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1:15 AM
Q: What capabilities of Hubble are unique and irreplaceable? What can it do that simply can't be done by any other ground or space-based telescope?

uhohIt's impossible to summarize in an SE post the depth and breadth of the contributions to science made using the Hubble Space Telescope. Above the atmosphere it has access to an extremely dark and still sky so it has the diffraction limited resolution of a 2.4 meter aperture and a limiting magnitu...

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4:01 AM
Q: How (the heck) will New York City actually physically implement the ranked choice voting algorithm with thousands of unique mayoral votings possible?

uhohPolitico's New Yorkers pick a new mayor after chaotic, historic primary begins: NEW YORK — Polls have closed in New York City’s first ever ranked-choice election and, while the die has been cast, voters may not know the outcome for weeks. [...] Further extending the ballot count is the advent of...

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2:04 PM
Teresa Dietrich on June 23, 2021
We’re thrilled to be launching this new product with Google Cloud and Go.
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8:37 PM

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