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12:13 PM
Right up our alley:
2 hours later…
2:04 PM
@DoubleAA, bummer, I was just leaving a welcome comment on that answer you just deleted. You beat me by about 4 seconds.
2:25 PM
I feel like there's been an influx of new users yesterday and today. Were we linked anywhere? My searching turns up a couple of comments, but nothing very pominent-looking.
And we popped up in this conversation:
Am I the only one who loves Mondays?
2:41 PM
@IsaacMoses new users sorted by creation date shows about 30 in the last week out of about 70 in the lsat month. There've been several in the last 2 days, but it's part of a larger trend. (That said, the trend isn't flat. :-) )
So I'm guessing they're coming from a variety of sources, not just a single link, for what that's worth. (There's been some recent discussion on BH, but I don't think that's responsible for many (one for sure, don't know about more).
@MonicaCellio OK. Thanks. I miss having my own hit counter on the (1.0) site, so I could see what the incoming links were.
@IsaacMoses yeah, it would be handy to have that information. AFAIK that's not availble to us in any form. (Well, I suppose if we were being flooded SE staff might check for a common referer or something, but I mean we can't just look it up.)
@MonicaCellio ... and I realize that there are good reasons for that.
1 hour later…
3:53 PM
Q: Can't reply to own comments in chat

MenachemIn the chat, one can link one's next message as a reply to another message. This way, the thread is easy to follow, especially when replying to a message that is further up the page. Why can't one link to one's own previous message? If I posted something yesterday, and then want to comment on it...

4:42 PM
Questions about the Hebrew language or about history or news of the Jewish people, Jewish individuals, or the State of Israel, except as related to Judaism, are off-topic. If this question does relate to Judaism, please edit it to indicate how. — msh210 41 secs ago
^Closureworthy? (Ping @SethJ.)
@msh210 Why does that question not have to do with Judaism?
@msh210 Tanach is part of Judaism
@IsaacMoses For sure. But the question is about the man, not his book or n'vuos.
@msh210 The question asks about context, which presumably comes from Tanakh
Jun 24 at 21:58, by msh210
@CharlesKoppelman I don't know why names would be in scope. Let's leave that alone for the moment if you don't mind. I know we have a bunch of name-relatd questions.
@Daniel Ah, true. Good point. Okay, fine, thanks, I retract.
5:12 PM
@msh210 This sounds like you're quoting * ahem* a Da'ath Yahid. ;-)
Thanks all, esp. @msh210 for the due diligence. :) — Seth J 33 secs ago
@SethJ I was quoting my indication of a lack of daas, not a daas at all. He had presented an argument that name questions were no more in-scope than some other questions, and I deflected it with, essentially, "let's not discuss that now".
@msh210 I was only teasing. Seriously, though, thank you for raising the issue (and for letting the question stand).
@SethJ You're welcome (re raising the issue). If you're thanking me for letting the question stand, that might mean I'm generally too quick on the draw.
@IsaacMoses Surely you could have come up with something here. I'm disappointed. :-P
@msh210 Perhaps something about our other intoxicating questions
i guess that's not very subtle and kind of a stretch
@Daniel I thought of "see what's brewing on the site" but it's too obvious considering the username ("brewjew").
5:39 PM
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob, that's certainly true. Is that the case here? "G-d is salvation" connotes something from which to be saved; perhaps he was born on Pesah? — Seth J 1 min ago
Or should I have said "Pe$a#"? @MoriDoweedhYaAgob
@SethJ @#$%*
@sethj pasa7
Sholom 3leicham a7eem
Wow pouring buckets
@msh210 Watch it. This is a family-friendly site.
@msh210 I friend :)
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob Do you have an Android phone? Because I can recommend a really great Hebrew keyboard app that only cost $2. It is very easy to use, and it's even easy (and quick) to change back and forth between it and the regular keyboard. I use Swype usually, and I have no problem going back and forth in the same sentence between the two.
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob It's actually easier for me to type in Hebrew on my phone now than on my computer.
5:55 PM
@SethJ Really? What kind of computer do you have?
@sethj no I got iPhone 5 n I have עברית
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob Might I suggest that you use that rather than numeralish?
@daniel no because I don't have it on my Mac at home lol
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob It doesn't come built in?
Only on my phone when I'm going home from college like now
@daniel not sure didn't bother with it. Also I am not used to typing in hebrew
5:58 PM
If you don't mind, we would all appreciate you doing that
(I assume. I guess I won't speak for others)
I only remember some on screen keyboard positions
Never typed hebrew with reg keys cuz idk the patterns I don't have a hebrew keyboard
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob It would be great if you would learn
@daniel would be easier if you knew numerals :(
Either way, it would only be one person confused instead of everybody
(or many people)
6:01 PM
I also think that writing in Hebrew is much more professional looking than the numbers, even though I can understand them
I'm not a professional jew am I?
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob I don't know whether you are or not, but I think we want to have a professional appearance here on Mi Yodeya
Says you lol. Professionalism comes from the scholars not 3m ho'ora9im like me
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob You could at least fake it
@daniel lie on the Internet? Who does that? That's against the law :)
6:18 PM
Q: What is the exact definition of Shituf (vis a vis 'Avodah Zarah)?

Seth J"Shituf" is the heretical idea of some sort of co-mingling of something with G-d (Has VeShalom). According to many rabbinic opinions, Christianity is Shituf (cf., Is Christianity Avodah Zara?), and there are differences of opinion as to whether or not this is permitted for non-Jews. Is Shituf: ...

"Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre, a nun whose order prayed to the pope after he died, said she was cured of the disease, an ailment that also afflicted John Paul II."
@SethJ Yeah, Christian theology is really confusing to me
@Daniel I just don't it. How is that not 'Avodah Zarah?
@SethJ I don't really understand the distinction made in the answer to that question
@SethJ Who said it's not?
6:38 PM
@SethJ I'm interested in that!
@MoriDoweedhYaAgob not gonna happen... or in your language, n@7 6@nn4 h4ppen
@Daniel Really? All theology is really confusing to me.
@TRiG Yeah, me too
I just don't understand how a religion can claim to be monotheistic, but also "pray to the pope"
@Daniel Words have different meanings in different contexts.
A: Praying to people outside the Trinity

eBethThe phrase "pray to" confuses most people as it gives the impression that anyone who asks a saint to "pray for" them is actually praying to the saint as if he/she was God. This isn't true and is probably an artifact of language. The word "pray" also has the meaning to "make an earnest petition"...

@msh210 8^P Sorry.
@TRiG Still seems weird to be talking to dead people
I know some Jews practice that as well
But I don't think it's that common
6:51 PM
@Daniel Of course it's weird. All religion is weird.
(I don't see how talking to dead people is any weirder than talking to gods. In fact, I'd argue that it's considerably less weird.)
@TRiG Yeah, I don't mean any judgement by that. It's alien to me and seems very off-putting
But I agree that it's not necessarily any more irrational than praying to God
@Daniel To judge a practice's rationality is to claim to be objective. To remark on its weirdness is purely subjective.
Recently mentioned in a FB conversation in which MY was also mentioned, amongst people I don't know: this paper
(That said, I agree with you. I'm perfectly happy to claim to be objective. Or at least objective-ish. ;) )
... If anyone out there happens to have access to that journal, I'd love to read a synopsis of what that paper came up with.
1 hour later…
8:26 PM
@TRiG But they not only prayed to the (dead) pope, they believe he answered them and performed a miracle.
8:36 PM
@MonicaCellio Smart Keyboard Pro. After you install the app you then download the (free) dictionary for the language(s) you want.
@MonicaCellio it seems they raised the price. I think I paid a few cents less for it.
8:59 PM
@SethJ thanks!
9:12 PM
@monica-cellio don't fight it embrace it :)
@SethJ I am not now nor never was a Catholic. If you want clarification, you'll have to ask someone else.
9:34 PM
@TRiG <stereotyping>But aren't you Irish?</stereotyping> I do find your family fascinating, but that's a topic for a different chat. ;-)
@JonEricson Both my parents are English, and I went to a Church of Ireland primary school.
(And sat out of religion classes, both there and in the first three years in my "Catholic ethos" secondary school. I did go to religion classes for the last three years, but they didn't really have much to do with religion. Some ethics. Some "let's improve kids' self-esteem so they're less likely to do drugs" stuff.)
1 hour later…
11:13 PM
@Daniel Where do these numbers come from (why is an ע a 3 or a צ a 9)?

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