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9:03 PM
Going to be livestreaming again soon
@JoshPetrie Are you ever going to become full time indie? One day? :P
this would be a good pair for a rasp
@AlexM. I think you are ready to get involved in the Kiosk business
I always wanted to develop POS systems for my clients but I never manage to land such a job :(
I only get much more interesting ones, damnit
the small keyboard is twice the price of a normal one because it's so small
I personally have no need for such a tiny keyboard
it would pair well with a tiny box, and it's convenient if you don't interact with the PC a lot (e.g. interacting with the music room station of mine)
then again, a better solution would be to attach a keyboard when needed only
9:18 PM
A friend of mine has something like this, and it works great:
I'm hungry
getting deep within my projects is the best way for me to lose weight
I get so caught up, I only realize I'm hungry when it actually hurts lol
and I eat less or equal to 2 times per day only
@AlexM. Same.
Scrawny-aspect developer?
nah, I just don't want to get fat
I kinda got fatter when I stopped working to study for the exams
I've realized there are three types of software developer: Scrawny-aspect, Bulky-aspect, and Buff-aspect. They focus around the three core tenets of a good programmer.
studying got me so bored the best thing I could do to have fun was to go out in town and eat
9:24 PM
laziness (Bulky-aspect), impatience (Scrawny-aspect), and hubris (Buff-aspect).
and besides, you need to be fit
there ain't just classy or fabulous programming
there's also sexy programming
@AlexM. This I'd love to see.
wink wink
@TheProgramm3r feel free to hit me up on gtalk man or email me whenever. don't get alot of emails :P
I feel like eating some canned fish in oil
it's at the border between fried fish (I like) and any other fish dish (I hate)
9:26 PM
If you're overly lazy, chances are you'll be overweight, or at least frumpy. The trait which makes you not repeat yourself (see DRY principle) also makes you not want to drive to the store or cook something special and healthy, when "reusing" bags of Pizza Rolls works just fine.
but I like cooking :(
any one know a bit about texture painting on blender im stuck
now that holiday's here, I can also add cooking to my schedule
back in a bit
If you're overly impatient, chances are you'll be scrawny or underweight. Who wants to go to the gym and do the same thing over and over again to get fit, when you can just cut a meal a day, and stay skinny? Besides, you have waaaaay more stuff to get to, and there's only so much time in a day.
how much rep do you need to have to post images again? i furgut.
9:30 PM
If you're full of hubris, chances are you'll have a really strong physical image. After all, shouldn't your body look and work as good as your code? You do things well at work or on your hobby time, why not do things well with your lifestyle? The problem with an overly large amount of hubris is that you can get distracted from what really matters, and spend too much time being "elegant in form and function" that you miss the quick fix that would bring you success.
@AlexM. I see an alien in your new avatar :P
I mean it takes me a while to recognize it's a pony :P
By balancing these three forces, one can improve their lifestyle and their programming abilities. This, then, is the balance all programmers must seek.
9:33 PM
@ToddersLegrande ty
@ShotgunNinja hmm, I'm probably close to the extreme end with impatience. I have been known to skip meals sometimes because there was so much I wanted to do before sleeping and making food would just take too much time.
I only get about 5-6 hours of sleep most nights because sleeping is time not spent doing better things.
not sure if I'm ashamed of it or not. so far, not ashamed enough to try to change.
Yeah, I'm more towards impatience as well.
I'm not unfit, though. Right now that's mostly due to working at a hardwood kiln. Lots of physical labor.
I'm lacking in the hubris department. I'm too humble at times for my own good, and I doubt the code that I write when it isn't necessary.
I'm lazy and impatient, for sure.
I'm not sure if I'm lazy or not. It depends mostly on what I'm doing, and a lot of the things that make me seem lazy are probably more due to impatience.
I always say I'm too rational to have or lack any hubris, but I do like things to look good if it's not detracting from the function. It's only recently that I've been working on the discipline to work on function first in my programs, before trying to make it look good.
9:46 PM
fun fact: fish makes your skin healthier and keeps it that way
healthy food is the jQuery of sexy programming
@AlexM. and u grow gills
I will probably never master sexy programming
@AlexM. What is this you speak of... share!
sexy programming is similar to classy programming
Anybody have a good tutorial on Header files in C++?
9:48 PM
but besides programming while looking sexy, you also benchmark your sexiness
by counting the likes on your hot pics on facebook
the higher, the better
@Tips48 header files don't really need a tutorial I don't think. they're pretty simple. I can show you an example if you want, and walk you through it.
or perhaps I should first ask if there's anything specific you're looking for?
Q: Bug: Cannot Use Chat When Over the Required Rep Amount

TheProgramm3rI have previously used chat (this morning in fact) and all the sudden, I log on and cant use it! I have over 110 reputation, and even more network-wide. I have some pictures: The GD.SE header: http://i.imgur.com/i9VxZTA.png The error message: http://i.imgur.com/qpsk9oW.png and all of my acc...

what an annoying bug
It is a bit silly
lol was he banned?
9:53 PM
I really don't think so
I didn't do anything, in case anyone wonders
yeah yeah, you probably hacked something to make sure he couldn't log on. I don't even care if that's possible or not.
damn, you caught me
yeah, I hacked the main StackExchange server
the password was "Ilikeboys" and was attached to "admin"
I kinda got lost but there was this NSA dude there who was nice enough to help me
I wouldn't be surprised...but wouldn't it be easier to gain access to his computer and add a greasemonkey script to his browser to show the message he's getting?
now I only did what he told me, didn't mean to ban anyone you know
so I'm innocent
ps: call me, admin wink
9:57 PM
I wouldn't be surprised about the password I mean
greasemonkey scripts? that would mean I wanted to ban him!
I just went on the server to research... uhh
you didn't? :O
how checksums look like in the wild
@CodeAssassin No.
Why would I want to do that?
10:02 PM
so you can make the next Minecraft, and piss on Notch's empire, of course
the thrills of that
@AlexM. with 2x more shaders. and tri-voxels
make that cvintuple-voxels with tesselation on the edges
@AlexM. But why would I want to do that?
for the thrills man, the thrills
@JoshPetrie Maximization of profits if you actually made something awesome.
10:04 PM
I already make plenty of money.
yeah, the profits are a nice secondary reward
but killing the competition feels like being Caesar and conquering the world
Without needing to rely on the right-place-right-time factor that helped Minecraft, or actually putting all that effort into having to creatively define an entire game.
And market it.
And so on.
yeah, but you're not Notch-rich!
10:06 PM
Having that much money is too much work.
Here, at least (the US) I'd have to do so much work to avoid paying insane taxes on it.
not if you have a wife
this reminds me of this dude here in Romania
who looks like a mobster and is claiming to cure patients by touching them
in reality, he addresses them with such a tone that the patients feel threatened
and can only admit they're cured
in the meatime, they also give him lots of money
the guy on the left
fun fact: when young, he was the victim of such a crook
he was searching for a cure for his baldness, but the so called doctor lied to him and took his money
the doctor was from the US though
he became really rich by taking money from people
anyway, I've to take my awp again, and pwn noobs
I guess i live stream tmmrw
10:27 PM
Yay! My stack exchange network ID is back! I can talk again!
@AlexM. I was going to post a picture:
@JohnMcDonald where was it gone? :O
@Gajoo probably an early vacation for the 4th of July.
:/ No idea, I was able to to talk, then right after my previous message, it told me I needed 20 rep to talk.
ah, PiP is having the same bug.
@JohnMcDonald it happens a lot, I just need to refresh the page and then login again.
10:30 PM
I logged out, back in, out, in, cleared my cookies, tried again, nothing. I still had my rep on the main site, just not for chat anywhere except stackoverflow
I just waited, roughly 1 hour, then it was back
:( lame
So yeah.... if you're having this problem, just wait an hour, then try again
Great timing for me. Right in between 2 messages I was trying to post back-to-back
my problem is usually caused by time jumps my computer has.
:/ Time jumps? Is your system clock that bad? (and does NTP kick off that frequently?)
for example if I turn the computer on and don't check the date, it could be something like june 2019 instead of 2013. and in that situation if I try to open either chat or main site, I'm going to be forced log out
@JohnMcDonald my system clock is very bad, it just jump with no reason.
Umm... get a new cmos battery
and usually when I turn my laptop on there is a jump sometimes to 2019 and sometimes to 2009
10:34 PM
@JohnMcDonald tried changing that, didn't do that much help
also even if my cmos battery is dead, the clock shouldn't change when computer is on, which in my case happens
hah, Virus?
@JohnMcDonald I don't think that's the case either.
10:36 PM
Crossed wires on the mobo then?
heh, like really...
there usually is a jump every half an hour while the computer is turned on, these jumps are usually small (around couple of minutes) but sometimes they are even as big as few years
@JohnMcDonald that could be the case.
in fact that's my only suspect.
heh, it's gatta be either that, some faulty hardware somewhere, or a virus
heh, am I pushing my UI too hard?
@JohnMcDonald I guess.
I didn't understood why did you switch to awesomium in the first place though :P
fyi, I'm on a quad core, so that's one entire core dedicated to the UI
It's awesome
hmm, I prefer hardcoding the UI. considering the fact that engine itself has a minimum UI tools.
10:43 PM
yeah, all 25% of that is my performance graph, lol
things like button with custom shape :D
I was rolling my own UI library for a while, but it's a lot of work
Classic Thunder would know, he has also rolled one out
@JohnMcDonald you mean there is no reach xna UI library out there?
for example this one :xnauigear.com
Classic Thunder has one of like 2 or 3
@JohnMcDonald Ruminate
10:45 PM
@CodeAssassin yup
@Gajoo and: "This domain xnauigear.com expired 12 days ago!"
@JohnMcDonald that's what happens when you trust the first bing result.
anyway good night
ok, gn
@JohnMcDonald that looks cool :D
though a bit edge-y I think
could be more rounded
hah. But it's tiny, and that area on the right is a touch pad
yeah, thought it was a touchpad
11:09 PM
@JohnMcDonald did you happen to notice if your chat profile had any rep?
My "Network Profile" wasn't loading, so I'm pretty sure the trouble was on their end
What was the symptom?
I could log in to my network profile, but when I went to look at my account, it was all empty
I mean... I don't know what it means for a network profile to not load :|
Well... the only effect was that I couldn't talk here
11:11 PM
I didn't check that, or take screenshots
I went here: stackexchange.com/users/256320 and it still shows nothing
I only ask because PIP is/was having the same issue with chat. He's not around to check his network profile... but I was curious how similar all three of our occurrences are, even though mine was ages ago
How do you find the network profile?
nevermind found the link
Rep on Gamedev
Check votes on Gamedev (needs some rep)
Account on GD.SE, SO, and others
Chat on SO only
**Not Available**
Chat on anywhere except StackOverflow (sites affected included GD.SE and Arquade)
Logging out and in didn't work, clearing cookies didn't work, using a different browser didn't work. I just had to wait 1 hour then everything was back to normal
11:18 PM
I think Byte hates me.
Yeah. Still, I respect him.
It seems I'm not allowed to edit a meta question
@Romeo why
what happened
I think i got on his nerves with a question a while back on SO.
11:20 PM
aaaand, did he do anything to you now?
I was desperate trying to figure that sh*t out.
Nope. But i have this feeling.
wouldn't worry much
Well, he's a nice dude. :D I'm not worrying.
I started making progress with OpenGL(LWJGL actually)
@Romeo booyah
livestreaming for about 45 minutes in like a few.
11:24 PM
But i have to wait for the exams to finish so I can focuse on them more.
Give us the link.
Mostly just me making a map
so.many.icons :O
Lets see
I only have like, 3 icons on my desktop
and two on the bar
Word, Visual Express (for C++ - bet I said that wrong), FlashDevelop, Visual Studio 2010, Google Chrome, Ardunio, QT, Eclipse, Visual Studio Express C#, Calculator, Game Maker-Studio, Task Manager, Firefox, Skype, Gimp , Windows Explorer, Tiled Map Editor, uTorrent 7zip, Spotify, and Xplay
11:29 PM
I've Windows Explorer and chrome on my bar
on the desktop I have a shortcut to Unity, a shortcut to my games folder and a shortcut to the LOVE engine exe that I don't use anymore really
@AlexM. :3 You should see my downloads folder
anything else is more easily accessible through the Windows key + name search
It's not clean.
@CodeAssassin what are you working at?
@JohnMcDonald did I leave anything out? Feel free to edit if you can
A: Bug: Cannot Use Chat When Over the Required Rep Amount

ToddersLegrandeI've actually had a similar problem now that I think of it. Chat.StackExchange Reputation Bug? The mods were able to force refresh my account but I was able to get around it by switching my chat profile's parent account to a different StackExchange site and then back to GameDev. Your chat acco...

11:32 PM
@Romeo I'm working in GIMP 2.6(or 8 not sure). Working on a map for some friends who want to play a shooter( a request actually ).
We jam on the guitar, listen to rock music, and hang out :P
so I thought making a game for him and his other buddies to play would be awesome.... I could have said no but - why not
@ToddersLegrande That sums it up. One additional thing, I was in chat at the time. I sent one message (the one you linked), and within 5 seconds, I tried to attach an image and it failed because I didn't have rep.
So basically @Romeo they are going to work together(there are 2 people I usually hang out with) to defeat endless waves of enemies :P
@JohnMcDonald added it to the quote. Thanks
@CodeAssassin GameMaker or writing the game from scratch?
11:37 PM
I figured since I had an answer with an attempt at resolving it it would be a good idea to include the details of your experience in the meta question somewhere (like I said I can't edit the actual question) so that if anyone investigated it further they'd have all the details in one spot
@Romeo Does C# and XNA qualify as scratch ;)
I vote yes
Lolol okay
XNA does the heavy lifting of DirectX/3D/Input/Whatever but thats about it
11:39 PM
@ToddersLegrande Scratch is when you make your own rendering pipeline and make your own API from scratch!!!!
also invent your own programming language
@CodeAssassin well, you don't need to reinvent the wheel.
and computer. Anything that you ever use to make game.
@Romeo I'm being sarcastic bruh U GON GET ON MY BAD SIDE D:<
grabs pitchfork
passes out torches lol
11:40 PM
@CodeAssassin sorry chief :D
@Romeo xDDDD
@Romeo Watch out Drunk Indian.
@ToddersLegrande DISNEY FILM
FACT: Everyone loves Disney.
11:42 PM
@ToddersLegrande <__________>
I think tonight is going to be a good night :D
@CodeAssassin is this tree one of your examples of a tile that isn't 16x16?
@ToddersLegrande Yessir
Guess what
its two tiles
11:43 PM
Sorry :P
Okay you win
Tiled it is
I just think you would have an easier time
I just need to replicate everything I've got in GIMP
But you can do it however you want.
That shouldn't be too bad... I think
11:43 PM
ononono I want something easy
@ToddersLegrande does tiled have layers :<
No clue
I don't want the - HOW U HAVE NO CLUE.
Never used it
// has never used it. But I recommend it..
11:46 PM
Aight lets do dis
everyone must listen to Donavon
I assume painting tiles is easier than managing tons of layers in GIMP. That's why I'd recommend "TILED or something"
TILED was just one I had heard of :|
@JohnMcDonald in other news, I love brown switches + O Rings
I can confirm that, as one would suspect, browns and blacks are about the same without the o rings but the browns really are much more pleasant to type on. I probably should have gone with reds like you advised :P
Hmm, I've been wanting something a bit stiffer
Reds have 0 pressure
11:54 PM
0 pressure is good for gaming, but not terribly awesome for typing
I suppose
So I stumbled upon this
Q: Other Stack Exchange accounts are not shown in my profile

PabloIt seems that my profile no longer shows other accounts that I have in Stack Exchange: 0 Accounts You have no other accounts on the Stack Exchange network I haven't checked all my accounts, but it's happening at least in Stack Overflow, Meta and Board and Card Games. This morning, I ...

And I just did a spot check and it seems that profiles are not working for everyone
ooh I bet that's near the root of the problem.
spotify adddddds
first guess is it depends on how the person was registered. perhaps one of the services (Google/Facebook/something) changed somehow.
Doesn't explain why only some people have chat issues
@IcyDefiance seems reasonable
I couldn't explain as to why John's problem is fixed suddenly though

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