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1:04 AM
Q: Are flags on meta reviewed or dealt with?

Ben CohenThere is a user who has been abusing me regularly on meta. I have flagged their posts multiple times, but all flags are showing as "pending". Are flags on meta reviewed by anyone?

Q: Unethical editing by a moderator!

ray grantIs it ethical for a Moderator to so edit a Question that it presents a different intent of the original Asker? (See curiousdannii editing of #100261). And cause the Community Bot to mistakenly Delete and Close an appropriate Answer (to the original question). And ESPECIALLY is this so wrong when ...

1:27 AM
Q: A complaint of over-moderation

DannyNiuI'd like to complain about my question and its self answer. Another member has probably mistaken my answer as an expansion of the question, probably because it began with "a bit of context". But the content of that answer is a concrete example of security risk that I've asked for in the question....

13 hours later…
2:10 PM
Q: Our partnership with Google and commitment to socially responsible AI

RosieToday, we announced an exciting new partnership with Google. The story of this partnership started about 16 years ago - with you, the community that made Stack Overflow what it is: the internet’s predominant resource for high-quality curated technical Q&A. This resource is ubiquitous and invaluab...


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