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11:00 PM
That I can have Beethoven's 5th Symphony
Nah, hold your horses. They said "may".
And it's August already.
Tough luck.
Damn, guess I'll have to settle for listening to it live.
> Composers are not limited to writing only for instruments, they may also decide to write for voice
Who writes this. This is gold.
Musical composition, or simply composition, can refer to an original piece or work of music , either vocal or instrumental, the structure of a musical piece, or to the process of creating or writing a new piece of music. People who create new compositions are called composers. Composers of primarily songs are usually called songwriters; with songs, the person who writes lyrics for a song is the lyricist. In many cultures, including Western classical music, the act of composing typically includes the creation of music notation, such as a sheet music "score," which is then performed by the composer...
See for yourselves.
@JohnClifford Your lack of faith is di...
Who said that?
Beethoven, I wager.
11:01 PM
I find your lack of pop culture knowledge disturbing.
Was it Darth Corrigible?
Beethoven said way too many things because he couldn't hear himself talk.
Or was it that dude who was strangled by magic?
@RegDwigнt If you put your ear up against the wall, you can hear the thumping of the beat.
Strangled by space wizards, what a way to go.
> As technology has developed in the 20th and 21st century, new methods of music composition have come about. EEG headsets have also been used
New methods of music and also EEG headsets?
11:03 PM
Ecstasy also helps.
Does that make EEG headsets not new methods of music?
I am so verily confused.
Well that isn't their primary function to be fair.
My point precisely.
So they are included in the new methods.
I'm guessing it means EEG headsets have been used for music composition despite not being a method of such.
I suppose that's as good a theory as any.
11:04 PM
All of my theories are as good a theory as any. Though the theory they're usually as good as is a pretty terrible one.
The other theories being that the writers were drunk, stoned, or generally inapt.
Why not all three?
That's a metatheory.
I think only Cerberus is allowed to put those forth. Not us measly hoi polloi.
Watch who you're calling hoi polloi. I happen to be a very small number of people.
Well. There's three of us in here. That's a small number in my book alright.
Oh you mean you're alone. No you aren't. We're in this together.
> In Elizabeth Swados' Listening Out Loud, she explains how a composer must know the full capabilities of each instrument and how they must complement each other, not compete. She gives an example of how in an earlier composition of hers, she had the tuba playing with the piccolo.
What on Earth does that have to do with anything.
11:08 PM
We're the haute monde. ^_^
Who is Liz Swados.
I think now them's just making shit up.
That is pretty impressive honestly; Namekians aren't known for their affinity for tuba.
The only two musicians I know in the US are a trombonist and a flautist. Close enough.
The math checks out.
As in, the trombone is close to the tuba.
Never been sure why the more common term isn't flutist.
The flute is close to that other piccolo thing.
@JohnClifford Is it not?
I only use flautist to yank people's chains.
11:11 PM
It's much older; I think flautist is used more.
I believe the split is 50/50 even among the flutists themselves.
Also Liz Swados was given an award by some guy called Tony so maybe she's a bigger deal than we thought.
Like, the one flutist I know will use both interchangeably sometimes in the same sentence.
@JohnClifford Tony Soprano?
The plot thickens.
Must be, he's the only Tony I know. In other news, my wife is pestering me to come to bed and tuck her in so I must away!
Fine by me.
11:12 PM
Try not to miss me too much.
I only dropped in to quote the wiki anyway.
@JohnClifford will comply first thing in the morning.
Was it a misplaced wiki? ;)
I dunno, I found it under the sofa.
Maybe it lives there.
> Even though the first US copyright laws did not include musical compositions, they were later added
Hm. In that order? Sounds fishy.
Right. I must be off.
Lators gators.
> Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 defines a musical work to mean a work consisting of music
@RegDwigнt That sounds nice. I'm playing it in my head right now.
That tuba is a little off though.
@RegDwigнt bass piccolo
a theremin
and castanets
and a meter sized gong.
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