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@Hugo Who were you pinging?
Ste, Sunderland, United Kingdom
9.2k 7 16
@Hugo Didn't get the ping.
yeah, guessed so
. . . as far as the autocomplete is concerned.
You can only ping people that have been in chat for the last 7 days.
9:05 PM
thanks, I'll find another way
@Hugo Comment on their post and ask them to come to chat and ping you. Don't forget to delete the comment after they've seen it tho'. I don't want to get suspended. :)
I left the blog link in an answer comment
9:21 PM
@Hugo You could ask a mod too.
If you ping them, they shall come.
@Ste Hugo would like you to know about the Winterbash.
We have special yawping powers.
9:45 PM
Here is a self-answer to an old question. Do you think it sufficiently answers what I asked?
Oh, hey. Here's one you might could help with @Hugo: english.stackexchange.com/questions/143453/…
I have never found a reference for this one.
10:02 PM
I'll have a look. It's quite a hard one to search for
found nothing useful, but a comment on your question leads to the most informative answer I think we're going to get: wordwizard.com/phpbb3/…
re: snow-goblins, I think you've sufficiently self-answered what you were after, especially given the survey. I'll vote up once my votes are reset tomorrow!
10:23 PM
@KitZ.Fox I'm going to call them snow turds.
@Hugo I voted for everything!! woohoo!! I love snow!!
I had something to say but... you know. I forgot.
Nope just rememb... oops forgot again.
OK here it is.
except I'm being interrupted.
the first result in Chronicling America is a story about Hugo and the snow goblins... chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn85026309/1863-05-06/ed-1/…
10:37 PM
I like these headlines about heavy snow from 1902: "... and Things Generally Upset"
@Hugo you won the internet! and history!
hooray for internet history!
so what I was going to say was, ya know this Paris meeting thing about global warming?
And all these countries are coming together and deciding that all countries will sort of decide together that we'll all try to combat global warming despite a lot of countries having to hold back their economies for it (oil producers).
Usually people are so mad.
So whatever they say it's somehow... progress.
10:55 PM
@Hugo This is great, but could you please summarize it instead of posting the whole thing? I'm concerned about wholesale copying and pasting. You may remember we had an issue with how much of the OED we were citing...
@Hugo Ditto.
That was a great find. It's surprisingly difficult to locate usage for yard as a verb. Did you see my comment on the one answer about "yarder"?
@Hugo Looks like we moved from co-dependency (songs about U/You) to partnership (songs about We) over the last 30 years. Go us!
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