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Good day. Are "program" and "programme" different words in British English? Wouldn't it be correct if I say "a {Java} programme"?
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I don’t get it.
4:03 AM
Either am I.
Word of the day: ghost gun
A privately made firearm (also called ghost gun) is a term for a (typically) homemade firearm that lacks commercial serial numbers. The term is used mostly in the United States by gun control advocates, gun rights advocates, law enforcement, and some in the firearm industry. Because home-manufacture of firearms for personal use is not considered to fall under the federal government’s authority to regulate interstate (as opposed to intrastate) commerce, individuals making their own firearms are not subject to federal or state commercial background check regulations. Persons otherwise prohibited...
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Did you hear about the little mushroom?
He was a fun guy.
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I walked in on my girlfriend having sex with her fitness trainer, and thought to myself: "okay, this isn't working out".
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@Mitch Harrison Ford would be coming for you then
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This is how trams evolved into subways. during a period very hostile to trams living on the surface they evolved the ability to burrow and create tunnels, and eventually move around underground. As evidence we can see the intermediary form of overground trains that go through tunnels.
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A: Alternative terms to "Blacklist" and "Whitelist"

Mitch'Whitelist' and 'blacklist', though they are very common usage, can sound somewhat strange nowadays because of, whatever the provenance, their connections with racially tinged words. An alternative, which is based on current technology but not yet widespread is: allow list deny list 'Allow' ...

blackball, blackboard, black box, Blackfriars, blackguard, black hole, black mark, black market, black money, blackout, black pudding, Black Russian, blacksmith, blacktop, black widow, Dark Ages, dark glasses, dark meat, darknet, fair folk, fair sex, fair-spoken, fair-walling, fairway, whiteboard, white meat, white noise, white noise, white rhino, White Russian, White Terror, whitewall, whitewash.
@Mitch Now that black and white and such have all become words strictly taboo to be scrubbed from our mouths, you might try your hand at fixing all those horribly offensive terms from my list above.
12:30 PM
my (not so serious) suggestions: black can be changed to blank (for all but blacksmith) with the added value of making them funnier. White can be changed to wort, dark to dork, and fair to fae
12:48 PM
Life's Too Short is a British sitcom mockumentary created and written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, from an idea by Warwick Davis, about "the life of a showbiz dwarf". Davis plays a fictionalised version of himself, and both Gervais and Merchant appear in supporting roles as themselves. The show began airing on BBC Two on 10 November 2011. Premium cable channel HBO, which co-produced the series with the BBC, have the US rights and began airing the series on 19 February 2012.In January 2013, it was announced that Life's Too Short would end later in the year with a special that would bring...
1:20 PM
@tchrist The only term in that list I find offensive is 'black pudding'. That stuff is nasty.
I mean you're expecting pudding and you get ... that?
1:34 PM
Q: How fast were BASIC interpreters in the 80s? (Is this optimization for speed really necessary?)

GellweilerI have a client who wants me to analyze a BASIC program from Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum. I have never written a line of BASIC in my life as I was born in 1995 and started programming around 2010. The program isn't difficult to understand though, all it does is generate all permutations of ...

In the early '80s I had a Cromemco System One with a DPU (Zilog Z-80 plus a Motorola 68000). I remember benchmarking the Sieve of Aritosthenes, first in BASIC on the Z-80 and then in C, which took advantage of the 68000 and was compiled. IIRC the C version was about three orders of magnitude faster.
I had only a Russian clone of the ZX Spectrum 16/48 kb with a built-in Basic.
And I had no proper documentation about this particular version of Basic, so I never managed to fill a two-dimensional array.
I had some Basic programs with two-dim arrays, but they never worked when I typed them.
That was a letdown.
I don't remember very much about BASIC, except it was really clunky, with GOTO statements and all that.
I should have gone to some libraries and asked for books. But I'm not sure. Libraries in Noyabrsk were mostly fiction-focused.
I once bought a cassette tape with Pascal for ZX Spectrum, but I did not manage to get anything running on it. The version of Pascal described in a book I had was intended for big computers, not for ZX Spectrum, and must have differed in some aspects.
So the examples from the book also failed to run.
Or maybe it was not Pascal? It was some language that was not Basic.
Pascal for Basic? How did that work? They were different languages.
I mean Pascal for ZX Spectrum
1:48 PM
Only in the 1990s did I have any good books on programming coupled with a fast computer, a DX2-66 with 12 mb of RAM
Pascal was another strange language. I never programmed in it seriously, but I fooled around with it a bit.
Pascal was quite popular in the 1990s, maybe it still is with some people.
@CowperKettle LOL, a monster!
@Robusto In the 1990s it was a proper computer ))
1:50 PM
I think the early Macintosh computers were programmed in Pascal.
I have now the Visual Studio 2019 installed, but I haven't touched it in 1.5 years maybe.
I should restart my study of C#
It's a useful language.
Lotta people use it.
I last studied it on 25 February 2020, with my log saying "Interfaces".
I had then clocked 279 hours of study.
I tend to keep study logs when I self-study something.
And a lot of Word files titled "Questions", "To investigate", etc.
I still have the Chemistry log lying somewhere.
You're very organized. I'm the opposite. I learn by doing, so I just jump right in off the deep end and start programming in a language.
I never managed to study some interesting topics in Chemistry, like Gibb's free energy.
My father used to self-study different topics a lot, and he also kept big copy-books.
He self-studied medicinal herbs, and we went on hikes to find different herbs and make alcohol tinctures with them. And then sell them.
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White population recedes.
6:13 PM
That's what Republican voters are so afraid of.

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