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4:03 PM
Can you please update me with everything about Bitcoin?
@Cerb ^

Beta Q&A site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts.

Currently in public beta.

And hoozah.
You're alive!
Why would I choose not to?
How is your head? Did you have a greasy breakfast?
4:08 PM
I had chocolate flakes with milk for breakfast.
You don't remember last night?
And I have no idea why people keep asking me about heads.
Who am I, Cerberus?
@KitFox of course I do.
Well, I suppose you are Russian.
What is it with you people and drinking. Why do you think everyone must be dead or ill or demented afterwards.
Meanwhile Cerberus is in the Frying Pan.
That's where he gets his 150000 messages. I see now.
@RegDwigнt Just when you drink a lot.
4:11 PM
Well. If you're not gonna drink a lot, why drink?
I'm just going to watch a video tutorial =D
I have my new glasses-and-scarf, tyvm!
I was thinking of getting some hats on Writers.
The mods don't have as much of a sense of humor as we do though.
I'm sure you'll love it...
So BTC is like
your computer literally become an accountant in a bank company and do some work (mining) and get paid with little bit of Bitcoin
4:23 PM
Well, mining is not profitable on an ordinary computer.
The energy it takes is more expensive than the bitcoins you can harvest.
Q: What does the fox say?

KitFoxIt is true that as a fox, I should know this, so consider this a spoilers warning. In a recent post, Geek Girl mentions that the mating call of the fox is a series of sharp, eerie barks and that this is called gekkering. This is supported by a citation in Wikipedia, but the reference is not one ...

So only way to make profit from Bitcoin is through mining, isn't it?
I was just about to ask about this. I didn't quite get what you meant by *spoilers*:

"It is true that as a fox, I should know this, so consider this a spoilers warning."

I didn't see anything that followed that would give something away. What exactly did you mean?
@KitFox way to troll for points with timely pop-culture cross-references
1 BTC = 772.6
Phuck my life
4:33 PM
@EnglishMaster Or as an investment. Making a profit through mining is impossible for normal people.
@JSBձոգչ I was just trying to get views. One more hat!
@Cerberus How many BTC did you buy when it was cheaper?
@Hugo I was joking that I was giving it away that foxes gekker.
@EnglishMaster 2.
4:37 PM
@EnglishMaster so it's recovered about half its value after the China crash
If you take the lowest point as a reference, yes.
Yeah. Nice to get in at $10 and out at $1200.
phuck, I think some people made huge amount of money with BTC
@KitFox Excellent!
4:41 PM
> Fix the bug that modified tab interface colour settings cannot be saved in stylers configurator.
Stupid noun adjectives!
@KitFox +1 for being a good reporter.
Good reporter?
@Cerberus Stupid poor punctuation!
@KitFox Yes. You got a source quote and ran with it. This is how reporters work.
Well, how would you punctuate it?
@EnglishMaster If you want to say phuck, you might as well say fuck.
4:42 PM
@Robusto real reporters run with it to the NSA, not the public. Sheesh.
@Cerberus "Fix the bug that modified tab interface; colour settings cannot be saved in stylers configurator."
But that is not correct!
@RegDwigнt Real reporters don't have to run to the NSA. It comes to them.
@Cerberus Then what sense are you trying to convey?
@Robusto Oh. Well. Also, I wanted something that I could plausibly add so that I could get the sockpuppet hat.
@Robusto That's more about the realness of the NSA than that of the reporters.
4:43 PM
I have 12 hats now, not too bad.
@Robusto "You"? I would never so abuse noun adjectives!
@KitFox Hey! It's 2014! The hat craze is so last year.
Says the guy who is losing to me.
> Fix the bug that [[modified tab interface colour settings] cannot be saved in stylers configurator].
Anyway, hats are going to disappear soon, so no point getting more.
4:44 PM
@KitFox All the more reason to move on.
See? That's the structure they intended.
Besides, don't bother me today. I still have a hangover.
Who doesn't? Oh, the Hibbit.
@Robusto Eat a greasy breakfast.
@Cerberus Fix the bug wherein modified tab-interface colour settings cannot be saved in [the] stylers configurator.
4:47 PM
Yes, somewhat better. Still ugly as hell, though.
Perhaps you also mean "styler's"?
@Cerberus Well, you always have the option to recast the sentence.
I think that is another noun adjective...
@Robusto And that is what they should have done, yes.
I'm crying now
This is why editing is hard. Frequently you just want to rewrite the whole damn thing. But if you accept the narrow scope of the given prose and try to make minor adjustments, you get nitpicked to death.
@EnglishMaster What happened?
4:48 PM
But I think it is a good example of noun adjective abuse confusion.
@Robusto That's why editing posts on SE is hard.
because I didn't buy Bitcoin when it was $13. I knew it existed but I reacted to it like "That'a not a reliable way to transact money!" and "Hmm, interesting technology, I love P2P so I should look into its technical side"
@EnglishMaster I am not sure about the value of bitcoin, I would never buy it, so don't be sad, it's not real money.
@KitFox Added to Wiktionary: en.wiktionary.org/wiki/gekker#English
4:51 PM
@Robusto Yes, you have to either know exactly what was going on in their convoluted minds, or have the authority to change their sentence entirely.
@Hugo I hope he doesn't mind that.
But that's pretty cool.
@KitFox I expect he doesn't, but I can remove it if you think best
Now if we can multicollider it, I can get one last hat.
@Hugo If he happens upon it, he can ream me out then.
for once in a few hundred, a question where we can actually say who coined it!
If you want to draw the attention of law enforcement, make sure you buy and sell a lot of bitcoins. Since they're becoming the currency of convenience for drug cartels, this is one way TPTB will try to track them.
4:53 PM
@Hugo Now we're tied for #4.
Shit, there is no sound on my Linux Mint. One reason to use Windows instead.
@KitFox I think I'm pretty much hatted out, unless I get one last Horror hat from @Ste on meta.english.stackexchange.com/a/4375/9001
I could theoretically still get Horror-ed, but it is such a long shot. And I don't feel like putting the effort into writing a few more good questions either.
Even though I like the look of the bunny ears.
we have 6 from ELU in the network-wide top 10
And probably 26 in the top 30.
5:02 PM
and ELU is a good number 9
@Hugo That's a great achievement.
Considering how small our population is compared to the other SE sites, that's pretty good.
Hey @MattЭллен!
ho ho ho happy new year everybody
hi @JasperLoy
@KitFox so we need to breed more users for next year. got it.
Happy New Year!
5:12 PM
It's already the second of Jan here, lol.
Q: What does the fox say?

KitFoxIt is true that as a fox, I should know this, so consider this a spoilers warning. In a recent post, Geek Girl mentions that the mating call of the fox is a series of sharp, eerie barks and that this is called gekkering. This is supported by a citation in Wikipedia, but the reference is not one ...

Go look at it!
@KitFox Are you aiming for views?
It's on the MC, but toward the bottom. @Reg is hogging!
5:15 PM
@EnglishMaster Geezis!
@KitFox some more answers might help
Maybe. Close to 200 views already is not too shabby, but I only have another day to get to 500.
ima make some coffee, do some coding.
@KitFox Speaking of the MC, where is that located in the new interface?
It's buried on the bottom right nav "hot network questions" or something.
@KitFox "bottom right nav"? I know not whereof you speak.
5:27 PM
looks at hands
Right column. You know where "tagged" is?
On the main page, where the question count is large and bold at the top?
Oh, you mean the right rail. Got it.
Rail. Yes. OK.
makes note
Oh yeah. Coffee. brb
Why won't this table paste? Paste, damn it, paste!
Wrong number of cells selected? One or exact match is all you get.
It won't paste at all, no matter what I choose.
5:39 PM
Maybe I need admin privileges or something. I'm trying to copy a query result and paste it into Excel. This is usually no problem at all.
I'm doing it across the network though.
Oh. I guess that was it. Or my keyboard is messed up. It has been finicky lately. I wonder where I put that compressed air?
@KitFox oink-oink!
I'm no longer in the top 3.
I'll be skating off pretty rapidly now.
Hello @D.M.Davidson!
You could use more hats!
We’re being spammed.
Q: Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc

fordsonHere is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc. http://jayagauranitai.blogspot.in/

Having never been to a NY's party before, it's really something to be offered a 'limited edition' 2014 hat!
Comme j’ai dit avant
5:49 PM
@D.M.Davidson Indeed! There, enjoy yours!
But you could still get half a dozen more in about a minute.
@D.M.Davidson simply go remove the smiley from this answer. I would do it myself, but I'd get zero hats for that. If you do it in my stead, you'll get three. Yes, three.
And talk to us!
Say nine more things and you'll get yet another hat.
What does "deleted by community" mean again?
It's really quite simple.
nine more things and you'll get another hat
@Cerberus it's when people flag it to the extent of it getting removed automatically due to the number of flags.
Ahh OK!
5:57 PM
@MattЭллен Don't you need stars too?
How many flags do you need for that?
Meaning just peons’ flags, or yours too?
oh! I just remember @RegDwigнt and @MrShiny New Scientist has a LEGO competition, if you didn't already know
> post 10 messages in chat with at least two of them starred
@Cerberus six.
5:58 PM
OK noted.
I'm a bit late in telling you. the deadline's 14th jan
Why not seven?
@MattЭллен no I did not!
@KitFox I thnk I've got all mine
@MattЭллен I'd probably not participate anyway, I suck at competitions.
5:58 PM
from chat, anyway
@RegDwigнt I was thinking your animals should go in one of the Idea Books. We got two of them for the boys for Christmas.
@D.M. Getting hat fever yet?
those are the competition rules, if any lego fans are interested
@MattЭллен see. So much hassle.
And such soft requirements that there'll be a very stiff competition.
I'll be competing against photos of three-year-olds eating Duplo. And losing.
@RegDwigнt I shouldn’t have thought you’d be into that sort of thing.
@Kit Notice the completion Google gives on "que dice": it’s el zorro
6:05 PM
And yeah, the Beautiful LEGO book, while nice, only contains pics you can find online for free, on absolutely any remotely LEGO-related site in existence.
The Hayabusa set is a CUUSOO one, it's actually quite rare but also very bland.
!!lego 21101
A yellow box with some grey stuff.
@tchrist ...OK.
6:08 PM
Oh. I see.
I think you will like the Video more than you are expecting.
Oh, I didn't keep watching. Should I watch the whole thing?
I have some coding to clean up.
Oh. You don’t read Spanish.
I do a bit.
It’s a really funny lyric.
Well, kinda. I think those don’t always match the printed lyrics from the video.
Eek, someone used the dreaded tag.
> With the chord progression of C♯m—B—F♯, the song is written in the key of C♯ dorian, with lead vocal range spanning from C♯4 to F♯6.
C# dorian — now that’s a popular key for a pop song, isn’t it?
"The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)", also known as "The Fox", is an electronic dance song and viral video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis. The top trending video of 2013 on YouTube, "The Fox" was posted on the video-sharing website on 3 September 2013, and had over 300 million views as of 24 December 2013. "The Fox" peaked at number 6 for three consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, and is also the highest-ranked song by a Norwegian artist on the chart since a-ha's number-one song "Take on Me" in 1985. Originally an "anti-hit" produced as a part of the duo's new season of Norwegian t...
> Due to the popularity of the song, TMZ reported on 18 October 2013 that two weeks away from Halloween, the sales of fox costumes had already risen by almost 40% at one costume outlet from last Halloween, according to the data from Spirit Halloween, BuyCostumes and Amazon.
I really like this answer:
A: How accepted is ‘f***ing’ in informal conversation?

TimLymingtonSwearing in a foreign language is very rarely a good idea. As well as the difficulty of judging the level of acceptability of swearing in what will by definition be an unfamiliar social situation, there is the difficulty of judging any particular word (the French con is a very mild insult while ...

6:29 PM
@tchrist It looks like the same as the English version of the video.
@KitFox Ok.
But yes, they are pretty funny.
The Spanish lyrics seem fun to sing.
Yes. I like singing Spanish songs.
Probably because I can focus more on the sounds and tones than the 'proper' words.
I never thought of it that way.
The full R that appears all over is fun.
It cannot be approached timidly, only full on and furious.
Why does it feel like Sunday on ELU?
I mean, all the lame crud.
6:40 PM
Prolly hangovers around the sphere, not me though.
Did you have fun and eat lots of traditional Swedish NYE food?
Is that pronounced somewhat like German joh and Dutch joh, you think?
We had a homemade pizza, don't know if there is any traditional food. Had a standard lazy night at home. I never leave the dogs alone on nye.
@Reg Oh cool, NPR has an interview with Elton John on right now.
6:42 PM
OK I see.
I think it’s a rerun from a few months ago.
@Cerberus That would be my guess, it is not a real word though. It is yo spelled in Swedish.
Did you have fun?
Right, you can listen to it here.
@JohanLarsson Oh haha. In Dutch, it is a casual way of saying "ja". A bit like English "yeah", but even more casual.
It is like saying "yeah, sort of".
@tchrist I am ashamed to admit I kind of like listening to Spanish pop songs.
Actually jå sounds like yeah with a Finnish accent.
6:46 PM
The enjoyment of listening to a language one has to make something of an effort to understand is an added bonus.
@JohanLarsson Haha.
I actually enjoy listening to this song once in a while.
And trying to fully understand the words and the grammar. I looked at the lyrics a while ago, so I can understand it now.
I would be surprised if the lyrics are good given the sound of the song :)
I think I prefer it in Spanish
They'd be pretty boring if you translated them into English or Dutch...
Yes. Isn’t that odd?
@JohanLarsson Yes.
"Return to see you", more or less, is the title.
"I can't be happy without you" and such crap.
Sounds like this type of song:
    while (time < 3:20){
6:50 PM
@tchrist Do you know why it is volverte a ver, and not volver a verte? I suspect it is metri causa?
Is it about how she left him because he had a crappy flat, but then he met some hippie chick who didn't mind getting rained on inside?
@JohanLarsson Haha, exactly.
@KitFox Yes, that is exactly what the Spanish says.
I am some kind of genius with this stuff.
Except the Spanish word is more like "hippie-emo" than merely "hippie".
6:52 PM
Yes, I forgot the Spainards put the adjectives on the other side.
That would mean "hippo granny" in Dutch.
I was in Kingston Jamaica in a club once. I remember the DJ, he was funny. When they sang "I'm gonna love you forever" he interrupted with the microphone yelling "LIES".
Haha, nice.
I'm gonna love you for as long as it takes.
6:56 PM
We were 19 and not sober at all, I remember the locals thought we were the FBI.
Haha, really?
How is Kingston?
@Cerberus Perhaps so. I agree the other way sounds more normal. But there is also a tendency to promote/move clitics to earlier positions in the VP than they belong. It’s just that the reflexive version of volver, volverse, changes the meaning from “return” to “become”. But then it makes no sense to have a ver “to see” afterwards, so this has to be that clictic regression I mentioned.
@tchrist Right, that is what I was thinking.
@Cerberus Centaur? :)
@Cerberus hmm, nice is the wrong word, interesting.
7:00 PM
I am moving to chat here.
Three rooms at once is two too many.
Before It Was Cool!
@Reg Did you listen to the Elton episode on Fresh Air?
And by hippy I mean pussy but tailored to your kind.
7:01 PM
Speaking of hippy....
> Music video by Shakira performing Objection (Tango). (C) 2002 Sony Music Entertainment (Holland) B.V.
@tchrist I only just got your NPR message to my inbox. This very second.
Sony is more Dutch than Bensdorp, apparently.
Welcome to tax-haven paradise!!
There were lines a hundred+ people long waiting in lines overnight in Denver for the opening today of the nation’s first legal recreational pot shops.
I thought you were going to say fireworks...
7:03 PM
That's not OVER 9000.
No? It could be.
There were many lines each over a hundred.
I thought it'd be OVER 9000 and the nation would collapse and the world would end. That's what I kept hearing!
No, only Colorado alone.
Listen to your other voices.
7:04 PM
@tchrist world, Colorado, where's the difference.
Much of Colorado is already OVER 9000 anyway.
The mean is 6800.
Which means you don’t go too many sigmata away to hit 9000.
That's approximately my number of views.
Yours is halfway there.
Why stigmata?
7:07 PM
> In statistics and probability theory, the standard deviation (represented by the Greek letter sigma, σ) shows how much variation or dispersion from the average exists.
In statistics and probability theory, the standard deviation (represented by the Greek letter sigma, σ) shows how much variation or dispersion from the average exists. A low standard deviation indicates that the data points tend to be very close to the mean (also called expected value); a high standard deviation indicates that the data points are spread out over a large range of values. The standard deviation of a random variable, statistical population, data set, or probability distribution is the square root of its variance. It is algebraically simpler though in practice less robus...
The first Boulder County licence for pottery is apparently to go to Nederland, which is 8228 downtown but OVER 9000 elsewhere in this bumpy hamlet.
Actually, ’tis bigger than a hamlet.
Almost a village.
How many Nederlanden are there?
BTW, a nice and short, informal, but very clear discussion of clitic promotion in Spanish VPs can be read here, in section 4, "Clitic promotion".
There are many scholarly papers about this, actually, but that is short and sweet and to the point.
@Cerberus Can’t you use the same tool that did that to find the other Neds?
> A clitic that functions as the direct or indirect object of a gerund or an infinitive can usually be attached either enclitically to the gerund/infinitive or proclitically to the governing finite verb. In the latter case clitic promotion is said to have occurred....
> Quieren comprarlo or Lo quieren comprar, Seguí cantándolo or Lo seguí cantando.
@tchrist I merely copied an image, didn't use a tool.
@Cerberus Drat.
@tchrist Still not the same as attaching it to a different verb.
7:20 PM
Yeah. They talk about things you “can’t” do below that. Your metri causa may yet rear its poetic head.
I can find only two towns in America named Nederland. The other one is in Texas.
We also have a town called Nederland in Nederland.
I tried to take a pic of the muffins, but failed grandiosly.
You can post an ugly picture.
Perhaps I'll upload one of these shitty ones some day.
@Cerberus Odd.
7:23 PM
Also Amsterdam.
And America.
And probably Holland as well.
Amsterdam is a country?
A small town.
Like America.
That same site has a good section on allophones you should really read regarding the stops getting fricasseed.
And in that pan are the leftovers of what I cooked for breakfast.
I like.
7:26 PM
The pic is a lie.
They are brown.
Dark brown. What with the cocoa and chocolate and Kahlúa.
This is more like it, but only because in this pic, everything is dark brown.
Anyway. I'm off to take them out of the form.
Let there by light!
Apparently only 24 pot shops opened this morning, across 8 towns.
Well duh, it’s NYD.
> Charles Bechtel, 57, said he'll likely return to LoDo Wellness, which charges about the same as his dealer.
Sigh. Price-parity with the black market is hardly the goal here.
> While marijuana sales remain illegal under federal law, no place in the world — not even Amsterdam — has gone as far as Colorado to legalize and regulate sales of relatively small amounts of marijuana.
Take that, Nederland!
Well, Nederland has come full circle. Expect the same to happen for Colorado.
All it takes is a bunch of stupid tourists.
@Hugo You got it! Happy new year!
7:44 PM
So how do you keep track of who's still todo and who's done with?
Must be quite some work.
@tchrist Except Uruguay!
@Ste Thanks! The Hat Santa of Sunderland strikes again!
Only three more votes need here to repay Ste and give him a Horror hat:
A: Has anyone on EL&U been awarded the 'I See Your Point' hat yet?

SteIf this answer gets to 40 upvotes, I will get my "Oh the Horror" hat. Please help, especially if you're one of those to have received the hat from me on the club question.

I'm on my mobile Handy btw.
Had to leave in a hurry.
8:39 PM
There are ten secret hats. I have eight, then there is Eureka for nine, and what is the last one?
the dog one?
yeah, you don't have that one, so probably that one
I think that's a fake one.
have you got all the other ones from the sprite map?
But not even Manishearth has 10 secret hats.
But there are ten clues for ten hats.
A: Winter Bash 2013: Secret Hats

9 Shogs a-ShoggingThey're not really all that secret if we give it all away so easily, are they? Here are some hints - if you can figure them out, you're on your way to some SECRET hats: ...then I took an arrow to the knee. Earned ten of the most meaningless points on the 'Net I live... AGAIN! He ain't no drag...

...then I took an arrow to the knee.
Earned ten of the most meaningless points on the 'Net (I See Your Point)
I live... AGAIN! (Bushido)
He ain't no drag
from JBM to JWH (Chuck Yeager)
Humpty Dumpty, or perfect in every way? (I'm Not Listening)
There are only so many people capable of putting together words that stir and move and sing. (mod hat?)
You look like an absolute idiot.
You may have to go to Puerto Vallarta, break the law and then fight extradition to get over this one. (IG-88)
Solve these riddles and it's yours (Eureka!)
I'm not sure which goes with IG-88, I'm Not Listening, Before It Was Cool.
I'm missing one.
Oh three hats.
there's the greyed out face and the autobot's insignia. Im not sure if they're real hats either
@KitFox I'm not listening is probably humpty dumpty
and that other robot one
8:52 PM
Autobots v. Decepticons?
A: How Do I Get the Winterbash 2013 Secret Hats?

jmac Chuck Yeager "from JBM to JWH" Ghost of Winterbash Past "I live... AGAIN!" I See Your Point "Earned ten of the most meaningless points on the 'Net" Before It Was Cool "He ain't no drag" Eureka! "Solve these riddles and it's yours" IG-88 "You may have to go to ...

That list has more than ten.
it does
Well, I should go back to play with my children.
I guess looking for hats gets unfullfilling after a while :D
It's odd that one is missing.
8:59 PM
I don't see IG 88 on that spritesheet.

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