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3:00 PM
Oliver Cloushoff.
His rates are quite high.
Six o’ nine, half a Borg of your mother.
@Tonepoet That's adorable.
Not a durable, however.
Mosquito, Moscato.
3:01 PM
Let's call some parts of the thing off.
Be like that.
Oh ma gawd.
I got a very cool ping. And I'm late to the party it seems.
Happy Hour is over. No more free drinks.
3:10 PM
Norm Peterson, Barney Gumble and Suika Ibuki have left the chat-room. Homer Simpson's continued presence is pendent upon the availability of free doughnuts.
Pacman donuts hunting down themselves?
Doughnuts pendant.
Doughnut pendants.
3:17 PM
He does not check his rep very often.
Y U H8 reading?
@JohanLarsson Whose view is that now?
Holy crap.
It's not like I have never ignored 2067 people, it's just that I click on that number once a day to get it down to zero.
Does seem strange.
3:21 PM
Who you gonna call?
Commie busters
Perhaps a sock puppet account?
Pup socket.
Pop, suck it.
Suck, pop it.
Once you pop, you can't suck.
@tchrist don't understand
3:25 PM
@JohanLarsson Is that you?
No, then he wouldn't have said "he does not check his rep".
No, I have only 5k
Yeah and then there's that.
Got 15 two days ago.
3:26 PM
Johan just does not have 2067 friends. Or enemies.
I think that screenshot is a Photoshop.
Who has that many reps, and misspells my name?
Bill Gates?
@JohanLarsson Maybe it's Brad Larson?
Kinda hard to imagine a moderator never looking at his inbox.
A: Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array?

MysticialYou are a victim of branch prediction fail. What is Branch Prediction? Consider a railroad junction: Image by Mecanismo, via Wikimedia Commons. Used under the CC-By-SA 3.0 license. Now for the sake of argument, suppose this is back in the 1800s - before long distance or radio communication...

@Cerberus also I am noticing your three-headed nature makes you genericize your nouns to the extent of them getting an indefinite article and yet keeping the capital.
3:28 PM
Too many digits!
@RegDwigнt ’Tis because he likes his piñas bien coladas.
@JohanLarsson Yeah what gives. Branch prediction is my daily bread and butter. Where's my OVER 9000 reps?
Branch prediction is a topic that has ramifications for everyone.
There's just no way an answer to any question on any site of any net is worth 170k imaginary points.
is surprised it’s unlocked
Least of all an answer that is not about God or Buddha or how women work.
> Since I'm the current world record holder for the most digits of pi, I'll add my two cents
OMG I know someone famous who once visited the same website as I did.
Well, technically he's not famous at all. But still.
I shall celebrate by muting over several commies.
3:40 PM
@RegDwigнt Then there's just no way any answer is worth any points at all in a voting system. If it can be worth one point, it can be worth n points.
@tchrist I did
23 hours ago, by Johan Larsson
triple sauna today, think it is a first
@Cerberus ^ perhaps even more impressive than some rep.
@RegDwigнt Yes, I don't believe there is a hard rule about capitals in such cases...
@JohanLarsson Yes, a triple sauna is quite impressive.
Are saunas good or bad for your skin?
3:57 PM
no idea
Is sex good or bad for your skin? Who cares?
Very good question.
@Robusto Castrati don't suffer from alopecia.
That's not to say they don't have sex.
4:58 PM
Second things second and nth things nth: "Is it" instead of "is is"; "between" instead of "betwwen"; "two adjectives" instead of "to adjectives"; and put a period at the end of your sentence. — Robusto 25 secs ago
Zero halves is still zero so they are both dumb as a rock apparently. =P
5:46 PM
@Robusto they call it 'out of saddle', seems a more common expression for it
(old message reference)
@crl Yeah, "honking" is older, from when I was just getting into serious cycling in my thirties.
1 hour later…
6:53 PM
@tchrist that's fantastic. How?
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Microsoft Unicode bug.
Q: He who must not be named? (aka Anyone can ping everyone in chat)

FabbyFor some or other reason, typing @ᔕᖺᘎᕊ in a chat room pings everyone who's been in that chat room for the last 7 days... Seems to work in all chat rooms (I only tested 2 as I don't want to be a jerk) How should we proceed?

2 hours later…
8:31 PM
@tchrist Gorgo, Mormo, thousand-faced moon, look favourably on our sacrifices!
So are the benefits of outsourcing.
I want to punch outsourcing in the nuts today.
isn't the planet orbits an example of perpetual motion?
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 but why?
@crl Nice.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 What did they do?
@crl No.
I don't get Lovechrist
9:03 PM
The motion of the planets will stop eventually.
@JohanLarsson Someone misspole his name, and I echoed him.
@Cerberus :o
don't fix misspole
There is nothing to fix!
@crl Don't worry: it will take a while. The universe will disintegrate eventually too (or implode).
9:05 PM
his name is actually a religious image if you capitalize it
I'm sure he did it on purpose
Tom is love.
Tom olive
Olive & Tom (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olive_et_Tom)
damn doesn't exist in English, so the joke fails and you can safely ignore this
what does it mean in French?
it's the name of a famous (old) anime with a stupid music youtube.com/watch?v=N0jzWR3D-zw
@RegDwigнt Do you know Adölfchen und Bdölfchen?
I find them rather funny.
I can just about understand them, although they speak rather fast.
9:14 PM
@Cerberus @JohanLarsson it just makes everything take longer.
That sucks.
By doing what?
@Cerberus a lot of it is just language barrier.
Ah, that alone is really annoying.
what is their code like?
@JohanLarsson ask @tchrist :3
@Cerberus most of the outsourcing in my industry seems to go to the Philippines or India.
9:18 PM
I'm so glad nobody speaks Dutch anymore.
Only old people in Indonesia.
The larger issue is that people high up in companies who under pressure to make numbers look good turn to companies like Accenture to save a penny. But they have no idea what kind of ripple effect it has.
Outsourcing feels 1995.
The trend has been in the other direction for a decade I think.
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 Horrible.
@JohanLarsson Really? That is good news.
I don't have much data, more a feeling.
9:40 PM
Duly noted.
Not like the badger situation where I had proof :)
Ah, the badger situation?
yesterday, by skill patrol
and punctuation...
started there, escalated like an explosion but with a happy end
@Cerberus It's only a small part of the problem. Well, my problem.
9:57 PM
@cornbreadninja麵包忍者 I think it is a problem for many people.
Is it allowed to ask homework questions here? (because on my main site it's not and I normally post a comment I will not post homework questions on link-to-this-site! )
@Cerberus I don't speak for them.
10:18 PM
The holy trinity? Abba Bierce, J. H. Lovechrist, and Edgar Allan Ghost?
10:31 PM
@Fabby What do you mean by "here"?
I don't know anything about your main site.
You can ask anything in chat, but who knows whether you will get an answer.
@Cerberus on the main site...
Are homework questions allowed on english.stackexchange.com (sorry for being unclear)
In general, no.
@Cerberus thanks!
@Fabby But, if you encounter a specific problem while doing your home work that you think might be interesting for this website's users, "English experts and enthusiasts", then you can ask about that, if you explain what you want to know and why you couldn't find the answer yourself.
If you are not sure, you can post your question in chat first.
I just wanted to post a comment I will not post homework questions on english.stackexchange.com below a question...
's all...
10:49 PM
@Fabby There is nothing wrong with homework questions per se. It's the fact that in practice many homework questions aren't good questions for the site. So rather than calling out "homework question" I would personally call out the "real" problem.
@MετάEd όχι! That's not funny... ;-) (it's been triple-downvoted already,
...so I thought leaving my usual comment so the user knows why he's been down-voted.)
11:32 PM
@Fabby The question lacks evidence of research. Otherwise it's innocuous -- a basic question about grammar rules.
11:51 PM
@MετάEd Remove the snarky link?

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