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1:01 AM
So, I'm talking about someone, then I say "I think I've seen the/this guy a few days ago". Am I right that saying "the guy" is more colloquial or less formal, something?
Or is "the guy" sort of a phrase, which "this guy" is not.
Is "the guy" an idiom? Is that why I feel it's different?
@ninja米étoilé You can say either. There is a slight difference in tone, but you shouldn't be bothered by it.
@Robusto The difference is that with "the guy" it's more "popular" I'm sure.
Not necessarily.
So what is that slight difference you speak of?
With "the" it makes it a bit "dismissive"?
No. Both are indicating you don't know the person.
1:11 AM
With "the" it's more "American" maybe?
Using "this" is more specific. It's used more to introduce a subject you are more inclined to want to pursue.
Ok ok.
De rien.
Unrelated, but I was translating a sentence in place directly in Word and I forget to change the proofing language to French so I type "risque" and it autocorrects it to "risqué". Made for a good laugh.
So why do you have the kanji for rice in the middle of "ninja米star"?
1:16 AM
Well, because it's looks a bit like a star so that's the pun, and the site doesn't allow for non-ascii stuff.
Sure it does.
Were you looking for kunai? 苦無
I don't speak the language. It morphologically makes me think of *.
Or perhaps shuriken? 手裏剣
@ninja米étoilé Ah, OK.
Right, at first I wanted Ninja Gaiden in Japanese. Pretty sure the site doesn't allow the asterisk to be used inside your handle.
Otherwise I wouldn't have resorted to this. Just being random.
Just FYI, the Japanese for "star" is hoshi
1:19 AM
@ninja米étoilé But were that so, you could not have used U+7C73 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-7C73, which is pretty darned trans-ASCII. :)
é is also trans-ASCII.
Right, right, didn't use "ASCII" properly here. Just meant "*" is not allowed I guess lolll.
Ninja Gaiden, released in Japan as Ninja Ryūkenden (忍者龍剣伝, lit. Ninja Dragon Sword Legend) and in Europe as Shadow Warriors, is a 1988 side-scrolling beat-'em-up game, originally released by Tecmo as a coin-operated arcade video game. It was first released in North America and Europe in late 1988, and then in Japan in February 1989. It was the first game released in the Ninja Gaiden franchise. The arcade game was a major commercial success in North America, becoming the highest-grossing arcade conversion kit of 1989 in the United States. == Plot == Set in the retro-futuristic version on 1999,...
I actually never liked the game, it was just too tough for me compared to Shinobi. I often select a new handle when I'm impressed about something, here it was ninja movies etc.
@tchrist Precious little isn't trans-ASCII, in fact.
@Robusto Thanks, but I wanted something meaningful on the French site.
1:25 AM
Anyways, I recommend this, a blast...
The language I want to learn is Vietnamese, but it's just tough.
But since I was exposed to it a lot when I was young, before English actually, it's like music to my ears.
Anyways, c'est ça pour ma tranche de vie d'aujourd'hui, cheers!
1:44 AM
@ninja米étoilé If you're already talking about him, "I've seen him a few days ago" would of course be the simplest option
There is also a special use of the word "this" (called the "false definite this") where it essentially just means a, as in "I was walking down the street and I saw this guy sleeping on a bench."
So in some circumstances "this guy" would be ambiguous.
@alphabet That usage is usually the introduction to some discussion about "that guy."
I can't imagine using it without following up with some further observation(s).
@Robusto Indeed, though of course "a guy" would serve more or less the same purpose.
Hmm, not necessarily. You could be done with the guy immediately after.
Fair enough.
But if you do say "this guy" one would expect elaboration.
1:55 AM
It is interesting. H&P claim that some speakers use the "false definite this" much more often than others, and that some speakers never use it. Dunno if there's any actual data, though it is rather informal.
It's definitely down-register.
Then there's "some," which when used with count nouns is often derogatory: "I was working yesterday and some guy walks in" is more likely to be used if the guy is somehow bad.
@Robusto it's always some guy
@Robusto Oh, broccoli rabe. Thanks. I couldn't have guessed that.
Q: Which version of English is most common in Switzerland?

HugoSince I'm from South Africa (a former British colony) and attended a British school, I mostly write English in a British way. Given that there are also Americans in Switzerland, one also comes across American spellings in written text. This had me wonder which version of English would be "most st...

Version 3.0.1b2
But with a couple patches that haven't been upstreamed
2:38 AM
@HippoSawrUs Yep, Broccoli is Rabe's secret first name. How did he out himself this time?
2:51 AM
@Robusto Fíjate en como es que simplemente decir Ése en el sentido de ese tío, o bien pospuesto como el tío ese o bien solo como pronombre demonstrativo, se convierte de repente en una expresión bastante peyorativa en sí misma. Véase el DRAE: “3. adjetivo demonstrativo coloquial. Indica menosprecio respecto de algo o alguien. Usado más pospuesto. Las máquinas esas no sirven para nada. No conozco al hombre ese.
> 2. Después de un sustantivo, indica desprecio o enojo. No soporto al tonto ese haciendo chistes malos. ¡Qué tipo ese!
== Español == === Etimología 1 === Si puedes, incorpórala: ver cómo. ==== Sustantivo femenino ==== 1 Nombre de la letra s. 2 Rastro, huella o rumbo que por sus revueltas semeja la figura de una s. 3 Pieza de maquinaria en forma de s. 4 Eslabón de una cadena que tiene forma de ese.1 ==== Locuciones ==== echar una ese, poner una ese o echar una ese y un clavo (a alguien): Ganarse la plena confianza, granjearse la amistad de alguien. caminar haciendo eses, ir haciendo eses o andar haciendo eses: Caminar o andar como un ebrio. ==== Traducciones ==== === Etimología 2 === Del latín ips...
Por lo visto, el Wikcionario no entiende el término técnico pospuesto. :)
@tchrist OL&G pronounces it "rape"…under just broccoli. Maybe you can fix it. It's disturbing. I love raw broccoli.
Oxford Languages powered by Google
Y'all made up that abbreviation, not me.
Let me check it again
Rapini or broccoli rabe is homophonous with Rob’s given name in his native accent.
And don't call it rape /rep/: that's a trigger word, ick.
Yep, /ˈbräk(ə)lē ˌrāp/
3:02 AM
Rot in hell.
Sorry, I meant rotten hell. :)
Rapini or broccoli rabe () is a green cruciferous vegetable, with the leaves, buds, and stems all being edible; the buds somewhat resemble broccoli, but do not form a large head. Rapini is known for its bitter taste, and is particularly associated with Mediterranean cuisine. == Classification == Native to Europe, the plant is a member of the tribe Brassiceae of the Brassicaceae (mustard family). Rapini is classified scientifically as Brassica rapa var. ruvo, or Brassica rapa subsp. sylvestris var. esculenta. It is also known as broccoletti, broccoli raab, broccoli rabe, spring raab, and ruvo kale...
> Rapini or broccoli rabe (/rɑːb/) is a green cruciferous vegetable, with the leaves, buds, and stems all being edible; the buds somewhat resemble broccoli, but do not form a large head. Rapini is known for its bitter taste, and is particularly associated with Mediterranean cuisine.
Like Robbie the Robot.
Or robbing Peter to pay Paul.
It's pretty rotten for kids who aren't sure if it's brocolli or broccoli…and now all this rape business, WTH.
And the thing we get from Brassica rapa is called canola oil, not “rapeseed” oil. Gosh, what's next they'll go back to calling Brasil nuts nigger toes? These are taboo trigger words. Thou Shalt Not Say Them.
Help. I cannot pronounce postalveolar [t] without a following [ʃ].
> Canola was originally a trademark name of the Rapeseed Association of Canada; the name is a portmanteau of "can" from Canada and "ola" from "oil, low acid". Canola is now a generic term for edible varieties of rapeseed oil in North America and Australasia.
@DannyuNDos First, why is your tongue not alveolar in its articulation of [t]? Have you been repeating betcha betcha betcha too much and now you've gotten yourself stuck? :)
Or is this when yod follows it?
Why not alveolar? Because I tried postalveolar.
3:11 AM
And now your tongue got stuck somewhere else? :)
Normally English t's are alveolar or sometimes denti-alveolar especially if you're Irish, who might even have truly dental ones like the Italians do. But postalveolar is going the opposite direction, right?
Nevermind. It turns out that I pronounced apico-postalveolar stop and ended up pronouncing /ʈ͡ʂ/.
Which is Mandarin zh or ch.
Oh that sounds apical not laminar, right?
I do know that sound, I think.
The Mandarin one.
I think yes, but if they're meant to be strictly retroflex, they are actually subapical.
The Yele language, or Yélî Dnye (IPA: [jelɨ t̠n̠ʲɛ]), is the language of Rossel Island, the easternmost island in the Louisiade Archipelago off the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea. There were some 4,000 speakers in 1998, comprising the entire ethnic population. The language remains unclassified by linguists. == Classification == For now, the language is best considered unclassified. It has been classified as a tentative language isolate that may turn out to be related to the Anêm and Ata language isolates of New Britain (in a tentative Yele – West New Britain family). Typologically it is ...
Gosh that looks tough to say!
There is a language that has a minimal pair between [n] and [n̪]? Yikes.
3:20 AM
Harder still to hear, let alone say.
They have a lot of vowels, too.
Oh cool, they have a full set of dual pronouns in all three persons!
Old English only had them for first and second persons.
> Since great respect is shown to in-laws on Rossel Island, speakers of Yélî Dnye will not say their in-laws' names, will only speak of each in-law using the polite third-person plural pronoun yi, and will replace certain words when speaking near them. While the alternative vocabulary is mostly no longer used, the name and pronoun taboos are still observed.
Most of the taboo words are body parts, clothing or carried possessions. Not all body words are replaced, however: for example, 'neck', 'Adam's apple' and 'stomach' retain their everyday forms.
That's just like here. You aren't allowed to reference ladybits around your in-laws. :)
Papua New Guinea has 800 languages. There's bound to be plenty of weird ones.
Or 850, if you count a bunch of pidgins.
Papua New Guinea, a sovereign state in Oceania, is the most linguistically diverse country in the world. According to Ethnologue, there are 840 living languages spoken in the country. In 2006, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare stated that "Papua New Guinea has 832 living languages (languages, not dialects)."Most of these are classified as indigenous Papuan languages, which form a diverse sprachbund across the island of New Guinea. There are also many Austronesian languages spoken in Papua New Guinea, most of which are classified as Western Oceanic languages, as well as some Admiralty...
I blame the Denisovans.
> Unserdeutsch, or Rabaul Creole German, is a German-based creole language spoken mainly in East New Britain Province. It is the only creole language that has developed from colonial German other than Amish Pennsylvania Dutch who speak a colonial German dialect brought in the 17th century. The lexicon is derived from German, while the substrate language is Tok Pisin.
At least they have a national-wide language, it seems. Just like how Indonesia invented Bahasa Indonesia.
1 hour later…
4:48 AM
@HippoSawrUs It actually lists a separate written form "broccoli rape"
1 hour later…
6:14 AM
"We will take haloperidol together", a romantic song in Russian played to the accompaniment of gusli, the oldest East Slavic zither-type instrument
7 hours later…
12:58 PM
A: Supercomputer Vs Human Brain

Devashish DasI will just show the statistics of last attempt to mimic the brain process. In 2011 fastest computer in Japan was launched: K computer OR SPARC64 VIIIfx 2.0GHz Features: Manufacturer: Fujitsu Cores: 705,024 Linpack Performance (Rmax) 10,510 TFlop/s Theoretical Peak (Rpeak) 11,280.4 T...

2 hours later…
2:45 PM
@tchrist Sí, yo sé.
3:03 PM
The gun culture in America really is about fear. These people apparently imagine that they are in mortal danger every second of the day, no matter where they are.
Times in my life when carrying a gun would have improved the situation: 0.
3:16 PM
@alphabet But it's rabe, not rape, right? Broccoli Rape is a Veggie Tales Afterschool Special or something; IDK.
3:39 PM
@tchrist Yes, our parents would call them that and giggle. It was just a joke deemed suitable for children. My generation didn't GAF, globally, but we nixed that nickname; they're terrible nuts. And parents, how gauche. So I forgot we already contributed, but maybe we can nix broccoli rape; it's a terrible vegetable. Thanks for the rapini research.
> The exercise-induced IOP increase could be prevented by pilocarpine drops before exercise (Schenker et al. 1980; Haynes et al. 1990, 1992, 1995)..
I think I should try out IOP-reducing eyedrops to try and make some strength exercise
Why on earth did I never think of it.
I have my eyes become painful, sometimes red, and vision blurred the next day after doing some chin-ups. Maybe with some IOP eyedrops this effect will vanish.
@CowperKettle Two days ago I found out I have low platelets, low RBC, low WBC and what not! I was having headache and then I went to doctor because I never felt like that before.
@Vikas I'm sorry to hear that!
The reason could be: I got a fever two weeks ago. That lasted only for a night.
3:54 PM
Ah! Then it will hopefully resolve
I took a paracetamol at that time and it vanished.
Maybe they started to decrease at that time.
It's slightly increased yesterday. But still not in safe range.
I will also get my D, B12 now, whenever I can.
I was taking so many blood and other tests that the ladies in the testing center learned my name and patronymic and taunted me. When my depression started, I went on hypochondriac hyperdrive (HH™)
I have read that B12 deficiency takes years, not months. Earlier I thought as soon as you stop eating B12 from food, you get a deficiency. So I guess I'm not that likely B12 deficient.
But D is more likely to be deficiency.
3:57 PM
I was surprised when I turned out to be D deficient (but not really deficient, 19 ng/ml is almost ok)
And now I'm no longer worrying about supplements. Because I just read if you have deficiency, you have to take much bigger doses. Just like MAR commented a few days ago about vitamin D supplement.
My friend was a strict vegetarian for a period and became B12-deficient and developed anemia
So I guess I will have to go to a good doctor to get those high doses from pharmacy shops.
@CowperKettle I have Hemoglobin 12.5
That's very close to anemia.
It should be greater than 13.
I wonder how doctors memorize all these values.
@CowperKettle They don't even know here. They just read the "ideal values" given in the report itself.
4:01 PM
I'm reading some stuff for a hygienic online test, an obligatory thing for delivery couriers
@CowperKettle So far my eyes seem working fine. Maybe I am getting enough vitamin A.
Or maybe I'm not old enough yet. My parents have weak eyesight now.
@Vikas I hope they will prescribe something. Or maybe they will tell you to repeat the tests in a couple weeks to check if it was just a glitch
@CowperKettle Yeah I am thinking to repeat it from some other lab as well. To confirm better.
@Vikas Mine are working great, compared to other people with keratoconus. The surgeon said last year that by my age the majority have had their first repeat transplant
And I won't take presecription from local doctors. I would go to some other city.
The first thing the local doctors might give me are antibiotics to cure vitamin deficiency 🤣
4:07 PM
Because your town is small and doctors are not very professional?
@CowperKettle Yeah. Not enough option. I went to government hospital this time to save some money!
But doctor didn't seem to have enough knowledge.
More importantly, they are extremely busy.
They didn't listen to me fully. I will go again tomorrow to see what they say.
The blood test was also free.
In the park nearby, there were huge slogans painted against the Special Military Operation, and they were in plain view, on a concrete wall marking the border between the park and the church nearby, and people were walking on the path parallel to the wall each day, and nobody seemingly alerted the officials
Only today did I see them blotted out by a layer of paint
@CowperKettle I read about some people wearing Putin masks. And showing slogans "no to war".
Yes, there were such people probably at Navalny's funeral
4:12 PM
I did not track the news about his funeral in order not to get my brain all inflamed.
I am surprised Putin "allowed" the supporters to gather together.
Maybe he noted down their names?
They were all recorded on video
@CowperKettle That's it then.
At all rallies there are people trying to record each face on video
4:25 PM
Word of the day: lyterian Lutheran
@HippoSawrUs Or a dish at a Mario Batali restaurant.
4:37 PM
@CowperKettle Not sure about that.
5:01 PM
@alphabet OIC, the 'rape room' dish; I got it now.
I bought a bag of all pineapple gummy bears, for somebody else supposedly. Now every day is a struggle…till Easter again. But Happy March, all.
Wordle 988 6/6

5:40 PM
Wordle 988 5/6

Daily Octordle #769
Score: 58
6:48 PM
@jlliagre No se recomienda.
7:27 PM
@CowperKettle repetition
8:18 PM
@Vikas don't hyperdiagnose yourself. 12.5 is not half-bad. How was your MCV and Hct?
@CowperKettle 👏🤟✊️💪
@CowperKettle that's very . . . Russia
Daily Octordle #769
Score: 63
Daily Sequence Octordle #769
Score: 61
9:07 PM
@tchrist Perché no? Tutto il sapore delle Rape da consumare anche fuori stagione.
9:47 PM
Could you guys please tell me if this sounds like natural English to you?

I love beach because the sound of the ocean is so soothing and relaxing.
@MichaelRybkin I love [the] beach ...
10:16 PM
Q: Is it natural to declare laterals and rhotics as a fortis/lenis pair?

Dannyu NDosI've sought for justification for the phoneme inventory of my conlang, but finally, I think I found one, at least for consonants. 순음 Labial 설음 Coronal 반설음 "Semi-coronal" 치두음 Front Sibilant 정치음 Rear Sibilant 아음 Dorsal Fortis P [p] T [t] L [ɭ] C [t͜s] Q [t͜ɕ] K [kʰ] Lenis M [m] N [n] R [ɻ...

Help. I'm asking of dead people.
11:29 PM
@Robusto Thank you very much.
11:55 PM
@MichaelRybkin I guess you could also say I love beaches because [...]

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