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12:19 AM
Q: Lembrete que não é permitido respostas geradas por IA

CypherPotatoRecentemente vi algo no Stack Overflow e achei muito interessante se tivessemos no nosso site também. Como já definido pela comunidade e anunciado pelo Meta, não é permitido o uso de IA para gerar respostas no site, mas parece que mesmo assim ainda alguns passam pelo filtro da comunidade. No enta...

8 hours later…
8:02 AM
Q: Missing guidance in audits: Keeping in mind what guidance above?

user16217248I just 'failed' a First Questions audit. The message reads: STOP! Look and Listen. This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. Don't worry, we've already handled this post appropriately – but please take a minute to look it over closely, keeping in mind the...

12 hours later…
8:26 PM
Q: False claims of genocide cannot be denied?

SteveIn a previous answer I said this: I would also say that hyping the Uighur situation into "genocide" is part of a media manipulation. What is occuring in Xinjiang is a forced assimilation of those who occupy a peripheral region of China, and this is frankly about as objectionable to most of the M...

9:13 PM
Q: Can new users not be bait-and-switched?

YouDontSayAs a new user on SE, I shared the common new-user experience of questions downvoted, and closed, and the feeling of being kicked around by (well-meaning) moderators, and perhaps worse, the suspicion of being manipulated (bullied?) by more experienced users who know how to push an agenda without r...

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