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12:00 AM
I'm sure I have held a violin at some point in my life.
Or stand on it, even. You're a small doggie, way below 30 kg I should think.
And I would expect it to be fairly lightweight.
Size ≠ weight. Otherwise Gabe Newell would be the President of the US.
That dog is all made of fire. Fire doesn't weigh that much.
Why am I getting notifications in Portuguese now.
> Qual a origem da expressão "Chamada para Tóquio"?
Fuck me if I know.
I would guess it's Japan?
You're confusing balrogs.
Good. Maybe I can confuse them into flying.
12:05 AM
What is that? Message?
I would guess.
Whatever that means.
So yes.
Chiamata in Italian.
Is something like a call.
A long-distance call, then.
From Latin clamare.
Yes, I had a pizza frutti damare once.
12:07 AM
But is para from or to?
A call to Tokio, then.
Nov 19 '15 at 13:31, by RegDwigнt
@tchrist cuanto cushta uma parazhei por Santana, fash favor.
See, that means "how much for a cab drive to Santana".
Por = para?
That's what I'm wondering.
The way I remember it Portuguese had the same distinction as Spanish. But I'm rusty.
12:08 AM
I would say por = pour, while para = par.
But that might be wrong.
Well yes.
French, I meant.
But then again a call for Tokyo doesn't make much sense.
Indeed not.
But then again again, all of Portuguese makes no sense so wevs.
12:09 AM
A call by Tokio, on the other hand, does.
By =~ from.
Excellent. I think we are ready to post an answer, then.
Oh, I never noticed the thingy floating on top.
My screen is too tall; I wasn't looking at the top of the screen.
Q: Qual a origem da expressão "Chamada para Tóquio"?

João Pimentel FerreiraA informação na net é difusa, e neste posto faz-se referência a uma alegado tratado de amizade entre o Japão e o Brasil em 1895 onde teria havido muita emigração do Japão para o Brasil, e em que haveria uma confusão fonética entre "falar à grande" e "falar à glande". Recuemos a 5 de Novembro...

> falamos, pois, num felátio.
> teria havido muita emigração do Japão para o Brasil
huhuh, he said felatio.
12:11 AM
So para does seem to mean to.
I know all my languages. Even the ones that I don't know. Even the ones that are not mine.
Sicheres Auftreten bei völliger Ahnungslosigkeit.
As we say in Dutch, niet gehinderd door (enige) kennis.
To qualify someone's actions or opinions.
In German they say "gefährliches Halbwissen".
But there is no irony in that.
It's German.
12:15 AM
That explains it.
I wonder, did Germans have irony before the War?
Nobody occupies Poland ironically. Except the Polish.
At least the Poles had their irony.
They had their irony curtain that's for sure.
But looking at the time it's time to go.
It's funny how both Eastern and North-Western Europe have plenty of irony, and even the French have a modicum, while Germany does not.
I shall return.
12:17 AM
As what?
As yet another bird?
A phoenix?
As Flaubert's Un Coeur Simple.
Please send money ! I need more books with sexy menin them.
Judging by its recommendator, I'm sure that's worth reading.
Well. It's got some menin I can tellya.
Oh, we'll just send you the books. So we save you both the time and the money involved in the purchase.
Then I can visit the Menin Lausoleum.
All the same to me.
12:19 AM
Ah, that.
I'm outta here, you dog that's on fire.
Beware of burnout.
2 hours later…
2:11 AM
@RegDwigнt You would not believe the instrument-envy that goes on in orchestras. My god, it's worse than job envy, title envy, car envy, house envy—because everyone knows that a really fabulous instrument actually makes you better, unlike those other, lesser envies.
@Cerberus Not about themselves, surely. You can't take yourself seriously and ironically at the same time.
2:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive body detected, offensive title detected, potentially bad keyword in body, potentially bad keyword in title, toxic body detected (162): Real meaning of the term motherfucker by Karen Annette on english.SE
5 hours later…
7:55 AM
@Robusto inorite? Easy solution: become a percussionist. Even when there's six of you onstage, you all have to share the same marimba. They won't each bring their own kettledrum from home. A triangle maybe.
On second thought, you'll probably find ways to envy the next guy's mallets.
1 hour later…
9:09 AM
Q: Non-Teleological. What does that even mean?

TrysoftCurrently doing research on "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. Non-Teleological Thinking is a term co-coined by Steinbeck and a simple Google search won't tell me what it really means. I'm overwhelmed by the numerous pages and all I want is to get to the point. What does it mean in 'simple lan...

@Cerberus, answer us! What does that even mean????
10:00 AM
@RegDwigнt Pfft. Obviously an oologist on a telephone.
10:11 AM
> Unsuk Chin ,Donald Martino livied in boca raton Florida he won aPulitzer and he wrote one of the most important piano works of the last 60 years pianisso! Morton Feldman is dead but he was truly great !Brian Ferneyhough,Mike Finnissy ,PerNorgard ,Melinda Wagner ,Carl Vine ,Missy Mazzoli ,NedRorem, Wuorinen are still living.
> everyday I find some great work by someone the previous day I had not known Boulez,Huber,Elliott CArter,GiacintoScelsi.Hans Werner Henze died recently .I am just discovering the fabulous composer George Walker , he is the first blackamerican to win a Pulitzer .
> Teh only other two I know are the jazz trumpeter and omposer Marsalis and this pop phenom who I've yet to discover ( I don't have time for pop music and all the other varities of sound out there! Im to busy I can't even sleep I have so much to read and lectures to hear and music to discover !
> There are too many to ame . Name a country and there some genius there , ten amazing teachers or more who studiied with greats and then the dozens of driven , ambitious students who spend time hopping from one famous teacher so they have credentials
Why do we allow people on the Internet.
They would have so much more free time to listen to music if we didn't let them waste it typing up streams of consciousness.
> A jaaza mongolian farmer story for cats and tHE REALLY HOT AND RED PIMPLE ON MY AuNt"S fOrehand {o p us 2001] IN thE Abyss of the evisceral swamp monster's AHA RIHANA IS A PIZZA [OF ocurse Obama)
That is the title of a forum post on a website dedicated to sheet music. Appearing in the group "Modern Classical Music". Posted by the group's admin.
What. The. Fuck.
@RegDwigнt lol, "Morton Feldman is dead but he was truly great !"
Yeah. It's a pity I had to break it up in paragraphs to fit in here. There's no breaks in the original anywhere. More to the point, there's never a whitespace after a period. So breaking it up ruins the experience.
> This is a group for composers who compose classical music in the 21st century.
See. And that is why nobody listens to contemporary classical composers. Because all they have to say is garbage like this.
@RegDwigнt Jinx. I was gonna say the same thing. Jog on Mozart. Are you here to discuss notes?
"21st century"
@RegDwigнt Of course Obama.
I'm not here for any specific reason in particular. I, too, am just wasting my time typing up streams of consciousness.
Are you great?
10:22 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ no. Nonono. Not of course Obama. OF ocurse Obama.
If you're great I can maybe listen to you.
@RegDwigнt his oh-curse is probably why we're stuck with Donald now
Both the world, and us.
Thanks, Obama.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I am great, yes. And you can listen to me on YouTube.
2 hours later…
12:54 PM
Q: What is the English equivalent of 干物女 (dried fish woman)?

MitsukoLiterally meaning dried fish woman, the popular slang 干物女 is used to call a woman in her twenties or older who, as nicely summarized in Wikipedia, has many of the following traits: メールの返事が極端に遅い、短い (Her text replies are very slow and short.) 簡単な食事なら台所で立って食べる (If it is something simple, sh...

I find it very curious that the best answers to this question have received the most votes and the most downvotes.
Haters gonna hate, I guess. But it's pretty clear that what they hate is exactly what this site says it wants to promote.
2 hours later…
3:20 PM
> (CV Work Experience section) March 2015 – present: LLC Tucci Consulting (delivery of premium food products to HoReCa customers) - Manager (staff of 5-10 persons).
I'm not sure how to indicate that the person was a Manager with 5-10 employees under their command
I'm translating a CV from Russian. Will (staff of 5-10 persons) suit the purpose?
3:52 PM
Hm... "(with 5-10 employees on the staff)", maybe?
4:26 PM
Never pin your hopes for sane measurements on a people who think taking one away from a hundred should leave you with four twenties and a nineteen.
4:36 PM
user image
4:52 PM
@Cerberus It's kind of backwards. Although both words can be plain for in English, they are nearly opposites. Iberian para is more like French pour; it looks towards the future. Iberian por looks from the past. Only when it means "by" is it like French par; normally French would be like English and use the same word for both flavors.
Para has some sort of "to" notion built into it; por, "from".
I did it for her = Je l'ai fait pour elle = Lo hice por ella = Eu fiz-o por ela
The cake is for tomorrow's party = Le gâteau est pour la fête de demain = El pastel es para la fiesta de mañana = O bolo é para a festa de amanhã
So speakers of both English and French have trouble with Iberian para and por.
@RegDwigнt Yes, but he probably should have said felação, or at least felácio. But at least he didn’t call a blowjob a binky, gosh! (Bico can be a peck or a pacifier=binky[UK].) At least the Galegos seem to call their mamadas a kiss.
5:11 PM
> • reorganized the Company, and managed all steps of its production, administrative and financial operations (Company's profit increased from 12 to 35%);
I wonder if there is a well-rounded phrase in English for this, in English corporative language.
A phrase that underscores that "I was manager of everything" (the person was a CEO of the company for several years)
But not micromanager. I was a manager of the whole production, administrative and financial cycle, with the power to adjust everything, but of course not with the duty to constantly manage everything.
> • developed and implemented a plan for following some promising construction industry trends, i.e. restoration and major repairs of buildings and structures (total value of contracts grew to RUB 150 million);
I wonder if "total value of contracts" is the correct phrase to use when speaking of the overall value of all contracts signed over a period.
6:02 PM
Dec 4 '17 at 21:05, by Mitch
Sep 2 '16 at 15:26, by Mitch
Aug 1 at 19:27, by Mitch
Jun 27 at 21:28, by Mitch
Dec 17 '15 at 15:36, by Mitch
people are idiots
1 hour later…
7:05 PM
Does one write "Proficient with or in MS Word" in a resume?
8:02 PM
@CowperKettle Either works, but in is the more familiar.
8:28 PM
A door frame comprises two jambs and a crossbar, right? Or what do you call the horizontal bar?
@tchrist "I can most easily be reached in real time by pinging me in the ELU chatroom." – is this grammatical?
@Færd Lintel, according to a quick Google search.
8:53 PM
@userr2684291 Sim.
What about it is bothering you about its syntax?
@tchrist The me looks wrong to me. I suppose I'm more accustomed to sentences like You can reach me by sending me... or I can be reached at....
I don't like it, in any case.
Can you give me a similar example that uses this same construction I'm hinting at?
9:12 PM
@Færd Crossbar sounds like it would be the word but it is not at all. Google image search for.
For the door frame (not the door itself that fits in the frame). The sides are jambs or doorjambs. the bottom is the sill or threshold, the top is the head or header. These terms apply the same to a window frame, but not 'threshold', just 'sill')
9:31 PM
@userr2684291 If you're hinting, I'm failing the test at guessing what those hints mean. What are you hinting?
9:46 PM
We should just do away with parts of speech. Nobody gets them right.
A: Why is "dark" an adverb in this sentence?

tchristThe answer to the question “Why is dark an adverb in this sentence?” is that it is not one; that source is wrong. That’s because dark cannot ever be an adverb, let alone here. It’s just that color-words can behave somewhat curiously. The OED says that dark is an adjective when it has this color-...

10:12 PM
@tchrist Ah, yes, that is quite difficult to remember, because it it is so very different and yet similar on some points.
11:04 PM
> Like Mickey Mouse, Jesus started out as an oddball troublemaker with his fair share of personality, but becoming the smiling face of a multinational organization bent on world domination takes a lot out of a mascot, whether your magic castle is in California or Rome.
@Cerberus From what cause = Por qué. To what purpose = Para qué
I see.
11:42 PM
> To ease his sorrow and the rage of his heart, that remembered always how Urin and his folk had gone down in battle against Melko, Turin was for ever ranging with the most warlike of the folk of Tinwelint far abroad, and long ere he was grown to first manhood he slew and took turns in frays with the Orcs that prowled unceasingly upon the confines of the realm and were a menace to the Elves.
@tchrist Would you say inversion was possible here, did he slay and take turns?

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