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12:17 AM
@uhoh 's question, it should have not been deleted. Waits last undelete vote: space.stackexchange.com/q/29945/1054
12:36 AM
Q: Algorithmic methods or techniques to find conjunctions in large ensembles of state vectors?

uhohSuppose I wanted to answer the question Will Starman/Roadster pass particularly close to any asteroids in the next few years? or try to predict satellite conjunctions around Earth (e.g. Celestrak's SOCRATES), and I had ephemerides, TLEs, or interpolatable tables of state vectors. I could propaga...

@peterh don't worry about it. In this particular case I have re-asked a similar question rather than do the re-open.
If you cast a re-open vote, please retract it and let it rest. I would have left a comment there but since it was auto-deleted by community I can't post a comment on it.
In the future I will more carefully baby-sit questions to make sure they aren't auto-deleted, but I'm happy with the auto-deletion feature and I don't agree with you that "... it should have not been deleted."
1:07 AM
@uhoh 1) delete/undelete votes can't be retracted. 2) The question is not closed, it is only deleted, thus reopen votes can't be casted. 3) I think it would be better to undelete the question and then close as dupe.
@uhoh How can you cite a deleted question?
@uhoh Ok, I see. Then I let it be rest.
2 hours later…
3:26 AM
@peterh yep, yep, I'll tell you, and thanks!
Next time I will go the slow way of voting to undelete and letting it take its course. Only people with a certain reputation (10k?) can see it so the undelete process will be slower.
"How can you cite a deleted question?" "Deleted" posts are not really deleted. They just become invisible to people below a certain reputation level. As long as you have the link they can be "cited" with the link but only seen by higher-rep users. Is that what you are asking?
7 hours later…
10:20 AM
Q: Formatting chemical formulae

Oscar LanziIn this answer I tried to improve the formatting of chemical formulae using the method I learned from Chemistry SE, but it backfired (and yes, that's especially bad in space exploration). Without enough rep to re-edit I'm stuck until peers reject or fix the edit, but even with enough rep -- how ...

8 hours later…
6:49 PM
New and good user having difficulties to deal with the rules of the site, due to age. I suggest a cooperative treatment and fixing his post(s): space.stackexchange.com/a/35516/1054

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