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1:50 AM
Q: Are "if Earth spun backwards" speculation questions a good fit for this site?

Organic MarbleI restrained myself on the first one If the Earth spun clockwise, how would that affect Space Exploration? but now there's another If the Earth spun clockwise, where would the US have built its major space center in the 1960's? Recognizing there may be some instructional value in the what-iff...

2:04 AM
Sometimes I wish it was, regardless of whether it's actually a good fit.
A: How are humans good at chess?

RemcoGerlichHumans try to understand a game like this, to formulate rules, try to recognize patterns of what worked in one position and apply them in positions they consider similar. And it turns out that that is possible, otherwise there wouldn't be humans of different playing strengths, everybody would ju...

I want to join Chess SE just to leave a comment below this answer: "So humans have developed a natural form of AI?" but I think people rarely understand my humor.
7 hours later…
9:03 AM
like this comment; I thought it was triple ROTFLOL caliber, but not a single LOL in sight, not even a (lol)
I wish there were a Humor Stack Exchange where jokes could be constructed and deconstructed like code snippets.
5 hours later…
2:09 PM
Ryan Donovan on April 30, 2020
Engineers hate meetings, but they can be an effective way to get things done. With everyone working remotely, it can be even harder to get anything accomplished. Here’s tips on how to have better meetings either way.
2:20 PM
@uhoh I like all herring jokes. I write a ton of stuff in my field and people recognize me at conferences and I get a lot of offers to buy me a beer in thanks for something I wrote that saved their butts on a problem.
My response is, I don't drink, Glad to help, please send fish, since I like herring and getting kosher herring is pretty easy most places. (Someone did mail me some herring from Wisconsin to NJ, which was pretty funny).
1 hour later…
3:32 PM
@geoffc how is shopping for food these days in Brooklyn? Can you get everything you need? Are the stores stocked?
4:00 PM
4:24 PM
@uhoh Eggs got really expensive around Passover (but they normally are super high demand there, no flour, so eggs used in most every food). But they have dropped down in price. (Was $1-1.50 for a dozen, went up to almost $4, and now back at around $2). Otherwise, most things were fine. Occasional things ran out, but few days later restocked.
Toilet paper for some reason was short during the run on TP. Back in stock now everywhere I have looked.
4:41 PM
okay so we should send herring but no TP :-)
You now the joke "like sending coals to Newcastle?" I am in the Newcastle of herring here, thank you. My wife makes me salmon herring which is salmon chunks, treated like herring (Schhamaltz. cream, etc).

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