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12:54 AM
@CowperKettle I wondered why it was called "Claude" until I pronounced it in my head (and in English).
1:20 AM
@alphabet Nice.
1:54 AM
@jlliagre Now I wonder about it, too
2:14 AM
Phrase of the day: genetic sexual attraction. A weird psuedoscientific theory used to justify incest.
2:43 AM
@alphabet I think incest must most often be male->female, older->younger. In other words, mostly rape.
@Robusto In this case it seems to involve close relatives who only meet each other as adults. Not rape, but not exactly a healthy relationship if it's a father and daughter.
@alphabet Yeah, the father & daughter notion creeps me the fuck out.
About the rape notion, though, eight- and nine-year-old girls have gotten pregnant by siblings. I'm pretty sure that can't be under their own instigation.
2:58 AM
@Robusto It's technically consensual, so it's fine /s
@Robusto Perhaps they want to start a new religion.
Anyway, I believe we established earlier in this chat that Tom is our resident expert on incest. I suspect this was part of why he doesn't see my messages anymore.
Sarcasm aside, though, children can't legitimately (legally or otherwise) consent to sex. It's certainly our biggest taboo to force sex upon them, more even than other kinds of incest, even if they seem interested and willing.
@Robusto Obviously. But the cases I was discussing involved cases where the father and daughter met only after the daughter had turned 18. Still. Yikes yikes yikes.
1 hour later…
4:36 AM
wtf did I just walk in on
4:55 AM
I think Robusto misinterpreted something I said as defending pedophiles, so...there's that.
5:26 AM
In the Russian Empire and later in Russia, snokhachestvo (Russian: снохачество) referred to sexual relations between a pater familias (bolshak) of a Russian peasant household (dvor) and his daughter-in-law (snokha) during the minority or absence of his son. With a view to attracting additional workers to the household, marriages in rural Russia were frequently contracted when the groom was six or seven years old. During her husband's minority, the bride often had to tolerate advances of her assertive father-in-law. For example, in the middle of the 19th century in Tambov Governorate, 12–13-year...
6:22 AM
@jlliagre There'a wave of hype about this Claude 3. Example: twitter.com/alexalbert__/status/1764722513014329620
4 hours later…
9:53 AM
@CowperKettle Didn't they chose that name because its similarity with 'cloud'? I wanted to ask Claude 3 about it but it currently blocks EU access.
@MetaEd that's why you always knock first
@Robusto hey I'm an undergrad and I wanna conceal carry to some of these presentations
@alphabet you know, breast cancer as a topic is becoming more and more attractive
10:35 AM
10:48 AM
> Chikanda is a Zambian dish made from the boiled root tubers of terrestrial orchids also called chikanda.[1][2] The dish is often called "African polony" because it has a texture that resembles bologna.[2][3] Chikanda can be eaten as a snack, dessert, or an accompaniment to nshima, a maize flour porridge.[2]
11:34 AM
@CowperKettle Bologna in Poland? That's a bunch of baloney!
> Two qualities distinguish dondurma, the Turkish ice cream: hard texture and resistance to melting, brought about by inclusion of the thickening agents salep, a flour made from the root of the early purple orchid, and mastic, a resin that imparts chewiness.
Orchid tubers. This is why inflammation of the testicles is orchitis.
Orchids were named by the Greeks after testicles.
The Middle English name for orchid was ballokwort (literally “testicle plant”).
@CowperKettle Bollocks!
12:32 PM
@Robusto I learned about a young guy living nearby that he is reportedly having carnal relationships with his mother. He has a psychiatric disease and so cannot find a woman and probably only communicates via the Internet, or with other sufferers. When I heard this from a person, I asked them to stop and not go into any details and not discuss it. Logically I understand them, but emotionally I wanted just to stop thinking in this direction.
Several years ago he was sometimes standing under an archway of the apartment block and smoking cigarettes, in a dazed condition and quite thin.
12:51 PM
@CowperKettle those are some inflamed orchids
1:25 PM
Orchid sunburn.
2:10 PM
2:23 PM
Wordle 990 X/6

2:35 PM
Wordle 990 4/6

@alphabet No. I was making a side point. I understood what you were trying to say.
> Sun don't shine on the same dog's ass every day.
3:02 PM
@Robusto Not on the same orchid either.
3:24 PM
Percentage of Spanish population residing in caves (1963)
3:43 PM
Daily Octordle #771
Score: 60
@jlliagre ?? I don't understand! They just called it a name, what's to wonder about?
Also, 'Claude' doesn't sound like anything else other than 'a clod of dirt' (if you have the cot/caught merger or clod/Claude merger)
You think it sounds like 'cloud'? as a native English speaker and internal monologist in that language, those are very far apart to me and I wouldn't have made the connection without thnking real hard about what y'all have said.
@Robusto Most dermatologists don't recommend that.
And by 'most' I mean holy crap what kind of doctor -would- recommend that.
> "The DSM-5 has many flaws, but also virtues. It's certainly a lot better than the DSM-2 that I worked with as a young psychiatrist, where we'd regularly diagnose people with 'inadequate personality'."
@Mitch Maybe some Claude developed Claude 1 after all. Claude is no more a popular first name in France and I guess it's even less popular in English.
We should promote getting DSM-6 to have an entry for 'kind of a jerk''
Plus ICD-9 code 'JERK-FACE'
@jlliagre I don't know of any American Claudes, and only French Claudes as authors or old people not with us.
3:57 PM
Fernande Grudet (6 July 1923 – 15 December 2015), also known as Madame Claude, was a French brothel keeper. In the 1960s, she was the head of a French network of call girls who worked especially for dignitaries and civil servants. == Biography == Born on 6 July 1923 in Angers, France, there are conflicting accounts of Grudet's origins, ranging from an aristocratic father in politics and an education by nuns to a father who ran a small cafe and early work selling food from a pushcart. Another unverified tale about her past includes work as an agent of the French Resistance during the Germ...
@jlliagre what's that link again?
I was undergoing occupational health assessment this morning to obtain a medical fitness sertificate. The psychiatrist asked me whether I had any issues, and I said no, never. She typed something and clicked something on her computer, and said "the database says you visited a psychiatric clinic in 2018 and 2022, and a state psychiatric clinic recently".
The level of progress is impressive.
@jlliagre Grudet sounds a bit comical in English, like a good family name for trash collectors or plumbers.
@CowperKettle That is impressive. It's 2024 and I don't see that kind of integration happening in the US...ever.
The state requires all workers to undergo regular fitness checks so the psychiatrist there has authorization to access the database. Otherwise nobody has the right to know.
@Mitch Yes, the last generation of technocrats under Putin really made the digital systems work.
I can easily book a visit to a doctor via the State Services website.
Previously I would have to go to the polyclinic and stand in a queue to get a printout with the date and time of visit.
Some blood and other test results drop into my account on the State Services site.
In 2022, people who had fled to Israel after the start of the Special Operation were writing on social networks that it's like traveling 20 years back in time. No digitalized services, all is done in an awkward old-fashioned way.
4:06 PM
@CowperKettle Here, if you go to a doc in the same system, the doc should have access, no problem. But if you're in another system (even if you're in the same physical office) transferring data is painful and (no exaggeration) might involve a fax machine at some point.
@CowperKettle Israel is the most developed undeveloped nation.
A doctor in Moscow asked me to fax my endocrinology hospitalization papers to her in 2010. I was shocked. I had to climb to the upper tiers of my wardrobe and dig an old modem tucked there, and connect it, and set it up.
For transferring images, here sometimes CDs are needed.
no thumb drives
no transferring by internet
just 30 yr old tech
I should give the modem to someone for free. Maybe someone needs it for something.
4:09 PM
(I mean that's only sometimes, most of the times, there is some internet transfer possible (but not within a PACS system, you have to download, transfer and ... probably forget a bout an upload)
It's just sitting there useless.
like all those cords in the old useless cord drawer
All the birds in my neighborhood think it's spring, but the trees certainly don't
uh oh
I just checked and maybe a few of the trees got an early idea
Don't google image it of the day: multiple hyperdontia
> Louis XIII had a double row of teeth in one of his jaws which impacted his speech.
I chose those names for no reason whatsoever. Or rather for totally irrelevant reasons.
4:22 PM
Christine is an extremely common American name, and the other day I saw a distribution that showed that it has consistently been in the top 5 of names ending in '-ine' since the late 1800's. (in the US). Anything ending in '-ine' is likely to be of French derivation here.
The Internet needs some bed rest
And watchful waiting.
I remember a couple of French people called Florence and Sophie so I checked their names.
And 'Jade'? That really sounds ... like a character in an action movie. A lot for a little girl to live up to.
@CowperKettle I think it needs immediate aggressive and risky treatment.
> Cartoon depicts an ark, "Eastern North Dakota," watching for rain as forlorn looking animals enter the ark. After the blizzard bit eastern North Dakota in early April it is predicted that the Red River will crest at 51 feet. Cities along the Red River begin to prepare for flooding with a flood battle strategy.
> 20 March 1966
> Departures from linguistic normality trigger a clear cardiovascular reaction, and thereby reveal linguistic knowledge on the part of the individual without the need for explicit articulation.
Now you know why your heart sometimes skips a beat when you read my prose :-)
@jlliagre Oh. I thought this was the pitch for selling a spy detector.
4:30 PM
I love this 1950's style. Stuart McDonald.
@Laurel What do you do for a site (Spanish) that basically has no moderation. I put the question on the Spanish META to some super mod who put up that chart 2023 in Moderation, no answer at all. Also, it appears that my flags have been spammed [?] for terms I had nothing to do with. What do I do?
And this is my favorite about skiing:
@Lambie Can you explain better what's happening (or not happening)? From what you said, you posted a comment under JNat's "Year in moderation" post about something, but that's definitely not the best place to get anything other than clarification on those stats. Not sure what you mean by "my flags have been spammed" at all
4:55 PM
@Laurel Laurel, I posted there because for MONTHS we've had no moderation and the gentleman seems pretty high up on the totem pole. Maybe I can post the link to the problematical flag page so you can see it. Here: spanish.stackexchange.com/users/flag-summary/19182 See all that DAV stuff? Also, see the flags below that have not been dealt with?
Also, scroll down and look at the flags which have not been dealt with.
And the flag at: answered Nov 17, 2023 at 16:29 has not been dealt with.
5:13 PM
@Lambie No, I can't see that. That page is only visible to Spanish mods (or diamond staff) and you
Unless there's something the community can do (eg spam flagging spam posts), your best bet is to use "Contact Us" to officially alert CMs. They're supposed to step in if mods are unavailable
I'm not really familiar with the process tho
Oh, okay. Well, this: answered Feb 15 at 21:41 by DAV
appears FIVE times in that flag list. For example. And some four of my flags were not answered dating back to Nov of 2023.
Something weird is happening. I wish this site had a better complaint system. It really sucks in that regard.
Having fewer CMs than this time last year isn't helping :(
That DAV person also did this: Sketchy" in Spanishanswered Feb 15 at 21:41 by DAV
spam – Lambie Feb 16 at 14:45 Declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it So, I did NOT flag anything on that date. Go look at his profile.
I can't find DAV under Spanish users: spanish.stackexchange.com/usershttps://…
That was repeated FIVE TIMES. So, what do I do?
5:35 PM
I have no idea what you're talking about 😅 and I don't have an account on Spanish to flag even if I did
And I spent a bunch of years taking Spanish classes only to not even learn Spanish in the end
5:53 PM
@Laurel I am saying that the DAV somehow repeated my supposed flag five times. If you go to the link above, you will see there is NO USER called DAV.
You don't need Spanish to see the list of users, do you?
Come on, Laurel. Help me out here. At least tell me how to escalate a problem with flags and lack of moderators.
6:22 PM
@Lambie Yeah, no user with that name hence my confusion. It should link to their profile though (or show it's deleted)
So, my friend, since he is not there, how come he's all up in my flags? The profile link is there with like one single item. So, here it is: spanish.stackexchange.com/users/35920/dav weird huh??
But why five times on Feb 15? I don't get it. Member for 20 days and hasn't posted yet.
My understanding is everytime you flag, the term and person show up under Helpful Flags, whether accepted by mods OR NOT. He was never answering the term Sketchy into Spanish. So...
6:45 PM
Ok, who starred a bunch of messages in a row again? I think tchrist was trying to find the culprit.
This DAV guy.
Murder him. In Minecraft, as they say.
Not sure if this is the right chatroom, but I am wondering, how does one develop a second handwriting?
Sorry. Develop a second handwriting style?
6:59 PM
Well, as far as I know, no site here would do that. I think you need to find a site that deals with cursive writing through google.
why cursive writing?
Well, because there are only two writing "styles": block letters and cursive writing. Unless you are looking for fancy writing.
I assume you already can use block letters.
no, I write in cursive
My handwriting is monospaced.
Look, you want better handwriting? Fine, google it. We don't do handwriting here.
7:12 PM
@Jakobian Is your goal to be able to write in a way such that others won't recognize it as your handwriting?
@alphabet yes, to be able to write in a completely distinct style, and for it to be a natural way to write (for me that is), just as it is with my current handwriting. I expect the way to go about it is to just practice to write in another style over and over again.
7:29 PM
People write things? What is this, 1600s?
@Jakobian I find that my writing is kinda dependent on the pen I'm using.
So one way to have two handwritings would be to use two pens that feel drastically different.
It shouldn't be too difficult to change your handwriting. If you tend to write <t> with the extra curves, whatever the proper term is, you could try writing it without them, like a cross, until it sticks.
What would be more difficult is to be able to switch between writing both ways freely. That I dunno.
@alphabet the hi-larious star troll can always create another account
I just canceled all those weird stars
sorry if someone really wanted to star anything there
It feels kinda stupid to have to do that... I mean who really cares... but it was esthetically displeasing to me... so I did it
I think the most interesting part about it all is ... -why-?
Beats me
@Mitch Good
why would someone star about twenty items consecutively like that?
Who cares about SE chat? Who cares about stars? Besides people already here?
7:42 PM
which makes me think... it's a bot of some kind... built to test out something? .. the ability to do that?
Mods were investigating it and I think the consensus was it was a very bored guy? It's always a guy
OK my motivation for cleaning them up was because I wanted to star something (because it's really important) but then I noticed all these stars on this arbitrary set...
As fellow guys you'd think we'd understand their motivation but nope
and I thought "No one is going to be more absurd than me!" so I jumped in the air while throwing a cat through a stream of water, smashed the goldfish bowl, then ate the goldfish that wasn't there.
@Mitch I never understood quantum mechanics
7:44 PM
@M.A.R. but...
Which is fair because I doubt quantum physicists understand pharmacy
I mean if you're bored (and I get it, I really do) why -that- particular pattern?
why here? and not those weirdos over at math.SE chat?
Maybe to see how we'd react. It's all very Lovecraftian.
God finally decides to intervene in Earthly matters and his first action is starring messages in SE chat
and why just 20 in order? If I were that bored, why 20 in a row? Why not strategicially star some at random (but maybe on one day)?
I'm letting that typo stand.
@M.A.R. Some guys are just too much.
Spoken like a true strategician
And if you star messages that are old enough nobody would notice
7:48 PM
@M.A.R. I never understood the law of gravity because I never studied law.
If your goal is just to add some entropy
All the bad puns I know I learned how to do from bugs bunny.
Well, gravity is weird.
@M.A.R. I considered that. We're all just mindless automata, reacting to planned stimuli.
Why should two objects attract each other? I mean my ears are filled with the metaphysical nonsense junior high teachers come up with
7:50 PM
@M.A.R. I want to star this, but God will never see it or reply to it.
sobs in hands
Well he's busy coming up with an answer to the problem of evil
@M.A.R. Exactly. It's like going on a spy mission to recover the stolen plans for the Death Star and you go into the counterespionage office (the sign is on the door) and ask them where the plans are.
@M.A.R. He's a little slow on producing solutions there.
@M.A.R. I've gone so far from jr high that I'm getting nearer to it from the other side.
@Mitch what would you want to be reincarnated as?
I'm not sure I wanna be reincarnated
@M.A.R. Polar bear.
Everything is food.
Or maybe an elephant. Those guys seem nice.
Gonna do this all over again? Whoever thought that would be an incentive?
7:56 PM
I know. All the myths say that you have no choice.
Maybe a cat in ancient Egypt
Why invest in excruciatingly painful (or boring) virtue, and you end up back as a turtle trying to cross a busy highway.
That turtle is my favorite character from Grapes of Wrath
Cripes, now I have to read a book to understand what is going on?
I can't remember if that was one of the books we were supposed to read or not.
Either way... didn't read it.
I read halfway through but it was really slow
Q: No April Fools 2024 prank: rationale and next steps

RosieMany long-time community members are familiar with the annual April Fools joke that Stack Overflow has done most years, last year being an exception. We are proactively letting you know that we will NOT be doing anything for April Fools this year. (And no, this isn’t a misdirect ie ‘we said there...

SE is trying its best to be as soulless and boring as it can
I haven't read anything besides medical or chemical stuff for the past couple of months. I feel like there's a hole in my soul
Gonna try that Atonement
8:05 PM
Hold on a sec...
@M.A.R. Done with wikipedia.
I mean not just the Grapes of Wrath synopsis, I finished the whole thing.
anyway, nothing about a turtle in the GoW page.
@M.A.R. Try TikTok or youtube shorts. That'll fill a much needed hole.
Which is to say...
Do whatever you can to not waste your life with that stuff.
8:32 PM
@M.A.R. The current owners want to move it along to the next thing, whatever that may be. Looks pretty much like an AI future for us, though.
@Robusto I'm pretty much already replaced by an AI. All my posts here are already automated.
@Mitch Bullshit. AI wouldn't make as many typos as you do.
@Robusto omg it's really working
say something that only a person would
8:34 PM
Go piss up a rope.
Hey Rob, who about them ...
look up appropriate sportsball team name
god this is hard
I'm sure I've been there
@Mitch Try the Ottowa Frasiers.
I mean I'm sure my surrogate robot agent has been there
crap crap crap
starts with a ... k?
that can't be right
@Mitch AI bots don't poop.
Yes goddamt the Red Sox!
I didn't mean to yell that out like that. I mean a robot wouldn't do that.
@Robusto I leave little used AAA batteries around
8:38 PM
@Mitch Hey! You're supposed to pick up after your pets.
Maybe after a sudoku I'll drop a C.
@Robusto I can't say that I would come up with that, but even the meat bags I grew up with would never say that. Definitely LLM barf.
9:12 PM
Daily Octordle #771
Score: 68
Daily Sequence Octordle #771
Score: 76
Not my day.
@Mitch Some people believe Claude refer to that one:
Claude Elwood Shannon (April 30, 1916 – February 24, 2001) was an American mathematician, electrical engineer, computer scientist and cryptographer known as the "father of information theory". He was the first to describe the boolean gates (electronic circuits) that are essential to all digital electronic circuits, and he built the first machine learning device, thus founding the field of artificial intelligence. He is credited alongside George Boole for laying the foundations of the Information Age.As a 21-year-old master's degree student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he...
> In 1950, Shannon, designed, and built with the help of his wife, a machine learning device, Theseus. It consisted of a maze on a surface, below which were sensors that followed the path of a mechanical mouse through the maze. After much trial and error, this device would learn the shortest path through the maze, and direct the mechanical mouse through the maze. The pattern of the maze could be changed at will.

Mazin Gilbert says Theseus "inspired the whole field of AI. This random trial and error is the foundation of artificial intelligence."
9:54 PM
Daily Sequence Octordle #771
Score: 76
10:25 PM
@jlliagre huh. the guy you've never heard of, indeed
@MetaEd More precisely, I never heard of his first name.
@jlliagre I had never heard of him, period
No kidding?
@jlliagre right, the guy being compared to Einstein. I'll have to read up
So do I. When I saw Shannon, I immediately thought about the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem but I wasn't aware of the remaining of his work.
11:33 PM
11:48 PM
Claude Shannon Was A Genius On Par With Einstein And Turing. Why Isn't He As Famous?
@user85795 Because his first name didn't start with al?
> Short answer: because that’s how he wanted it.

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