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12:01 AM
@Robusto I know, I still pronounce 'ratio' with a French accent but I believe my mistake on 'patio' was more severe as both my first vowel and middle consonant were clearly offbeat.
French pronounces them the same way: /pa.sjo/ & /ʁa.sjo/.
12:20 AM
I delivered an order from Burger King at 23:00, and before I unlocked my bicycle, the client phoned me and said it was the wrong order, the contents were different. I said I would take it back to Burger King, but he said "we already opened it and started eating". Well, okay.
It's curious that Burger King remains under its own name and not gets renamed into something other here.
Burger Tzar
12:35 AM
Genetics of the day: inverted triplications
> We postulate that this same mechanism (ODIRA: origin-dependent inverted-repeat amplification) that creates the inverted CNVs in inherited syndromes also generates the palindromes found in cancers.
Palindromes are found in cancers.
Palindromes cause brain cancer.
A palindromic sequence is a nucleic acid sequence in a double-stranded DNA or RNA molecule whereby reading in a certain direction (e.g. 5' to 3') on one strand is identical to the sequence in the same direction (e.g. 5' to 3') on the complementary strand. This definition of palindrome thus depends on complementary strands being palindromic of each other. The meaning of palindrome in the context of genetics is slightly different from the definition used for words and sentences. Since a double helix is formed by two paired antiparallel strands of nucleotides that run in opposite directions, and...
Yes; odd
> "Capital eschews no profit, or very small profit, just as Nature was formerly said to abhor a vacuum. With adequate profit, capital is very bold. A certain 10 per cent. will ensure its employment anywhere; 20 per cent. certain will produce eagerness; 50 per cent., positive audacity; 100 per cent. will make it ready to trample on all human laws; 300 per cent., and there is not a crime at which it will scruple, nor a risk it will not run, even to the chance of its owner being hanged."
Thomas Joseph Dunning (12 January 1799 – 23 December 1873) was an English bookbinder and trade unionist. == Biography == He was born on 12 January 1799 in Southwark, the son of Joseph Hill Dunning, a waterworks turncock, and Ann Barber Dunning. He was apprenticed to a bookbinder in 1813. In 1820, he joined the Journeymen Bookbinders of London and was elected to its chairing committee in the late 1830s. In the strike of 1839 he favoured a view, in contrast to the majority, that a deal should be struck with the employers. He resigned from the committee but was part of negotiations of the f...
1:10 AM
@CowperKettle They rather controversially chose to remain open in Russia after the war with Ukraine started.
Rename it "Burger Autocrat."
1 hour later…
2:19 AM
indische sprouw - any guesses on the etymology?
@CowperKettle son-of-a-turncock would make a good epithet ...
1 hour later…
3:30 AM
Word of the day: spoopy. "Calling upon horror tropes and concepts in cute, nonthreatening or comical ways."
Other word of the day: therapize. "To subject (someone) to therapy, especially to psychotherapy."
Usage example: "People who burglarize may just need to be therapized."
Or: "A good therapizer-therapizee relationship is an important part of therapization."
Or: "Reading books about cars to yourself is known as autotherapization."
Or: "Some people are just untherapizable."
Or: "For some patients, medication can increase their therapizability."
Or: "After recovery, many patients can be detherapized, but little attention has been paid to the detherapization process. Some patients, in fact, may be undetherapizable."
2 hours later…
6:17 AM
Had a special key for using water distribution valves, I guess - on his shoulder
> I'd rather be a cyclist
Than any other beast.
For tho' he slays he never stays
Upon the slain to feast.

It's pleasant to remember,
While lying on the stones,
How, tho' you're dead, you needn't dread
That he will pick your bones.

He comes! You fall!! He's gone! - that's all!!
He doesn't mind the least.
Oh! I'd rather be a cyclist
Than any other beast!
John Joy Bell (7 June 1871 – 14 November 1934), known professionally as J.J. Bell, was a Scottish journalist and author. == Life == Born at 4 Bothwell Terrace in Hillhead, Glasgow he was the eldest son of James Taylor Bell, a tobacco manufacturer. Bell was schooled at Kelvinside Academy and Morrison's Academy in Crieff. He attended the University of Glasgow, where he studied chemistry. After becoming a journalist, Bell worked for the Glasgow Evening Times, and as sub-editor of the Scots Pictorial. His articles described the life of working-class Glaswegians, and were often written in ...
> The Turncock thinks he is a Toff!
He turns the water on and off.
But should he have a nice tall hat
For such a little thing as that?
Indeed, I think it would be well
If Turncocks were not quite so swell.
A plain cloth cap at eighteenpence
Would save the city some expense-
And I, who only wear a pot,
Would be contented with my lot.
7:31 AM
For some reason there is suddenly much less rumination in my brain over the last 2 or 3 days. I started injecting long-acting insulin, and injecting leucovorin 10 mg/day. Now I wonder whether they could've helped, and if yes, which of the two
It's a bliss to ride a bicycle and not have this constant depressive repetitive thoughts
8:19 AM
Be sure to stay in close contact with the doctor who prescribed these injections.
@user85795 I will try to stay in close contact with me, because it was me who prescribed these
@CowperKettle Then find a doctor and tell him.
This ain't rocket surgery :)
2 hours later…
10:06 AM
jumpshare.com/s/J1wrW3xiZ3kbTOz6pnWq a baby _______ (What word is she using there?)
3 hours later…
12:36 PM
Wordle 1,099 3/6

Daily Octordle #880
Score: 54
@MichaelRybkin Absolutely no idea.
@Robusto Thanks.
Daily Sequence Octordle #880
Score: 66
12:53 PM
@MichaelRybkin Yeah, me too. That doesn't even sound like English.
Maybe Spanish?
More context may help.
1:44 PM
@MichaelRybkin I hear no 'baby'. Sounds more like Italian to my ears, with piace and tanto. Something like A de bi piace ne tanto gi e, unfortunately meaningless.
Apr 21 at 20:09, by Robusto
@jlliagre Maybe nobody will.
@Robusto I just beat my WhenTaken best score!
@jlliagre Then show it!
BTW, beat is the past tense of beat.
#WhenTaken #116 (22.06.2024)

I scored 989/1000 🎉

1️⃣ 📍 6 km - 🗓️ 3 yrs - ⚡ 197 / 200
2️⃣ 📍 25.8 metres - 🗓️ 1 yrs - ⚡ 199 / 200
3️⃣ 📍 260.8 metres - 🗓️ 5 yrs - ⚡ 195 / 200
4️⃣ 📍 4 km - 🗓️ 0 yrs - ⚡ 200 / 200
5️⃣ 📍 10.2 metres - 🗓️ 2 yrs - ⚡ 198 / 200

THen you "beated" me. I'm still working on #5.
@Robusto Thanks, I wrote it correctly at first, the messed the conjugation.
I got 5 💯for the locations.
#WhenTaken #116 (22.06.2024)

I scored 958/1000 🎉

1️⃣ 📍 4 km - 🗓️ 1 yrs - ⚡ 199 / 200
2️⃣ 📍 7 km - 🗓️ 9 yrs - ⚡ 187 / 200
3️⃣ 📍 49.0 metres - 🗓️ 14 yrs - ⚡ 173 / 200
4️⃣ 📍 93.4 metres - 🗓️ 1 yrs - ⚡ 199 / 200
5️⃣ 📍 974.1 metres - 🗓️ 0 yrs - ⚡ 200 / 200

Not bad, but not in your league.
Anyway, congrats. Your new best score totally slammed my new best score. ^_^
@jlliagre You did well on the dates, too.
2:00 PM
@Robusto #2, #4 and #5 could have been any date. In that case, I often select a specific year which happened to be a good choice here.
Yes, we are lucky with the obligatory locations.
@jlliagre There's a reason #4 had to be within a narrow range. SPOILER
2:36 PM
A good part of this game is luck.
@jlliagre Heh, I just now noticed that I did too.
@user85795 Catholicism (or Christianity) is one of the possible words I could associate with that excerpt.
2:52 PM
@MichaelRybkin Do you have a longer excerpt? The missing word sounds like "keeyotching" but that isn't like any English word (or words together) that I know.
@Robusto It's from a comedy movie. The girl was looking into a hole watching adults having sex.
@MichaelRybkin BTW, it's not "baby". The sentence is "Are they __________ing, is that what they're doing?"
Where is the intelligent AI when we need to convert this audio to text?
@MichaelRybkin What is the name of the movie?
@Robusto Indeed. spoiler
3:07 PM
@jlliagre SPOILER
@Robusto Oh, forget it. The motion picture we're talking about is not too appropriate to mention its title. It's a dirty erotic comedy I happened to stumble upon while surfing the Internet.
Ok, then it's likely some slang term for a sexual position.
Thank you all for the help.
3:50 PM
@jlliagre Oh, I didn't know you could do this! Handy.
@MichaelRybkin Check out this Wikipedia page:
Bukkake (Japanese: ぶっかけ, [bɯkkake] ; English: buu-KAH-kay, buu-KAH-key or English: buu-KAK-ay) is a sex act in which one participant is ejaculated on by multiple participants. It is often portrayed in pornographic films. Bukkake videos are a relatively prevalent niche in contemporary pornographic films. Originating in Japan in the 1980s, the genre subsequently spread to North America and Europe, and crossed over into gay pornography. == Etymology == Bukkake is the noun form of the Japanese verb bukkakeru (ぶっ掛ける, to dash or sprinkle water), and means "to dash", "splash", or "heavy splash". The...
If the description matches what the character saw "behind the wall" you've probably hit on the term. Let me know if it is.
4:22 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer (79): Origins of "Now, get off my face."‭ by user511121‭ on english.SE
4:33 PM
@Robusto Not, it's not that. The reason why I thought she might be saying "a baby ____" because she is supposed to be a student at a Catholic prep school and she probably has never seen people making love. So, she might be saying something like "a baby making" or something like that - that's what I thought.
@Robusto She's asking a question. And a second later as the answer she gets "No, it's called fucking".
@MichaelRybkin Well, it's definitely not "baby"; here's the thing, though: If she's a Catholic schoolgirl, and this is a comedy, it would be funnier if she did come up with an exotic term for what they're doing.
Like she's totally ignorant, but kind of "book smart" about something she knows nothing about really.
@Robusto I gotcha. Thank you very much for the help.
2 hours later…
6:32 PM
@jlliagre It's in no way obvious that patio actually has the same vowels and stress as cameo (or maybe calico) rather than those of radio let alone of ratio. It’s a bit of curio for your folio, but this will help you when you come upon the neologism catio for a feline patio.
@user85795 I went to the neurologist some days ago and said that I had a stroke-like episode and it was hard to swallow saliva (automatically) for about 30 min. She prescribed me some vitamins, and gave a certificate for a free MRI, and I phoned the MRI company and they scheduled me for August.
I told her that in 2023 it was discovered that I had no diabetes, despite being treated for it since 2000, but when I come off insulin, I have those weird neurological symptoms. She said go to the endocrinologists. I said they said go to the neurologists. She said I say go to the endocrinologists.
I'm going to the shrink on Tuesday
7:10 PM
Geography and wealth have long been perceived as correlated attributes of nations. Scholars such as Jeffrey D. Sachs argue that geography has a key role in the development of a nation's economic growth. For instance, nations that reside along coastal regions, or those who have access to a nearby water source, are more plentiful and able to trade with neighboring nations. In addition, countries that have a tropical climate face a significant amount of difficulties such as disease, intense weather patterns, and lower agricultural productivity. This thesis is supported by the fact that the volumes...
7:29 PM
Scotland united with England because it famously blew its whole fortune, and more, on a project to set up a colony in the tropics
7:42 PM
@Robusto I initially heard it as "begatting," as though she had heard the Biblical term "begat" and misconjugated it.
Which seems like it would make perfect sense in context.
@CowperKettle All that runaround is surely enough to drive anybody crazy.
@CowperKettle really?
They must have misunderstood Caledonia to mean something about hot gifts. :)
Or hot chicks.
The Darien scheme was an unsuccessful attempt, backed largely by investors of the Kingdom of Scotland, to gain wealth and influence by establishing New Caledonia, a colony in the Darién Gap on the Isthmus of Panama, in the late 1690s. The plan was for the colony, located on the Gulf of Darién, to establish and manage an overland route to connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The backers knew that the first sighting of the Pacific Ocean by Balboa was after crossing the isthmus through Darién. The expedition also claimed sovereignty over 'Crab Isle' (modern day Vieques, Puerto Rico) in 1698, yet...
I grew up right next to a town named Darien. It had fewer than a thousand people when I was a kid, although it's gone over that now, albeit not far over.
You can live cheaply there. The median house sells for $285k, and for just $100k above that figure you can get a beautiful three-story Victorian home on nearly an acre of land.
8:17 PM
Just wondering if there are any real human persons in these chats, or are they all AI bots with generated nonsense?
I'm not a bot, BTW
Don't get me wrong, hemorrhoids and YouTube comments seem like a top-pick subject for chatting about, it is just that this room's description seems to be AI generated nonsense.
@user402514 Aucun de nos chats n’est mécanique.
8:42 PM
@user402514 C'est ce qu'ils disent tous !
9:00 PM
The dead Internet theory is an online conspiracy theory that asserts that the Internet now consists mainly of bot activity and automatically generated content manipulated by algorithmic curation, minimising organic human activity to manipulate the population. Proponents of the theory believe these bots were created intentionally to help manipulate algorithms and boost search results in order to manipulate consumers. Some proponents of the theory accuse government agencies of using bots to manipulate public perception. The date given for this "death" is generally around 2016 or 2017. The dead Internet...
9:31 PM
@user402514 bleep bloop
Hey! I'm not a bot either!
Bloop bleep
@user402514 as a large language model, the participants of this chat are not allowed to speak of these things.
We should delve more into this.
Would an LLM advocate for the benefits of an all-milk diet?
10:06 PM
@alphabet Yes! Definitely!
The all-milk diet forms a keen tapestry of whimsy!

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