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12:54 AM
1:17 AM
> Away, ye horrid moods!
Moods of one's mind! You know I hate them well.
You know I'd sooner be a clapping Bell
To some Kamtschatcan Missionary Church,
Than with these horrid moods be left i' the lurch
The Kamchatka Peninsula (Russian: полуостров Камчатка, romanized: poluostrov Kamchatka, pronounced [pəlʊˈostrəf kɐmˈt͡ɕætkə]) is a 1,250-kilometre-long (777 mi) peninsula in the Russian Far East, with an area of about 270,000 km2 (100,000 sq mi). The Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk make up the peninsula's eastern and western coastlines, respectively. Immediately offshore along the Pacific coast of the peninsula runs the 10,500-metre-deep (34,449 ft) Kuril–Kamchatka Trench. The Kamchatka Peninsula, the Commander Islands, and Karaginsky Island constitute the Kamchatka Krai of the Russian...
> Although Kamchatka lies at latitudes similar to Scotland's, cold arctic winds from Siberia combined with the cold Oyashio sea current keep the peninsula covered in snow from October to late May.
Weather in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky today: 2 to 6 degress, in Edinburgh: 10 to 18 degrees. Indeed, with the first being 300 km to the south of the second.
1:33 AM
@CowperKettle No Gulf Stream there.
@CowperKettle We all learned of Kamchatka playing the Game of Risk.
Notice how big Ukraine is. :)
And Siam.
2:01 AM
and how looooong is the trip from Alaska to Kamchatka!
2:18 AM
@tchrist cries-in-kiwiana
@jlliagre Exactly one day.
@tchrist A small historical remark: Mongolia, or the Yuan dynasty, had nearly succeeded in taking over the entire Korea.
I'm surprised Korea managed to resist!
Yeah, thanks to King Gongmin.
3:00 AM
@DannyuNDos Those folks also tried to invade Japan, which was saved by the Divine Wind (a/k/a 神風, or kamikaze)
3:34 AM
I think I might have some cerebral vessel disease (?) that leads to recurrent microinfarcts, otherwise it's hard to explain the lesion in the brainstem and the decreased cortical volumes on MRI, and the fact that I cannot bring myself to open private messages and emails for weeks.
Gongmin of Goryeo (23 May 1330 – 27 October 1374, also known by his Mongolian name, Bayan Temür) was 31st ruler of Goryeo from 1351 to 1374. He was the second son of King Chungsuk. == Biography == === Early life === Goryeo had been a semi-autonomous vassal state under the overlordship of the Mongol Yuan dynasty since the Mongol invasions of Korea in the 13th century. Starting with King Chungnyeol, prospective rulers of Korea married Mongolian princesses and were customarily sent to the Yuan Court, in effect, as hostages. As per this custom, King Gongmin spent many years in the Yuan cour...
> Sergei Mironov, a 50 yo aviation engineer, is being forced to go to the Special Military Operation, although he reached an age limit months ago, and his contract ran out on 15 May 2024. He has been handcuffed several times in an attempt to force him to go to the front.
All his life he has been repairing aircraft engines.
And suddenly last year he was ordered to train for a tank serviceman
4:03 AM
@CowperKettle Right, because all of those aircraft engines are shipshape and will remain so indefinitely.
4:27 AM
I wonder if there is some drug I can give my cat at a low dose to prevent further ureteral obstructions. I have absolutely no money for repeated ureteral catheter installations.
There must be some chemical they put into the Farmina Struvite feed to prefent struvites from accreting.
I should google for this.
1 hour later…
5:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer (88): Is it correct to use "how's" as short for "how does"?‭ by Ramone‭ on english.SE
6:27 AM
@tchrist Right, and the return trip lasts minus one day.
2 hours later…
7:58 AM
egalitarian = communist?
8:25 AM
Look them up.
8:37 AM
They seem similar to me.
Maybe you need to read about these words, perhaps starting with Wikipedia. They have varied meanings over time and in different political systems. Just fodder for arguments.
That's why I asked here to know what natives think when the word egalitarian is used.
So that I can avoid using it in situations where it doesn't fit.
So, you’re a narive of . . . ?
native, that is
8:55 AM
I mean native english speakers.
English is not my mother tongue.
And which natives are you talking about? We have a variety of natives here.
Howdy, guys. Could you please tell me: does this sentence sound correct to a native speaker?

A zigger (derogatory) is a Russian who supports Kremlin doctrine.
I simply mean people whose mother tongue is english.
@XanderHenderson can you please take a look at my question when you have time? Thanks.
1 hour ago, by Koro
egalitarian = communist?
@Koro So where do you live, and what is your native language?
Why are you asking?
@MichaelRybkin not sure about the native speakers. But grammatically the sentence looks correct to me.
9:01 AM
Well, you wish not to offend the natives. So it seems reasonable that you explain your own nativity.
I think you’re just looking for an on-line brawl.
it's clear from my messages that no offence, none whatsoever, was intended.
Ah, still secretive. French, perhaps?
you may see the other message here who uses the same terminology.
and yet you choose to attack me.
@MichaelRybkin The sentence is grammatically fine; I have never heard the term “zigger” before, but it has a derogatory ring to it, because alternatives (like Putinist) are so easy to formulate.
@koro No, we don’t talk here about natives, but rather native speakers. If you can’t handle dictionaries and Wikipedia, you don’t want to be chatting about th
…the words you should be looking up.
14 mins ago, by Koro
I mean native english speakers.
The same 'a native speaker' was also used by Michael Rybkin in their message.
perhaps, you should be looking up how to chat nicely.
9:14 AM
You asked to know “what natives think.”
then I clarified.
Natives do not all think alike.
which you overlooked on purpose to start fighting.
there's a good chance that any two randomly picked people won't think alike. It's not about that. It's about how rudely you responded.
9:35 AM
10:14 AM
@Koro Thank you
@Xanne Thank you
10:25 AM
@Koro Have you looked them up in a dictionary?
Can you be more clear about your confusion?
11:09 AM
> Parts of northern and central India are sweltering under a severe heatwave, with a provisional record temperature of 52.3C (126.1F) registered in Delhi.
If verified, it would be the highest ever recorded in India.
> Elsewhere, the cities of Churu in Rajasthan and Sirsa in the northern Haryana state have recorded temperatures over 50C.
Sirsa is the district where my town is.
> The city's authorities have warned they will issue fines to those caught wasting water as the city deals with shortages and supplies have been cut to some areas.
This is what I fear. Shortage of water. I am afraid they would sell water like petrol in future.
11:23 AM
@Xanne Hey, what's French has to do with it! ;-)
11:45 AM
@Vikas This is concerning. Every year, north hits a new record -be it scorching summer or the bone-chilling winter.
@XanderHenderson egalitarian - related to equal rights for all people, communism is similar.
But perhaps, "communism" comes from an ideology by Marx, and egalitarian is a generic term?
@Koro What dictionaries are you looking in?
I'm looking at the one in my phone.
I mean, if your phone dictionary is telling you that these two words are synonyms, then I think you need to find a better dictionary.
no, it is not telling me that they are synonyms.
Okay, then I don't understand your question, because you previously asked if they were the same thing, i.e. synonyms.
11:52 AM
it's my confusion whether they are same (synonyms) or not.
They are not synonyms, so they are not the same, no?
pardon my mixing up of same with synonym at places. :(
I mean synonym throughout.
In any event, it seems that you basically have the idea.
Communism is a political philosophy, which posits that the working class will rise up against those that own the means of production, take over those means of production, and live in a utopian state where everyone is taken care of.
Egalitarianism is a description of a society in which everyone is equal.
In principle, communists are working towards a particular kind of egalitarian society, but there are other ways of living which can be described as "egalitarian" which are not communism.
For example, most band-level societies are extremely egalitarian.
yeah, thanks. I just wanted to know if my understanding of the usage of 'egalitarian' is correct.
but perhaps, it's not used much in conversations among people in US?
perhaps, only in writings :)
I don't know what you mean.
12:04 PM
12:37 PM
youtube.com/watch?v=0XXQQBqv2RA#t=2m20s Next, I've created another text file ___ video37.txt listing the number of YouTube views for each video one year from now. (What did he say: in or and?)
1:09 PM
@MichaelRybkin "another text file in video37.txt"
That's not the way I would choose to say that, but it's certainly understandable.
1 hour later…
2:38 PM
@Robusto Oh, I see. Thank you.
3 hours later…
5:21 PM
Wordle 1,076 5/6

5:36 PM
Daily Octordle #857
Score: 66
Daily Sequence Octordle #857
Score: 68
6:00 PM
Jack London Lake (Russian: Озеро Джека Лондона, romanized: Ozero Dzheka Londona) is a 14.5 km2 (5.6 sq mi) mountain lake located in the Yagodninsky District of Magadan Oblast, Russia. It was named in 1932 in honor of American writer, journalist and socialist activist Jack London by Russian geologist P. Skornyakov, following the wish of Yuri Bilibin, the head of the first geological expedition to Kolyma, who had expressed the idea to name one of the yet unnamed geographical locations in the Far Northeast after the writer. == Geography == The lake lies 803 metres (2,635 ft) above sea level between...
تنگى مى لعل خواهم و ديوانى
سد رمقي بايد و نصف نانى
وانگه من و تو نشسته در و يرانى
خوشتر بود از مملكت سلطانى
6:12 PM
Snapped this runner during my working shift today
I was riding past him, and said "Smile", and he smiled
Daily Octordle #857
Score: 56
Daily Sequence Octordle #857
Score: 60
@CowperKettle I forget how you get Strava to create this snapshot of a ride. Is that on the phone or on the computer?
@CowperKettle Khayyam I think?
Wordle 1 076 5/6

@CowperKettle where is the penis graffiti
6:28 PM
Daily Octordle #857
Score: 52
@Robusto On the iPhone, my old iPhone 5s
I wonder how it still works, it was produced in 2013
@M.A.R. Why should there be one?
I come across penis graffitti, but I don't make photos of them
Daily Sequence Octordle #857
Score: 55
@CowperKettle OK, but where is it on the phone? What do you do to get that?
I mean where on the Strava app.
6:47 PM
@Robusto I press the "share activity" icon, and then "more", and select the "send by mail" icon
On Android, it might be different
@CowperKettle I've gotten there before, but it's not intuitive to me.
7:05 PM
There, I did it.
BTW, that's 66 km distance and 822 m elevation gain.
But you hardly notice it because the scenery is so amazing.
7:33 PM
@Koro it has too many syllables to be used in casual conversation
7:56 PM
@M.A.R. thanks, that's a reasonable way to look at it. :)
8:28 PM
@M.A.R. That depends on the level of the "casual" conversation. For some, this is an ordinary word.
I certainly wouldn't expect the customary hatibué of this chat, say, to have any problem with it at all, either to use or understand.
That said, perhaps you were just looking for an out? ;-)
@CowperKettle So does the fox painted on the wall say "Laugh! I love you!" ...?
1 hour later…
9:54 PM
Huh. So Mr Trump is actually a felon now.
got a link?
For that I might choose to break the "no politics at work" unwritten rule
> I know discussing politics is generally discouraged at work, so make of this what you will.
good enough
11:05 PM
@MetaEd He always was. Now it's just official.
11:21 PM
Sadly, such status does not bar him for running for president again.
That's a screwed up country.
Is there any chance that US will break into pieces? As someone who are living in a country allied to US, that's my concern.
Poor education; that's what caused the karma, I presume.
not really - that would only happen if there was a clear split between states.
#WhenTaken #93 (30.05.2024)

I scored 793/1000 🎉

1️⃣ 📍 123.6 metres - 🗓️ 4 yrs - ⚡ 196 / 200
2️⃣ 📍 6082 km - 🗓️ 1 yrs - ⚡ 115 / 200
3️⃣ 📍 1764 km - 🗓️ 23 yrs - ⚡ 98 / 200
4️⃣ 📍 28.5 metres - 🗓️ 5 yrs - ⚡ 195 / 200
5️⃣ 📍 76 km - 🗓️ 6 yrs - ⚡ 189 / 200

And it still won't happen. They already tried that once, remember? It [...] did not go well.
Yeah, karma, or the consequences, in general.
11:36 PM
There is a new kind of dominance of the mob mentality via propaganda thanks to the internet and social media's insidious algorithms that is stronger and more exclusive than ever before. People live in utterly different worldviews.
It's not the same thing as what happens in North Korea. Whether it's like what happens in Russia depends on how you look at it; in certain regards yes but in others no.
The darkest mystery about North Korea is their political prison camps. According to some people, they are even worse than Gulag or Auschwitz.
The Guardian has today's date wrong! They're saying today is tomorrow.
It may well have been at 19:40 EDT, which is 7 minutes ago, but I'm quite certain today is the 30th of May, not the 31st.
Perhaps they're reporting from Kamchatka. :)
Fri 31 May 2024 11:47:26 NZST
So its still 30 May even in GMT
2024/05/31 8:47 KST
and the US is behind that
plausible - that damn penninsular
11:48 PM
mac(tchrist)% env TZ=America/New_York date; date -u
Thu May 30 19:48:19 EDT 2024
Thu May 30 23:48:19 UTC 2024
So New Zealand is 3 hours ahead me? Cool.
@tchrist you nerd :)
$ date
Fri May 31 01:48:47 AM CEST 2024
The Guardian is still wrong.
11:52 PM
Why is he sitting down?
Notice the 31 May 2024 19.40 EDT at the bottom and the 5m ago 00.46 BST at the top.
@Criggie Because he's an old man?
$ TZ=Europe/London date
vendredi 31 mai 2024, 00:52:51 (UTC+0100)
I thought the reading of the verdict was an ALL RISE! moment. Perhaps not.
US courtroom formalities are weird, to someone used to commonweathth law
11:53 PM
@jlliagre I'm asking this of you just because you speak French, but is there a mnemonic for memorizing French day names?
Do you get beer and grits in a US courtroom ?
@DannyuNDos Hah!@ Typecast again !
There are only seven. Those are easier to remember than the names of the 0x0A months of the French Revolution.
@DannyuNDos Not that I'm aware of. We memorize them too early to need a mnemonic.
Fair point.
@jlliagre Same. And I was 19 when I first studied French, which means I was a bit too old. But it's one of the first things you learn.
11:59 PM
@Criggie Apparently Trump has been complaining about the lack of Diet Coke in the courtroom.
Granted, this case was based on a novel and somewhat questionable legal approach; I think it's quite likely to get reversed on appeal.

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