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12:08 AM
ULTIMATE GAY JOKE of the '70s:
This guy goes into a gay bar. In the corner is a horse with a sign around his neck: "MAKE ME LAUGH, WIN THE MONEY". On the floor in front of him is a bowl filled with money.
The guy walks up to the bartender and asks, "Is this for real?"
"Yup," the bartender nods. "Make him laugh and you take the cash."
So the guy thinks a second and then walks up to the horse and whispers in his ear. Immediately the horse breaks out into what can only be described as a horse laugh. The guy scoops up the money and exits the bar with the horse still in hysterics.
A gay friend told me that one. Might have been the early '80s, I'm not altogether sure.
@Robusto That guy? Mr. Hands.
@alphabet In this joke, no bestiality occurred. Nudity in front of an animal does not count for that.
@Robusto The guy didn't say that that was the only that happened in that other room.
I'm confident he described the events in full. This was a simpler time, you understand.
The Mr. Hands thing is now almost two decades ago.
You know he was a Boeing engineer. Maybe his death is why Boeing's quality control went downhill.
The real question is: why did that bar have that other room? Was it occupied? Was it built specifically for that purpose?
12:22 AM
@Robusto I remember being told almost the same joke in the seventies in Spain. There was no bar and the horse was a donkey. Tengo la picha más gorda que tú was the first punchline.
"Excuse me, bartender, where is the comparing-dick-sizes-with-a-horse room?"
@alphabet Bars often have private rooms, or back-rooms for private functiuons.
@Criggie I suppose that that would count as a "private function."
@jlliagre Interesting. The joke was more far-ranging than I thought.
Did the guy have to reserve it in advance?
12:25 AM
@alphabet I think they just kicked out all the guys engaged in various forms of sex. I mean, I'm sure they didn't mind because they wanted to get to the "bottom" of things.
@Robusto I've never known a gay bar to have a having-sex room. Granted, I've been to a gay bar a total of twice.
Like I say, it was a simpler time.
20 hours ago, by alphabet
Back in the good old days, when you had to go in person to a sketchy cruising spot and hope you didn't get serial-killed.
In any case, I'm not the author of the joke. So I don't really know what was behind the door. Probably just an off-stage space. The whole thing was a kind of theatrical prop anyway.
It'd all make a lot more sense if the horse was a guy in a fursuit.
12:35 AM
Who says it has to make sense?
1:30 AM
@alphabet you mean, three raccoons in a horse-suit ?
1:49 AM
@Criggie Why couldn't the bar just hold a "make a raccoon laugh" contest instead? Oh, right, systemic antiraccoonism.
2:04 AM
disestablish the system !
2:32 AM
Feb 13 at 2:31, by alphabet
As a society, we need to move past anti-raccoonist beliefs like "theft is bad"
3:29 AM
A shrine I came across yesterday
A flock of monowheelers
@CowperKettle Why are they all protecting elbows with pads and helmets and not their heads? Seems not-very-aero
As a cyclist, its all about the aero.
@Criggie I'll ask them next time I meet them
> It’s illegal, it’s immoral or it makes you mad,
Oh, it really doesn’t matter what you’re aiming at
If it’s something with your brain, you can be certain that
It’s illegal, it’s immoral or it makes you mad
its just weird - helmets are easier to wear than to carry.
If you're gonna carry them, just leave them at home
Mind you - none of them are particularly aero in the first place.
It' Russia, the land where logic comes to die
We save the world by showing how not to behave
Gotta have a role model of both good and bad.
2 hours later…
5:27 AM
6:04 AM
Why is DC at 3.6% when the slider at the bottom only goes to 1.81% ?
6:20 AM
They also list VT 1.81% (highest)
6:45 AM
D.C. is not a state. . . maybe that’s the reason.
7:21 AM
Good point ☝️
"by state"
@Criggie all the other places are AC
Do they even keep such a stat in Iran
7:52 AM
Q: What is the meaning of "A.C. or D.C.?"

ekolodezevaIn Heinlein's A stranger in a strange land, there is a moment when nurse Jill kisses Martian man named Mike and another man, Jubal, puts a comment on it. It comes as follows: “Son,” he said, “you amaze me. I would have expected you to curl up in one of your faints.” “I so did,” Mike answered ser...

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8:52 AM
> SpaceX will attempt to “catch” the biggest rocket ever built in a world-first manoeuvre next month, Elon Musk has revealed.
By 2025 we might have a helluva rocket capable of transporting 50 people
1 hour later…
10:10 AM
Fair point, so why call it out on the map at all?
Non-american question, is DC inside the boundaries of a state? Or as a District by itself at the same level as a state but without the name (and presumably the representation of a state)
> The U.S. Constitution in 1789 called for the creation of a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of the U.S. Congress. As such, Washington, D.C., is not part of any state, and is not one itself.
Since the 1980s, the D.C. statehood movement has grown in prominence. In 2016, a referendum on D.C. statehood resulted in an 85% support among Washington, D.C., voters for it to become the nation's 51st state. In March 2017, the city's congressional delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced a bill for statehood. Reintroduced in 2019 and 2021 as the Washington, D.C., Admission Act
Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly called Washington or D.C., is the capital city and federal district of the United States. The city is on the Potomac River, across from Virginia, and shares land borders with Maryland to its north and east. It was named for George Washington, the first U.S. president. The district is named for Columbia, the female personification of the nation. The U.S. Constitution in 1789 called for the creation of a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of the U.S. Congress. As such, Washington, D.C., is not part of any state, and is...
The United States and one District of America
not very catchy is it
@Criggie The United States, District, and Unincorporated Territories of America.
3 hours later…
12:56 PM
Wordle 1,096 3/6

Daily Octordle #877
Score: 68
Daily Sequence Octordle #877
Score: 84
And worse. Not my morning.
1:15 PM
Wordle 1 096 5/6

3 hours later…
3:53 PM
Daily Octordle #877
Score: 72
@Robusto Pas mieux.
Daily Sequence Octordle #877
Score: 78
#WhenTaken #113 (19.06.2024)

I scored 937/1000 🎉

1️⃣ 📍 2 km - 🗓️ 1 yrs - ⚡ 199 / 200
2️⃣ 📍 27.5 metres - 🗓️ 5 yrs - ⚡ 195 / 200
3️⃣ 📍 4 km - 🗓️ 10 yrs - ⚡ 185 / 200
4️⃣ 📍 833 km - 🗓️ 4 yrs - ⚡ 171 / 200
5️⃣ 📍 2 km - 🗓️ 9 yrs - ⚡ 187 / 200

4:16 PM
Great image quality for #5 :-) spoiler.
4:29 PM
@Robusto I discovered today that there is a new button to report mistakes. I was about to report a blatant one on #3 location (spoiler) but someone already did it in the meantime. My score was updated in real time.
Maybe the button was already there for a while but I didn't noticed it before.
2 hours later…
6:46 PM
@jlliagre I'll look when I try it.
7:00 PM
#WhenTaken #113 (19.06.2024)

I scored 737/1000 🎉

1️⃣ 📍 220 km - 🗓️ 5 yrs - ⚡ 187 / 200
2️⃣ 📍 20.9 metres - 🗓️ 25 yrs - ⚡ 135 / 200
3️⃣ 📍 6 km - 🗓️ 13 yrs - ⚡ 176 / 200
4️⃣ 📍 827 km - 🗓️ 16 yrs - ⚡ 142 / 200
5️⃣ 📍 3093 km - 🗓️ 19 yrs - ⚡ 97 / 200

That was a blivet.
1 hour later…
8:15 PM
@Robusto You fall in #5 trap. #4 was unguessable. Only a 5 km difference, did we try the same location? mine.
8:51 PM
@jlliagre Yup, that was exactly my guess.
Wordle 1,097 4/6

Wordle 1,096 3/6

9:13 PM
@MetaEd Are you in Poland, Paris, London, or Banana?
@jlliagre Earth (Terra).
Well, I played game 1097 from Christmas Island, if that helps.
I wonder if the food is any good on the Cook Islands.
Seems like it oughta be.
Paris has 0 inhabitants.
9:28 PM
@jlliagre They're all on vacation for the summer.
@jlliagre Huh. I guess you can put me in the lagoon.
@MetaEd Done
9:52 PM
@Robusto I wonder if it's any better on the Sandwich Islands.
@jlliagre That's for fast food only, I think.
Long trip though.
2 hours later…
11:51 PM
@Cerberus Actually, that Dutch woman's name is spelled "Lous" after all. She friended me on Strava and her name is Lous Brokke. So I thought I was wrong but I was right, and then I changed it to wrong. So goes the world.

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