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12:21 AM
@Cerberus You mean it occurred more than once?
@DavidWallace Oh, what, I am supposed to keep count?
If you need to count in order to distinguish "once" from "more than once", then, well, yes.
All right, next time I'll try to count.
Don't, if it will be too challenging.
Is she hawt or what?
12:53 AM
Reasons to do your market research: when it first launched, Coca Cola marketed their water as "bottled spunk" in the UK
@Cerberus Shemale
@Jez Eww.
@Jez Naaaah.
I don't think so.
i do
the face is very masculine
Not very.
1:07 AM
@Cerberus That's so not like you.
I was just amazed at how good she looked with that leg.
Good in a somewhat cheap way, but still.
1:27 AM
@Cerberus Something wrong with cheap?
You can't brag about how expensive your thing was?
1:56 AM
Ah, security theatre. Will society ever grow tired of this show?
What's going on?
> I teach English to international students. One of them is a shy 9-year-old who has been here for four months. One day she wore a T-shirt to her class that said, "Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful. (And in larger, bolder print) [Expletive] me cuz I'm HOT."
I was thinking of a conversation I had with a parent at my daughter's daycare
What did she say?
@Cerberus ok that's just wrong.
I can think of exactly one expletive.
It can't be anything else, can it?
1:58 AM
@Cerberus he and I were discussing the requirement that the daycare has regarding parent-volunteers for field-trips: you must have a police background check before you can go on the trip
@Cerberus no, I don't think it could be anything else.
Does the field trip involve longer periods where one parent is alone with a child?
@MrShinyandNew安宇 OK.
So I started saying how it was pointless to do background checks on the parents and he was like "well, then some pedophile will be diddling your daughter"
I hope you responded, "and a meteor will fall on your daughter"?
You should have told him that you felt it was irresponsible to have a gathering of children unprotected by a meteor-proof roof.
@Cerberus no, they precisely don't, and anyway, it's irrelevant, because convicted pedophiles who have children in my daughter's class are probably not going to be signing up anyway. It's only the people who don't have criminal records who are likely to be a threat. And given that they have no anonymity or plausible deniability they are not likely to engage in anything untoward.
Why won't convicted pedophiles sign up?
I needed a police statement when I was hired to work with children.
And these are high-schoolers.
I agree that it probably won't make much of a difference.
2:03 AM
@Cerberus yes, hired. You weren't the parent of one of the children involved, paying your own money to send your child there.
Then again, at work I am rarely alone with children, while I have been tutoring children at home for years.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 True.
@Cerberus I just think it's incredibly unlikely that a convicted pedophile would be in the position of being the parent at the daycare who is volunteering for a field trip. Most pedophiles are restricted from even going to a daycare and probably don't have access to their own children.
I think we have had the discussion about current attitudes towards paedophiles and risks, with Kit.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 They may be legally restricted; but who is going to find out?
I have no idea how that works?
When some paedophile is arrested, the news sometimes says that he had been arrested before.
2:06 AM
@Cerberus Their parole officer? I dunno. If someone was convicted of a serious crime like that, it's likely that they are simply not allowed to be near a daycare under any circumstances.
Someone is following him every day?
@Cerberus sure, there are repeat offenders. And they're not always convicted, etc, etc. But we're talking about known pedophiles among the group of parents whose children are going on the field trip. what are the odds? It's ridiculous.
Does the field trip involve a sleep-over somewhere?
This is for ANY field trip that this daycare operates
Then I'd say the risk is just too low.
2:07 AM
Note that public schools, also including my daughter's other daycare which is run in a school, have no such requirements. Parents, grandparents, whatever, you volunteer, you're welcome to come.
Working at a daycare or going on a trip that takes several days, in some house in the woods—those might be situations where a background check wouldn't hurt. Otherwise I think it's silly.
@Cerberus for employees, I would agree that it couldn't hurt. For parents on long trips it's probably not necessary. My parents volunteered on lots of trips, including some overnight ones, and never had anything like a background check.
It depends on the situation.
What will they be doing?
What ages are the children?
How is it organised?
I mean, out of all the field trips ever taken by students, have there ever been cases where students were abused by a parental volunteer, and the abuse started on that trip? What is the percentage? And most importantly: would any of those cases have been prevented with a police check? I bet maybe zero cases would have been prevented, out of almost zero occurrences.
Suppose the children are 6 years old, the children sleep in single bedrooms, there is no way to see what's happening at night, and children go to and from their rooms all the time during the day, and you have twenty adults walking around too.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Perhaps. If that is so, and the trip is no different from those average trips, then it wouldn't make sense, of course.
Some children needs their medicines at various times. Others need bandages, comforting because they are homesick, etc. etc.
2:12 AM
@Cerberus Yes, you can concoct a situation where the parents are being placed in a high level of trust and there is great potential for abuse, then it might make sense to consider the possibility. But there are so many precautions you can take, like never having two adults alone, or never having the children alone, or whatever.
But again, you are only going to catch the volunteer parents who have already been caught in the past.
Two adults alone? Oh, my...
er, I mean, always requiring at least two adults together
You just sounded very modern-day-Victorian.
cuz that's totally me, right? I'm all about being Victorian
Assuming that either sex could fondle either sex when left alone for a second, and that their precious innocence would have been destroyed.
Your world must look...threatening.
2:15 AM
@Cerberus snorts yeah, it's a veritable mine-field.
As long as you wear your chastity belt, you will survive.
between the pedophiles, and the terrorists, and the people who are wrong on the internet, it's amazing I can sleep at night.
Especially the latter!!
It's Hell.
I, er, may have accidentally gotten into an argument with a crazy fundamentalist orthodox jew.
The guy in Taiwan, huh.
I smelled Judaism.
I knew it.
I mean, what!?—you, in an argument? And with a crazy fundamentalist Jew? Shocking.
2:19 AM
oh.. yeah, actually he is jewish too. but I meant a different crazy jew.
a blogger
Not Ron?
Never mind.
He's not that crazy. He just feels that all professional physicists are wrong and he knows better.
So who is your new sparring partner?
Should I be jealous?
Aaaaaaaaaanyway, I shouldn't have bothered posting, but I thought "surely this clear and straightforward explanation will illuminate this gentleman", but then he was ignoring what I wrote, making up new shit, twisting everything I said, and being rude, so I eventually gave up. But also, I'd already posted a couple replies on that one post when I read some of his other posts and I realized that I'd made a huge mistake in even coming to this blog.
I should know better, I really should
> surely this clear and straightforward explanation will illuminate this gentleman
Are you xcdk?
2:22 AM
you mean "This is important: someone is wrong on the Internet!"? Yes, yes I am.
> I was raised as a non-practicing Lutheran by my adopted parents and I converted to Judaism at age 16. This blog as a rule follows the teachings of the Lithuanian rabbinical seminaries of the 1920s and 1930s. Specifically, I have been very influenced by the recordings and writings of Rabbi Avigdor Miller obm.
But I actually thought that I had a novel rebuttal to his post. At least none of the other comments had taken that approach.
This says it all.
Just because someone is a convert to judaism and an orthodox at that doesn't mean they can't see reason at all.
hey, @Cerb, how would you say "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" in ancient Greek?
2:26 AM
Wait, that ain't Greek.
@Robusto Are you in a similar position as Mrs? I would have to think about it, and getting the accents right would take me an hour...
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Well. I suppose not.
I can wait.
What do you need it for?
I would have to study the correct application of accents to verbs...
A friend was wondering. I said I might know someone who could do it. If it really is a bother, never mind. It's not that important.
2:28 AM
With perispomena and all.
@Robusto I can come up with a quick and sloppy version that at least makes sense in Greek, but lacks accents and is probably not stylistically correct.
@Cerberus I'm sure he ain't too fussy. He always tries to speak German to me and absolutely murders the accent.
Do you want it in Greek letters or in Latin translitteration?
@Cerberus Greek letters, of course.
All right.
How free can the translation be?
BTW, it may interest you to know that Leonidas' famous reply to Xerxes demand that the Spartan surrender his weapons (Μολών λαβέ) has been put onto bumper stickers by gun nuts here in America. Surprisingly literate for rednecks, IMO. Well, we're talking Massachusetts rednecks.
@Cerberus Pretty free, but it should have "horse" and "water" in it, I should think.
2:45 AM
> Ἱππον εἰς ὑδωρ ἀγειν ἐξεστιν, ἀλλ' οὐκ ἀν πίοιτο.
@Robusto "It is possible to lead a horse to water, but it may not drink."
Thank you.
I am not responsible for stylistic damage!
I'm sure any such will go roundly undetected.
@Cerberus I'm holding you responsible
And I need at least three accents that I have skipped.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Nooo...
2:46 AM
you can't just go around damaging stylistically and then disclaiming it
There are rules you know
Did the Greeks use commas? Somehow I doubt it, but ...
@Robusto Oh, that is funny. In that case I am pro guns from now on.
@Robusto Not consistently.
I used modern punctuation and spacing.
That's fine.
I'm also quite sure that minuscles from the classical era looked vastly different.
Accentuation was also different.
But this is the modern, humanist way we normally use now.
hm on second thought I'm not satisfied with that one
2:57 AM
Looks pretty.
The actual chinese idiom is about a cow, not a horse
(It means: If the cow isn't drinking, you can't push it's head down (and force it))
@Cerberus There's way more to Chinese writing than fancy lines. There's also pointless complexity, cryptic ambiguity, confusing lack of punctuation, and missing or misleading pronunciation cues.
For example: the word 按 (àn) is pronounced similar to 安 (ān). But the word 让 (ràng) is not pronounced like 上 (shàng)
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Yay!
> Ἱππον μέν εἰς ὕδωρ ἄγειν ἔξεστιν, ἀλλ' οὐκ ἂν πίοιτο.
@Rob: A somewhat improved version, with the right accents.
3:13 AM
I spent my chinese class this evening discussing lego minifigs with the teacher and the other student. It's rather amusing. My teacher is an old, gay, white, American, who doesn't really understand why his two adult students buy lego minifigs.
(I just copied them from existing texts.)
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Of course gay Americans don't understand minifigs. Barbarians.
@Cerberus Google translate says "Horse mέn exestin agein in water, but would not have pίoito."
It got "horse", "water", "but", and "not" right.
hey, now that I know what it is supposed to mean, I can almost read the word Ἱππον
But I see I got the wrong accent on men.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Good!
It says Ippon, and the comma is the h.
So hippon.
3:16 AM
That little dot above the I is the h, then ... dammit I was going to write that
but I didn't know what the ν is
I actually need another accent next to the comma, but my unicode inputter won't let me.
You could have seen how Google "translated" men that v = n.
@Cerberus I could have, but I wasn't trying that hard
Hippon is horse (object).
3:17 AM
I was happy enough to have remembered that hippo=horse
Men is a particle that should introduce a contrast, but it may be wrong here.
Eis = to/into.
btw did I tell you that I named my Asus tablet "Asterion"?
Little star?
No, it's supposed to be the Minotaur's given name
don't tell me wikipedia let me down?!
All right.
Then the Minotaur's given name was little star?
3:19 AM
don't you know the minotaur's given name? isn't that the kind of thing you should know? of all the people here or anywhere?
Alas, I know very little.
Asterios means starry.
So asterion would be neuter.
So "starry animal".
Or possibly diminutive "little star".
But that isn't in the dictionary.
> In Greek mythology, Asterion ("starry", "ruler of the stars") denotes two sacred kings of Crete.
In Greek mythology, Asterion ("starry", "ruler of the stars") denotes two sacred kings of Crete. The first Asterion (Ancient Greek: ) or Asterius (), the son of Tectamus son of Dorus called by the Greeks "king" of Crete, was the consort of Europa and stepfather of her sons by Zeus, who had to assume the form of the Cretan bull of the sun to accomplish his role. The sons were Minos, the just king in Crete who judged the Underworld; Rhadamanthus, presiding over the Garden of the Hesperides or in the Underworld; and Sarpedon, likewise a judge in the Afterlife. When he died, Asterion gave hi...
I would have thought that our resident greek-o-phile would know all this stuff
I once tried to convert a Greek booklet on mythology into a genealogy of Greek gods and goddesses.
I started with one page.
Then I had to glue another page to the first one.
Then another.
> Ἱππον μὲν εἰς ὕδωρ ἄγειν ἔξεστιν, ἀλλ' οὐκ ἂν πίοιτο.
This is with the correct accent on men.
see? after all that work, you forgot it all?... wait, I guess that's characteristic of you. ok, nevermind :)
So here is Asterion's avatar:
He has an avatar because he has his own google account so that he can be reached by google-talk no matter who is using the tablet at that time.
Hahaha great.
He's cute.
3:29 AM
Well, I should get going. Time waits for no man, or man-bull-hybrid.
Say hi to Asterion!
Or are you on him now?
no, the tablet isn't good for chat like this, it's hard to type on the screen
he's sleeping
but I'm going to wake him to play a bit of Samurai vs Zombies
anyway, cya later
1 hour later…
4:51 AM
Is the plural form of "rich" (riches), pronounced like "reaches"?
I don't pronounce it like reaches.
@Mahnax is it pronounced like "richs"? without 'e'?
@Meysam I pronounce it rich-ehs.
Sort of.
You know that upside-down IPA e?
That's the eh.
@Mahnax Yea I know. I don't know why I had the wrong pronunciation of "reaches" on my mind. My mistake
@Meysam Alright.
2 hours later…
7:09 AM
Is it possible to replace "acquaintances of his" with something like "his acquaintances" in the following sentence?
"In Citizen Kane (1941), the story of Charles Foster Kane is told by five different acquaintances of his, each with varying opinions of the character"
Not really.
The different makes it hard.
2 hours later…
9:05 AM
@Meysam no, but I would remove of his
I smell a Nortonn S Win Win1
hmmm, maybe not
I should go to bed.
Hello, by the way.
you should have gone to bed hours ago, young man!
Hello :)
Ah, it's only 3:19.
don't get into a sleep cycle like Cerb. You'll start forgetting everything
9:20 AM
Hehe, I'll try not to.
good, good
No promises though!
On your bed be it!
It's a pun?
9:22 AM
a pun on "on your head be it" but bed rhymes with head and you're avoiding sleep
I have never heard someone say "on your head be it".
That would explain why I didn't get it.
oh :(
May 3 at 16:02, by RegDwight ΒВBẞ8
Another day, another sophisticated joke.
Sorry, I guess I'm not cultured enough.
locates yogurt
9:24 AM
Yeah, I already looked it up.
oh! sorry :D
No need to apologize!
So why for are you up so late?
Oh, I was watching a TV show.
Also chatting with a friend.
is it good?
9:28 AM
Yeah, the first episode was good.
The Newsroom.
Very new.
The first episode is on YouTube in its entirety.
No commercials or anything, it was good.
HBO put it up.
9:31 AM
I was surprised too.
Anyways, I should sleep. Bye!
Yes! good night :)
9:52 AM
Oh crap.
Just noticed this:
A: Which is the proper spelling: "disfunction" or "dysfunction"?

masarahMerriam-Webster lists "disfunction" as a variant of "dysfunction" dys- is a Greek prefix meaning "bad", "abnormal", "difficult", or "impaired". dis- is a Latin prefix with none of the above meanings. dys- has the right meaning, but "function" is a Latin word. Hence the confusion.

Copied verbatim from elsewhere with no attribution.
Now I have to delete it.
But it's the best answer.
Someone should reword and repost or something.
Can't you edit it to include the proper attribution?
I can edit it
It's gone.
9:55 AM
Do not edit. Delete on sight. Network-wide policy. If we get hit with a DMCA takedown notice, you are showing prior knowledge.
but if one edits it, surely you won't be hit with one?
The whole point ot the excercise is, "you never know". Of course in practice nobody will ever give a shit even if you don't. But theoretically they might.
I'm no fan of all these legislations, as you will know, but you will also know my stance that if a law is crap it should be changed rather than broken.
@RegDwightΒВB I don't really understand, but that's ok. Can an answer that reference the forum be given?
@RegDwightΒВB yes, I agree with you (of course)
Of course. In fact you can just repost pretty much the same thing as a quote with attribution.
Something similar happened to one of Carlo's questions just the other day.
It was a nice question, actually. But he went off on a tangent for which he used a verbatim quote from The Phrase Finder with no attribution. That was doubly silly, because it added nothing and in fact distracted from the question at hand. The question itself could have been summed up in one sentence. Instead there were like five paragraphs, one of them stolen.
d'oh! Carlo is a little over enthusiastic
10:06 AM
I hope someone asks it again. With all the fluff removed.
10:23 AM
@Matt: s/it's/its/. You have three minutes :P
Hooray for boobies.
1 hour later…
11:28 AM
sigh, i need to refactor my backup program's code but i really can't be bothered.
I'm gonna play Colonization instead
@Cerberus Muchas gracias.
Can I run a test-question past you before I post to the main site, incase it's OT here?
It's about uses of footnotes, particularly in online sites (such as Wikipedia or even StackExchange). When should references be provided in-line, and when should they be given a footnote so the reference is found at the end of the content? Is that on-topic for this site?
I'm mostly curious about what format to use when posting answers / questions in SE sites really, so trying to find out the correct rules for the use of footnotes.
It might even belong on MetaStackOverflow rather than here, tbh.
12:15 PM
@JonW I don't think it is on-topic here, but probably on topic for Writers
@JonW That sort of question is off-topic here
But also, footnote/citation style is often prescribed by a style guide for wherever you expect your work to be published.
There might be an existing question over there.
So @MrShiny, I think I might have to get an iPad for my kids.
The little one has been playing with my new one all morning.
Problem is, we'd have to get two or else they would fight over it all the time.
@KitFox Nah, just make them take turns
My kids fight over the tablet and I just take it away if they can't share
There are tears for a few minutes but they deal.
Ok this is awesome: buildwithchrome.com
12:34 PM
Oh, I know. I was just being funny.
@KitFox ah, right. I should have guessed.
> A neighbour who stabbed elderly woman he called a second mom 91 times, is sentenced to life in prison.
He called her a second mom 91 times? And she still didn't hear him? no wonder he got mad at her
I can't conceive of stabbing someone 91 times. There is just not enough room.
@KitFox I can't conceive of stabbing someone 9 times, say. But 91 is just as plausible as 1.
@MrShinyandNew安宇 OK cheers, I'll go investigating elsewhere on SE.
@MrShiny, I posted a request for help over in The Overlook, if you are interested in doing something randomly useful that might help me write.
@RegDwightΒВB Right, yes. That's what I meant. Stabbing people is not something I think about doing.
Not even once.
12:41 PM
Nah, what I'm saying is once you're in rage you stop counting.
I'd probably stop or even freeze after the first stab or two. But once I've stabbed nine times, I may as well stab another ninety.
So one makes sense (that's when your brain stops you) and ninety makes sense (that's when you're just physically exhausted), but nine is neither here nor there — it's a figure you arrive at when you get interrupted from the outside.
I just wonder how they can tell that he stabbed her 91 times. Where there 91 individual wounds? You stab one spot enough times and you end up with something that resembles hamburger rather than an incision
I think people doing that kind of counting are way more experienced in these things. It's their whole job.
Quincy: Stab Counter
Plus of course it doesn't really matter if it was 91 or 92. Chances are, the very first one was lethal.
@RegDwightΒВB Oh, I know they're experienced. I just wonder how accurate their technique is at distinguishing the 89th cut from the 90th, then deciding that "91" was the actual total instead of "over 90" or "OVER 9000"
@KitFox I'm not sure how I can help, kit
12:50 PM
Again, I think these people are smart enough and experienced enough to be the very first to eagerly admit that their figure is an educated guess.
I think they will have very conservative methods, too. So we can take a 91 to mean 134, but never 34.
Q: Difference between "swims among turtles" and "swims among the turtles"?

phnI was wondering which of the following is the proper sentence: The woman swims among turtle, or The woman swims among the turtles. Or are they both valid under different contexts? Thanks.

Should go straight to the ESL proposal.
Title doesn't match body. NARQ.
It took me several reads to notice the difference
@RegDwightΒВB sigh obviously. conservative, yes, but significant digits, man! If you say "90" that implies one significant digit. If you say 91 it implies two. So it's just odd that they say she was stabbed 91 times instead of "over 90", as if they precisely know that it was 91, no more, no less. It doesn't matter, I just find it odd.
Oh, that.
But what I'm saying is that the whole point of a conservative method is that every digit is significant. Whether or not it's zero.

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