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12:01 AM
Q: Moderator abusing powers.

SejrWhere do I report abuse of moderating powers? I'm pretty sure a moderator has abused their powers? Because they straight up deleted my answer (which was approved and liked my the person asking the question) and their reason was: "the question was kinda confusing, so please don't answer it" What s...

3 hours later…
3:00 AM
Q: How long does it take for moderators to deal with a flag under "in need of moderator intervention"?

FengThis question, which was closed 11 days ago and deleted 8 days ago. I'm still confused by the deletion. In my opinion, this question didn't miss any contexts. He knows the limit of fn, but he just didn’t know how to get the uniform convergence, so he asked in MSE. It is a very good question, in m...

14 hours later…
4:40 PM
Q: How to insert the Array of objects in OpportunityLineItem object from apex?

Ragnar let jsonString =[ { "orderQuantity":"1", "molexPrice":"1200", "targetCost":"1150", "perUnit":"1", "resalePrice":"1250", "competitor":"NoPlex", "selectedProductName":"LEGEND PLATE, BLANK", "selectedProductId":"01t0q000003s2nPAAQ" }, { "orderQuantity":"2", "molexPrice":"1000", "targetCost":"100...

5:06 PM
Q: Support Markdown Parsing in Flag Feedback

Henry EckerWhen I flag something "in need of moderator intervention," I can use similar mini-Markdown as comments which appears correctly rendered when I view my flag history. However, I have received a couple helpful flag feedbacks from moderators where they have also attempted to use similar mini-Markdown...


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