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10:41 AM
Q: Request for cleanup: There's only one space in SpaceX!

ReactingToAngularVuesSorry. This just really irritates me: but SpaceX is a single word! There is, ironically, no space between the Space and the X. Neither is there a hyphen or any other type of dash! As an example: +--------------+-------------+ | Good Example | Bad Example | +--------------+-------------+ | SpaceX...

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5:56 PM
Looks like posting an answer on 8th day of Channuka (Today) earns a secret badge!
6:55 PM
Gotta remember to do something at 7PM today to get that easy badge.
1 hour later…
9:11 PM
Mr Steven, SpaceX Recovery ship, has some new hardware...
Fairing recovery is the assumption. Possible bouncy castle deployment system!
@uhoh That is a particularly weak and naive article.
Thank you for posting it
9:30 PM
Someone posted this about Mr Steven's design:
Here's some fun info about the boat itself:

That vessel, or at least its design, originated as an offshore oilfield Crew Boat or Fast Support Vessel.

I spent 10 years as a professional captain running this type of support craft for Seacor Marine in the Gulf of Mexico. I wouldn't at all be surprised in fact if this particular boat started its life as part of the Seacor fleet...

One of the coolest features these boats have is their dynamic positioning system. This is basically a fancy autopilot that uses the vessel's nav computer system, weather sensors, gyro and mag compasses, bow thruste

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