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> "The exact moment of the beginning of the April Fools' War, also known as the Third World War, has been notoriously hard to pinpoint, because the conflict resulted in massive destruction of archives across the globe, but most historians are content with the conventional dating, which specifies 1 April 2024, the day when an airstrike by Israel destroyed an Iranian consulate annex building in Syria, as the starting date." (Encyclopedia Galactica)
12:12 AM
> "Here's the most interesting bit: GCs only suppressed inflammation if the TCA cycle and itaconate were in tact, but this was mostly independent of GR's broad transcriptional response - suggesting that the TCA/itaconate pathway is predominant"
> "... so if we had more precise drugs, which exploit the itaconate response but spare the GR response, this could decouple the beneficial (anti-inflammatory) effects of steroids from the negatives"
12:29 AM
> He and his colleagues decided to study it, and they found that the A.I. didn’t just get better with more data; it got better exponentially. The curve of the A.I.’s capabilities rose slowly at first and then shot up like a hockey stick.
That isn't super surprising. I think that the LLMs that are au courant right now are training on the relationships between linguistic element in the corpora they are studying. The number of such relationships should increase exponentially with the size of a corpus, so it is not surprising (in retrospect) that the models would improve exponentially with relation to the size of its training corpus.
At least, that feels like a plausible explanation to me.
They still mess up math, don't they?
It's beyond my mental capacity to even begin to understand how these LLMs actually work.
@CowperKettle I suspect that is true of everyone. I don't think that a single human being in the world actually understands how these things work. They are black boxes.
12:36 AM
I only know that in my building's elevator, some 90% of ads pasted on the wall have AI-generated graphics. It's so obvious - the "picture quality" has increased a lot, but "logic quality" errors can be seen sometimes easily.
There's a funny ad of a local firm that "Provides spare parts for more than 15 brands of Chinese cars". It has a funny fat Chinese guy, smiling, showing a gold tooth. He has a car mechanic's attire, with a blue bib overall, but the bib's straps stop short of his shoulders and seemingly lead nowhere.
The designer was not paid enough to edit the picture.
But the face of the Chinese mechanic is nice, photographic quality.
I expect that a gazillion of ad jingles will arrive since Suno showed that generating short musical pieces is now so easy.
I did a dozen of different pieces to have fun.
Ah! I should try out Udio now that I've tried Suno
Trying it out now...
> Fridgeward he pressed, his famishment to sate,
But soon drew back, afraid of Overweight.
O, Overweight! How many gallant gluttons
For fear of you forbear their spicy muttons.
A jocular verse I wrote when I discovered the noun "overweight" - I had thought it was used in adjective sense only
A: Is the word "overweight" used incorrectly in this sentence?

CowperKettleSeveral months ago I was also amazed to discover that overweight is used as a noun - especially in scientific and medical literature. I've composed a poem, "The Battle with Overweight", haha Fridgeward he pressed, his famishment to sate, But soon drew back, afraid of Overweight. O, Overwe...

Wordle 1,029 3/6

12:55 AM
@CowperKettle nice. I don't see what's particularly revolutionary about it, but nice.
I also don't know whether it's revolutionary. I don't know much about GC's action
"The Town is Overcast with Snow" udio.com/songs/v1xNq5u63qje7V88qGdJAE
I was jogging in the center, along the embankment, and it was covered thick with snow, and there was a heavy snowfall, so romantic, so I wrote the verse upon returning home.
To a Stranger by Walt Whitman, rap/hip-hop udio.com/songs/inXp8beC9xk6Ty54VjVfbV
Mangled a tad
It topped the charts briefly in the 1870s
J.C. Ransom, rapcore, February 1924 udio.com/songs/b3kohhTFP9abPTRoSugajU
1:40 AM
Dang it. I don't even have a quarter in my debit card.
Though, if it were a credit card, I would become a credit deliquent.
@DannyuNDos I have 3100 rubles to last me until Friday
USD 33
1:55 AM
@alphabet Thank you.
@Robusto Thank you very much for this valuable clarifying remark.
@DannyuNDos I wrote an article in the Russian Wikipedia about that song in December 2008 :)
Марш полковника Боуги (англ. Colonel Bogey March) — популярный военный марш, сочинённый в 1914 году британским лейтенантом Фредриком Рикетсом (1881—1945), дирижёром ансамбля Королевских Морпехов в Плимуте. Поскольку в тот период военнослужащим не рекомендовалось выполнять работу за пределами служебных обязанностей, Рикетс опубликовал «Полковника», как и другие свои сочинения, под псевдонимом «Кеннет Элфорд». Продажи нотной записи превысили миллион экземпляров, а сам марш был впоследствии неоднократно использован в аудиозаписях и кинофильмах и продолжает исполняться до сих пор, являясь также...
2:32 AM
> In particular, Toxoplasma-positive individuals demonstrated lower scores on Machiavellianism, and Toxoplasma-positive women scored lower on narcissism. psypost.org/…
So, having cats decreases your narcissism
3:23 AM
@CowperKettle Only if you're a woman. (Why do I suspect that they just did 1000 analyses on this data, then picked out the few correlations that happened by random chance to have p<0.05?)
> sometimes insidious
Shut up Psypost
> The study’s cross-sectional nature limits the ability to draw causal inferences from the data.
Thank you. Could've said that in the beginning so we could go on about our daily lives without the notion that 'research suggests women infected with T. gondii are selfless volunteers at a soup kitchen'.
Oh, oh, oh.
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Please tell me if this sentence sounds fine to your native speaker ears?

It enables investors to convert their futures positions into an actual ownership of the commodity, bypassing the settlement process.
5:38 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body (94): Getting to Know Shienslots‭ by rtp shienslot‭ on english.SE
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