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1:20 AM
@RegDwigнt I haven't a clue. But apparently it's something that a GoFundMe page can remedy.
Sheesh. I should run for mod, get fired, and get someone to open a GoFundMe page. Kaching!
Note to all: I will call you by whatever pronoun you prefer, except I will not address you with singular they. "Hey there, Singular They!"
See? Nobody knows what I mean. And Plural They, in the corner over there, is simply confused.
And now for something completely different:
Interesting no-key flute solo. I'm impressed someone can do jazz on a six-hole flute. But, well, why not?
1:35 AM
Seriously, though, a GoFundMe page for Monica? Was she getting paid by StackExchange? I didn't think so.
BTW, if you want to do something more useful than working to get Monica reinstated, try working for environmental causes, or to get rid of Trump (both of which seem congruent somehow).
1:55 AM
So I'm trying to think of all the places where English uses V2 word order instead of the usual SVO.
The most obvious is constructions such as "Under no circumstances may David come to the party."
And I was sure there were a lot of others, but I can't quite think of them right this instant.
4 hours later…
5:54 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in username (91): Framing a sentence in a different ways ✏️ by Alpha Prime on english.SE
6:14 AM
@RegDwigнt you are wrong that I don't really have access to a kitchen. I am in a family ruin whose kitchen is a squalid place with broken stoves. I have been eaten outside for long, even just instant noodles.
this ruin has no access to any warm water, so I also take warm shower in the stadium of a university.
6:30 AM
@Malavika it's very troublesome that food needs to go out to search and I usually don't know what to eat; cooked food here is generally quite expensive with meager amount.
I just got up.
I actually feel going for forage ad hoc quite boring.
I feel forage easier if I do that by the way of going somewhere else.
but actually I am in the most urbanized area where food is generally very expensive so I don't usually feel getting decent food with fair price easy.
these days I seem to feel several eateries offer less amount of food than before because I don't feel full after eating and feel hungry soon.
and eateries here constantly raise the price so getting enough food becomes harder and harder.
non-veg but I tend to eat veg more.
I don't like eating a meal with a lot of meat.
I don't understand how people live in this surrounding because food here is generally so expensive; if they eat all three meals in eateries, they must spend a lot of money each day, then they must have a lot of money to afford it.
here housing is also very expensive;
no, this is where I grew up.
but I don't like here.
When I was in my graduate school in a suburb, food and housing there is very cheap and I really like there more.
from my childhood through UG, it's mainly my father who prepared food for me, and if I bought food, I mostly bought it around my UG, which is also in suburb where food is very cheap, too.
now this place has been a strange place for me because I have nobody who can relate to me here.
None of my previous classmates live in the surrounding.
when I moved back, I found my neighbors mostly change and I don't know any of them.
I also don't keep contact with any classmates in elementary, junior or high school so I become not knowing anybody here.
but I don't have much interest in keeping contact with those classmates, either.
Yes, I am alone all times here. I feel like a foreigner here.
1 hour later…
8:32 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (61): What is some poetry or famous lines/sayings on the "indifference to wealth and fame"? by Sunderam Saxena on english.SE
3 hours later…
11:54 AM
ELL: for before you give up English
EL&U: survivors support group
I used to use English every day. I've been clean for two months!
1 hour later…
1:14 PM
I wish there is someone who can help me sort out things in my room.
my room is full of litters.
but I need space to package.
these days I am overwhelmed with these litters interspersed with things which may be useful things.
even preparing for leaving here is such a big trouble.
I have never sorted out things after moving back.
Because I felt great lack of time and have no much interest in sorting out things is this irrelevant world.
@Malavika I feel it's very difficult to do that now.
because I lack energy to do thing without food first. As long as I get up, I feel hungry.
but I don't know what to eat or feel going to eat too boring to do.
often I feel staying in dreamland is better than the real world here, where is devoid of people no matter when.
I think I have stayed here for so long that it has become my ruin.
even preparing for leaving here is so difficult for me.
this was not originally a congenial family.
only Father is the person who would maintain the household.
without him, the family is scattered.
because I feel lack of momentum to preparing for things in this nobody world.
@Malavika she is Bombarder who is egocentriac.
she is still at this home but she isn't a helpful person.
if you are together with her, you would feel nothing is fun.
because she is unwilling to do anything taking her money.
even eating or drinking.
if you go out with her, she wouldn't buy anything to eat and only wants to go places which don't take money, unless you want to pay for her.
she is also very fussy so getting together with her is full of trouble.
also, I feel she doesn't have real interest, so she may not go to have fun with you even it's free. She mainly goes to those boring places, like banks.
she bombards for various fussy reasons from time to time, and it's very difficult to stay at her home.
she is irrational
she bombards for very irrational things.
I think the best is to leave this house for her to bombard.
she is very stingy, not willing to share her refrigerator with me.
if I put two beverages in her refrigerator, she would bombard.
and she puts a lot of litters in her living rooms, but if I just put one litter there, she bombards.
actually besides me, my sisters all move out, so this home has no animation besides her bombardment.
plus every facility in this house is broken, this house really feels like ghosts' residence.
2 hours later…
3:31 PM
I think for me fun mainly coming from school.
family isn't a source of fun.
in the past it had the function of economical support by Father, but now it no longer does, and has become a ruin.
Bombarder can just perturb your peace of mind.
home can't get new people if original people aren't good.
and the house is broken and family is scattered
family is the most vulnerable organization
once it is broken, it can't be retrieved.
but it may not matter if everyone in the family find a place to go.
the worst is that being mired in the broken house.
I think it's very important to have people who can relate to you and help you; not everyone can get together well.
so you can't just get a random person on the street and befriend with him or her.
4:25 PM
do we say: additional class for revising exams
1 hour later…
5:49 PM
Q: Why you're laughing vs Why are you laughing?

kambiz_mbiRecently I was talking to my friend in English. He started laughing and I asked him Why you're laughing man? Someone told me you should say Why are you laughing? and this one is totally wrong. I got a little bit confused. I know "Why are you laughing?" is correct but I can't wrap my head around...

^ Why was that marked as a duplicate? The target question looks utterly unrelated, and the answers on that question don't relate to this question at all.
I'm baffled.
6:10 PM
I just flagged it for reopening.
@Robusto I demand that you address me with singular you.
If your language doesn't have that, fuck your language, I'm offended by it.
I am clearly one person, not several. Do not address me in plural.
@Robusto you had me at "if you want to do something more useful than working".
@CaptainBohemian yes, I would be wrong in saying that you don't really have access to a kitchen. Which is precisely why I never once said that.
You must be getting me confused with someone else.
@tchrist well. Good thing that I don't know it, then.
Yeah I figured.
I'm not that often in this chat.
And Captain converses a lot with lots of people.
@tchrist Also, how and why does any news organization care about any of this.
How does any of it qualify as noteworthy for the outside world.
It doesn't qualify as noteworthy for half the people in this room right now.
Well, many people lack happiness and a kitchen and access to the Internet.
As a general rule, if you're posting anything on the Internet, you're not panicking.
6:43 PM
@RegDwigнt telling you the truth, I have never cooked a dish, even frying an egg. so I am not obsessed with cooking at all. I am just swamped with solving hunger. I just came back from solving hunger. I feel it's really boring to eat so often and go hunting so often just for solving hunger.
all I have done with kitchen is boiling water with noodles and vegetables.
I have never had my own kitchen. All I have done is in the family kitchen when there was still Father to clean it. Now that kitchen has been scattered with oil and the stoves are also broken.
rented dorms have never offered a kitchen.
He is not alive.
actually I feel family isn't special at all. Blood relation doesn't guarantee rapport.
I have not talked with my sisters for long; we have long estranged.
they make their own friends to be together; we family have not had common activities for eons.
not everyone can be friends.
My interests mainly lie in science.
it's difficult to find that kind of person outside school.
I am going to school.
but need to prepare for a lot of things.
not particularly
7:12 PM
I do feel connected to my family.
You can't call a random acquaintance you haven't seen for months and ask if you can go visit their house. But you can do that with a family member. :D
I've got a lot of family close by.
Let's see, I've got 3 family households in easy driving distance...
Well, that's it for the close ones.
Then some up north a ways, some way down in North Carolina and Georgia, and then some way up in Alaska.
I just saw the banner notice that says: "We’re rewarding the question askers & reputations are being recalculated!"
At first glance I thought it said: "We're recalculating the reputation askers & answerers are being awarded!"
Then I saw what it actually said... but at first I tried to parse it using the syntax of the second sentence.
So I tried to read it as though it meant, "We are rewarding the question which is being recalculated to askers and to reputations."
Yup. That's what drives some people to drink.
7:48 PM
Please How can I type the following IPA æ in Microsoft office windows 7
8:19 PM
@Malavika not everyone can understand your feeling or thought.
only people who have the same experience as you can understand you.
and not all people understanding you can help you.
actually a lot of people in this world may compete with each other for a position.
I have encountered more than 200 applicants competing for a position I applied for.
9:23 PM
Buuut I think it should be in the special characters in MS office.
Sara Chipps on November 13, 2019

In my very first blog post, I wrote about what a personal experience taught me about the Stack Overflow community. I said we were going to step back and re-evaluate how we deliver feedback, how we can improve content quality, and how we can reduce friction between people. I said that our goal is to have the question asking process be painless and beneficial for new people and Stack Overflow veterans alike.    

During this re-evaluation period, we noticed something in our reputation reward system. We give anyone who receives an upvote on an answer ten additional reputation points, but only give five reputation points to people who receive an upvote on a question.  …

Say what.
We're Rewarding the Question Askers
> posting a good question is difficult! It requires thoughtfulness and an attention to how to best convey the issue you are having.
Yes. Asking a good question is difficult. Most people never ask a single good question. I know I never have.
And our solution to that is, let's double the rep for every question.
I'll now get twice the rep for all the shitty questions I've asked in the past. And I'm now encouraged to post more shitty questions, because now I will be getting the same rep for half the effort.
Well yes, meh. It's just a number on the Internet. Nobody really cares. Nobody really should.
Plus I have a feeling that it will even out in the end. At least to an extent. Because now some people will become less liberal with their upvotes. "I wouldn't mind giving this question 5 points. But I don't think it's worth a full 10. So it gets 0 from me".
Thing is, if it'll even out in the end, why are we doing it in the first place.
9:43 PM
I mean, there's a lot of harm and good to foresee.
Of course the change wasn't needed, but the imminent outrage that's going to happen in about a few hours in all the metas is probably unwarranted unless someone can prove with some stat magic that it's going to be harmful
But who has the energy for that anymore. They're not convincing us it helps so why should we bother.
9:56 PM
@M.A.R. that's really the whole point, though. It's quite a brilliant move by SE.
Redirect people's outrage from one subject to the next.
Just watch them changing their names from SupportsMonica to OpposesRepChange.
Not everyone has a strong opinion about firing one mod, but absolutely everyone has the strongest opinion on changing the rep for all the users everywhere ever.
It's the Ultimate Bikeshedding Olympics.
Very clever.
Aug 20 '17 at 19:30, by Mitch
SE rep points are convertible directly to frequent flyer miles which are then exchangeable to bitcoin
That only makes Cerberus richer.
Thanks but no thanks.
He sold his single bitcoin.
I humbly request that my rep points be exchanged to roubles, then burnt.
The irony is that either you or Robusto started that idea as an unfounded rumor
10:08 PM
That's not "irony". That's "master plan". Learn English!
If you tell me what you're invested in, I'll gladly ruin your finances, too. For just ten easy payments of $3000.
yesterday, by Matt E. Эллен
ELL: Q&A site for people learning English
EL&U: Q&A site for people *still* learning English
yesterday, by RegDwigнt
Really it's ELL that's for people still learning English. ELU is for people who gave up.
I rest my case.
Or rather you made my case for me.
Picture a site where people who don't know the first thing about cars are eager to learn how cars work, and maybe even one day become a racing champion.
Then picture a different site where people think they know everything about cars because they own one.
And then when you ask a question they genuinely have never even thought about before, they say your quesiton is stupid because you don't even own a car. And tell you to go ask it on that other site instead.
Native speakers know the least about their mother tongue. Because they acquired their mother tongue literally before they could even think.
And they only acquire it by blindly copying a bunch of other people who, too, acquired it without ever thinking.
Go ahead, ask me anything about Russian, and I'll reply by telling you to go fuck yourself, in Russian. That's how fluent I am in Russian!
Anyway. I must be off for now. A busy day tomorrow. Violin right after work, choir rehearsal right after the violin.
I wish I owned a choir. Then I could tell everyone I know everything about choirs, and never go to any rehearsals.

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