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2:10 PM
Q: How can I calculate expected Stunt Points per attack when FIRST dropping a d6?

LeberusI’m trying to determine what the math is if you use the AGE stunt system, but first roll Xd6 and take the 2 you want prior to adding it to the STUNT die. HOW STUNT SYSTEMS WORK: So stunt dice work like this. You have 3d6 that you are rolling and one is called the Stunt Die. You roll those 3d6 and...

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3:38 PM
@Someone_Evil since you can get +13 to hit if not even higher. on weapons whats the chance of hitting a 30 armour class
Does the method above not work?
well, I mean accounting for the full possible proficient? like what is the chance of a higher proficient to hit? like how do you account for the chance of getting a higher to hit and as well rolling? how do I account for the chance of getting a high to hit either way?
I'm not sure I'm following you, but chance to hit will rather heavily follow level/CR
actually, that would be one of the hardest things to calculate. because that's how humans want to invest their stats
surely there is a way to account for them investing all their points into archery or something.
3:58 PM
Bounded accuracy largely covers that. If you're designing monsters there's guidelines in the DMG
i want it to be a thing where its hard to hit and a thing to celebrate even hitting
so like 28 or higher armour
PC levels, CR?
Also, In my experience, too high AC are mostly gonna be frustrating
thats slightly the point
super terrasque
its supposed to something to run from
4:14 PM
If the intent is to make them run away, the details aren't too important are they?
We also have some Q&As on this topic which would likely be worth a read, give me a moment
if they want to fight it they can try
but it'll be an even tankier terra soooo
Q: How can I make my PCs flee?

user4000My players never run away or avoid conflict. Ever. I throw them ridiculous encounters, they will stay and fight. If I tell them, "You know you're not gonna make it, just run," they stay and fight and blame me, the GM, for the casualties. They complain my encounter was too hard etc. When I tell th...

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