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1:26 AM
@Cerberus — You gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?
1:43 AM
@RegDwight — I left my own comment there: "And as an added benefit, once you've successfully disassociated one of your accounts, writing that next Linux kernel ought to be child's play."
9 hours later…
10:36 AM
Seriously, people, I'm growing tired:
Q: Why do we write 'He has an MA' and not ' a MA' even though MA does not begin with a vowel? Can anybody give me anymore examples like it?

nicholas ainsworth Possible Duplicate: Do you use “a” or “an” before acronyms? Why do we write 'He has an MA' and not ' a MA' even though MA does not begin with a vowel? Can anybody give me anymore examples like it?

hy do people vote Qs like that up?W
Seriously, I'm considering merging them all.
Otherwise it's just a rep farm.
That dude has a lot of closed Qs as well.
@RegDwight — I was going to look for the dupe, but I needed coffee first. Job well done, I say. Job well done.
The skeptics mod advised me to disassociate all my accounts. Yeah, like I'm going to trust that.
@Robusto The thing is, we have like twenty questions of that kind, and I am not exaggerating. Soon enough, you won't even have to search for them. In Soviet ELU, dupes find you.
10:45 AM
Isn't it RL&U in Soviet-land?
Everything is everything in Soviet-land. It's just that some people don't realize it.
Silence! Soviet ELU will ask the questions!
Watson? Is that you?
Or Уотсон.
@Robusto Да, Шерлок. Это я.
10:49 AM
Я фывапролджэ
Sorry. I tried to type Russian on my keyboard but I have no idea where the characters are.
Was looking to say Ya Moriarty.
Apr 21 at 23:51, by RegDwight
Ты — Мориарти? ОМГ.
Да, Я Мориарти.
Unlike in stoopid English, we don't capitalize ourselves in Russian.
I wouldn't have, but that was a C&P.
Hm, too bad I can't see deleted stuff on Skeptics.
Haha, you got two upvotes for that non-answer about 2012.
I think I'll just steal it and re-post it on every question ever.
Instant 20k.
10:55 AM
Well, not instant. It hasn't got me 20K there yet.
But on the other hand, I didn't cite any sources and it hasn't been deleted.
@Robusto That's because you haven't posted it on every question ever.
Do you even read the shit I type?
Like I said, it hasn't got me 20K there yet.
I hear voices.
I think I will add that rainbow to my answer about Hitler.
You should get that checked out. It's probably a faulty tie rod or U-joint.
After slapping a "Copyright JPL" on it.
10:58 AM
Tells you something about Skeptics that I gave them a pretty rainbow and they deleted it.
They ought to rename Skeptics.SE to Curmudgeons.SE.
Apr 29 at 18:28, by MrHen
@RegDwight Needs more unicorn.
You just can't have rainbows without unicorns. People are extremely skeptical about un-unicornified rainbows.
Apr 1 at 12:25, by RegDwight
user image
That's a little on the nose, don't you think?
But only a little.
Q: When is it appropriate to refer to someone as Dr. [Surname]?

Ivo RossiI know that the title Dr. is often used to refer to those who practice medicine. For example, today I am going to see Dr. [Surname]. But are we in general expected to use the title when we refer to the following other professions too? Psycoanalist Veterinary Lawyer Any other?

How about when his name is Surname and he has earned a medical degree?
But what's with the brackets? Them's confusing.
11:01 AM
You don't pronounce the brackets in English, so I left them out.
It just occurred to me that this question ain't really on-topic.
Though not really off-topic, either.
So I'm pulling a nohat on this one for the time being.
I voted to close, so you've got some cover.
2 days ago, by Robusto
user image
@Robusto I'd keep open, it's not so bad
@RegDwight that would make sense. really.
I'm out. Gotta brave the commute. TTYL.
@Fx Yeah, I've been looking at the answers to those SQL and SQA questions, they are specific to the abbreviation so cannot be merged.
11:08 AM
in the news today, in France: Stasi is dead
Um. 1990 called...
but it's not like we are 20 years late, there just happened to be a French politician named Bernard Stasi
At least his first name wasn't Adolf.
must have been hard to maintain a political career throughout the second half of the last century
Adolf Vissarionovich Stasi-Genghiskhan
11:11 AM
@RegDwight at least if you ask random French people who is Vissarionovich, they won't know
or they might say "the name of the Estonian boyband that won the last Eurovision"
nothing related to the original Georgian one-man boyband, anyway
@Fx Yeah, from my personal experience, French are more obsessed with Adolf. A surprising amount think that Germany is still run by that guy.
to be honest, it's close
Sarkozy is more of a nazi than Merkel could ever be even if she tried real hard.
anyway, having already satisfied Godwin's law but not my stomach, I will go get something for lunch
see you later
Have fun.
11:24 AM
You're a hey.
Should probably pollute the room with nonsense just to get that moustached woman off of my work screen.
Or leave and do some work. Meh.
Not a lot, waiting for lunch time to come around. How's things with you?
Yeah, pretty much the same.
In fact, I think I will start with a breakfast.
There's plenty of time for lunch afterwards.
11:29 AM
Well, so you'd expect.
Dammit, now I'm really hungry.
I just received the Peer Pressure badge for my extremely brief answer - woot.
At least by way of deleting it. I knew there was a reason for posting.
music.SE doesn't seem to be thriving as much as one thought it would.
It's only been a week, though, not being around a new SE site before I'm unsure how the momentum would usually pick up (or not).
@MrDisappointment Well, Guitars is about to be merged into it.
11:36 AM
I Completely failed to meet private beta targets.
Yeah, I've been aware of that, how soon is 'about'? Any idea?
I think they are waiting to see if Music works.
I mean, it makes no sense to merge a more-or-less functioning site into a total failure.
Anyhows, here are some stats on our momentum during the beta days:
A: Congratulations - 1000 questions in 74 days

RegDwightFirst of all, before anybody panics, we don't really need 1500 questions to pass the beta. All site-health figures are just rough estimates, and the powers that be are constantly tweaking them. In fact, just ten days ago, that box read "1,000 questions is a healthy beta, 500 questions is worrying...

Once a site gets our of private beta, you can expect all stats to go through the roof for a day or two.
I guess, but I read a notification that stated guitars.SE is being shut down regardless, and that they're 'lucky' music is now around - if music fails then both would disappear, I think.
Thanks for the link.
All I'm saying is they don't seem to be in a rush to merge, and I can see their reasons.
@MrDisappointment Actually, there's a Data Explorer query somewhere, lemme dig...
11:41 AM
Yeah I can understand why they would hold out on a merge, if for nothing else but to save staff from doing the work for nothing.
Ah, it's not quite as fine-grained as I remembered, but still:
Click on the icons to see the stats for other sites of the network.
Ouch. I killed it.
Mad skillz.
Maybe they need a real/informative/waffles error page here.
Well, yeah, you're not supposed to go around hacking their URLs, dude.
There is no data dump for Music yet.
11:47 AM
I guessed as much, but I just couldn't resist.
Fair enough. After all, you have to put some leg work into staying disappointed.
Nobody wants you to become Mr. Appointment!
Pure gospel, Reg, pure gospel.
@RegDwight What is "Soviet ELU"?
ELU = English Language and Usage. Soviet = Soviet.
Oops, i am sorry, I mean hello
11:50 AM
In Soviet Russia, hello means you!
Yeah I know those two apart, but have no idea what they together?
Me's trying to be funny.
Got it. Not a bad joke. Now, what does "hello means you" mean?
Apr 29 at 23:00, by RegDwight
This is clearly the wrong site. You must ask over -----> there
11:58 AM
Q: Is there a correlation between penis size and race?

apoorv020I recently saw this video, where among other things they claimed that there is no correlation between penis size and race. Is this true? I don't remember everything about the video. It was animated, gave a lot of statistics about sex, and was titled something like "All you wanted to know about s...

Not enough statistical data? Divinity seems to help, just see Priapus...
That is a strap-on.
A very charming pose nonetheless.
Um, sorry, is he about to bang some fruit?
I still wonder if this is a dupe:
Q: Should I write "any question" or "any questions"?

trVoldemortAre they both correct? Should there be singular or plural that right after "any"? If they are both correct, what's the difference? Here, I quote some sentences from the Internet and I wonder if the word "problem" can be changed into "problems" or vise versa. I don't think there was any qu...

I mean, the part about any is clearly a dupe, and the part about question vs questions boils down to "use plural when you mean many, singular when you mean one".
12:14 PM
I think it is too similar, TBH.
@RegDwight I'm unsure of the intentions of Priapus as he stood there, but between his face, the fruit and perversely lifting a sheet, I'd conclude that he was definitely up to no good. Hmph. ...And in constant danger, considering the issues of blood clotting, among other things.
So ... it's gay porn day on ELU Chat?
Well, we tend not to brag.
12:31 PM
OK OK, thought I was being polite: Well, @Cerberus and @RegDwight tend not to brag. ...I was jus' passin'.
@Robusto It's only gay if the balls touch.
Thank you! I think you distributed your exclusions correctly.
@RegDwight — So ... pool and billiards are gay sports?
Hey I thought we had this thing going on about geeks' not being interested in sex talk...
12:35 PM
Hah, speaking of distribution.
@Robusto No, as long as the balls don't touch, they aren't.
Look, it's really easy.
@RegDwight — So you have to suck at billiards not to suck ... well, you get the idea.
OOooook, planted the seed, now time to leave...
Hello @JSBangs. You've come to the right place.
Going to grab some lunch guys, catch up with you soon enough.
12:37 PM
Is that a threat?
@RegDwight — I think, considering the context, you should have used the preposition "at" instead of "to".
Now about "in"?
Could be. If by "now" you mean "how" ...
Sorry, in my capacity as an ananas I like to misspell Н as N, and N as И.
The genus Ananas belongs to the Bromeliad family (Bromeliaceae). It is best known for the species Ananas comosus, the pineapple. This genus originated in Mesoamerica and was brought to the Caribbean Islands by the Carib natives. The oldest register with the representation of the fruit seems to be included in the Cascajal Block, attributed to the Olmec civilization. In 1493, Christopher Columbus first saw plants of this genus in Guadeloupe. It was brought to Europe, and from there was distributed to the Pacific Islands by the Spanish and the English. Commercial pineapple plantations w...
So we have a new term for non-native speaker: pineapple.
12:44 PM
Speaking of misspellings, it should be "The genius Ananas". Brb fixing Wikipedia.
In your case, the species is "Ananas comatosus"
Fix that one while you're at it.
More like Ananas comme-il-fausus.
More like NNS Commie Faustus.
I will ping @MichaelMyers to piss him off.
You always change the subject when you lose an argument.
12:46 PM
Not at all. I just want him to "enjoy" the argument.
Anyhow, it's NSS Commie Faustus, you ferengi traitor.
1701, to be precise.
You always shut up when you look up in dictionaries what "precise" means.
Nah. I'm looking in framework docs atm. Dictionaries are more fun.
Haha, another day that sucks for you.
I wonder which site you'll disassociate yourself from this evening.
Lemme guess, will it be Physics?
You'd like it to be Physics, wouldn't you?
Nah, I just don't see yourself fleeing from Apple.
Though you certainly can be found fleeing from *Pine*apples occasionally.
Nah, the fact is it's too much trouble to disassociate oneself from a site. So, in the case of Skeptics I will stand back and let it die like Atheists.
12:53 PM
Frankly, I'm not holding my breath.
@RegDwight — Head-fake at a thwack.
There should be Pineapples.SE, for people who don't want to be associated with any SE site in any way, manner, shape, form or fashion.
Skeptics is like MythBusters except without the explosions and shitty writing. Well, without the explosions, anyway.
@RegDwight Please, explain to me the meaning of this sentence: "In Soviet Russia, hello means you!"
@Robusto Thankfully, now that you're no longer an active contributor, the quality of writing will improve dramatically.
@brilliant Er... um...
Mar 22 at 19:15, by RegDwight
A joke is a question, short story, or depiction of a situation made with the intent of being humorous. To achieve this end, jokes may employ irony, sarcasm, word play and other devices. Jokes may have a punchline that will end the sentence to make it humorous. A practical joke or prank differs from a spoken one in that the major component of the humour is physical rather than verbal (for example placing salt in the sugar bowl). Purpose Jokes are typically for the entertainment of friends and onlookers. The desired response is generally laughter; when this does not happen the joke is...
1:01 PM
So there was no other meaning besides that, right? I thought it was some kind of special meaning of the verb "mean", which I didn't know.
If that doesn't quite cut it, try this one:
Q: What does "piracy pirates" mean?

vgv8What doe the phrase In Soviet Russia, piracy pirates YOU. mean? What is implied by "piracy pirates YOU" and what - by "IN Soviet Russia"? Update: My difficulty was because The term "pirate" and "piracy" are senseless to apply to Soviet Russia because there was no, strictly speakin...

@brilliant Well, "mean" does have quite a few meanings. Just not in that sentence.
oh, wait, this reminds me of a great joke i thought of on Monday re: Osama bin Laden. In Soviet Russia, terrorists kill you!
Feb 23 at 13:32, by RegDwight
user image
@RegDwight — You could always go active and bring the quality back down.
* rimshot * thank you, everbody, i'll be here all week
1:04 PM
@Robusto I'm too busy bringing the quality down in this chat.
@RegDwight - Ah, okay, having read your answer there, now I understand.
@Robusto actually i like Mythbusters quite a bit more than skeptics.se. it has Keri, for one
Are you, like, twelve?
i'll let you decide that based on the quality of jokes i make
JoJo, United States
183 3
1:08 PM
@RegDwight - is it like you are at daggers with Robusto now? or that's how you usually joke with each other?
@RegDwight meh. not my type.
@JSBangs — Not enough Keri, too much Jamie and the other idiot.
@brilliant No, usually we hit each other's heads with giant nukes. Today is our day off.
A: What is the correct sound of the letter H - is it 'aych' or 'Haych' ?

AlenannoAccording to the OALD, the standard way to pronounce the H is this one, which is without the "H" sound in its pronunciation. Although on Wikipedia, it says there is also the other pronunciation (with the "H" sound at the beginning) which, anyway, is considered to be nonstandard.

@RegDwight :) I see.
1:09 PM
@Robusto Jamie and the other idiot i like. Kyle is the one who irritates me. Grant is the best.
@Kosmonaut Geez.
Not sure what to do with it.
@RegDwight I've noticed you like to use Russian letters from time to time when you chat with each other. Is it like you two hold some special attitude towards Russian?
Yes. We hate Russia in this chat. Fiercely.
We also hate Taiwan and gemstones.
I see.
1:13 PM
Hey @Robusto, it's your turn to answer some of brilliant's questions. Now that you're no longer on Skeptics, you should have plenty of time.
Hah. Plenty of time. That's a good one. I've been on a death march here. On Fridays we say, "Thank God it's Friday. Only two more working days until Monday!"
In case you haven't noticed, my production has slipped dramatically in the last couple of weeks.
quick question; do comments on questions bump them back to the front page
1:28 PM
@Robusto i don't think that i've answered anything in the last two days. there just... wasn't anything interesting that didn't already have a good answer.
1:40 PM
@mfg No, they don't.
Only edits to either the question or one of its answers do.
@reg ugh. good to know now. i edited based on a comment on an older question of mine thinking the comment already did the damage. thanks
@RegDwight: omg, are you flaming teylyn?
Yes. This aggression will not stand.
Seriously, who gives a flying freak about Duden?
Ever since they screwed up that Rechtschreibreform, everybody's just given up on spelling anyhow.
The German television probably has the highest typos-to-noise ratio in the world.
So you're arguing for or against the notion that "haitch" is wrong?
I am not arguing either way. I am an ananas who has never, ever heard haitch in his entire life. So I am not qualified.
1:51 PM
i've never heard haitch either, but i gather from circumstantial evidence that it's some british thing
some canadians too
canadians! ach y fi!
I learn new things on this site all the time. Which leads me to believe that absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence. Even if Skeptics would have me believe the opposite.
A: Is Paul McCartney dead?

SklivvzAbsence of evidence is evidence of absence The claim is not supported and therefore the following image of Sir Paul McCartney shot in 2010 is enough to prove differently: . Image courtesy of Wikipedia You may not be convinced, in which case please take into account that you will need to prove...

Uh, yeah. There's a "not" missing from that answer.

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