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12:21 AM
I hope it's not cheugy to dump climate charts in chat
@CowperKettle I still don't know what that means
I don't know my own language
The words I say don't mean anything to me
If they have any meaning at all, it's just an extraordinary coincidence.
Or you're fooling yourself
Assigning a meaning to random letters
@CowperKettle Die beste aller möglichen Welten.
@jlliagre Maybe it's not final data. It's from some guy on Twitter, after all
@Mitch That's one definition of spelling, I think.
12:38 AM
> Le pire n'est jamais décevant.
@jlliagre As I recall, Candide was written in French. So how came this German in?
@Robusto Leibniz.
@jlliagre He gets blamed for everything.
> In philosophy and theology, Leibniz is most noted for his optimism, i.e. his conclusion that our world is, in a qualified sense, the best possible world that God could have created, a view sometimes lampooned by other thinkers, such as Voltaire in his satirical novella Candide.
@jlliagre See?
Actually, I was unaware that Pangloss was based on Leibniz. Thank you for enlightening me.
12:42 AM
I read it too young. I think I was about 20 at the time.
Later, while studying to be an orchestral musician, I paid more attention to this Candide:
1:15 AM
I learnt the rule "The principal principle is that every school should have a Principle". But i've recently heard that principal can be a noun? Is there a difference in UK English vs US English on this?
@barlop Schools have principals more often than they have principles.
1:30 AM
Unicode refers to the letter "ɯ" as a turned m, but isn't it more like a doubled u?
> Ɯ (minuscule: ɯ) (also ) is a letter that was used in the Zhuang alphabet from 1957 to 1986 to represent a close back unrounded vowel /ɯ/. At some time in or before 1986, it was replaced with W. It was also used in Semyon Novgorodov's Yakut alphabet.
@DannyuNDos So yes and no. It is a W (double-u), but it's very literally a "turned m" for purposes of typography.
I can imagine typographists and phoneticians arguing over this.
> SSRI antidepressants reduced the ability to learn from rewards in a gaming task in a trial ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9938113
> "Lower reinforcement sensitivity in response to chronic SSRI administration may reflect the ‘blunting’ effect often reported by patients with MDD treated with SSRIs."
A recently-published 21-year-long study showed that antipsychitics cause negative symptoms (anhedonia, lack of motivation) and cognitive symptoms (reduced ability to do mental tasks) through their anticholinergic action.
No wonder then that schizophrenia treatment outcomes in the richest nations were no better than in the poorest in 1990s, despite the lack of drugs in the latter
SSRIs → apathy
Antipsychotics → lack of drive to do anything, reduced cognitive abilities
1:47 AM
@CowperKettle Antipsychotics?
@Robusto yes
@Robusto I mean, basically drugs used for majority of mental diseases ... increase bad symptoms
> "Amotivational syndrome caused or related to SSRI dosage is also commonly known as apathy syndrome, SSRI-induced apathy syndrome, SSRI-induced apathy, and antidepressant apathy syndrome"
@CowperKettle Yeah, you spelled it antipsychitics and I thought there might have been something other than antipsychotics.
@Robusto I have principles, and if you don't like them.. I have others
@Robusto I'm mistyping frequently
@CowperKettle Glad I never had to take those. I knew a guy who took lithium for bipolar disorder andhe said it just made him feel dead all the time.
I should buy a keyboard set for court stenography, and type 200 words/minute
@Robusto I took lithium, and it made me extra calm. But I started falling dead asleep in the middle of the day, and my blood sugar started always hovering at about 8 mmol/L despite insulin
I took it out of interest for a couple weeks, to see what it does
1:52 AM
@CowperKettle The problem with that is you have to pronounce words to yourself in a simplified system of phonemes. For example, have is transliterated to a pronunciation that would rhyme with brave
When I was putting myself through school I typed court transcripts from court stenographers, which is how I know this sort of thing.
No æsc, among other things.
Nowadays, computers are used to decipher the stenographer's typing, most likely
Certainly. That was just beginning when I was doing that job.
I saw a guy on YouTube who said that he tried out a stenography set and got hooked, because he can type very fast even while he only self-trained in his spare time and is below 50% of speed achieved by a pro stenographer
But I took the job because I'm a fast typist and they paid by the page. Sometimes I could make $20/hr, which was really good pay for those days.
I type about 100 words per minute, even now.
My accuracy isn't as good as it used to be, though.
My grandma was a typewriter typist in the USSR, in a company that extracted peat for peat-fired powerplants
She was offered a typist position in the KGB, but she wiggled out of it by assuring them that she was not up to the task, could not keep secrets and so on and so forth
1:58 AM
@CowperKettle Good for her.
The Shatura Power Station (Russian: Шату́рская ГРЭС, romanized: Shaturskaya GRES, or GRES-5 locally) is one of the oldest power stations in Russia. The facility is located in Shatura, Moscow Oblast, and generates power by utilizing two 210 MW units, three 200 MW units, and one 80 MW unit, for a total capacity of 1.1 GW. Built in 1925, the power station initially used peat as its fuel source. Later on, the power plant has been diversified into multifuel. In 2010, a new combined cycle block of 400 MW was installed. The 80 and 400 MW blocks can not work on peat. == Balance of fuel == In 2005 the fuel...
Putin took the job, obviously.
There is still one station working on peat
@Robusto LOL
I would imagine typing in Russian is harder than typing in English.
I don't know.. seems okay to me. I find it harder to type in Ukrainian due to all the i and ї letters
2:00 AM
Maybe it's what you grow up with.
Київ is Kiev
One of the most biting pieces of satire I've seen in a while.
SNL still has it, apparently. Whoever came up with the idea for this sketch is a genius.
Yes, it's great
Yeah, one of the good ones.
They don't always hit it that on the nose, but this time they did.
2:22 AM
@Robusto ah i see thanks
2:56 AM
@jlliagre Glücklich zu sehen!
@Mitch Igualmente.
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4:07 AM
Fish of the day: alewife
> I was always afraid of Somes's Pond:
Not the little pond, by which the willow stands,
Where laughing boys catch alewives in their hands
In brown, bright shallows; but the one beyond.
4:17 AM
Alewife station is a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) intermodal transit station in the North Cambridge neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is the northwest terminal of the rapid transit Red Line (part of the MBTA subway system) and a hub for several MBTA bus routes. The station is at the confluence of the Minuteman Bikeway, Alewife Linear Park, Fitchburg Cutoff Path, and Alewife Greenway off Alewife Brook Parkway adjacent to Massachusetts Route 2, with a five-story parking garage for park and ride use. The station has three bike cages. Alewife station is named after nearby...
One of our local train stations is, ultimately, named after them.
5:16 AM
@Laurel Is this ChatGPT, or just a prolific new user? english.stackexchange.com/users/499311/zzz
5:39 AM
Q: What's the definition of direct object and transitive verb?

sergbotThe definition of a direct object is being a recipient of a transitive verb, and the definition of a transitive verb is: characterized by having it containing a direct object. Can someone define the two words in laymens terms?

Is there a "vote to un-migrate" option? As Araucaria said in the comments, this is actually a difficult question and I see no signs it came from a non-native speaker.
@EdwinAshworth As Auracaria pointed out, a detailed answer to this is quite difficult and this question should not have been migrated. Please do not migrate questions to ELL because you consider them too easy; that's in violation of current ELU policies. There's no reason to think this came from a non-native speaker so it should stay on ELU. — alphabet 2 mins ago
@Laurel Would you mind backing me up by telling Edwin Ashworth that he should, indeed, not be closing "easy" grammar questions? He seems not to have learned this and keeps insisting the mods are on his side.
Now this one should, I think, go to ELL, not because it's too simple but because it's the sort of exercise that would only be given to non-native speakers.
(Ended up deleting that comment because I don't want to stir things up. Well, I do want to stir things up, but not now.)
I need a way of traveling back in time, to stop myself from posting overly disputatious comments instead of needing to delete them later.
6:26 AM
When I walk in the street, my old iPhone 5s gets frozen and the charge indicator falls to 1%, but when I return home, the second I connect it to the charger, the indicator jumps to 60%.
6:50 AM
I was at the neurologist, and there are three signs indicating "room 207" there.
Just to make sure. Two written signs, and one electric sign (partially visible) in red
@CowperKettle Is it malfunctioning?
@Vikas No, it's regenerating slower than my phone camera's shutter time
Probably 50 Hz
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9:16 AM
@Mitch I just discovered a follow up:
Do you know why milk is the fastest liquid?
It's pasteurized before we can even see it
3 hours later…
12:05 PM
@alphabet Someone would have to close the question on ELL and reopen here
I feel like it's probably the "laymen's terms" that triggered that migration
12:43 PM
Music of the day: candombe drumming
> Between February 1999 and February 2005, we assisted five young adult patients who were admitted to the emergency department with a history of red-brown urine temporally related to candombe drumming.
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2:29 PM
@CowperKettle Another joke popular in my grade school lo these many years ago.
1 hour later…
3:34 PM
Wordle 983 3/6

@Robusto Is that a typo or is it: Lo! ?
@Vikas lo
> Used to attract attention or to show surprise.
This one right?
I first read it in Autobiography of a Yogi book.
It was used multiple times.
Autobiography of a Yogi is an autobiography of Paramahansa Yogananda (5 January 1893 – 7 March 1952) published in 1946. Paramahansa Yogananda was born as Mukunda Lal Ghosh in Gorakhpur, India, into a Bengali Hindu family. Autobiography of a Yogi recounts his life and his encounters with spiritual figures of the Eastern and the Western world. The book begins with his childhood and family life, then finding his guru, becoming a monk and establishing his teachings of Kriya Yoga meditation. The book continues in 1920 when Yogananda accepted an invitation to speak at a religious congress in Boston...
3:41 PM
Most commonly seen in the fixed phrase "lo and behold" ...
3:51 PM
Daily Octordle #764
Score: 68
Another screw-up like yesterday. Chased a single again.
4:05 PM
Daily Sequence Octordle #764
Score: 77
Blossom Puzzle, February 27
Letters: C D E R I S T
My score: 391 points
My longest word: 12 letters
🌻 🌼 🏵 🌸 💮 🌹 🌷 🌺 💐 🌻 🌼 🏵
4:26 PM
@jlliagre Very 'covid' era. Very strange to see all the streets and sidewalks entirely empty of anything at all (Like cafes and restaurant seating). But this update had a creepy feel to it... a bunch of older men standing around, a young man driving one of them around, the utter arbitrariness of the woman giving the driver of the older man some flowers.
I don't know the connotations in French but 'louche' in English means 'creepy like an older man leering at a young woman'.
Google gives "Qui n'est pas clair, pas honnête. ➙ suspect, trouble. Affaires, manœuvres louches. Un individu louche." which is not the same -definition- as English, but applies to the same situation in a similar manner.
@Mitch Yes, the adjective louche means suspicious. As a noun, it's a ladle.
@jlliagre Louche in English means morally questionable.
@Robusto Loucher means to have a squint.
@CowperKettle I wonder if, being neurology, they found that the redundant signage was actually not redundant and different patients recognized them differently.
@jlliagre And does the name 'Lalouche' have a certain... je ne sais quoi... inclination?
@jlliagre Perhaps "shifty" would be better for the English borrowing.
4:35 PM
ie would it have been easy for kids in school to make fun of him for it?
@Vikas I remember seeing this book as a child here in the US a lot.
I never read it though.
I figured 'yogi = not science fiction' and passed right by it.
@Mitch Lelouch's name means lamb in Arabic, doux comme un agneau :-)
I like my fiction to be based on facts that are totally misunderstood in order to have a plot where things explode, instead of facts based on hallucinations of the real world and nothing explodes.
@jlliagre Is he un pied-noir?
@Mitch Kind of, but not really. He never lived in Northern Africa. His father was born in Algeria but got married in Paris in 1933 and stayed there.
@Mitch The old man (not that old) in the Prince de Monaco, that explains why everyone is so "tighten up".
and the young guy is a Formula One driver.
4:52 PM
@jlliagre Oh 1) yes - older, not old 2) I wouldn't have recognized either.
@jlliagre That brings up an interesting question. I wonder if the dad was an Ashkenazi Jew whose ancestors were from France and part of colonization (and came back -as- Pied-Noir, -or- natively North Africa Jewish?
wikipedia is correcting a lot of wrong assumptions I had.
The history of the Jews in France deals with Jews and Jewish communities in France since at least the Early Middle Ages. France was a centre of Jewish learning in the Middle Ages, but persecution increased over time, including multiple expulsions and returns. During the French Revolution in the late 18th century, on the other hand, France was the first European country to emancipate its Jewish population. Antisemitism still occurred in cycles and reached a high in the 1890s, as shown during the Dreyfus affair, and in the 1940s, under Nazi occupation and the Vichy regime. Before 1919, most French...
I thought historically Jews in France were mostly Ashkenazi, but it seems not, that they are mostly Sephardic (from the Spanish expulsion in 1492 and afterwards) or Mizrahi (or is it Maghrebi?) associated with Arabic rule of North Africa.
I never know what to believe in wikipedia
5:31 PM
"I know not how I came into this, shall I call it a dying life or a living death?" ---St. Augustine
In other news, COVID finally caught up to me.
5:47 PM
@Mitch There are many stories and events in it which are claimed real but seem fiction. Indians debate on it. Real or fiction, it didn't matter to me much. I enjoyed them.
@MetaEd Really? Your first time? Paxlovid supposedly is really good... make sure you take it early.
sometimes this is my mood
and other times this
@Vikas 👍
Speaking of sort of not fiction, I saw Dunki.
@Mitch Cats like to ensconce themselves in anything except cat carriers.
@Robusto Business idea: sell cat carriers that are actually boxes.
@Mitch Been there, done that. ASPCA used to sell cardboard cat carriers, but determined cats would easily shred their way out of those if under duress. As I had cause to know when my GF's cat got spooked by loud truck noises and literally exploded out of the shitty carrier.
@Robusto You're just walking away from cash.
5:58 PM
I have too much honor to sell permeable carriers, tyvm.
1) Use better cardboard 2) Write a disclaimer about cats freaking out 3) Profit
@Robusto You can't put honor in a bank.
But you go right ahead and profit, while I watch from the sidelines.
@Mitch Honor and dishonor exist in the same place.
@Mitch yeah, first time. and I'm just treating symptoms
Which reminds me, Belichick was not who won all those Superbowls
@MetaEd Were you vaccinated?
6:00 PM
@Mitch they do sell cat carriers that are actually boxes
@Robusto yes, stayed up to date on that
I got Covid a year ago Christmas, as a fully vaxxed individual. I tried the Paxlovid, which helped some, but two days after the course of medication I tested positive again.
Plus, Paxlovid makes your mouth taste TERRIBLE. The aftertaste on that stuff lasts five days.
@Robusto fur furem, lupus lupum recognitur
@MetaEd Dang. Next business idea then?
Paxlovid breath fresheners?
@Mitch cat carriers that are actually aircraft carriers
I'm just spitballing here
@MetaEd As long as the cats are on our side
@Mitch Cats fight for their own flag.
6:08 PM
@Robusto Just make sure you are the only ones who feed them.
I think I only had COVID once during Thanksgiving 2021, right when I became a mod for the first time. I don't think any of what I have to say about it would be useful here since I didn't need to do anything special to get over it
Once cats realize they can launch a squadron of attack aircraft, our days are numbered.
I was going to use saltier language but yeah
I guess I can say that losing your taste during COVID is the perfect time to have all those disgusting healthy foods. I got on Ensure myself
6:10 PM
Pedialyte has a very subtle but strange aftertaste. I thnk Gatorade is for the most part a replacement.
@Laurel hasn't happened to me yet. my immune system probably acted early enough
@alphabet How nice was the ravine?
@Laurel I remember the tiktok videos of young adults filming themselves getting a fancy drink at starbucks and getting all angry at them for not putting in the flavor blasters requested or frankly not any flavor at all and oh shit they have covid
@alphabet They did and they do. They even evict people with dementia who can't pay their bills. So what are these people to do, go out and get a job?
> “I understand that you want to stay in there forever because you get free food,” Brad tells her (the mother) politely as he slips a snare pole around her body.
6:16 PM
@Mitch Sounds vaguely familiar to me too. Wow, peak COVID really was a while ago
I don't see what the problem is.
@Laurel It's like it never happened.
Except it did
a lot
@MetaEd You need to pay for better AI.
@Robusto not paying to post my stupid pun
It wasn't even your pun, ya cheapskate. Wait, it was. And here I thought was Mitch's. Hey, stop stealing Mitch's persona in chat!
Aircraft cattier?
was that the prompt?
6:21 PM
Cattle ship?
Can't actually tell what animal it's supposed to be
If they're cats, they're the ugliest cats I've ever seen.
It's like a cat and an armadillo mated.
They should rename AI to Larceny, Inc.
@Mitch it's a cat carrier
@MetaEd oh
that's not funny
I mean if it were dogs, that'd be funny
You know, like corgis
dogs have no shame
6:30 PM
here's Google's entry
or pride
@MetaEd Thank God they don't have wings.
... and Microsoft's.
pretty good except for the distorted deck
maybe that's how the build carriers, I dunno
@Mitch Neither do cats, but for different reasons.
If dogs do something bad, they hang their heads and mope away. Cats just look at you like "So I peed on the rug. What is that, a crime? Besides, this is boring, I'm outta here."
6:51 PM
Spanish Dad Joke
A: ¿Cómo se dice nariz en inglés?
B: Nose.
A: ¿Tú tampoco? ¡Nadie lo sabe!
so that's shame. do dogs have shame, or not?
Dec 17, 2021 at 15:28, by Mitch
Jul 24 at 23:55, by Mitch
2 days ago, by Mitch
Effing cats man
7:11 PM
@Mitch I'm absolutely not going to watch it. And I wonder if I will ever watch a SRK movie again.
He should start doing dad roles now.
7:46 PM
@alphabet Do apologize for your political comments above, which are offtopic on this site, before critisizing others.
@Jakobian It's the task of the folks above the English.SE moderator to point him/her to his/her wrongdoings (and not up to folks below).
@M.A.R. The moderator's spam (to be more precise: offtopic flood) is completely unrelated to my question being closed. Here, we're talking about the moderator's misbehaviour concerning the first (and not the second) issue: clearly flooding the chat with offtopic stuff.
@AlMa1r Kindly, I don't care, its not the point of what I said
@Jakobian But it's my point.
And you're right. But you're not the one to pass the judgement if someone is misbehaving
Then please go on and tell us how

Requiescant in pace 31k† Ukrainian troops.” with music (sang NOT in English)
would ever on Earth be considered proper behavior and worthy of a moderator for an English language site.
Its not my problem
7:59 PM
@Jakobian That was a reply to the room owner.
I'm just one of the many victims of your flag
@Jakobian If it's irrelevant to your role, whichever it might be, then just ignore it.
@AlMa1r Room owner didn't say its proper behaviour in that post. Only that it didn't warrant flagging
8:12 PM
@Vikas haha I watched it only because you recommended it!
I don't know if this is the same as what you're thinking but SRK's face really annoys me.
@AlMa1r You've been told how this chat works by a room owner, another ELU moderator (me), a moderator from a different SE site, and even someone who's apparently just an active user in other chats. There's not really anyone left other than a Community Manager and they're just going to tell you the same thing: You can discuss your closed question here if (and only if) you do so respectfully. Respect that we talk about all sorts of things in this chat. It's not spamming
@Laurel Again, my closed question is a different, unrelated matter. Good night!
@AlMa1r Please, don't make us kick-mute you here. If you want to behave in a respectful, collegial manner, you are welcome. If all you want to do is yell at everybody for imagined injuries, that is a different matter entirely.
@AlMa1r it's really inspiring how much you care about chat but I've talked to chat and they really don't mind a flood of off-topic stuff.
@M.A.R. It's not criticism, it is caring.
8:27 PM
@M.A.R. In fact, nothing (much) is on- or off-topic here. Much of it does seem to be in English, but even that isn't a requirement.
Now that the whole gang is here, I have a question.
@Mitch Is a quesiton like a positron, only made from cheese?
Cats are awesome or cats are more awesomer than that?
@Robusto You're obviously mad.
Cats are evil. And that's cute for some people and relatable for others.
Not angry. The deranged kind of mad.
8:28 PM
@Mitch It takes one to know one.
Mitch is quite ranged when he isn't ranting about something
@M.A.R. Clever strategy to answer. But that won't save you. You're obviously a cat hater.
@M.A.R. I'm somewhat embarrassed about my ranginess.
@AlMa1r You seem upset. Have you considered adopting an all-milk diet? It worked for me. Like most topics, my all-milk diet advocacy is appropriate for ELU chat and not considered spam.
People call it 'alopecia' to sound fancy.
*grabs popcorn
8:30 PM
I just realized why alopecia sounds so nice.
@Mitch I'm always alternating between being embarrassed and not minding it
It sounds soothing and cooling.
"Male-pattern baldness" sounds like a designation for a prisoner in Alcatraz
@M.A.R. You should see the tattoos they get.
@M.A.R. It sounds more like a board game.
8:33 PM
I know it's not a word but you'll never guess how come I just thought of the planet where Luke and Anakin Skywalker grew up.
@Mitch It does seem like a nice-sounding name to give to one's daughter. And quite appropriate if she ever needs chemo. (Too far?)
OMG it's almost March. I'm still trying to figure out January.
@Mitch What year?
@Mitch Tataouine?
@alphabet There's totally an emoji for what I'm feeling right now.
8:36 PM
Tataouine (Berber languages: Tiṭṭawin; Arabic: تطاوين) is a city in southern Tunisia. It is the capital of the Tataouine Governorate. The below-ground "cave dwellings" of the native Berber population, designed for coolness and protection, render the city and the area around it as a tourist and film makers' attraction. Nearby fortified settlements (ksars), manifestations of Berber architecture, such as Ksar Ouled Soltane, Chenini, Douiret, and Ksar Hadada, are popular tourist sites. == Etymology == The name Tiṭṭawin means 'eyes' and 'water springs' in the Berber language. It is sometimes t...
@M.A.R. I'm only ranged when I'm gruntled.
@jlliagre I love that stuff. A little harissa, sprinkle of lemon.
@jlliagre They are under the thumb of Tata Steel (Oui? Ne?).
@Robusto snort a year ago sounds like yesterday until you look at the checkbook.
uh actually
do people -use- checks anymore?
8:38 PM
@Mitch 👺
@Mitch From time to time, yes.
@Mitch If I started writing a check I'd begin the date with "19" ... that's how long ago it was.
@jlliagre but less and less
@Robusto exactly
@Mitch Maybe 6 times a year or something.
It's . . . 2024?
8:40 PM
@jlliagre Also I thought France was at the forefront of converting everything to direct debit (paying directly from one's bank account) instead.
I feel like if I sleep I'll wake up in the morning to see it's 2019.
@Mitch That too.
> ...that's how long ago it was.
The pandemic eliminated my sense of time.
@M.A.R. And then you'll have to go to pharmacist school all over again.
8:43 PM
@jlliagre I've converted everything I can think of to 'e-transfer' so much so that it's a real inconvenience when some place only takes checks. I have to -find- the checkbook, remember how checks work, find an envelope, find a stamp, remember how to send things by mail... and if I can't do any of these things I have to order new ones.
@Robusto well, I can't see into the future, it can't be that bad.
@M.A.R. But what about the future past?
Being in healthcare is so difficult. How does everyone else do it? Winging it?
@Robusto I will have to migrate that question to ELL
@Robusto There's a tense/aspect conjugation for that.
@M.A.R. From what I hear... yes.
@Mitch Very tense.
8:46 PM
A lot of googling for 'subdural hematoma' and 'how to apply a bandaid'
@Mitch Something like "I'll have done it before you'd expect"?
Before you get an answer, it will have been being discussed for quite some time.
@M.A.R. When I pay by check, it's not that I ask for but that the creditor want one for some reason. That might be a doctor, the farmer who sell me firewood, the chimney sweep, my kid's school for some trip.
@M.A.R. My daughter-in-law, who is an M.D., says it's like trying to dry up a waterfall with only a teacup. Every day you begin again, and the waterfall is unchanged from the day before, except for the teacups you've managed to extract.
@Mitch I mean, guy barges in, demands a whole therapy regimen for some vague description of a potential illness his aunt's unkle's granddaughter has, who isn't present, because that would be too easy
8:47 PM
You know how you're sitting there freezing on a cold steel examining table naked in an open-backed paper gown for what feels like a half hour?
It's googling time for the doc.
@M.A.R. Give him some Xanax; tell him to take it and come back in 15 minutes.
"Can you describe her symptoms? Is she coughing." "Yes, I mean no." How the HELL can't you tell if someone is coughing.
"How old is she? How much does she weigh?" "She's 7 this winter. She's um, 15 kilos?"
"Which answer will get you to prescribe me opioids?"
@M.A.R. Maybe they thought you said "coffin" and they got spooked.
@DannyuNDos add in passive and you'll blow out the flange couplings on the hyper-entropic flux capacitor.
8:51 PM
She must be a stick insect
@Mitch Dunno what you're referring to, but I can add passive: "It would've been done."
@alphabet hey I wish it was that. The ones asking for the wrong antibiotics for a cold are much worse.
"No, no, it's not a health issue, she's only skinny because I refuse to feed her as a punishment."
The ones looking for clonazepam or tramadol are some of the most polite customers you deal with.
Past future past passive. Wack!
8:53 PM
@M.A.R. That would be a huge stick insect.
And um, I realize it's embarrassing telling Americans that we don't have classy drugs of abuse, but they also sometimes ask for an 'expectorant codeine' syrup.
@DannyuNDos More!
"It would've been being done"?
I've heard stories of patients intentionally injuring themselves to get doctors to prescribe them opioids. And pretending to be allergic to all non-opioid painkillers.
@M.A.R. Do you get a lot of Americans in your practice?
@Mitch do the participants of SE chat count?
8:56 PM
Are they mostly Teherangelenos?
Funny that 2 days ago, I actually asked my doctor to prescribe a microdose of LSD, and was denied. Apparently, it's illegal anyway here.
@M.A.R. looks around suspiciously
@DannyuNDos Is that legal to prescribe anywhere?
@jlliagre I feel like there's a pattern there.
8:58 PM
@alphabet I heard that it's legal in the US as long as it's a microdose?
Also like what's Portugal's problem?
@DannyuNDos I don't think there's a legitimate use for LSD.
@Mitch Their diction?
Even marijuana, maybe.
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