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Well, MrHen has successfully cast a reopen vote on the snow goblin question via the review queue, so it has made it there, but I can't see it (because I cast the first reopen vote). If anyone else is looking for reopens, check the queue now.
12:47 AM
posted on December 20, 2013 by sgdi

The singularity’s on its way Getting nearer every day Once it is here We’ll all disappear Humanity has had its day

1:11 AM
@aediaλ Interesting. You need to eat and sleep and then your zombie nature is replenished?
2:09 AM
@cornbread: Read your "Touching Conversations" piece. Fun!
2 hours later…
4:01 AM
4:13 AM
@Cerberus Nice.
@Cerberus: Of the two, which do you prefer, senicide or geronticide — and why?
@tchrist I'm sure you can guess...
Besides, as long as the job gets done...
Already we know each other too well. :)
A: Is there a term for "genocide" of the elderly?

tchristThe word you are looking for is one of either: senicide — as in senior, senile, senectitude, senescence, senate, senator geronticide — as in gerontocracy, ˌgerontologist, gerontophilia, gerontophobe Quoth Wikipedia: Senicide or geronticide is the abandonment to death, suicide, or killing ...

Some fellow is arguing the newspapers override published literature. Weirdo.
4:51 AM
Geriater actually means "curer/doctor of old people", from iatêr "doctor", from iaomai "I cure". archimedes.fas.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/…archimedes.fas.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/…Cerberus 1 min ago
When will people finally learn Greek!?
5:08 AM
Not getting the unicorn - I really want the unicorn. :-( — Kristina Lopez 5 hours ago
Give Kristina the unicorn already! She laid enough foundations.
5:29 AM
@RegDwigнt Ok. But my goodness gracious sakes alive, isn’t it tomorrow in your country?
@Cerberus They’re too busy killing off gerontologists.
6:03 AM
I near say I may have antedated @Kit’s snow goblins:
A: How widespread are snow goblins?

tchristApparently, snow goblins have long been a perennial problem stretching to the very North Pole itself, which some have posited may be their ultimate origin. You can see them in full havocking mayhem in the top half of this familiar illustration: That illustration was created by an eldritch ent...

6:20 AM
@tchrist "tomorrow" is a sliding scale.
I did get two and a half hours worth of sleep, though, so technically yes, today is no longer yesterday.
Are you up for the day now?
Did we ever find an edit-rollback-hat?
Don't loose any sleep over this hat mania thing guys :-)
It’s no mania, just philia.
Ok, maybe hypomania or hyperphilia.
Hat hypo/hyper mania/philia
6:40 AM
320 behind Web Apps. And this time I have counted correctly.
So we are catching up. Until they wake up, anyway.
Who won last year?
And what was the prize?
Who is wearing the defending champion crown!!!
Aarthi Devanathan on January 08, 2013

So. We’ve torn through the advent calendar, tossed aside all the wrapping paper, and (hopefully) obsessively screencapped our gravatars wearing various kinds of silly hats. As of last Friday, Winter Bash 2012 is officially over!

This event was awesome. We had a total of 46,710 users participating across 76 sites, and we gave away 108,924 hats total. The most common hat was the And I Feel Fine hat, which 23,171 users earned for activity on December 21st. The least common hat earned was I Do Say, which was obtained by Bohemian, on Stack Overflow, and kalina, on Arqade for posting an epic 30 …

7:24 AM
7:39 AM
We should have an Easter egg hunt next year similar to the mystery hat idea.
8:11 AM
!!wiki Easter egg
Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are special eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime. As such, Easter eggs are common during the season of Eastertide. The oldest tradition is to use dyed and painted chicken eggs, but a modern custom is to substitute chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with confectionery such as jelly beans. Eggs, in general, were a traditional symbol of fertility, and rebirth. In Christianity, for the celebration of Eastertide, Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus: though an egg appears to be like the stone of a tomb, a bird hatches f...
!!wiki Easter egg hunt
Egg hunt is a game during which decorated eggs, real hard-boiled ones or artificial, filled with or made of chocolate candies, of various sizes, are hidden in various places for children to find. The game may be both indoors and outdoors. When the hunt is over, prizes may be given out for various achievements, such as the largest number of eggs collected, for the largest or smallest egg, for the most eggs of a specific color, consolation prizes, booby prizes, etc. Real eggs may further be used in egg tapping contests. If eggs filled with confetti left from Mardi Gras (cascarones) are u...
8:36 AM
Q: A conversation about language site names

LauraI'm Laura, a product manager at Stack Exchange. Before I get into my announcement, I just want to let you guys know that we are not changing anything regarding English Language & Usage. This post is just to keep you informed of some things we're discussing at a high level for the whole network. ...

They forgot to notice that our name is "English Language and Hats", we just misspole it.
Talk about chances missed.
room topic changed to English Language & Usage: Get free hats here now! (no tags)
8:52 AM
I know what. I think I'll aim at the bunny hat over at RLU.
Q: "Битком набиты" — was "биток" actually a noun at some time?

RegDwightDid биток always only exist in the context of the idiom "битком набиты", or was it a "perfectly valid noun in its own right" at some point in the past?

One down, nine to go.
Q: When should "родина" be capitalized?

RegDwightIs there a thumb rule for when to capitalize Родина? Or is it just a free-for-all poetic-license type of thing? For lack of a better example, Родина, еду я на Родину, Пусть кричат — уродина, А она нам нравится, Хоть и не красавица. Should it be capitalized here? And again, this i...

Two down, eight to go.
are you learning Russian, my friend?
I am fluent in Russian.
Native speaker, in point of fact.
Muscovite in the fourth generation. And damn proud of it etc.
In other questions: where are your hats?
Are you one of those hat haters? :P
Hats? I'm not aware of that yet
"Mother Russia"
9:03 AM
Well go to your profile, then. You should see something somewhere that says "enable hats" or some such.
Wait, that's not Russian
@EnglishMaster "Mother Russia" is Russian alright. You just spelled it wrong, is all.
Try "Матушка Расея" for best results.
I think I can actually turn that into another question.
Q: Connotation of the spelling "Расея"

RegDwightAre there any guidelines on using Расея over Россия? Is the former archaic or comical? Grandiloquent, ridiculous? Something else? Was it perhaps the actual official name of the country at some point in the past? As a bonus, do both come from Old Church Slavonic?

Three down, seven to go.
This should be easy.
The cake bakes itself.
So much Russian in this chat.
But now I must take a break.
Where has everyone gone to?
9:11 AM
Oct 29 '12 at 15:54, by RegDwighт
The root, the root, the root is on heat. Bake, motherf*cker, bake.
Sep 20 at 19:23, by RegDwighт
Baking Bread.
@JasperLoy I don't know! The bed, presumably.
Do you have an account on RLU yet?
Upvote my postings for a hat.
@RegDwigнt No, I try to minimise the number of accounts I have.
We will even get you the Mariah hat.
It's a miracle I have not deleted my accounts yet.
@JasperLoy I see. Well, your mind is changeable, we know that! :P
@JasperLoy there can be undeleted accounts if you believe.
But I really have to leave right now.
9:12 AM
I had a Russian friend when I was in Australia
Will be back later.
@EnglishMaster You are Korean right?
he was a truck driver, last thing he said that I remember is "Truck driving is a good business here"
I really hate kimchi.
Damn, why?
9:14 AM
It's too sour for me.
It has uncountable number of health benefits!
But I have not really tried any other Korean food.
I figured out that Korean people invented Kimchi because they weren't smart enough to come up with preservatives
I asked a girl about her breast size last time and she were slightly pissed off at me
but now we are getting along again and it seems like we have become friends again
Why did you ask her that?
what kind of silly question should I ask her next time?
@JasperLoy I don't know, thought it would be fun. I made an excuse by calling it "aussie culture"
9:21 AM
@EnglishMaster So you went to Australia to study?
But I ended up learning nothing, in my opinion
What did you study?
well, my main focus was to learn English
Your English is pretty good now.
I'm not satisfied yet, I want to be good as Barack Obama
or Julia Guilard ^_^...
9:39 AM
Hey @alainpannetier! Do drop by in chat some time, for a free hat or two! See you here.
9:56 AM
You have become a hat merchandiser.
10:19 AM
Hi @RegDwigнt, Here I am :)
But I was just going to bed.
Nice avatar... @RegDwigнt
Good day to you all.
@Cerberus. I'm here in Khartoum and it's 1:30 pm
@AlainPannetier thank you!
Man, this Cerberus knows no sleep.
@AlainPannetier Wha? Really?
Vacation? Job?
10:21 AM
I've left my n cubic meters of Lego in Paris and my son (in Dubai) is reconstituting the collection.
Oh. I didn't even know LEGO was of any interest to you.
Ericsson customer.
Huh. I thought they are Sony now?
Not phones. Network.
10:22 AM
E/// is the dominant network vendor.
I don't actually know what Ericsson does apart from my mobiles.
I've been playing with Legos since the first sets.
I wish I could show you a few MOCs.
but I don't have pics here.
I've made a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine for my son recently.
Wow, you even know the lingo!
May I show you my MOCs?
This is my shot at a new LEGO set.
I thought Mr Shiny and New was the only AFOL here.
Yes I've seen these. Very very nice.
Apart from myself, of course.
@AlainPannetier thank you!
So, without further ado, do you want some free hats?
Simply go remove the smiley from this answer and you'll get a couple hats at once. If it tells you that's not enough for an edit, fix that dash to be a proper  —.
10:26 AM
I've got a few ones already. But Yes. Gern!!!
Aww, now he also converses in German.
I am so happy right now.
BTW are your Thomas MOCs up on MOCpages or Brickshelf?
I'd have a look.
@Cerberus Good night is the words.
Done (smiley).
No. But there is one close to what I've done for Thomas.
The most tricky thing was the '1' and the red border.
Them's the worst.
10:31 AM
The number 1 is facing different direction on each side.
Let me see in my pix
I can get you the secret Unicorn hat, too! See this meta thread. It's quite strange, isn't it? All these comments about points... Just post a couple comments of yours. You don't even have to be witty. But make sure there are five comments of yours in total. That is all.
@AlainPannetier Mr Shiny was working on a train lately. Some crazy SNOT we figured out for him.
Dec 13 at 15:00, by Mr. Shiny and New 安宇
user image
'There, You should now be up from six hats to eleven.
And you can get the Unicorn for twelve.
I'll go check the stove. Will be back shortly.
And if you wish to return the favor, you can upvote these two answers so other people get hats (not myself):
A: Excessive downvoting

J.R.Sasha: Welcome to EL&U (and I mean that sincerely). When I was in school, there was a common refrain: there's no such thing as a stupid question. The sentiment was, if you are confused about something, you shouldn't be afraid to ask. I still believe that's true – there's no such thing as a stup...

A: Is it OK to answer to old questions?

z7sg ѪThere is nothing wrong with that, quite the opposite. In fact you can even win a nice shiny badge by reviving and answering an old question!

10:57 AM
Thomas is on the right hand side.
Only pic I have.
Can we say clock in times ?
My son and a (tiny) part of the Lego drawers.
This house is a MOC.
11:12 AM
^ @mr.shinyandnew安宇
@AlainPannetier that last one seems like an extension of a Creator set!
I got that one, and found it pretty boring in hindsight.
But your extension really pimps it up.
These are cute little things!
So much LEGO today.
Good times.
Christmas is coming... :)
I am munching my way through the Galaxy Squad.
Didn't mean to get any of the sets, but now I am quite likely to end up getting them all.
Excellent, excellent sets.
1 hour later…
12:23 PM
Q: Is "склизкий" still alive and doing well?

RegDwightWhen I was a child in a Russian school, склизкий was sort of the textbook example of a dialectal variation. We always found it very peculiar. Dal gives this: СКОЛЬЗИТЬ, скользнуть, скалзывать; или склизнуть, склизнуть; пск. слизгать, новг. склёзить, подвигаться по гладкому, как санный полоз,...

Q: "Город, смород" vs. "град, смрад" — is there any rhyme and reason behind all the metatheses of Modern Russian vs. Old Church Slavonic?

RegDwightI am sure you've come across these word pairings before: город — град смород — смрад скользкий — склизкий ворота — врата ворон — враний ворог — враг холод — хлад (cf. хладнокровный) and so on and so forth I am sure you can easily add dozens of examples yourself, off the top of your head. Now...

Five down, five to go.
1:08 PM
@tchrist: I've just earned "Before it was cool" on RLU. Now if I only knew what I did!
I did create a couple new tags, but I'm not sure if anyone has added them yet to other questions.
@artemix if you want some free hats, just drop in here and I'll get you half a dozen. Including secret hats. With very little to absolutely none effort on your part. Some literally come for free! Thank you.
Just @-mention me when you're here.
1:33 PM
@RegDwigнt I'm here! Thanks for the offer! How hat-giving works? Is it a kind-of-moderator-superability?
@Artemix Sadly, the man is not here now... And I am not an expert on hats.
1:49 PM
My attempt at the Hello World hat:
Q: French equivalent for "Voulez-vous die Gruweschuh ?" — "Non, merci, mir reiche die !"

RegDwightIn the francique mosellan dialect I am speaking, there's a semi-mocking, yet not really offensive in the least, and perhaps even friendly, expression "Voulez-vous die Gruweschuh ?" — "Non, merci, mir reiche die !", used to poke fun at the French, or the French language. I have a two-part questi...

@Artemix oh hai! nice to see you here!
@Artemix It is not a super-ability, but I can give you some pointers to get some hats with minimum effort.
For one, you can just chat here, leaving at least nine more messages, and that alone will get you a hat.
BTW, we can speak Russian here!
Secondly, you can get the super-secret Unicorn hat by posting some meaningless comments.
I see your point :)
How is the cake @RegDwigнt
You can head over right to this meta thread. It's quite strange, isn't it? All these comments about points... Just post a couple comments of yours. You don't even have to be witty. But make sure there are five comments of yours in total. That is all.
So, you have a number of secret recipes
1:52 PM
Суперсекретные рецепты indeed.
For example, just edit this answer to put "Russian" right before "Spanish". Alphabetically, you know. You'll get three hats for that!
Thanks for the tread link, the comments there are funny!
Yeah them people are crazy.
You have four hats now. You will have eight in literally a couple minutes.
Just from the tips I've already posted.
Alphabetic order prevails!
By the way, since you are new to our site, you can also post a question about English and get the "Hello, World" hat
The one with the ancient Apple computer.
You don't have to do that right now, of course.
But if you can think of something in the next days, feel free to post.
@JasperLoy which cake?
@RegDwigнt I thought you were baking?
2:02 PM
Ah. Baking Bad.
Dec 12 at 15:16, by RegDwigнt
user image
Oops, sorry, wrong image.
Sep 14 at 23:09, by RegDwighт
user image
Here's the right one.
@RegDwigнt What does it mean?
That's Во все тяжкие in Russian, if you need to know.
Oh I must go check the stove again! BRB
@RegDwigнt Do you know what one has to do to earn Chuck Yeager's hat? Looks like you have to do something very fast.
Any suprising piece of news you've heard recently?
@Artemix I think you have to answer the question within X minutes.
@Gigili No.
2:10 PM
@JasperLoy sounds like I'm on the right way.
@Artemix just post an answer to a new question within 15 minutes of it getting posted!
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU I just spilled half a pint of подсолнечного масла right on the parquet floor.
@RegDwigнt too bad I write very long unswers...
I am now officially Аннушка.
@Artemix You can always post a half-assed one-liner at first, and improve on it later.
I am talking to you @Reg
In fact, during the first five minutes your edits won't even count.
2:12 PM
@Gigili So not talking to me? OK.
@RegDwigнt Yeah, I know. Но это не спортивно.
Sorry guys, I'll be semi-AFK in the next couple minutes cleaning this mess up.
@Artemix well it is, because that's what everyone does.
The Fastest Gun in the West.
Q: Fastest Gun in the West Problem

Omer van KloetenI feel like there's a problem with Stack Overflow, as the number of people prowling it increases. Each question's answers are sorted by descending score and then by descending time of posting. This means that if a person sits down and answers a question in a long, thorough way, going through eve...

@RegDwigнt Yes, I read that post once.
Umm, disappointing
@Artemix anyway, I think on RLU it should work anyway, since you are probably the only user writing an answer, so no one can steal it from you. Just make sure you stay under 15 minutes.
Better still, make that ten or five.
@Gigili actually I've heard no news at all recently.
It just occurs to me I haven't checked the usual news outlets in what must be a full week.
This stupid oil won't come off!
@Artemix huh, I just noticed that you don't have hats enabled on ELU even though you do seem to have an account here. Is that a bug?
Artemix, Kiev, Ukraine
This shows no hats for me...
2:21 PM
@RegDwigнt Maybe my account is very fresh?
I do hope so.
Not that you don't get all the hats you deserve!
That'd be quite the downer.
But we'll see soon enough.
I've never seen anything like that before. What gives.
note to self: never use sunflower oil in the immediate vicinity of the living room
Mkay, now I just broke SE as a whole.
Let me restart the browser slash reboot the system.
2:39 PM
Begin Break Laughp
Can anyone provide a simple example with the usage of this phrase "Seemingly so" ?
It's a little confusing.
I am now on the train for 5 hours. Badge hunting time!
I mean hats. Damn, I meant hats.
@RegDwigнt - Wait, you've got before it was cool... How?!
2:54 PM
@Ste may I ask you a question relating to your sentences?
@Qǝuoɯᴉs - of course
Where's @Hugo today?
@Ste Is it correct to use on the train instead of saying on a train? Considering, we have no idea about where you were, or what you did beforehand?
Yes, I am on the train I was talking about earlier.
Oh, that makes sense. I'm an English noob, and trying to learn from the best at the same time :)
That's all.
2:58 PM
Good question.
I could say I am at a party if you had no idea where I was but if I decided that you were aware there was a party, I could say I am at the party.
Yes. That is what I thought.
But yes, very good question. I only visit one doctor so I would always say I am at the doctor's.
Some with a bit more technical knowledge about the language may be able to explain the rules. I actually think it would be a good question for the site, if it hasn't been asked before.
Indefinite and definite articles require careful attention.
I doubt it has not being asked before. It's simply a matter of knowing the difference between definite and indefinite articles, in a slightly broader context.
3:06 PM
being been
Q: Alternative sentence for "Wow, you've got a very clean inbox! "

Rufat NurievWhat will be the alternative sentence for "Wow, you've got a very clean inbox! ". I'm creating my own mail inbox. Thanks.

@badass Thanks. Too late though :(
:-) np
A French joke about German: "Was ist das? Petite fenêtre!" — Ludovic C. 8 mins ago
I don't get it.
3:11 PM
What is that? Small window? It does not seem a joke to me.
I don't get it either.
It's just The French being French again. -- no sense of humor.
3:28 PM
@Cerberus They'll learn it the next time they take over the world.
@Mitch I am pretty embarrassed to second that.
On a second thought, I am not pretty.
@Ste I really do not know. I did create some new tags. But I don't think others had the chance to add them to their questions. I got the hat pretty much instantaneously.
I will create some tags. Did you add them to existing questions?
I will of course delete them one I have the hat.
Que-ce que c'est que le bigwig ? Je ne parle que de perruques petites ! Or something. (Edit: and I just made over 9000 typos in that short string alone.) — RegDwight 20 mins ago
@Ste no, and I now think that's the key. You have to create the tag while creating the question. Slapping on the tag later on, even if it's new and even if it's your own question, doesn't work.
Okay. I will give that a whirl, cheers @RegDwigнt
Really, by the looks of it it's just creating a new tag and nothing more, but creating it right away.
@Ste NP. Do report back with your results!
sounds like a folk etymology.
but maybe reality, like 'bistro'.
Dec 9 at 16:08, by RegDwigнt
user image
No really, that is how I feel after reading your link.
"vasistas which, allegedly, evolved from a German asking French people what a specific kind of window is called, with pointing at it, saying "Was ist das?", and the French thought he was telling them that the thing's called "vasistas".
3:40 PM
Like 'kangaroo': "Cook: What is that animal?" "Australian: Kangaroo" (= "I don't understand you")
Dec 9 at 16:08, by RegDwigнt
Seriously, fuck this and gimme some Zimbabwean dollars.
or "I don't know"
Haha, now I have to lol at myself.
Shit's funneh.
self-induced rofl
@Mitch I only know kookaborra.
or "I made up this etymology to make a funny joke about stupid imperialists misunderstanding locals"
@Mitch that is every other ELU answer ever.
Scrap that, s/ELU/SE/g
3:46 PM
notes to flag as dupe
Who you call a dupe? Not cool, man! Not cool.
AFK for some time.
etymonline "dupe" - pudding batter before it becomes pudding.
!!wiki dupe
Dupe is short for "duplicate". Dupe may also refer to: *Someone who is deceived by another and acts in their interest without realization. *Duping (gaming), practice of exploiting a bug in a video game to illegitimately create duplicates of unique items or currency *In mimicry, a signal receiver or dupe is the organism which is 'tricked'. *A , often of a photographic image. *Dupe – duplicated warez release. *The Dupes, a 1973 Syrian film
the pudding meaning is just below that.
4:07 PM
@RegDwigнt - I created a question with a new tag but I haven't earned the hat yet.
Maybe it needs an upvote?
Q: What is the etymology of the word "howwa", meaning "that thing"?

SteIn the North-East of England, where I live, the word "howwa" is used to mean "that thing". It is pronounced like "shower" and could be used in the following contexts: Can't you get it to work? Pass the howwa here. or I was trying to find the pub but it was an hour before I found the h...

4:24 PM
What does "namespace for gag packages" mean? I've found it here: programmers.stackexchange.com/a/221954
4:46 PM
Hello @laure welcome to this crazy chat!
... .... ... ... 3 more hours on this train...
Hat crazed... ... ...
@badass I am only four from being in #1 spot!
THere's a suggested edit in the review queue for those still going for "Robocop".
@ste nice
4:54 PM
Go here for the "Oh the Horror" hat club. Star this for visibility!
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