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12:04 AM
@Cerberus Noice.
12:23 AM
Latin Wordle 108 5/6

12:50 AM
Wordle 304 X/6


2 hours later…
2:48 AM
@Mitch ...
3:24 AM
The Moskva sinking.
2 hours later…
5:15 AM
I saw an unusual animation in your avatar when you left the chat 10 seconds ago.
1 hour later…
6:40 AM
I solved Semantle #80 in 10 guesses. My first guess had a similarity of 27.98. My first word in the top 1000 was at guess #2. My penultimate guess had a similarity of 28.84. semantle.novalis.org
100% skill
1 hour later…
7:47 AM
@MattE.Эллен #80 for mee too ! That's the second time I play and the first one I complete the game.
8:38 AM
@jlliagre nice! congrats :D
8:52 AM
I misunderstood the #80 in your reply, I thought it was the number of guesses... 10 is impressive. By the way, mine was Semantle #79.
I just completed #80, I'm improving myself :-)
1 hour later…
10:11 AM
Facebook is dying because LinkedIn is becoming Facebook.
10:26 AM
@jlliagre nice! I think I missed #79 :D I only seem to play when I'm at work XD
#Worldle #88 2/6 (100%)
Wordle 304 X/6

Wordle is tough today, I must say.
11:01 AM
I have this homework question.
In the oral forms, I can't figure out what is the 4th, 6th and 7th. Can anyone help?
@Vikas yeah, quite a few words it could have been
Yeah that's where I lost
@CowperKettle I don't think so. I only ever hear it as a mass/uncountable noun
@AmalK 6 could be dictation, 7 could be instruction
not sure about 4
@MattE.Эллен Thanks! I had "dictaphone" in mind for the 6th one. But dictation seems to be it. Imagine having to do this in a master's degree :(
Looking in Lexico.com, the UK entry marks nausea as [mass noun] while the USA entry does not
11:18 AM
I like séance for 4. But seminar is more likely.
@Xanne Perfect. Thanks!
11:36 AM
@CowperKettle “A nausea” doesn’t sound right, spoken or written. It should be okay but it’s not, perhaps because it’s a condition, a feeling, a sensation, rather than a thing like cancer.
Or, say, an ulcer.
11:54 AM
@CowperKettle True. You could have a nausea caused by trying to win ahot-dog eating contest or seeing a brutally beaten body, and there may be separate or distinguishable properties of each. But you really don’t need to do this.
The written list has Fax, which is a fading technology, and lacks Text, which is becoming common.
@CowperKettle even if "a nausea" is proven to be technically correct, I'd recommend against using it like that
12:11 PM
Real telegrams! I remember those. Now we have DM. Also Docusign and related competing services that handle contracts and their signing.
Oh, that’s cool. And singing birthday cards.
We have various way to send money, also.
Musing, music, either way.
Phones come with flashlights.
12:44 PM
@CowperKettle here it was every day in junior high. Then it stopped during high school. Whether they don't play it in high schools or people just stopped bothering, I dunno
I used to hear it every day. Now I can't remember the last time I heard it. Probably the welcome ceremony to the university?
If it's the latter, even with the amped up propaganda of the recent years, it's a nice little indication how at some recent point the previous generation stopped calling it "our" revolution.
Of course, everyone's too afraid to say that out loud. So you have to look for these signs.
I also remember every other channel had these elaborate programs where "Qari"s (reciters) recited Quran. That's also taken a significant hit recently.
1:11 PM
@CowperKettle Ukraine situation isn’t getting better
1:24 PM
@CowperKettle well, they're pretty avoidable, so no.
In fact, they're stigmatized among kids who are too young to even understand why they're stigmatized.
@CowperKettle these modern people are soft. We need to go back to when Russia was great and millions were starving.
In distant underdeveloped villages, Basij is a good label for the locals to get some funding to build a school or something.
In larger cities, some charitable work is done by Basijis. I dunno how much of the money really goes to charity and charitable work as opposed to deepening pockets.
@CowperKettle in 1979, actually, that was true I think.
The threat of a looming war and domestic terrorists blowing up this and that place
Of course, the crazometer was off the charts; it doesn't justify anything
Well, today, Basij is a disorderly mess of bootlickers and bureaucrats and people that hop along to score points somewhere
@CowperKettle our revolution enjoyed popular support though
Mostly just pent up frustration towards those handsome rich foreigners
@CowperKettle I dunno what the aim really was besides throwing Americans out. If the government handling things after the revolution was any indication, they had no frigging idea how to proceed.
It was a revolution to make martyrs. Winning complicated things.
A lot of ideas were hastily and blindly copied from Western governments
Those handsome foreigners were evil but they sure knew how to run things. Well, they were elitist too
@CowperKettle the Persian itself doesn't sound medical though, that's extra kerosene "westitis" is adding to the fire
Well, I'd say west-struck-ness is defiitely a thing though. And pretty petty too.
You should hear some of my instructors. They've turned Europeans into Olympians.
Well, in the sense of being godlike, not all the messed up things Olympian gods do, haha
Being in awe of westerners and hating them for it, yeah
Oh, that name again.
He's operating space Jew lasers to turn us into rabbis.
Shal . . . Oh no it's happening
When hate becomes virtue, beneficence becomes evil
-- Mark Ghandi
-- Albert Edison
Nothing good ever came of these triangles
1:54 PM
@CowperKettle Soros is the Republicans' favorite bogeyman in the US.
@tchrist: Are users allowed to solicit donations in their profiles?
A man roundly hated for being beneficent. And how they hate him!
#Worldle #88 2/6 (100%)
Hah, I should have got that on the first try. But I wasted an attempt.
2:13 PM
I didn't knew this map boundary, but I knew a country with this kind of "vertical" map. So I was lucky.
Wordle 304 6/6

Yeah, a tough one today. So many possible combinations.
2:59 PM
#Worldle #88 1/6 (100%)

Wordle 304 X/6


Not easy...
I'm thinking to get a printout of world map and paste it on my room's wall.
Good idea.
3:14 PM
I can imagine it must be frustrating for Ukraine, why they didn't receive everything as soon as the invasion began.
3:45 PM
Thank God Trump is gone.
3:56 PM
@Cerberus One always fears his potential for return.
But not today.
@RobustosupportsUkraine Probably. :(
@Cerberus You guys are all talking about real world tragedy and I'm tying to whistle while walking past a cemetery.
@Cerberus His effect and all the people that made it so are still around.
You think the war would have been the same with Trump leading America?
4:16 PM
@Cerberus Oh. Wow. I didn't realize the context.
So you're talking about the Ukrainian invasion stuff happening right now?
Yes, I think things for the Ukrainians would be more awful for them if Trump were still president.
Maybe read the context of a message before replying to it?
Actually i feel like I've wondered aloud here before why Putin didn't do the invasion while Trump was in office to take advantage of the US actually supporting him then (because Trump was probably going to ignore all advice from the world community and either abstain or be pro-Russia)
@Cerberus Let's hope he stays gone.
@Cerberus My apologies.
But there are many horrors that want to replace him.
4:19 PM
@Mitch Exactly.
Indeed, increased prices have helped Putin, and increased dependence on Russian energy by Germany, perhaps.
@RobustosupportsUkraine Whether he as a person is involved, a lot of his ... personality is being taken o by politicians here.
@CowperKettle That is also possible.
@Mitch No worries.
1 min ago, by Robusto supports Ukraine
But there are many horrors that want to replace him.
People of the Lie.
Does Ukraine have any submarines?
4:29 PM
I don't believe so.
Russia captured much of the Ukrainian fleet in 2014.
And Ukraine scuttled some ships when the current invasion began.
So I think there is very little left.
Too bad.
But if you ever see a Russian ship blow up from the center and split in half, chances are it will be from a sub.
Yeah, although I don't know how useful ships would be to Ukraine at the moment.
Submarines are always useful, especially for defeating a blockade.
I suspect the Ukrainians would have used submarines by now if they had any.
4:32 PM
I think they never had any.
At least not since 2014.
And any port they could use would be within striking range of Russian missiles.
I thought all the Soviet naval installations were in Crimea?
What installations?
@Mitch Their sub fleet ports are in the Arctic, I believe.
wheere all the boats and submarines are built and docked
Maybe also on the east coast of Siberia.
4:38 PM
The Russian Navy (Russian: Военно-морской флот [ВМФ], romanized: Voyenno-morskoi flot [VMF], lit. '"Military Maritime Fleet"') is the naval arm of the Russian Armed Forces. It has existed in various forms since 1696, the present iteration of which was formed in January 1992 when it succeeded the Navy of the Commonwealth of Independent States (which had itself succeeded the Soviet Navy following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in late December 1991). The first iteration of the Russian Navy was established by Peter the Great (Peter I) in October 1696. Ascribed to him is the oft quoted statement...
So Sevastopol (in Crimea) is the Black Sea center. I can't see anything yet about elsewhere on the Black Sea.
> In the aftermath, the Ukraine Navy relocated its main operational base to its Western Naval Base in Odessa. The current fleet consists of 11, mostly small operational ships, one frigate commissioned in 1993 and four corvettes. Russia also returned a Polnocny-class landing ship to Ukraine, restoring Ukraine's amphibious assault capabilities.[39]
They have deepwater ports on the Barents Sea, apparently.
@RobustosupportsUkraine so cold
The Russians also captured various Ukrainian ships this year.
@Mitch Russians don't care. They wash their balls in ice water, as the saying goes.
4:43 PM
So there isn't much left.
I would think that the Black Sea might be too shallow for subs after all. And there is a whole gantlet of the Bosporus and the Mediterranean to get subs to the Atlantic and back.
I think the middle of the sea is pretty deep.
But not the areas near the Ukrainian coast.
@RobustosupportsUkraine and Magadan and Vladivostok in the Far East?
What depth do submarines need in war?
@Cerberus Max depth is less than 300 m, I am pretty sure.
4:46 PM
How do you mean max?
I should think submarines require a minimum depth, not a maximum?
@Cerberus Before the sub risks rupture of the pressure hull.
That seems like not very deep
Okay, but then why do you say that?
@Cerberus Because the average depth of the Mediterranean is 1500 m.
So that would support your point.
You suggested the Black Sea might be too shallow, but now you're talking about too deep?
I am confused.
4:49 PM
@Cerberus Black Sea != Mediterranean Sea.
But I see that the Black Sea average depth is 1,253, so yeah, plenty of depth there.
I was probably thinking of the Caspian.
But it is shallow near Ukraine.
Okay, then I do not understand what you were saying at all, but never mind.
@Cerberus I was speculating, without sufficient information. But my main point was leading up to the fact that Turkey could at any moment close the Bosporus to naval ships, even subs.
And the very large area close to Ukraine and Crimea may be 0-50 m deep (according to the map above). Which would cramp submarine operation. ~50 m would be the minimum keel depth for submerged operation (according to an ex-Navy sub captain I ride with), with no room for deeper navigation in case the sub were being chased.
So at the end of all this naval talk, why hasn't Russia been bombing Odessa more?
Because she doesn't have any artillery nearby?
Missiles and rockets are scarce.
@Mitch Who knows? Perhaps they are trying to beat Ukraine into submission with Mariupol, and want to keep Odessa's infrastructure more or less intact?
5:03 PM
And I think she doesn't have that many operational artillery ships either.
They have also moved their warships to 80 km offshore, I believe I read. Which would be out of artillery range. If you can fire at the land from ships, the land artillery can fire back.
@RobustosupportsUkraine Reasoning about any of this seems futile because there's always the 'But -why- are they doing this?' question.
@Mitch Hence my preface of "Who knows?"
Anyway, is Mariupol that useless?
Maybe it's useful to Putin as an object lesson.
5:05 PM
I think the only difference between Odessa and e.g. Mykolaiv or Mariupol is that Russia does not have its land artillery nearby.
I suppose
But honestly, of what use is Ukraine to Russia if they bomb it to rubble?
Will they do that just to make a point?
well looky at us being military strategists
or at least Cerb
Full disclosure: nobody here is a military strategist.
5:07 PM
I sorta feel glib about this and wondering why Russia doesn't send a a few cruise missile over to flatten a place. Like, why is it taking them so long?
Are they holding back?
@RobustosupportsUkraine What?
We are military chit-chat speculators.
But we are military chit-chat speculators first class, in my opinion.
Don't you feel better now?
I'm not. I have a huge table with maps and toy soldiers and horses and shit, pushing them around with a croupiers rake.
and a sturdy -land-line- telephone with five blinking buttons, each one an emergency
and a well-stocked liquor cabinet and box of cubans
@Mitch A hallmark of the chit-chat stragetist first-class. Congratulations, you made it!
and -two- secretaries crying in the corner
I feel privileged to know you.
5:11 PM
@RobustosupportsUkraine I'm leveling up from chit-chat to unhinged blathering
@Mitch Let me know when you make it. We'll throw you a party in chat.
Why wasn't there a directed attack on the 40 mile Russian supply convoy, using multiple ragtag commando units?
@Mitch What do you mean? As I said, missiles are scarce. Russia is bombarding Ukrainian cities with missiles all the time, but they lack the numbers to destroy that many buildings.
My estimate would be that the destructive power of Russian artillery near the front lines is 1000 times as large of all of Russia's long-range missiles and rockets combined.
@RobustosupportsUkraine I've moved on to playing an online version of Risk that is playing multiple copies of algorithmic strategies against each other, with multiple varieties of dice rules.
Each artillery hit is as destructive as a cruise missile.
A bomb is a bomb.
5:14 PM
Except ... nuclear ones.
You can put any kind of bomb in an artillery shell.
They have nuclear shells.
I understand. But there is a bright line between conventional and nuclear munitions.
That is besides the point.
Read the context.
For now they are proscribed. But what if Putin decides he's not doing enough damage with his limited supply of conventional armaments?
@Mitch There were many such attacks.
In the right locations.
They needed the right place for an ambush.
5:16 PM
@Cerberus In my impoverished imagination, I would have thought the Russian military would have an excess of arms that would annihilate a city overnight. Distinguishing the relative strength of front-line artillery and long-range is beyond me.
@Mitch It is about artillery versus missiles.
Artillery munitions are cheap and plentiful.
but need proximity to target?
Larger missiles are far more expensive, and scarce.
@Cerberus Your context seems to be that Russia doesn't have enough munitions. My point is that one nuke makes a very big bang.
@Mitch Yes.
And the shorter the range of an artillery piece, the cheaper its shells.
5:18 PM
But your tone seems very contentious toward me, so I am off before this becomes a shooting war. Enjoy!
So Russia has a ton of short-range artillery, still many longer-range artillery pieces, quite some bombs that can be dropped by aeroplanes, few cruise and other long-range missiles.
so if the point was to destroy, say, Mariupol, then they could use many front line artillery (which it seems they are doing) or they could use fewer and more powerful long range missiles (like cruise missiles).
No: a cruise missile is hardly more destructive than an artillery shell or two.
oh ok.
The only advantage of long-range ballistic missiles over artillery is longer range, not destructive power.
5:20 PM
Cruise missiles have the additional advantage of precision targeting.
Maybe the average cruise missile has a higher explosive charge than the average artillery shell, but 1000 shells are still much cheaper than 1 cruise missile.
Cost increases with calibre; but the main increase in cost is that between artillery shells and long-range missiles, I think.
And then there is a large increase in cost from ballistic missiles to cruise missiles.
Otherwise, nobody would be using anything but cruise missiles.
The sound of the word 'cruise missile' is very appealing.
It's not a very happy cruise.
'artillery' sounds very 19th century
@Cerberus There've been lots of adds for cruises lately. They make it seem like Disney World but on the water and a 24 hr buffet/open bar.
I might do it if there was no one else on board.
Other people are gross
So the real solution to the Ukraine problem seems to be 'The Russians should just stop it'.
If this were a school yard brawl, Russia would be sent to juvvy (you can't send them to prison because they're underage, or in this analogy, they have gun pointed at everybody's head.
@RobustosupportsUkraine Sorry, I'm tired.
I just felt frustrated over being misunderstood.
@Mitch Is that Ukrainian spelling?
5:46 PM
@Cerberus haha I thought it looked weird. yeah it's supposed to by 'juvy' (for a non-standard word)
In criminal justice systems a youth detention center, known as a juvenile detention center (JDC), juvenile detention, juvenile hall, or more colloquially as juvie/juvy, also sometimes referred as observation home or remand home is a prison for people under the age of 21, often termed, to which they have been sentenced and committed for a period of time, or detained on a short-term basis while awaiting trial or placement in a long-term care program. Juveniles go through a separate court system, the juvenile court, which sentences or commits juveniles to a certain program or facility. == Overview... ==
Yeah I guessed what it must be.
1 hour later…
7:09 PM
@Mitch correction: Disney World but you're all seasick
@Mitch I would have guessed it's spelled juvie
@M.A.R. ’Tis.
Does anyone know if EndNote online requires a subscription?
@M.A.R. well everybody is projectile vomiting and diarrhea but that's from norovirus.
@M.A.R. yeah.. probably. I've never had to spell it out before
@Mitch It wouldn't be authentic otherwise
@M.A.R. I think I'd rather be inauthentic
7:16 PM
Tsk tsk, Disney whitewashing everything these days
oh yeah I'd prefer they do a lot of washing, white or otherwise
so many kids throwing up there
at the real disney world
or the fake one
either space mountain
or it's a small world
From what I've heard everyone flocks to Disney World no matter the cost of the tickets
both promote GI distress
So it's probably dirtier than our beaches
@M.A.R. Disney World is very clean and so are it's man made beaches
A guy in a Snow White suit is holding a Goofy gun at my head to make me say that
7:19 PM
Does it make squeaky noises
I think you might be in the wrong film, friend
Joker is sooo 2019
Like a full body unlubricated latex suit.
@Mitch I'm imagining it chafing and making balloon noises
I actually don't know what a latex suit would sound like
@M.A.R. corn starch works for chafing and squeaking until you start to sweat
I've heard
1 hour later…
8:39 PM
Wordle (ES) #103 6/6


another hard one
My Spanish vocabulary needs strengthening.
I could also say this about any of the other languages I speak, except possibly English.
@Cerberus Apology accepted.
@Mitch It's definitely in current usage.
@RobustosupportsUkraine oh yeah of course. but in comparison to cruise missile, it makes me think of something older.
like space lasers makes me think that those cruise missiles are so late 20thc
the whole 1980 SDI was about space lasers right?
@Mitch I think it was more about saber-rattling.
@Mitch My father was in the artillery in WWII. Before he died he insisted the military would never get rid of artillery in favor of missiles.
His reasoning sounded much like @Cerb's: In close range (i.e., up to around 10 miles), artillery can put more munitions on target than anything else, and at less cost.
During WWII the Germans hated American artillery and the American strategy of using close artillery support once skirmishers had located the enemy. The Wehrmacht wanted the American rifle companies to come out and fight German fixed defenses.
"Fuck that, and fuck them," my father would intone every time he told that story. Which happened more often as he got up in years.
9:07 PM
Wördl 304 5/6 🔥3


Made some dumb guesses in there.
Latin Wordle 108 5/6

I can't believe I'm still at 100% for the Latin Wordle.
That's better than any of the other puzzles I do.
9:27 PM
@RobustosupportsUkraine A rare Spanish word, I had never heard of it before.

Wordle (ES) #103 5/6


Wördl 304 4/6 🔥1


@jlliagre Nor had I.
You had better guesses on the German.
9:43 PM
and I was lucky. My German vocabulary is quite limited. I "invent" words that look like plausible German ones, and that often works. My Latin vocabulary is also very limited, but it's easier for me because I extrapolate from French, Spanish or Italian words.
Latin Wordle 108 3/6

10:31 PM
Hey, hi. On the French asset I was presented with the following scenario, a math teacher has a title for some chapter of a course syllabus "Motivation to study linear algebra. (I.e. why study linear algebra; what is the point)". I'm no native speaker, but I read this as reasons or rationale for, as seemingly evidenced by what appears in the parens. I'm opposed that it's rather construed as a meaning pertaining to psychology, the process of creating a state triggering an action or what not.
Is it wrong to read this motivation as rationale for in this very context?
I could not understand all you wrote, but, yes, you could replace motivation with rationale in this text.
@Cerberus Thank you. What did you not get?
I'm opposed that. I'm being told that.
That the meaning has to be construed as pertaining to.
> I'm opposed that.
This does not make sense to me.
I hear you. I'm being told that... as an objection to what I say.
You might want to look up the word oppose in a dictionary, and look at some examples of how it's used.
10:36 PM
It was poor and not idiomatic, granted.
No worries, we all make mistakes.
Anyways, it's nice to see I wasn't that far off with rationale for, thank God.
A protracted discussion took place on French SE to figure out how to translate this. I should have just come here then moved on.
Life can be simple.
Anyways, cheers!
@tchrist I was surprised to find that the origin is American (1667]. It sounded like an old Anglo-Saxon thing. But the OED also finds no support for an African-language origin.
(I’ve known the song for years.)

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