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12:00 AM
oh geez, you weren't kidding
last message 12 days ago
that's pretty dead
Project Morpheus does a pretty awesome thing where they live steam some of the tests
would be sweet to schedule chat events for when they do that
We are officially streaming LIVE! Watch us now! http://morpheuslander.jsc.nasa.gov/live/
oh yes
12:32 AM
posted on January 01, 0001

This fifteen degree wide field of view stretches across the crowded

posted on January 01, 0001

Reddened rays of the setting Sun flooded the skies over

posted on January 01, 0001

What lights up this

posted on January 01, 0001

What's going on in the center of this spiral galaxy?

posted on January 01, 0001

Which moon is this?

just the feed waking up :)
won't be like that once it's settled
so I just put in a tag wiki edit for humans
the questions are about human physiology
but then I saw a tag called health
with only one question
that is also about human physiology
well physiology as it affects activities in space
now I am confused as to which one to use
or should I post this on meta
12:50 AM
probably better for meta
okie dokie
although as a Bio grad student, your opinion on that sort of taxonomy is better than mine :)
heh. I prefer the health tag, because nobody except me would say human physiology
humans could refer to any activity involving humans
but that's sort of superseded by the manned spaceflight tag
I will post this all on meta :P
1:20 AM
and just in case someone wanders over here: meta.space.stackexchange.com/questions/22/tags-humans-health
2 hours later…
3:05 AM
Happy diurnal isomorphism to all! So this is where nobody can hear me scream? :)
You'll have to fill me in on what that means :P
googling only leads to SE chat logs haha
A: The Memes of IT Security

Scott PackMeme: Canonical Time Zone Originator: Unknown Cultural Height: Early 2011 Background: American hubris on the part of our East cost users resulted in blanket declarations that EDT/EST (UTC-4/5) would be considered the de facto timezone of The DMZ. This was brought upon by inconsistent time of d...

Even more so important in space :)
Could I possibly ask for that meta request for suggestions for this chat room's name be featured, so it's listed in the meta links on the main site? I would like to see more suggestions.
I can try but I don't think I can do that
> 'featured' can only be used by moderators
it shoould get bumped to the community box maybe
3:10 AM
@JohnB oh shoot, you're pro-tempore mod, so I thought you should be able to :O
er maybe not
my powers only exist on the Graphic Design site :P
@JohnB so draw a new button - privilege escalation FTW :) :P
you could flag it and request it, someone from the SE team would be able to handle the flag
for that I don't think we should make a decision straight away, give it some time
perhaps wait until public beta
I have too many questions to ask on SpaceX :T
gotta pace myself haha
@JohnB Sure, but it might be buried under all other meta questions and forgotten about... and is one of those "the more the merrier" questions
@TildalWave hmmmm, perhaps let that question simmer for a while, then ask for it to be featured once again after things calmify?
3:17 AM
@JohnB agreed :)
nice to see the site so alive tho... I can barely follow up on all new posts, let's hope this inertia keeps :)
it usually doesn't, so right now let's just hope we make it out of private beta :D
shouldn't be a problem
2 hours later…
4:52 AM
Great to see this site make it to private beta
5 hours later…
9:41 AM
@TildalWave Flag it
@ManishEarth I think it's still fairly visible (not too many topics on meta) so maybe later when more people join and have a chance of adding suggestions?
@ManishEarth Hallo spaceboy...
2 hours later…
11:25 AM
room topic changed to The Pod Bay: General discussion for space.stackexchange.com (no tags)
Done per Meta.
2 hours later…
1:08 PM
@ManishEarth i see you lurking! :P
1:47 PM
@RhysW Ha! Already have 111 repz! :D
2:30 PM
@ManishEarth :P do we count the 101 from joining? :P
yeah :P
How does that count for anything, really?
Though I should be glad enough for it, since I'm not sure I'll be asking or answering very many questions.
2:55 PM
There is one thing I've been curious about: How would one go about calculating the tensile strength needed for a space-elevator cable?
3:17 PM
@Donald.McLean It was a semi-joke. I know Rhys from Physics Chat.
@Donald.McLean Integration? It's not hard, you need to calculate dF/dl and then substitute that in the tensile stress formula
Already at 377! Woohoo!
@Donald Get cable. Attach to space station. Attach other end to elevator. Get good insurance.
Q: Which space faring companies accept payment from the general public to go to space?

James JenkinsI have heard about people paying lots of money, to become Russian astronauts, essentially space tourists. In 2013 is still possible to buy your way into space. If so, who can someone sign up with?

can this be saved?
not sure his re-write helps
@JohnB Ahh! Nooo! Not you here, too! :A
@ManishEarth I snuck in somehow, nobody was guarding the door!
4:05 PM
You guys may want to have a go at this
Q: Physics and math behind flight through solar system: Where to start?

joeI wrote a first program that simulates a solar system. I was able to calculate the locations for every planet on its elliptical route for any given time. In a second program i managed to simulate newtonian gravitational behavior (n-body problem, time-step approach). But i'm wondering how it is...

Okay.. I'm back ;-)
This goes into my favorites..! :D
top notch drawings by huseyin :D
hey @CrazyBuddy!
@JohnB Hello there John ;-)
Q: How can I travel to space as an ordinary citizen?

James JenkinsI have heard about people paying lots of money to become Russian cosmonauts, essentially space tourists. Is it still possible to buy your way into space? What sort of training would be required for a "space tourist"?

@JohnB @ManishEarth: We can have a tag on I think... o_O
4:16 PM
@CrazyBuddy sure!
the first few days of launch are a bit of a tag free-for-all
@CrazyBuddy yeah
I'll try an edit... ;-)
@CrazyBuddy aww man, who let you in here! :P
CrazyBuddy is everywhere
@RhysW Hah..! Just be happy that I don't come into your workplace ;-)
@JohnB Hah... I'm famous in a day (atleast in chat) :D
4:24 PM
haha, its my one safe haven that all you from physics seem to avoid :P
@RhysW: Not really... Nowadays, I don't visit Physics.SE very often too..! o_O
me neither unfortnately, got busier at work
Don't you visit our meta..? -_-
no what happened? :P
@RhysW: Go on... My question rocks there..! (It has silenced the mods too, because they agree with it) :D
@ManishEarth: Shall I ask my question (originally prepared for Astronomy, but as I took back my commitment, shall I ask) here?
4:28 PM
@CrazyBuddy i experience the same thing on WP, but i actually figured out the cause if you want me to share! :P
@CrazyBuddy what's the question?
oh yeah, post it!
@CrazyBuddy the guy who proposed this site even suggested bringing it here!
can i suggest one small change?
Go on... ;-)
4:30 PM
actually no, my change makes it less spacey and more physicsy :L
@RhysW You change whatever you wanted (don't forget to add a few spams) after I post it :P
i was going to suggest not making it about specifically that instance, and more about how to keep any object orbiting around an unstable point, but then it blurs the line between this and physics, perhaps having a specific example related solely to exploration keeps it more stable for being on here
@CrazyBuddy right, im off home, enjoy my contribution to your meta :P
@RhysW Great... I'll read it now ;-)
4:53 PM
@JohnB: Feel free to point any mistakes in there... (I'm quite weak in asking questions) :D
Q: Why should James Webb Space telescope stay in the stupid "unstable" L2?

Crazy BuddyI think we all know that James Webb Space telescope is planned to be launched in 2018. It has been decided that the orbit of JWST will be elliptically around the Lagrange point L2, which has been declared as one of the unstable points (L1, L2, L3). So, why should it orbit the point then? I've g...

@CrazyBuddy looks okay to me!
Cool ;-)
@CrazyBuddy: how do you insert questions like that?
@dd3 What? Why? o_O
@dd3 You just paste the URL in an answer by itself
@JohnB It's nice seeing you here!
5:03 PM
@Gwenn hey Gwenn!
Ooh, a smoothie mod
Hi, I'm a mod from the meth brewing site
too many mods on SpaceX!
Such an awesome site is likely to attract such awesome people!
I think it's my new favorite site
5:42 PM
I pasted a url to a meta question
and it didn't do that
@dd3 gotta paste it on its own
can't put any text before or after the link, just the link on one line of chat
It needs to be the only text in the post
6:02 PM
wow, 97 question on first day...
That's actually pretty typical.
From what I can tell, typical is between 50-200 questions on the first day. Believe it or not, this site is actually a bit low.
@PearsonArtPhoto Do you think we'll make it?
I think so.
I've seen sites quite a bit worse than this succeed in the end.
I hope to get my first Diamond here. Hopefully we make it!
There might be a bit of competition for that...
6:09 PM
Maybe just a little :)
For some time, my plan has been to give up at least one, maybe both, of my diamonds for one on this site.
From what I can tell, though, I should make it.
You will probably deff. get it.
Considering I'm #2 ranked user, brought the most reputation to the site, proposed it, etc, I might have a chance...
I'm currently #5, repcapped for the day.
#2 for Meta participation.
and 5.8k on MSO.
I sort of repcapped yesterday, and definitely did today.
6:11 PM
Every time I look at my rep history I see upvotes without a green number :(
@PearsonArtPhoto im glad you proposed this site! hopefully it does well, with recent progressions i think the only way is up for a site like this
I think so too. There's a lot going for this site.
I would say that if I don't make it, the mods would probably be Pearson, ernestopheles and Gwenn
especially as more and more of the general public are taking an interest in it
@RhysW We're private beta for about a week. Then the hordes comith.
6:13 PM
@Undo i look forward to it! It originally shocked me how long it took to get put through to beta
@RhysW I committed once to a site that got shut down for being 2years in A51. It had 194 committers at the time :(
ouch! this is my first committal
It stung.
@Undo which one was it? just out of curiosity
App Stores.
6:15 PM
ahh i saw that, that was closed recently wasnt it?
I restarted it here
@Undo well its becoming more relevant for me recently so you can have my vote!
Great! More A51 rep to put in my nomination for PT mod!
Why is it relevant for you?
@Undo software developer, but taking an interest in apps
iOS dev here, figure I might have a chance at answering some stuff if it got to beta.
6:19 PM
Q: Moderator Nominations

PearsonArtPhoto If your meta site does not have a post to nominate Moderators, start one now! Pro Tem appointments will begin about two weeks after the site is created. The more guidance we receive, the more informed our choice. Moderator Pro Tempore Each nomination should be a separate answer. Link the na...

@PearsonArtPhoto Isn't that only supposed to happen 2 weeks after beta?
@Undo ah, well give me some time and il post up some example questions if i can think of any
I'm not even entirely sure why someone would want to be a mod. Seems like a thankless task.
@Donald.McLean POWER!!!
And helping the community.
And a shiny diamond!
@Donald.McLean for me its the ability to be able to help in more ways than one can as a member of the community
Q: Is it possible that a giant 10th planet exists in our solar system?

berry120It seems that some maintain the existence of a "planet X" is all but science fiction, while others claim that its existence is a possibility, even if that's a relatively remote one. Others take this further and make the argument that its existence is likely. Is there a compelling case that such a...

would this be more suitable for a site like skeptics?
6:21 PM
@RhysW Maybe...
@Undo it doesnt seem to be about exploration as much as it is 'disputing a claim' about something that happens to be in space
I'd say it's borderline. Maybe cast a CV and see what happens?
Its already hoarding them in the queue, just wanted another view point :)
Ah. If the community doesn't want it, make it go away!
close queue is sat at about 13 atm
6:24 PM
Really? CVQ, here I come!
None there for me.
Yup, i was surprised, most people been keeping it down all day
perhaps i just missed them while i was travelling from work
I think we are going to have a hard time convincing people this is a site about space exploration, and just because someone has a question about something that happens to be in space, it doesnt mean its on topic here
the fact that we are space.stackexchange doesnt help us prove this point either
@Undo That's usually when they make the results known, but it doesn't help to have the question go out earlier. BTW, fixed copy/paste error.
are questions about spacecraft on-topic, even if they no longer are in space?
because there was a question about museums
@dd3 depends if it is related to space exploration, or just about the ship
oh, so if it's about the spacecraft's capabilities it's okay?
6:29 PM
'How big was the ship' bad, 'Was the size of ship X paramount to its maneouverability and exploration capabilities' is more likely to be ontopic however
oh ok
you might want to cross check my statements, my views arent law, especially at this early stage
that question about the museum has 4/5 close votes
I just wanted to know why
I think most people agree with you
It's pretty borderline.
It's just too broad of a question, with a simple yes/no answer.
@PearsonArtPhoto you have my vote, if you dont get it then i would be seriously surprised!
6:32 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto OK, nominating now...
i will probably put myself up for nomination in a year or so in one of the elections, will have atleast finished my self taught class from an open university on planets and other parts of space by then
until then im just another guy who 'likes space' :P
yeah, I don't know enough about space to be a moderator here
I just like asking and reading questions :)
though you dont need to know alot to be a moderator, you just need to know whats on and off topic, whats rude and making sure to deal with thigns raised by the community, being a mod doesnt mean 'i know everythig there is to know and can answer any and all questions'
You should see me at Graphic Design then...
yeah, that's the policy
but I still think mods should have a little more than average knowledge on whatever the site is about
6:41 PM
I agree, I really wish I knew more on GD...
mods are supposed to be there to handle exceptional cases where to give the community that power would be abused, like temp bans, and warnings
I only know technical stuff on GD, I'm a terrible artist :P
hi, so I posted a question about tags on meta
Q: Tags: humans, health

dd3I just put in a tag wiki edit request for humans because the current questions are all human physiology. I then saw a question tagged health that is also about human physiology. I am wondering which tag to use for questions specifically relating to the physical capabilities of humans in space.

I think there is sort of a consensus
but in the mean time, my tag wiki edit for humans got approved
is there a way to change the tag to human-physiology
without manually retagging every question to delete the humans tag
tag synonym, requires a mod
there aren't many questions, but I don't have enough rep
oh, yes
that is what I thought
6:43 PM
you can flag your post for moderator attention, someone on the comm team will see it
ok, thanks
Q: Tag Synonym Requests

PearsonArtPhotoPlease collect your tag synonym requests here, to keep it all in one nice convenient spot. Basically, if you see two tags that are identical or nearly so, please let us know here so it can be fixed. Upvote if you agree it should be done as suggested, comment otherwise.

oh whoops. I flagged it
sorry, @PearsonArtPhoto. would you like me to add it to your post?
Done with my nomination. Note that it contains a bunny, therefore you must vote for me.
@Undo: you receive more points for the waffle than the bunny
6:50 PM
Q: Custom close reasons

RhysWOnce we get out of the private beta and have our own mods we will need to think about the custom close reasons that each site has. This might be a good time to throw some ideas out there as to what we think should be our custom ones. Try to keep each suggestion to one post, to allow voting on ...

something that might be worth thinking about
not urgently but something to linger in your minds whilst viewing questions
what things do we close a lot of, what do they have in common, can this be made into a custom close reason
I have been thinking about it. Biology just started thinking about it, and it's a bit painful.
Do we want a post on meta that defines the scope of the site?
Was hard to do on workplace too, making this suggestion on sites is slowly becoming my 'thing' though :D
@dd3 Obviously. I thought about including a unicorn too, but that would've been overkill.
Can you tell I like mSO?
Oh, there's this too:
Q: What should our FAQ contain?

Undo We don't need to have an answer to this now. It's just a good thing to start thinking about soon. What should our FAQ contain? For example and inspiration, here's Super User's FAQ: Super User is for computer enthusiasts and power users. If you have a question about … computer...

6:53 PM
@dd3 just a hint, there IS no FAQ anymore :/
its the about page now
@RhysW About page, whatever. It's the FAQ for all intents and purposes.
@Undo yeah pretty much
It's disturbing I'm not getting any votes. Maybe I need another waffle...
xD give it time, maybe people dont know you well yet? i like to wait a few days and get to know people before i cast votes
7:00 PM
True, very true. I wish this repcap didn't exist!
@Undo hah, it confuses me sometimes too, its like 'thanks for contributing' then later 'look you contributed already, go spend time with your family'
I've been trying to come up with a way to tone it down without inviting abuse.
I haven't thought of anything yet.
@Undo tone what down?
the repcap?
or your posts? :P
The repcap, of course!
hehe, save answers for another day? the site isnt going anywhere!
7:04 PM
@RhysW Yes, maybe. I'm worried I have too much residual rep.
plus if you wait a bit after hitting cap it invites other people to have a crack at answering, and other people investing their time into the site i find to be much more rewarding when they stick around than just a few extra numbers!
Yes, that's true. It seems like it's better to keep contributing than stop because of a number, though.
I'll probably go get something done.
@Undo true, perhaps coming here and encouraging others to answer, even directing them to some sources, can help encourage a larger community input
once people get hooked they rarely leave!
Yep. Going to go improve my Meta participation now!
Bye :)
7:38 PM
oh yes.
it is the about page
on Biology
the point is our about page has little information about the scope of the site
and we're seeing lots of posts tagged off-topic on meta
I think it could be useful to have something more descriptive on the about page, and maybe a community wiki post on meta could help with that
oh wait
just your meta post @Undo
sorry, so many messages
I will go work on clogging up the edit queues
3 hours later…
10:19 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto woo :-)
10:40 PM
evening cadets

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