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12:07 AM
Steam now has daily deals every day rather than just on special theme weeks or such? :O
12:37 AM
@Thomas Do I need to register for Reddit if I want to get listed there?
1:00 AM
Q: TF2 plugin for limiting classes ?

LeonelBackground story: some friends and I are thinking of hiring our own TF2 server. We want it to be public, and any players are welcome. One thing that really bothers us in every game in current public servers is when a player suddenly decides that all snipers in the team are idiots and the team d...

1:22 AM
Q: How are start locations determined in Civ 5?

TurqMageI have been playing Civ 5 on difficulty 5 for a bunch of AI's, FFA style. I am having issues getting a good foot hold in my games. I feel as though the other players are expanding towards me first, cutting down on my space to grown. This wouldn't be so bad but it also appears as though I alway...

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3:04 AM
Q: Does a Playstation 3 support Jumbo Frames?

White PhoenixSo I basically want to transfer some media from my PC to the Playstation 3 over my Gigabit Ethernet network. I noticed my transfer speeds aren't that hot, and I verified that I DO have a Gigabit Ethernet connection on my PC and PS3 and that Jumbo Frames are supported on both the Gigabit Switch (...

3:55 AM
Well, I guess this is the problem with answering questions about games subject to change. Die2Nite season 2 is probably going to force me to change most of my answers. :x
and I don't play it any more so I have no idea what the updated answers should be aside from what the wiki tells me D:
4:13 AM
@Mana That isn't out yet?
Just retag to
no, that is a horrible idea
also very lazy
sorry Gnome, I'm blunt.
Need to finish this roller coaster
s'getting close
MC rollah coastah?
4:17 AM
It looks fantastic
well sorta
Do you play any games besides Minecraft?
Not on the PC
I'm gonna go to bed
4:23 AM
have fun making stuff work
Ight bro. Ciao.
4:41 AM
Hello @Rapida
Q: Does healing a hurt ally increase uber charge rate?

RapidaDoes healing a hurt ally increase the uber charge rate of a medic? If so how much does it increase it by?

5:03 AM
I feel mentally reinvigorated.
@ArdaXi That's good, right?
@GnomeSlice Please reflect briefly on this classical music.
@ArdaXi :S
Isn't it smooth jazz?
@GnomeSlice Nope.
5:12 AM
To help you remain tranquil in the face of certain death, smooth jazz will be deployed in three... two... one...
It was funny, but not that funny.
Every time I try to test my roller coaster, I hit an animal or monster on the rails.
5:28 AM
Another glorious of example of something that cannot survive without context.
And I keep destroying my minecart with lightning by accident before I reach the end, because I just can't resist.
5:50 AM
Get the fuck off of my roller coaster, chicken!
Q: How do I depict a ramp from a top down 2D perspective?

farm ostrichI'm writing an android app and can't figure out how to display a ramp (could be a bump, like a speed bump, but preferably a ramp) from a top down 2d vie

@Feeds What does that have to do with games?
Could be used anywhere.
I'm gonna answer it.
A: How do I depict a ramp from a top down 2D perspective?

GnomeSliceI'm no graphic designer, but have you thought about using gradients? For example: This could be your standard ramp. This could be your speed bump. Obviously, they'd have to look a little nicer than this. :P

Roller Coaster done!
And with that, I'm off.
6:26 AM
Q: Is StarCraft Separated into Regional Gaming for Multiplayer?

JFWIs it true that StarCraft is separated into different regional sections (America, Europe, and Asia) for multiplayer gaming, meaning that if I purchase SC2 in Asia (Hong Kong) on a holiday, that I will be unable to play with the people in Europe when I return back?

Q: Which Demo Weapons count for the Left 4 Heads Achievement

Raven DreamerThe Left 4 Heads achievement is to behead 4 people in 10 seconds. Which of the demo melee weapons count as beheading as per the achievement? I know that obviously the Eyelander will, since it debuted with the achievement in the first place, but what about the new swords since? The axes?

6:50 AM
Q: Left 4 Dead 2 accuracy - when can I stop shooting?

Steve V.I'm trying to break 75% accuracy on Left 4 Dead 2. I can consistently get about 60% accuracy with either of the automatic shotguns, but when I try with the M-16, my percentage drops to the high 40s. Assuming that my shooting habits don't change from firearm to firearm, the only thing that I can...

7:12 AM
@ArdaXi You'll maintain your maintenance procedures.
8:09 AM
Q: Problem with minecraft server running on 64-bit Windows 7 computer

JiminPI downloaded minecraft_server.jar from here, and made run.bat which content is java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui. It runs well, I can connect with typing my IP, but my friend (Windows Vista - 32bit) couldn't connect to my server, even though he can connect to my Apache we...

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9:39 AM
Q: High elo eve guide / Vod

tarraschHello guys, a friend of mine and me have some theorycrafting questions that can only be answered by a high elo source. For that we would like to watch a high elo vod of evelynn or a guide that would also get him into high elo with eve. could you provide us with links? thanks

10:12 AM
Q: Script error in review page

DamodarGetting script error in review page, due to this, when clicking on "show full answer" link or any other link in that page. That particualr functionality is not working. Please find screenshot below. Error information: Expected identifier, string or number Line: 72 Char: 9 URL: http:/...

10:24 AM
Q: What does the Advanced OpenGL setting in the video settings of Minecraft do?

bckbckI was looking through the Minecraft settings and saw this. I tried the setting, but it seems that there is no difference at all(see below). Before: After: So what does this do to Minecraft, and does it help in performance, etc. or makes it slower?

Q: How do you destroy walls behind your house?

fredleyHow can I destroy the blocks I placed to create the 'back wall' behind my house?

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11:43 AM
Q: Is it normal to be able to put signs on each other? (Minecraft)

user9090As of Beta 1.5_01, is it normal to be able to put signs on each other? Not in your inventory, but in the actual world, like this:

12:04 PM
Hey do any of you use Onlive? I just came across it and was stunned about the idea. Let me know what you think!
Posted by Jeff Atwood on May 17th, 2011

Our current datacenter is in New York City. Yep, where they make all that great salsa. So whenever you make a request to any Stack Exchange site, the internet tubes must connect from your location to our datacenter in NYC. We are not (yet) immune to the laws of physics, so depending on the distance between you and NYC this … can take a while.

As John Carmack once said:

The speed of light sucks.

But there is a workaround of sorts. As of summer 2009 we currently serve all our static content (that is, stuff that does not change on every request) such as JavaScript, CSS, etc. from sstatic.net. Since these files don’t change very often, there’s no reason they have to be served directly by us; we can offload our static files to a content delivery network. …

12:22 PM
@YiJiang What do you think of OnLive? I personally think its the future of gaming. Imagine having advanced servers do complex rendering of HD artifacts creating a surreal universe. Anyone with the OnLive client could experience a truly reality-like experience without breaking the bank.
I'm actually quite excited about this level of cloud use. This is where the cloud really gets useful. Using (sharing) advanced servers to do advanced calculations that a normal user could not otherwise afford. Plus OnLive gives use to those netbook like computers from years past.
@Justin I doubt it. It's far easier to buy a good computer than it is to get a fast enough internet connection.
@YiJang Is the dark descent any good?
@Justin Not particularly, no. First, there's the infrastructure problem, that of fast low latency networks
@Justin Just see Zero Punctuation's review. It's a great game, if you like the genre.
Then you'd have to convince people, the traditional PC crowd to give up customization and modding
12:26 PM
@YiJiang And you own the game even less.
Consider what you said about really complex games and graphics - surely that level of complexity would require even more developer time than what AAA games currently would already require, which is fairly extraordinary when you think about it
And the current payment model, if I understand it correctly, isn't exactly attractive either with a monthly fee plus money for each title you buy
@YiJiang You have to buy the games too?
I thought it was Spotify-esque unlimited access.
@ArdaXi I'm suspecting that computers will always be mod-able... Its 9.99 a month, and just like netflix titles aren't on instant play... you do have to pay for them but they are experimenting with OnLive and I hope it evolves.
As John Carmack once said:

The speed of light sucks.
@Justin I'm not excited, paying a game full price then paying a rent to play it... meh, doesn't sound like a good deal.
12:31 PM
Some titles your pay for others are for instant play, you can get a free account and try all the titles for 30 minutes. You will be able to see which one's you can use and which you cann't instanlty pay and need to pay for.
Also, US only. Big effin yawn.
@badp If they could couple it to Steam, I would think about it.
@badp you don't pay a rent fee if you own a game. At least that's how its been described to me. I just found it a day ago.
@Justin You have to pay for access to OnLive, don't you?
@Justin Not computers, the games. Have you seen the level a game like Civ 4 can be modded to?
12:33 PM
@Justin I think you fail to realise the fact that you need a very, very, very fast internet connection to get even 720p quality in real-time.
@badp Can't argue with that ;)
@YiJiang Not even the entirety of the US is covered.
@YiJiang I'm very familiar with in game modding... like oblivion... Yes they'd have to make concessions. Who knows maybe they could implement an "accepted mods" library.
I suspect it has a ways to go, but I do like the idea in theory. We'll just have to wait and see. Although I want to see their codec, I haven't been able to get videos to play that high of a quality... That fast, it appears ground breaking, to me.
Plus I love the cool looking interface... even if it is just basic.
@ArdaXi I have a 2mbs and it was extremely good quality for that occasional video and sound artifact.
@Justin And what if OnLive goes down? You lose everything.
@Justin What resolution?
I was using a 720p so I think thats 1280x720. It looked real nice on my plasma... lol.
It even worked well on wifi on my labtop... it defiantly turned my ear as a good proof-of-concept.
12:39 PM
@Justin Yeah, see. I'd have to run it at at least 1080p for it to look good.
Yes, it looks good. I'll run it on my other monitor 1400x900 and let you know. Actually I could change the resolution to 1080p on the plasma and see how it runs.
But 720p is not that bad, not perfect HD but not that bad...
@ArdaXi No you can hope on for free. You can watch the other gamers in the arena, or play up to 30 minutes of any of their titles to test drive them.
@Justin I have a 24" 1920x1200 monitor. I definitely notice the difference between 1080p and 720p.
@Justin I'm in Europe, so there's no way I can try it anyway.
@ArdaXi Agreed, their is a difference. but its not as noticeable when you laying down looking up at the wall mounted plasma screen... lol. Yes I see a huge difference which is why I was so upset at netflix... until they started supporting HD! The gamer played crystal clear but was not fully 1080...
@Justin Exactly. I don't play on a TV, I play at a computer.
@ArdaXi ooo, I have my plasma as a third monitor to my computer. Yes up close and personally, their would be a huge adjustment.
The good news is anyone can get a high internet connection, here in the us, time warner offers 15 mbs download/upload for 40-50. and Netflix + this thing make it almost pay for itself. I don't know about the rest of the world, so it could be safe to say that they are targeting us customers because of the big support.
for high-end internet.
12:52 PM
Q: Missables in Demon's Souls

David McDavidsonAre there any items I should be looking out for before I lose the chance to get it? I've read about how there are no missables on this game because everything is available again at NG+, but what about the first game iteration? I haven't played much yet, cleared the first boss in world 1 (Boletar...

@Justin I have 100 mbps, however, definitely not everyone can get a high-end internet connection.
It's a geographical restriction, not financial.
Lol... who's your iis?
I'd imagine that, they'd have to have a good CDN.
@Justin IIS? You mean ISP?
Q: Pretty pretty please, can you update the SEDE data? (not just the date)

FXSo, after asking for a SEDE update, we got one — sort of: the date was changed, but it's still the old data. Same as last time. Can we, pretty pretty please, get a real SEDE update?

@ArdaXi yes...
So, who is your isp?
1:06 PM
Ziggo, doubt you'll know them.
oh fantastic... another country... drat.
23 mins ago, by Arda Xi
@Justin I'm in Europe, so there's no way I can try it anyway.
Lol, should have known!
1:25 PM
Any Civ5 players around right now?
If there are any, feel free to just chime in on whether this answer is actually enough as an answer or if it's more like it should be a comment. It doesn't look like a full answer to me, but I'd like to double check on this one.
1:46 PM
Q: "close as off-topic" shows placeholder text instead of site description

Piskvor's Semifinite MonkeysWhen closing a question on SO as off-topic, there's a selection of SE sites with their description. Today, the descriptions all read Explicit description for this site, instead of the usual elevator pitches. This seems to manifest in Opera 11, Chromium 11, and FF 4; see a screenshot (with freeha...

@GraceNote Going to start off with this first.
21 hours ago, by Arda Xi
@GraceNote Just saying. Don't trust my judgement. Ever.
Then, yes, I would call that a comment. It's just a game setting that defines the way the map is set out. Seeing as it is possible to cross water, players could still invade your island.
I think it's OK. You're less likely to be invaded across water at the start
@MatthewRead Well, statistically, you're less likely to be invaded in any way at the start.
I don't mean immediately, I mean early on.
@MatthewRead Well, yeah. Most players develop themselves quite a bit before any invading starts.
Anyway, even just the quality is merely a comment. It would need to be a bit longer to be a full-fledged answer.
1:52 PM
It takes longer to built boats and an army than just an army.
@MatthewRead It does slow it down, yes. But still, it's a partial answer.
@ArdaXi Poor quality makes it a bad answer, not a non-answer. The other answer has more detail but doesn't answer the "how" either, so they're both partial
@MatthewRead Length and lack of detail make it a comment.
@ArdaXi I disagree.
@MatthewRead Well, as I said I said:
7 mins ago, by Arda Xi
21 hours ago, by Arda Xi
@GraceNote Just saying. Don't trust my judgement. Ever.
1:55 PM
@GraceNote Maybe let votes decide, then?
Got 4 stars and it was even pinned. (@badp probably)
I was busy surviving in Dungeon Crawl.
Got a level 19 spriggan enchanter meeting sure death scenarios left and right.
My prev best character was lvl 15.
2:19 PM
Q: CSS provides dark-on-dark for visited links on Similar Questions sidebar

Grace NoteThere's a cool new feature I just learned about while trying to write up a new Meta question. Now, I'm fond of dark backgrounds, but isn't dark text on dark background a bit on the Dark side of design practices? This is also the case on the main Q&A, which took a while to test, but indeed,...

Q: What are the different worlds' size ?

astryadIn Terraria, you can choose the world's size when creating a new one. The current version of the game offers three choices : small, medium and huge. What is the size of the world for each option (in blocks) ?

Q: How can we sculpt character/strategy build questions?

Grace NoteIn this question, we softly addressed the acceptability of the subject. There's no contribution other than my own answer, and it's not exactly a very attended post, but build questions haven't really come up all that often since the start of the site. Assuming for a moment that we're still okay ...

2:46 PM
SELECT COUNT(*) AS count_all, block_id AS block_id FROM "events" WHERE (created_at > '2011-05-16 14:17:54.112204') AND (created_at < '2011-05-16 14:18:27.683147') AND (action = 'BLOCK_PLACE') GROUP BY block_id
Hi @GraceNote. Just confirming that the game arrived well. Did you intentionally get the localized games for our international users? I assumed you ordered on Amazon US and was surprised my package was so fast, but it was really sent via Amazon Germany.
Oh, Bukkit lifecycle for server shutdown makes some sense, but I still see an issue where duplicate PLAYER_QUIT events could be fired.
3:08 PM
Hey I'm looking for an online service for gaming like netflix, but with instant... like onlive, only a wider selection of games. I don't care about having to download them first.
have you looked at GameTap
I was thinking about it, but it
it's prices are all nice and hidden...
Have you used it @sjohnston
Q: How much of The Witcher 2 will I have trouble with, not having played the first game?

StrixVariaAre there a lot of references to the plot of the first game? Are there things I'm already expected to know at the outset? I hear that there is some stuff imported from old save games in the new sequel. Is there content I'll miss out on for not having an old save?

@Justin I used gametap for about 2 years
but I stopped my subscription a year or two ago, so I'm not sure about pricing
@Fabian It was just Canada that was singled out :( lol
3:14 PM
Any other like services?
@sjohnston So I suppose GameTap was a good service then?
@Justin I thought it was pretty good. The main reason I unsubscribed was simply not having time to play a lot of games
They have a lot of older games (8 and 16 bit generation) and a decent selection of newer games. I think they had about 1000 in all when I was subscribed.
Looks like you can do the "Retro Pack" for $4.95 USD per month, or the "Premium Pack" (everything?) for $9.95 USD monthly. Slight discount for buying a year up front.
Their website navigation is a pain in the ass
@Justin Only other services I know of are things like GameFly where you actually get the disks, or Steam et al, where you download, but have to buy each game
3:47 PM
Q: Key to highlight items in the Witcher 2?

FabianThe first game had a function that would on keypress highlight the name of any items on screen that you could interact with or take. This was useful to quickly find everything you could take. I haven't been able to find such a function yet in the Witcher 2. Is it just not there or am I looking i...

Q: Is it worth completing Dragon Age Origins before playing Dragon Age 2?

fredleyIs it worth the extra cost and time it'll take to complete Dragon Age Origins? Is there that much back-story I'll miss out on in Dragon Age 2?

4:12 PM
Q: How firm are The Witcher 2's minimum required specs?

Matthew ReadAccording to TotalPCGaming.com and Steam, The Witcher 2 requires at least a Radeon 3850. How firm is this requirement? Has anyone managed to play with a lesser card? (Bonus points if you can talk about the other required specs as well.) I ask because one of my PCs has a Radeon 3450, and I'd p...

inb4 Lazers
Q: How firm are The Witcher 2's minimum required specs?

Matthew ReadAccording to TotalPCGaming.com and Steam, The Witcher 2 requires at least a Radeon 3850. How firm is this requirement? Has anyone managed to play with a lesser card? (Bonus points if you can talk about the other required specs as well.) I ask because one of my PCs has a Radeon 3450, and I'd p...

4:28 PM
@Lazers Wait... wait wait wait, why didn't I see this question when I checked Gaming this morning?
@sjohnston yep, I'll give gametab a try... but I wonder how long till OnLive can compete successfully. Maybe I should support them... and give them a try. idk.
@Powerlord Still trying to work out how much I need for an unusual
@ThomasMcDonald Depends on the unusual.
Flies/confetti appear to be ~1.5/2 buds
@ThomasMcDonald Depends on the hat.
4:30 PM
@Powerlord okay, okay
For instance, my Green Confetti Le Party Phantom would go for way more than that.
Even if people are lying when they say they don't drop any more (I'm pretty sure they do)
@Justin I'm hoping OnLive takes off. I really like the service, but I got in the beta and they gave me free stuff, so I'm biased.
Tomorrow drops resume. Tomorrow I'll get dupes! Tomorrow I'll be closer to this random hat!!
And it will be! Totally! Worthless!
@Justin You can always just try a month subscription to GameTap and see if you like it. If not, you're only out $10.
@badp Stop! Abusing! Punctuation!
@badp Technically, it's Thursday morning (UTC) that drops resume, iirc. :P
Wait, it is midnight UTC they start again, isn't it? I never did double-check.
4:38 PM
@sjohnston Yes your right...
I also love gametap's arena feature... I'm sure it drives gamers crazy!
@Justin You mean OnLive's Arena feature?
I have found, surprisingly, that people give lots of upvotes when they're viewing you, and very few downvotes. Even when I really suck.
@sjohnston The ability to watch, talk to, and vote on other games in progress.
@Justin Right. I know they have that in OnLive, does Gametap have that too?
It is really nice to watch some people play and get an idea if you'll like a game or not. Much better than trying to decide from the marketing materials that the game companies pump out
No I its exclusivly to onlive... wich is why I want to try that account... only if that game I was trying out yesterday exsits
Sadly, onlive has no portal... :(
ah, nope
4:44 PM
The game I was trying out... I have to see if its a subscribe to... I think it was one of the Tom Clancy games...
You know, it's weird... someone was writing a review of the PC game Capsized and said it was like a cross between Metroidvania and Quake... and my first thought was "so it's like Contra with backtracking?"
I'm not sure why they decided to compare it to Metroidvania; there are plenty of side-scrolling combat games they could have chosen instead.
So I can get 3 ref for this hat, which is what in keys? Goddamn it why don't they just use one item as a base currency
Metroidvania being both Metroid games and the newer Castlevania games.
@ThomasMcDonald Keys are the stable currency, metal are the unstable currency
and buds/bills for higher denominations
which also fluctuate somewhat
4:48 PM
Simply put, keys have a fixed cost, while the amount of metal in the market will only continue to grow, meaning that the value of metal in relation to keys goes down
Totally confused, so I'm going to roadkill something and come back... 'cuse me.
lol be right back!
a key seems to be about 2 ref, and a buds 12 keys
Since Valve is constantly updating Team Fortress 2 with new features, anyone want to make a guess as to when vehicles will show up in game?
Q: Problems with IE7

forsvarirI've had a few issues using the site from IE7 today (I can't update the browser, although I do have access to another one indirectly which I'm posting this from), which have recently gotten worse (I can't vote and the helper toolbar isn't there when editing questions). It's reporting an error: L...

Q: How do armor enhancements work?

FabianI've found some shiny new armor enhancement: Now, when I try and drag this onto my armor, I'm getting the message "Action not allowed on this item". Am I doing it wrong, or can I only enhance certain armors, and not everything? My questions now are: Can I enhance all armor part (also boots, ...

4:50 PM
Buds have come down in value slightly, then... they used to be 13 keys.
... or there abouts
I wonder how many buds it is for a Max's Severed Head.
$80-100 worth
Still around 3 then? I thought it would go up.
Need a hats in terms of keys list.
4:54 PM
Oh, I have a Cadaver's Cranium. Didn't know about that
@ThomasMcDonald Not a bad hat, IMO.
Each class seems to have one or two hats people really like, a bunch of still pretty good ones, and one terrible one.
Damned if I can remember all the terribad ones now.
The hatless ones depends on the class. The Heavy's Hound Dog and Demo's Afro seem to be liked, while people hate the hatless scout, engineer, and sniper ones.
Okay, I have 21 tradable hats
@ThomasMcDonald Which ones?
Ok I'm back and more confused them ever... what are the keys in refrence to?
4:59 PM
@Justin Team Fortress 2. The only way to get keys is to buy them for real money ($2.50 USD, not sure about other currencies).
Or get someone to trade you some.
£1.99 here
So, basically, they ended up being one of TF2's "currencies" for trades. The other being metal that you can fashion from random weapons you can get. Which is constantly dropping in value.
I'm not particularly fond of any of them, I like the safe & sound most I guess
plus I have another fez so I don't mind trading that one (and that was purchased so)
@ThomasMcDonald Really? Most people like the Hotrod better.
5:00 PM
@Powerlord oh. that's good i guess
Prince Tavish's Crown <-- Note, this one also carries over to Portal 2, so its value may have gone up in the last month.
Lets see... the Killing Floor items are promos, so they may have higher value.
V. V. Tyrolean is faily high value, iirc
good job @Fabian and @MatthewRead for starting to ask Witcher 2 questions :)
(vintage version of one of the higher demand medic hats)
V. Tyrolean seems to be about 3 ref, yeah
@ThomasMcDonald Only 3 ref? You did check V. V. Tyrolean not V. Tyrolean, right?
5:03 PM
my bad
Yes, you've got to be careful on that one and Vintage Vintage Merryweather.
hotrod 2 ref + 1 rec
hmm, I'll go through some threads later and find the average value of each of them
Hotrod's a good Engy hat... and you say you like the Safe n' Sound better?
5:05 PM
Then again, I used to wear my Pugilist's Protector on Heavy, so I can't comment.
Now I wear the last random hat drop I got: Heavy's Hound Dog. Which I should paint.
Some people paint theirs gold for the Johnny Bravo look. :)
@IvoFlipse Depending on how many users here got the game sent, this site might get a bit witcher-centric the next days ;-)
@Fabian That's exactly what I'm hoping for
do take plenty of screenshots, so you guys can write me a nice game diary + review ;)
@ThomasMcDonald: Hey, I thought you'd have the Plants v. Zombies promo items in there too... no?
5:07 PM
> Vintage Vintage Tyrolean - 3 keys
@ThomasMcDonald That's it? That's still only $7.50
iirc, you can BUY a Vintage Tyrolean (no v.v.) for that price from the Mann Co. Store.
@Powerlord $7.50 more than expected
and 3 keys closer to a bills
Meh, whatever.
5:10 PM
It is the first one I've seen though
I was thinking it'd be at least 4 keys, if not 5.
Team fortress... sounds intersting... How good of a game is it? I assume pretty good if your chatting about it....
@Justin I like it. It also came down in price just recently.
I'll have to list it on some sites and stuff
If I can bear the tf2 hordes.
5:11 PM
Although if you're buying TF2, you should really look at the Orange Box instead, as for twice the price you get 4 more games.
@ThomasMcDonald LIST WHAT?
@Justin V. V. Tyrolean
@Justin He's trying to trade his in-game TF2 hats for in-game currencies.
@Powerlord Their is that crepy colored box again... everyone seems to think the orange box is worth it... I guess I'm stuck getting a copy... :)
@Justin Well, it has all 3 Half-Life 2 games in it, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. :P
5:13 PM
Oh... that makes a lot of sense... just saw their blog about portal 2 and equipping the characters with hats.
Well that's an epitmy "3 Half-Life 2 Games" I'm assuming your referring to the episodes... or something.
@Justin Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and Half-Life 2: Episode 2.
Oh, and Team Fortress 2 started the whole hats thing. TF2 is the product Valve tests all their new SourceWorks features on.
Wait... SourceWorks? Is that the right term? I can't remember now.
Why is this so difficult.
My bad, it's SteamWorks.
@Powerlord steamworks
@ThomasMcDonald ninja'd. ;)
Is it sad that I still haven't picked up where I left off my HL2 game like 9 months ago?
I still remember what the goal was, and I even recognize the map it takes place in from HL2DM, but I've just... never gone back to finish.
5:22 PM
Steamworks is the multiplayer engine, right?
So have we gotten anywhere with the purchasing games for people so that they ask questions about them right at launch?
@bwarner huh?
@Justin Well, I was right and wrong in a way... Team Fortress 2 is the Steamworks feature test bed, as well as the "OrangeBox Multiplayer 2007" AKA Source 2009 engine test bed.
So... have we decided how many keys I can get?
5:25 PM
Looks like we're doing pretty well with Witcher 2 so far, just not sure if any of those folks got the game from us.
@ThomasMcDonald I'm sorry... but none... mwhahaha... lol.
Steamworks being Steam integration features (Mann Co. Store is an example of this). Replays were recently added to the game engine.
Replays... like in game recording?
That reminds me, I meant to edit one I took yesterday where two Scouts backed up into me when I was playing Spy and I backstabbed both.
@Justin You hit F6 and the server sends you a video of your last life... not just a video, because you can move around the map and see everything from everyone's camera, too.
5:27 PM
7 digit message id on chat.stackexchange.com \o/
and you can edit that into a video and upload it to Youtube... without ever leaving TF2.
Oh so its like an active save state
@YiJiang stache exchange? Are we exchanging mustaches?
@Justin Basically, yeah.
@Powerlord I sure hope so, because that would be awesome.
@Powerlord Here, have mine. It looks embarrassingly like Hitler's
5:28 PM
And now that I'm reading that question more closely, it looks like Witcher 2 was selected. So now we just have to see how it does at driving traffic
Source already had the ability to save demo files from a player's point of view, and ones from the server's point of view, but the ability for players to download their last life from the server point of view is new.
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good for the opera dudes and dudettes :D
So multiplayer is getting the step-up it needs... finally.
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Assuming there isn't an NDA during the beta for Diablo 3, would we allow questions about it?
5:31 PM
@YiJiang dum luck... lol
So... we seem to have strayed from the topic of discussion
@bwarner yes, it'll bring traffic...
NDA = Non-Disclosure Agreement. So basically, assuming that beta testers are allowed to discuss their experiences
Yes then, I repeat
@bwarner A bunch of users have already been selected for the Witcher 2 release, and the games were ordered last week.
5:33 PM
59 secs ago, by Justin
@bwarner yes, it'll bring traffic...
@Grace Cool, I hope it goes well
Time to hop on some trade servers.
Me too. If it does, we can do more in the future.
Were we around yet during Starcraft 2's beta? I can't remember now.
It was still in beta near the very start.
5:34 PM
And nobody had problems with questions about it at that point?
Not that I could tell.
When is the Diablo 3 Beta, though?
Cool, so we have some precedent.
Wow... I managed to snap my headphones
The Beta isn't announced yet, but they've said July 1st to September 30th
meaning it would start sometime between those dates
Mmkay, so we have some healthy time to see how Witcher 2 impacts us.
5:36 PM
@GraceNote How many got the game?
Yah, the beta will probably be invitation only. And I don't suppose we could purchase beta keys off E-Bay for folks, since I don't think that is strictly legal
Seven "officially".
@bwarner If we were really crazy, I could try asking Blizzard about some kind of joint dealy-bobber.
But I do hope that one of our regulars manages to get in
@Grace I'm sure they're giving out beta keys to members of the press, it might be worth a shot to see if we qualify
Diablo 3 was tied for the second highest turnout of the preliminary poll, tied with that Star Wars game.
I don't think I officially listed Diablo 3 in the poll, but I'm definitely interested in it
5:38 PM
Highest was Skyrim, at over 50% of the participants at the time the count was taken, so it probably is a shoe-in for our choice come November.
@GraceNote Blizzard would make you pay, they are already to high up on their pedestal to think about joint ventures... when was the last blizzard + company joint venture? But if you do get something going, then I'll stand corrected.
@Justin But you can't pay for a beta key, at least not legally. They are free, but only for people that Blizzard decides to give them to
I suspect that they will quickly be up on EBay for as much if not more than the game itself
They might eventually open the beta up to anyone who pre-orders the game, but that would be towards the end when they're ready for LOTS of users
@bwarner They'll find a way... lol. But if I remeber correctly... I was invited by to a beta for participatinting in a site (aout the beta) by a fan. So I guess so.
@bwarner If you've got a nice user base, I think you do, they'd be more than happy to, but they'd want dedication.
Seeing how this room is nicly filled, I'd immagine so...
A witcher 2 link from nvidia
OK, back to work...
@Powerlord Wait, my bad, Bills is about half buds?
5:46 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Didn't I say that yesterday? :P
Earlier today
For the life of me, I can't understand why people think Max's Severed Head is worth so much. I only wore it when playing on the Telltale Games server back when they had TF2 events.
The last time they had one, I was like "er... sorry, but I traded my severed head plus other stuff for these two unusuals"
hmm, can't remember my steam forums password
@ThomasMcDonald Have you tried ?
@ThomasMcDonald hmm... Let me use telepothy to help... no got nothing, except the urge to eat something with cheese... don't ask.
5:49 PM
Got it.
@Justin Is it a cheeseburger? :D
witcher 2 y u no here yet :(
Q: Trying to remember a pc adventure from my childhood

TibasHey folks, I would be very thankful if you can help me identifying this game. I hope I remember enough. It was an adventure and I watched it being played in 1997 or '98. The graphic was 2D and animated in the way of old disney movies like Aladin. The main character was a blond girl wearing a (bl...

@Powerlord well... {chew} not {chew} anymore {chew}
@Mana It hates you.
5:51 PM
Six days of waiting to play a game so I can ask and answer questions about it. Or maybe it's the other way around. Maybe I have to ask and answer questions to play the game.
@Mana They have decided to push back the release date, because of you...
@Lazers King's Quest 7... oh wait, I can't see the entire question.
@Justin Wow, it's almost like I'm famous.
@Powerlord That's what Raven and I answered. I lost though, dang wikipedia loading slowly
@Mana infamous...
5:54 PM
@MatthewRead Well, I answered that before even seeing the text that said what she's wearing!
and I still can't, Gaming blocked here at work and all
Grr... why is SourceMod's translations system erroring on "La map actuelle a été prolonger. (Reçu {1}%% sur {2} votes)"
Q: How much of The Witcher 2 will I have trouble with, not having played the first game?

StrixVariaAre there a lot of references to the plot of the first game? Are there things I'm already expected to know at the outset? I hear that there is some stuff imported from old save games in the new sequel. Is there content I'll miss out on for not having an old save?

Did I miss something here re: the comments?
It SOUNDS like it's saying {1} isn't defined.
> This question has literally nothing to do with the Disgaea series.
okay I see it now
Right, I should have probably mentioned the error message I was getting:
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