seen movies labeled as "complicated" and didn't get lost at all.
Like Looper, some people say the time traveling makes it complicated, I didn't think it was.
@Simon havent seen it yet :-(
I think it also matters if you're used to wibbly wobbly time travel concepts.
@AviD Honestly, it is a very good movie.
@Simon its on my list :-)
12:53 PM
@AviD That might be it. I also thought that it was one of the very few movies that exploited time traveling very well.
@Simon oh then you didnt see Timecop! ;-)
@AviD You're right, I haven't seen it. Should I watch it?
@Simon Definitely!!
okay, now you will really think I hate you... ;-)
actually I would say its one of Von Damme's best movies.
Rated R for violence, sexuality and language
That's my kind of movie.
@Simon .... it's... von damme...
12:55 PM
Haha, true.
@Simon Did you undestand Primer the first time?
@copy oh yeah, that one was complicated.
it started off with presenting time travel in a different concept than usual. Then it went and changed that in the end.
@copy I haven't seen it.
@AviD Wow, that's weird.
There's your challenge ;)
Challenge accepted.
12:58 PM
@Simon well I just went and made it easier for you
True, haha.
@Simon looper is good has some sinister scenes in it though
@RoryMcCune Well, I like those kind of scenes :)
I bust this guy playing Solitary at work every single day and he's still trying to hide it from me.
My favorite time where I bust him is when he clicks away to focus on another window to hide it but the window isn't big enough so I can see half of his Solitary screen, haha. He's done that like 4 times now.
1:13 PM
@AviD primer is great. but im not sure i know what you mean by 'change'
@AviD are you referring to the fact they -->[] the [] in the [] ?
hope simon dint see that...
:10257608 not the way they explained it...
@lynks and yes, that too.
Haha, I'm glad that I was looking away!
> DASDEC-I and DASDEC-II had publicly available firmware images for these devices that included a private SSH key that authorizes remote logins to the devices. For software versions prior to 2.0-2, where the default SSH keys have not already been changed, an attacker can then log into a device with root privileges.
What the flying fuck?
:10257640 yes, good points.
@AviD "morning" :) what's a "pro-tem moderator"?
1:17 PM
@TildalWave Mods before the first election.
@TildalWave moderator by SE-executive fiat. Unelected.
When a site first starts.
anyway, if you want mind bending, you can work you way up from memento, to primer, to machinist, and finally to mulholland drive.
havent seen half of those.
guess I'll put them on my list.
@AviD oh it's a shortened version of pro-tempore ... damn Americanisation! :))
1:18 PM
Are there elections yearly or something like that?
as needed
Can common mortals vote?
@TerryChia Cheers! How's your new internship?
@Simon they can
1:20 PM
@TildalWave Not bad.
@AviD all are worth having on the list. Memento is probably my least favourite of the bunch, but they're all great films. The Machinist is one of my favourite movies. Mulholland Drive is...unique. I'll just say 'mobius strip' and leave it at that.
@TerryChia What do you do, exactly?
Twelve Monkeys is one of my all-time favorite movies.
@Simon clears out the corpses from the Emperor's electrocutions.
@Simon yeah twelve monkeys is fun
@TerryChia yes ^ what @Simon asked... what position are you interning for?
1:21 PM
@Simon oh yeah.
@AviD Damn, I wish my internships were that cool.
@Simon A couple of friends and I will be writing a platform for a upcoming competition, nothing really advanced. It will be based on JBoss and OpenShift.
@TerryChia No idea what these are.
But it does sound interesting!
@Simon JBoss is a java application server while OpenShift is RedHat's PaaS cloud service.
Now I gotta ask: is it complete slavery or you're getting paid?
@TerryChia Oh ok
1:23 PM
It's a whole bunch of CRUD basically, nothing really difficult. But I'll get to experience the whole range of stuff including development, deployment and load testing so should be pretty enlightening.
@Simon I get around 450 SGD a month, just enough to cover expenses. :P
@TerryChia Isn't that completely unrelated to security?
@copy Yep. :( It's a development job.
@TerryChia Yeah, it doesn't sound much.
Anyway, you're there for the experience.
@Simon They are sending me for some of their certifications though, that's a huuuuuuge plus.
Definitely looks good in a CV, yup.
1:27 PM
@TerryChia Openshift is pretty is cool
The chat isn't working for me!!!
@LucasKauffman Yup, I have been playing around with it the past week. Amazing how fast you can deploy an app on it, especially if you are writing Ruby or Python.
@Adnan I would argue that it is working.
I'm sending these stuff manually.
Any solution?
Manually, what?
1:28 PM
@Adnan Have you tried turning it off and back on?
@Simon lolwat???
@TerryChia I have. Didn't work!
@Simon That's what the said.
@Adnan are you drunk, or high?
@Adnan still wearing the kilt, I guess....?
1:29 PM
@AviD I'm sending the requests manually with burp
@TerryChia we used Juju on openstack to deploy machines and services, it's really amazing
The chat isn't loading fully in the browser
@Adnan ahhhh
and I cannot see your messages here
@AviD Nah, he's simply European. AMERIKA MODAFUKAS.
1:30 PM
@Adnan ctrl+f5 then?
so I'm constantly refreshing the transcript
@AviD Nothing worked
@Adnan Does it say that you need 20 reputation to join the chat? Because it happened to me like 2 days ago and it was fixed over time.
@Simon No no, it loads everything (images and scripts and stuff) and get's stuck at the loading chat message
@Adnan Odd. Have you tried another browser/clearing cache, cookies, etc?
@Simon ooh, cookies. Want.
1:32 PM
I like tabmixplus, it gives the ability to auto refresh a page.
@AviD Chocolate chips?
@Simon sure.
@AviD gives a Chocolate chips cookie to @Adnan
I failed.
nasty. and immature.
@AviD I'm gonna make you hate me more if you aren't nice to me.
1:34 PM
sorry, cant hate anyone right now, I've got a little baby snuggling on me. :-)
@AviD Ooooooh cute.
It's amazing what a calm baby does to your nerves. It is also amazing what a not-calm baby does to them.
and it stays like that
@Adnan Can't you read? Just wait a second, jeeze.
1:35 PM
clear your cache?
@AviD Did that.
@AviD It's amazing what I do to non-calm babies.
@Adnan js allowed to run?
@AviD Yupsies
@AviD I'm sorry for your loss.
You tried another browser too, @Adnan?
1:36 PM
@lynks ?
@Simon Yup, Chrome. Working.
@lynks What the hell?! What happened?
@AviD Anything happened?
@Adnan Could it be your adblock?
@Simon if that doesn't work, try another brewskie instead. That always helps.
@AviD inability to take part in CTFs, roam the streets until sunrise, etc.
@Simon Hmmmm..
1:37 PM
@ScottPack I saw your gravatar as a "cloud icon" wtf? I reloaded and it's back to what it used to be... what's going on?
@AviD It sure does.
@lynks .....and then a baby came along.
@Simon Nope
@AviD ahh, we walk different paths my friend.
@Adnan I wonder if a fresh installation would help but that's definitely your last resort.
1:38 PM
@TerryChia oh cool that! :)
WTF?! Chrome has FoxyProxy?!!!
What am I still doing with Firefox?
@Adnan I don't know! I really like Chrome.
@Simon I didn't make the move because of TamperData and FoxyProxy
@Adnan I also saw a few "strange" things like that @ScottPack's gravatar and I'm sure he didn't go change it now... not to replace his pretty face with an icon of a cloud no way LOL
1:41 PM
Q: Is there an extension like Tamperdata for Chrome?

Alfredo2011I need to capture HTTP traffic in the browser. TamperData is an extension to track and modify http/https requests I am aware of tools like Fiddler, but I am looking for an addon that runs inside the web browser as extension.

@Simon Useless
@TildalWave Eh?
@Adnan But I love you.
@Simon Not you, the question/answers
@Simon That's what no women ever said.
1:42 PM
But it's good to know that there won't ever be something like that
@ScottPack yes me said eh too... dunno, seems they're either working on something, or we're being under attack :))
Chrome.. here we go
Well. This is awkward. athensnews.com/ohio/…
@TerryChia Now that I think about it, I don't even remember my gf saying that she loves me. Awkward.
Oh no wait, it did happen in the beginning of the relationship.
@ScottPack IS THAT YOU??
1:44 PM
Totally not me.
@ScottPack dafuq a photo of a computer monitor? really?
Somebody did, however, print out a picture of it next to my ID photo. I'm looking through our camera footage to see who did it.
@ScottPack Hang on, I gotta make a call.
My hair's too long right now anyway. I'm due for my monthly haircut tomorrow.
1:45 PM
@ScottPack I'll do it, I've cut my own hair for years and years
@lynks Nah, I like my barber. It's a fun time.
@ScottPack if its fun, they are doing it wrong.
@lynks he did say "a barber" not a "hair stylist" tho :P
@TildalWave thats stereotyping, barbers have just as much of a right to be sexual predators as anyone else.
I just got a notification on Sec.SE of @TerryChia saying "That's what she said".
1:48 PM
@lynks OK but it's presumed they're straight, whereas with the others it is not :P
@lynks the barber is NOT supposed to touch you there.
@Simon can't find any message like that in the transcript, that's odd... @TerryChia saying "that's what she said"?? Impossible!! :P
1:51 PM
I think I need a new avatar.
@Simon no no don't, its perfect!
I cant take any more changes....
@AviD Alright, alright. I'll wait a few months.
Is it odd that I'm getting flashbacks of when I was drunk ~5 years ago?
@Simon I really can't deal with avatar changes either
to me, it's a completely new person.
@lynks You guys should have told me that I would be stuck with this one forever.
@lynks That just sounds silly.
1:57 PM
@Simon ok heres what you do. make two layers in photoshop, and very slowly increase the alpha of the new avatar, over the course of a year or so I could probably deal with.
@lynks This sounds like the slowest migration ever.
@ScottPack I'm actually reasonably serious, maybe I just latch onto the pictures more than the words.
@Simon 0.01 alpha per day, final offer. but in 20 or 30 days don't be surprised if I start introducing myself to you.
@lynks I see. So you're more into picture books than novels.
@Simon depends. how long have you been sober?
@lynks Haha.
1:59 PM
@Simon @TerryChia now THAT'S what she said.

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