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7:00 PM
@AlexM. Did setting the .Maximum value help?
@ClassicThunder Good to know. I'll be giving it a shot.
@ClassicThunder oooooo gotcha
Hi guys, Timothy McHugh here, Hope you're all doing well.

We've added some new sound libraries for you to download for free and use within your projects or just add to your sound libraries.

729 Footstep recordings, on 7 different material types. Including walking, running, scuffs, jumps and lands. All recorded and mastered at 24bit/96k.
@JohnMcDonald is this accurate? lol
though to be honest
a joke as it may be, I can definitely imagine it happening in romania lol
7:24 PM
@AlexM. don't have the brightest cops in romania?
@ToddersLegrande nope
hey gamers and game devers
hey everyone
@Dave hey Dave
@PythonInProgress hey @PythonInProgress
7:30 PM
can some of you upvote my question?
link ? if its worthy
someone raised a good point about it
if i see one spelling mistake :P -1
just kidding
Q: How to make an arc'd, but not mario-like jump in python, pygame

PythonInProgressI have looked at many, many questions similar to this, and cannot find a simple answer that includes the needed code. What i am trying to do is raise the y value of a square for a certain amount of time, then raise it a bit more, then a bit more, then lower it twice. I cant figure out how to use ...

its because the question was already answered else where
we generally try to avoid duplicates
7:32 PM
oops caps
other than the dupe answer being in java not pything
all code uses the same logic =/
i dont want mario physics
thats what the dupe was
im thinking a formula might be better on SO =/
you could though use the mario one then edit it ?
kk ill move it
i could, but dont want the style
I don't know if it belongs on SO
7:34 PM
i do not want this to be a mario-like game
idk todders
cool profile hat though
well it be better to say would you do want it like =/
"How to make a mario-like jump in python, pygame"
Was the original title.
yeah, changed my mind
7:35 PM
so you dont want to say what you want it to be like ? then how can we answer :P
it was turning into a clone
Think before you post next time ;)
yeah :P
mario is a classic starting formula i don't see the issue with then editing it to how you prefer it to be ?
7:35 PM
it would work, i guess...
my game was essentially a mario clone, though
but now its not ?
i redid almost all of it, just not the jumping
so its a 2d side scroller like a mario clone but not like mario
you can only go right
i need a map im lost
7:37 PM
Don't get too caught up on how it's labeled.
Just make it how you want to make it.
ok then...
just make it with mario formula then edit the formula =/
tried that
what went wrong
7:37 PM
cant get ANYTHING to work like i want it
ill shut up about it now...... :P
lol ok - its maths at end of the day if you know your maths u can work it out
yeah... sigh
Remember, it's still InProgress.
not any more
im switching languages after this game
to what lingo?
7:39 PM
probs C# with unity
idk though, yet
i never could get into C language
too damn confusing
C# is similar to Java.
@PythonInProgress the way I've done it in the past is to have your movement velocity based... so that would be step 1. You would always be affected by gravity and have to resolve the collision to be grounded. On jump just add a ton of velocity on the Y axis and gravity will automatically bring your player back down
ain't learnt that either xD
Not as much like straight C.
Of course both are C like...
7:40 PM
i tried c++ and things like header files etc make it hard to follow example scripts
@Dave @Byte56 i want to work with @CodeAssassin and @AlexM. someday
what are they working on ?
@ToddersLegrande that actually makes sense :D
@Dave Ars Ignis, at least Code will be a junior programmer for Alex soon
The fun part is just tweaking the numbers from there to get the feel you like
thanks todders!
post that as an answer?
7:42 PM
I need Junior programmers :\
for what?
im a junior xD
A virtual pet game
ohh sounds fun
7:42 PM
i shall help. what language?
Digimon World Online :p
neopets style or tamagotchi style
(We've had this conversation before :P)
Feed pet. Your pet has died.
7:42 PM
Slightly more tamagotchi style
@ToddersLegrande still post it
@Noctrine OOH
what language / platform ?
Ethoslab figured out all of the logic, when he made a tamigotchi in minecraft
7:43 PM
@PythonInProgress I feel as though since your question is marked as dupe (whether properly or improperly thats yet to be determined I guess), and a dupe question has the answer I would be posting, I shouldn't post the answer
@Dave Mac / Windows, Android, iOS
logic is pretty straight forward its similiar to how sims do it over time needs increase then drops when you appeal it
@ToddersLegrande sadface
Sorry bro
@Noctrine I think a game like Monster Rancher could be awesome on mobile devices
i would hagve acepted it
7:44 PM
The mobile editions are like tamagotchi.
you using C?
@Noctrine what language? ill learn it
@ToddersLegrande I spent forever trying to track down those monster rancher games...
Back in the pre-amazon has everything days.
every time i say "i feel stupid" or "i feel so stupid right now" it gets starred by someone :P LOLS
@Dave Not yet, and not likely.
7:46 PM
well i know javascript thats all :P
Monster Rancher 1 and 2 were amazing. I wish I had tried 3 but I heard things went down hill from there. Can't speak from experience though.
@PythonInProgress That's an important moment in advancing.
It's so awesome how governments can just make a statement, without, like research, and cripple awesome stuff.
@Noctrine :D
7:47 PM
For sure.
can't they just move xD
@PythonInProgress The game server is C#, client stuff is in Unity (for now) C# and Unityscript
Web framework is python, at one point rails... but no. Now Django.
@Noctrine good
ah i don't know any of those languages
i want to learn C# and have unity
7:48 PM
@Dave Doesn't matter, other states will probably follow suit.
oh ok
C&D request notwithstanding, the statement is along the lines of "This is probably illegal" with no actual understanding of what the foundations role is in Bitcoin
If the state really thought it had an actual case, they would have just sued / fined immediately.
well if javascript comes into play i might be able to chip in some time
The point of it is, now that they have made this sweeping government type statement. It'll hamper the growth of bitcoin amongst the masses, and other states are likely to go "Well California said this, and we agree"
7:50 PM
I wonder if we can get a sticky on Josh's comment there... lol
nWhich one?
Think before you post
Such wise advice
ive always wanted to make a simcity game or a rollercoaster tycoon game but its too much work
@Dave Friend of mine was making a mobile app version of rollercoaster tycoon, but I've been out of the loop and don't know the progress.
Mod powers ftw
7:51 PM
@Dave the first rollercoaster tycoon was written by one guy in assembly
i know
and you're complaining that it's too much work NOW?!
and the second
Chris Sawyer is one of my game development heroes, shame he went into seclusion.
mobile app would be too limited for an RCT game
7:52 PM
I disagree.
you really need the big screen
RCT3 is 3D and with the modding community its pretty awesome
Mobile devices have comparable resolutions to monitors at the time RCT1 and 2 were created.
true, but they're tiny
*most are tiny
7:53 PM
oh the isometric version might be sufficient for mobile/table
and UX design has come quite a long way as well.
especially the huge Galaxy S3
RCT3 sucks :\
or Galaxy Note
7:53 PM
it does not suck!
@AlexM. phones
well it sucked pre-user modding
@PythonInProgress both are phones
... NVM
HEY @CodeAssassin
Cod3 is your new name
7:55 PM
@Noctrine true dat
To be fair... I'm rather biased towards "Theme Park"
oh man that game was terri-bad
all tycoons suck, you can't noscope hs in them
I wasted so many hours in Theme Park
you can no scope hs animals in RCT3 :P
if they escape*
pics or it didn't happen
7:57 PM
Rgaal14 Acum 6 (de) luni
Hey, how´╗┐ do you zoom in to shoot ?
omg wtf noob
get some skillz or gtfo back to your farmville
@Dave but they don't die
they sleep to put back in their zoo area
lame i know xD
you what would have been more awesome? an AC 130
i think i have about 5Gb of RCT3 mods on my pc xD
dogs would go like "WOOOF WOOOOF WOOOOOOOOOOOOF wuf"
translation: "ENEMY AC130 ABOVE!"
headshot it
Elections end in less than 24 hours people! GO VOTE IF YOU HAVEN'T!!!
@ToddersLegrande i dont have enough rep D:
That's alright. Next time :)
8:16 PM
Only 5/8 completed the questions :\
One of which was 5 hours ago...
If I'm elected, I... have no idea what I'll do. Probably use my mod powers to sit around and yell at people who get flagged. And make fart jokes.
ill add mine n just post " i like turtles"
im sure to win
Nominations are closed.
Otherwise you could.
8:17 PM
@ShotgunNinja I have a confession... I didn't vote for you :(
i have to let the turtles down gently now
shotgun will use his powers to give me 7000 rep
@ToddersLegrande That's all right. I didn't vote for you either.
I kind of only took those who responded to the questionnaire into serious consideration.
@ShotgunNinja :P
Is it possible to remove all the votes from those answers? So they'll show up equal?
8:18 PM
Oooo good point
I tried to even it up lol
Gaps were too large though
did any one here go to e3
@Dave I was going to, but I didn't submit my stuff in time. Not to mention, it would have been way too expensive to miss that much work.
you have to apply to just visit the place?
You have to prove that you're industry-related
8:24 PM
but normal gamers go too
guy in scotland went all he does is youtube videos :P
Probably as media
he didnt have a booth obviously
As such, industry-related
well thats lame
theyd make way more money if they allowed gamers to visit
Na, it's good.
8:25 PM
w/ the booth rates
I think they are doing alright
Well alright-ish
as a consumer i want a say on things when they show alpha builds >.>
Lots of trouble with big people going "It's not worth it" these days
You wouldn't get a say at E3
well bf4 allowed people to play a round and write down what they like / didn't like
yet it was all ign people etc thats no good it should be us players
anyone that is familiar with pygame check out me and my friends RPG we are trying to get a small following for when we release it github.com/linkey11/Necromonster
if you take a look at it star it!
@ChristianCareaga that looks rather interesting.
8:28 PM
@ChristianCareaga is there anything playable at the moment?
I think if you don't register in time (it's free at that point) the cost is 1k
they could probably hire out a stadium and fill it with good profit
yeah the main game just download the zip in the bottom right you can play it if you have python and pygame
not worth 1k for me to tell them battlepacks are stupid
Not the intended audience, go to PAX or something
8:29 PM
@ChristianCareaga press the up key to edit recently created chat messages ;)
And thanks
If I get ambitious enough to install Python and Pygame I'll check it out :P
ok thanks man! @ToddersLegrande
hey @ChristianCareaga
Oh! hey @PythonInProgress
8:31 PM
@Noctrine There's a point before like 3 months in advance of E3 where it's $800... although if you have written proof that you're involved in a game project, you can usually add in a beg letter, and still get a free pass.
Is this the friend? :P
whats the new game? stilll necromonster?
Guess not haha
@ToddersLegrande yeah
I went in 2010 (or was it 2011? Memory is fuzzy) and got in for $575 or something.
8:32 PM
is it worth 500$
Are you gonna make the money back?
I'd rather go to GDC
@PythonInProgress yup trying to get some publicity ahaha thanks for starring it
@ChristianCareaga i starred your post about Necromonster :D
i can nose it about a bit
@ChristianCareaga is it going to be free?
Not really, although I got to battle against Fatal1ty, hang out with Blizzard folks, and meet a really cute IGDA chick who is also going into game programming.
8:33 PM
If you don't have something awesome you're ready to sell to the exhibitor people, or buy from the exhibitor people then probably not
Especially since you can do that exact same type of business at GDC
I also met the guy behind Antichamber, and stuff like that.
Aside from when I go to like, scope out conventions, they aren't a priority until I'm ready to exhibit :\
I only really went because my sister, who lives out there, was getting married the weekend afterwards.
@Yeah its acctually gonna be a pretty big project so depending how long it takes it might have a small price but i will give it to you for free since you were the first to see it!
@ChristianCareaga :D
i think it would be worth a price, tho
8:34 PM
@ShotgunNinja Well yeah, if you live in the area, or have other business there then why not.
well i live in uk so it aint worth me ever going :P
Unfortunately, for like going to cool stuff, I'm in the midwest.
@Dave Oh yeah, hell no. Go to Gamescom instead.
Midwest represent!
@PythonInProgress so yeah its there is alot we want to do with it so yeah we want some money from it since were two 15 year olds aha
8:35 PM
the reason im asking is because i has no monies :D
@ChristianCareaga im 13 :D
Midwest here too.
Milwaukee, WI
Wisconsin represent!
The Keystone State Represent!
Wisconsin, home of Gary Gygax and Tom Hall and such.
@PythonInProgress yeah see you would probably want some money for it to ahaha
@PythonInProgress This game is so addicting..
Your Brewers are just as bad as our Cubs! 15+ games out... ouch.
@ShotgunNinja Beat it.
@Nate Fib
8:37 PM
gotta go now! ttyl all! :D
"Friendly Illinois Brethren"
@PythonInProgress later
We'll still kick your ass at the match coming up.
Oh, that's tomorrow, isn't it?
designer-notes.com/?p=543 interesting read
8:39 PM
@ShotgunNinja Yeah. Next three days.
It'll be like fighting for the bottom of the pile :/
But I'm more into Hockey, and we're one win away from the cup.
:( - Red Wings
@Noctrine You can't hold it against Seabrook...
That was a nice OT goal.
@Nate Yeah, I'm all for the Blackhawks, which unfortunately makes me among the masses of "new" Hawks fans. I wish Wisconsin had an NHL team...
I went to a few Madison Monsters games as a kid
Yeah, but that's not even in the NHL, and they moved to Knoxville, TN decades ago.
8:47 PM
I was just contributing to a hockey conversation in the only way I could.. I know its not NHL
We have enough snow and ice, why can't we get some guys with sticks and pads together in an arena with some money?
I also have "I watched a game of the stanley cup on TV once. I have no clue who played."
i can never see the puck in ice hockey when i watch
too small and too fast
@ShotgunNinja Yeah, I was always a fan, but the games weren't even on TV until the last few years.
Not sure if that was because they were locally blacked out (i.e. stadium didn't sell out) or what, but it was rough being a fan until they got good
I guess its some new blood that has given them new life. Five years ago, you could hardly find a blackhawks keychain at any of the tourist trap gift shops
@Nate Every time I've ever met anyone who identified as a Blackhawks fan, they always seemed rude, unruly, and unintelligent, up until a few years ago, when people who have no place at a hockey game started hanging up stuff.
8:50 PM
now, you can't go into one without finding a few
had a lot of fun with this on my PSP
the most exciting part of e3 for me ... abe oddysee is being re-made :D
@ShotgunNinja I think that's just how some hockey fans are...
@Nate and Bears fans, and Cubs fans...

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