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9:40 AM
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10:57 AM
Hunger is very burdensome.
^ Did I do it right @Cap
BTW, I said it in another chat and I say it here again. You said you're usually hungry, but don't enjoy food anyway.
That's the quintessential symptom of some mineral deficiencies or even more important stuff.
One of the biggest mistakes I ever did was ignoring symptoms of my own problem, so I wouldn't want anyone else to do the same.
A 'full checkup' lab test, as they call it, is really not too much
But it'll tell you most of what's wrong and what's not
3 hours later…
2:10 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ not exactly, and I have clarified about this many times. I don't know why you can't understand. I wonder if your brain has some problem.
I do enjoy food if the food is made really delicious (not by me, but by someone else; I have never had interest in making food delicious) and accompanied with enjoyable atmosphere, like a group of knowledgeable scholars discussing interesting scientific topics.
the invariant food every day and the need to hunt for food alone through the invariant ennui-ridden lanes can just bring more hassle than the slight pleasing feeling of food itself.
I prefer to save the hassle than getting the slight pleasing feeling of food if it's not for solving hunger.
also, another problem of getting food alone is that some eatery engagers would pay attention to me and talk with me. I don't really like to talk with these irrelevant people at all because they don't understand my concerns and if they ask me some questions related to my problems, I can just gloss over because talking to them the truth is meaningless since they can't understand and can't give any helpful feedbacks.
2:49 PM
@CaptainBohemian No, my brain is fine, thanks.
So much for helping.
Enjoy the ignore.
I've only ever ignored a handful of people, and they really went over the line, but now I realize I'm fed up with warm bath problems and 'food labor' discussions.
3:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username (92): Regent and Viceroy, when to use each? by Donald Trump on english.SE
4:09 PM
@Cerberus I remember we talked about a program that allowed you to assign key combinations to various graphemes. Do you remember where it was?
It works across all programs, right? And you would never need to install an additional keyboard for each (Roman alphabet) language?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I wish you one day fall into a wasteland alone to understand yourself the pain of hunger.
it's difficult to understand others' trouble for one who has never experienced it on their own.
I also have ignored a person who is like you always wrongly assuming others' problems.
when we can understand others', it's better to ignore them.
4:37 PM
@Færd Correct! It works everywhere.
Well, maybe there are very rare exceptions, programmes that somehow capture all key presses.
It is called Autohotkey.
I can help you set it up in the way you like. What would you want it to do?
@Cerberus Alas that among Alexander Polyhistor, Cleopatra Polyglot, and Leonardo Polymath history has bestowed us no Odysseus Polytrope for his many twists and tricks nor Odysseus Polymete/Polymetis for his many counsels and wiles.
@tchrist Hello!
Do you mean, in English literature?
For, in Homer Odysseus is quite polytrope!
As you probably know.
Yes, I mean in English. I'm surprised at finding that μῆτις seems to have no or few English descendants.
Entmoot may be sideways cognate, I suppose.
I don't actually know the origin of μῆτις.
Is moot related to meet and mete?
mete is probably just measure always.
The OED gets lost tracing the common ancestor of English moot < OE mot, cognate to Middle Dutch moet.
4:51 PM
Yes, it does seem related to mete!
Oh maybe mete is it.
Which in turn is related to Latin metior.
> Etymology: Cognate with Old Frisian meta , Middle Dutch mēten (Dutch meten ), Old Saxon metan (Middle Low German mēten , German regional (Low German) meten ), Old High German mezzan (Middle High German mezzen , German messen ), Old Icelandic meta to value, Old Swedish mäta to measure (Swedish mäta ), Gothic mitan < an Indo-European base meaning ‘to measure, weigh, consider, judge’; compare Avestan mad- (in the compound vī-mād- doctor), ancient Greek μέδειν to protect, rule, μέδεσθαι to be mindful of, provide for, μέδιμνος medimnus n., classical Latin meditārī meditate v., medērī to heal (
Specifically: "and (with lengthened grade) ancient Greek μήδεα (plural) counsels, plans, Armenian mit thought, mind, and Germanic forms cited s.vv. i-mete adj., met n.1 The Indo-European base is probably ultimately related (in a way that has not been satisfactorily explained) to the bases of measure n. and meal n.2 "
harrumphs at in a way that has not been satisfactorily explained
I.e. we have no idea how.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username, offensive body detected, potentially bad keyword in body, toxic body detected (201): Regent vs. Viceroy by Donald Trump on english.SE
4:56 PM
> meten: ... Qua betekenis ligt het Germaanse werkwoord dichter bij Latijn metīrī ‘meten’, maar dat gaat terug op de wortel pie. *meh1- ‘(af)meten’, zie → meter 1. Bij deze laatstgenoemde wortel zijn geen Germaanse erfwoorden bekend, op één afgeleid zn. na, oe. mǣþ ‘maat, hoeveelheid’ (< pie. *meh1-ti-; me. methe). Misschien zijn in pgm. *metan- wel woorden uit pie. *med- en pie. *m(e)h1- samengevallen.
Hmm they're not sure whether meten "measure" is related to Latin metiri "measure", which I find surprising.
So then mete/meten might or might not be related to μῆτις and metior?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Don't take it personally. He only meant it as concern for your cerebral health. I mean, not yours in particular, but anybody's who show exactly the same characteristics as yours, in only your circumstances. Anybody like that. But mostly just you.
@skillpatrol gathers sticks
lots of sticks
5:11 PM
@Cerberus Thanks! I've installed it. Let's set it up!
@Færd Yay!
What do you want it to do?
I, for example, use e// to do é.
I want to have key combinations for graphemes.
Which ones?
That looks good.
I guess if we don one of them, the rest are the same?
I can give you my list, which you could copy-paste into an .ahk text file.
You can set each combo just as you like!
5:13 PM
That would be great.
;*** ;----Macrons e.a. hotstrings----




;*** ;----Accented letters------------
#EscapeChar '

; :*?:--qq::{Asc 0150 ;} ;–
; :*?:---qx::{Asc 0151 ;} ;


You can tell what each line does by looking at it, I think?
So I make an .ahk document, paste this, save it, run it, and bingo?
Oh, make sure you save the .ahk file in the right format.
@Cerberus Yes!
Where do you choose the format?
You also have to execute the .ahk file: the hotstrings will only be active while it's running. I have it execute on Windows startup.
5:16 PM
(Put it in the Startup folder, in the Start Menu > Programs > Startup.)
Or put a shortcut to the file there.
I will.
What about the format?
If you get gibberish as output, when you do the hotstring, that means it should be saved in a different format.
I think it needs to be UTF-8, probably "with BOM".
What editor are you using to save the file?
Hmm. Okay. I'll try it and see if I get the desired output or not.
5:18 PM
@Cerberus What should I use?
I think any editor can be used, but, if I know what you're using, I can look/test it.
I'll look at basic Notepad.
I'm going to try Notepad now.
It says "UTF-8" for me in Notepad, when I open my file.
So that should probably work.
YAYYYY! It works!
And you can add other symbols.
Or you can set it up to send more that a single symbol.
For example, I have oedqq set up as Oxford English Dictionary.
5:21 PM
Haha clever.
Dank je wel!
If you need it to outputer a non-character, such as the Enter key, do {Enter} as part of the output string.
You could also do this:
> :*:dateqq::
FormatTime, CurrentDateTime, , yyyy-MM-dd
SendInput %CurrentDateTime%
When I type dateqq, I get 2019-05-19.
Are these instructions recorded somewhere?
Well, Autohotkey, is a full programming language, so there is an infinite number of things you can have it do.
5:25 PM
There is a huge Autohotkey Help to explore.
If there is something specific that you'd like, I'll be happy to point you in the right direction. Chances are it's super easy to do.
And you could execute more than one file at the same time, right?
@Cerberus I guess I'm going to get a hang of it pretty soon.
By the way, things like {Enter} and strings that span several lines, or output that isn't only a string but requires commands, like FormatTime, cannot be done on a single like; then you need to do it like the date example: new line, instructions, end with "Return".
@Færd Yes. But, in case they conflict, it's easier to find the problem if you have everything in one script.
@Færd It's like getting the hang of a programming language: just use only what you need or feel like learning. No need to know everything (hardly anybody does).
@Cerberus How did you know you must break the line after yyyy-MM-dd?
@Cerberus right
You can also click the mouse by doing a command like Click or Click Right 700, 900.
@Færd If you don't do a line break immediately after the last colon, then 1.) almost everything will be interpreted literally, so you would literally send y, y, y, etc. 2.) Without a line break, the output will only be what's on that same line; it will end at the end of the line, and the next line won't be executed at all.
Here is the help for hotstrings.
5:33 PM
I see. I'm going to experiment with all that and see how it goes. It's easier to remember that way.
(Those pages are the same content as the .chm help file on your computer.)
@Færd Indeed, I find that I can only motivate myself to learn programming stuff when the result seems cool.
@Cerberus (I need a VPN for that. Ludicrous.)
Well, you can just go to the Hotstrings page in the help file instead.
5:34 PM
It's at hand. No worries.
Okay I'm good.
In case you want to do more with Autohotkey, I have it set up such that many errors are detected automatically as you type (this is called linting), and the right page in the help file pops up automatically as you type a specific command or function or variable.
The linter and help pop-aren't fully finished yet, but they work well enough for me.
Good luck!
Thanks. I'll ask you if I get bogged down and couldn't wriggle my way out.
Which is supposedly unlikely.
Notice that I have set up zx to output * (put a semicolon at the beginning of the line if you want to disable a line ("comment it out")).
Off to more ahk explorations!
5:38 PM
1 hour later…
6:44 PM
Seems like I missed the conversation of the day
@Mitch I'll marry someone and we'll both take it as a couple.
One Macron is more than enough.
He looks like the villain in Garfield's sequel. If it had one.
Oh it did. So Garfield's sequel's sequel

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