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1:03 AM
@CowperKettle Flying is awesome. I think I've only done that once, off a cliff.
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2:40 AM
Word of the day: beard. "A person who pretends to have a romantic or sexual relationship with someone else in order to conceal the other's true sexual orientation."
3:34 AM
youtube.com/watch?v=AAd6JwWNfvo&t=24m51s Anybody ____ me a quarter? (What does he say there?)
Sounds like "stand", but I don't know what it would mean then.
> If you stand someone a meal or a drink, you buy it for them. [informal]. You can stand me a pint. [VERB noun noun].
Yeah, I just looked it up in a dictionary myself.
> stand me a coffee. 1952, [US], C. Hamilton Men of the Und. 287: His old cronies will stand the drinks. 1965, [UK],
Yeah, thank you.
3:57 AM
@Mitch I think so. I am sorry for the damage it might have caused to you.
@Mitch Some people say his expressions/emotions on face don't look good now, maybe because of plastic surgeries.
4:36 AM
House of the day: fixer-upper (old house in need of renovation)
Scots of the day: Third Dreich
2 hours later…
6:50 AM
@CowperKettle well that was a roller-coaster
@Mitch brand names are bland and boring.
Generic names are way more fun, but difficult to decipher for the chemically uninitiated.
Diclofenac = diclo (has two chlorine substituents), fen = has a phenyl moiety, ac = has an acetic acid
7:05 AM
7:48 AM
> The Republic of Molossia claims to be at war with the former state of East Germany, alleging that they are responsible for military drills performed by Kevin Baugh while stationed with the U.S. military in West Germany, and therefore are also responsible for his resulting diagnosis of sleep deprivation.
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11:42 AM
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1:14 PM
Each, second, the Earth's magnetic field deflects 1.5 million tons of solar material shoot off the sun at 100 miles per second.
Scratch that. The guy on Twitter misunderstood the quote. nasa.gov/science-research/heliophysics/…
2:06 PM
@CowperKettle Any sufficiently advanced trolling is indistinguishable from moronism.
@CowperKettle astronomy would have been fascinating if it weren't so difficult.
It is, after all, the oldest of the sciences.
As a self-proclaimed nerd, I hate the feeling of being out of my depth. Probably because part of my ego has formed around being a know-it-all. And one of the easiest ways for me to feel out of depth is astronomy talk.
> We do not promote or publish poems or poets that we deem

to be racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic or generally perpetuate hatred towards any individual, group or community of people.
Hey since when is being ageist as bad as the others?
I mean, old people suck. That's a universal fact. Young people, um, suck even more. Also a fact. Generally everybody sucks, and without a working theory, might as well attribute the suckiness to age.
Since the pandemic turned everything upside down.
Maybe poets are especially viciously ageist.
And inside out.
2:15 PM
I mean, if I think about it, the stereotypes about blondes, short people, fat people and such, they're usually pretty mean.
So old people calling young people stupid and ignorant and young people calling old people senile seems quite harmless in comparison.
Lest we forget political bipolarization.
Bah I don't care about that.
American "politics" these days is as manufactured as a can of spam.
It can change on a whim. Of the manufacturers.
Today it's abortion, tomorrow it's healthcare, the next day it's cathartic bombing of the middle East to save the free world from barbars once again.
Oh BTW White House Down was on TV.
So I'm a bit crotchety.
They're lighting themselves on fire protesting the Palestine war.
Third world war? Give me a fecking break. If they nuked Iran tomorrow, who really would care?
@user85795 old people? The cast of White House Down? Can of spam?
It's a rerun of the Vietnam war protests.
2:22 PM
Jamie Foxx lighting himself on fire would be very cinematic but hazardous for his health.
@CowperKettle Electromagnetic force operating over an infinite range, the Earth's magnetic field indeed affects the totality of the solar plasma :-)
@user85795 Holy crap you weren't kidding. reuters.com/world/us/…
I'm definitely not as brave or principled as that guy.
I wouldn't kid about reruns of history
Wordle 984 4/6

Buddhist monks did it to protest napalming children in villages.
2:27 PM
Reuters isn't censored anymore. Until Iran does something stupid or evil and they have to cover it.
Once again, I am confronted with dv's which are all wrong. So few come to the rescue...
They might as well be, but that's not a very healthy outlook
The Buddhist crisis (Vietnamese: Biến cố Phật giáo) was a period of political and religious tension in South Vietnam between May and November 1963, characterized by a series of repressive acts by the South Vietnamese government and a campaign of civil resistance, led mainly by Buddhist monks.The crisis was precipitated by the shootings of nine unarmed civilians on May 8 in the central city of Huế who were protesting against a ban of the Buddhist flag. The crisis ended with a coup in November 1963 by the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), and the arrest and assassination of President Ngô Đình...
@CowperKettle at this point, I need to have an automated reply, "That accuracy is horrrrible."
And you do realize the reference standard is definitely the questionnaires and criteria you despise?
@M.A.R. Statistically, people who keep checking their phones probably have a 75% chance of being depressed anyway.
2:36 PM
What would you call me if I misdiagnosed 25% of your common colds?
@M.A.R. About average.
Well, a cold's symptoms are very non-specific
Making excuses already?
Mobile apps are now riddled with really cringe ads about AI girlfriends. So tired. I really want the AI bubble to burst.
@Mitch neuronova sounds scammy. Either that or it's actually Ritalin
I wonder if some AI entrepreneur has already locked down the url "gofuckyourself.com". Seems like it would be perfect for the AI girlfriend market.
I hesitate to check.
2:42 PM
I really need that URL for the campaign ads I'm getting today.
The Majles election is in two days
Guy puts up banners all over the place, with titles longer than my full name, and his face. Like dude I'm not voting for your bald smiling face.
Hojjat-ol-eslam doctor seyyed sth sth.
Hojjat-ol-eslam = guy who guides people on the path of Islam, a mullah.
Doctor = probably fake or in some fake major.
Seyyed = descendant of the prophet. Some older people seem to think this automatically makes the person trustworthy and wise
GFY is what the government said to the Buddhist crisis.
^re: url
> r/gofuckyourself
www.gofuckyourself.com. Its an actual website, now go fuck yourself.
> gofuckyourself.com Reviews: Is this site a scam or legit?
Is gofuckyourself.com legit or a scam? Read reviews, company details, technical analysis, and more to help you decide if this site is trustworthy
According to some estimates, American jets dropped 635,000 tons of bombs, which included 32,000 tons of napalm.
—Andrada Fiscutean, Ars Technica, 25 Aug. 2023
3:14 PM
@Mitch I'm sorry, I didn't mean to single out you're hope about that guy being scared away (although I heart-felt-ly agree) by pinning it, but I saw what I'd done too late and it's stuck now. Do you have the un-pinning power?
*your hope
3:35 PM
@Vikas I don't really care for his younger face either. He may well have had some 'work' done, but people are so gossipy... age does things to a face just as much.
As to overly melodramatic movies... if you gonna have two people separated for 25 years not marrying waiting for the other with out knowing the other didn't marry out of convenience someone else, there better be a lot of explosions in it or a motorcycle chase that ends with a fist fight on top of a train with a sharpshooter on a distant hilltop about to pull the trigger before the train enters a tunnel.
I'm just saying there should be some balance.
Whaddya do when an answer you give is right and you feel like saying what M.A.R. refers to above? :) Note the verb feel.
@user85795 Oh. I thought it was agriculture.
@Lambie I feel ya!
I don't know what you're talking about.
@M.A.R. Depends on how old you are.
@Lambie Count to ten...
@M.A.R. ads? you should see youtube shorts, lots of AI created images.
wait... you -shouldn't- see youtube shorts.
@Mitch You just spoiled the movie for me? 😥 Don't worry I DON'T EVEN CARE 😂
3:47 PM
@Lambie You will be able to say whatever you need to say much better after counting. Note the verb need.
I saw a short scene on Instagram where he is probably unmarried at later age. At that point I absolutely decided not to watch it. Similar concept has been done already in his old movie.
@M.A.R. Name and face recognition (and association with your team) is what gets you voted in. It's all a middle school student government representative popularity contest, where the only content issues are the choice of cafeteria food and amount of homework.
@Conrado You mean counting to ten? Aw, I dunno. I really held back anyway so why do I need to count to ten? Feeling the anger and saying it avoids making myself sick These questions where one person is right and all the upvotes are off juststick in my craw.
@M.A.R. Yeah, the ChatGPT ones are very simple and parseable (even the ones that are real that it 'made up')
@Conrado no big deal. though I did 'unstar' it (because I can!) you know just in case people get weird about it. And by people I mean that guy (obviously a dude).
3:56 PM
@Vikas uh ... you could have seen that plot 'twist' after the first ten minutes of a 150 minute movie.
Also, that guy (SRK) is way too old at any age for that girl.
@Lambie Wait until you see how people vote in the real world.
@Robusto He wasn't anglo for sure. But probably as pale as me.
@Mitch Take a look at the mess. Restauracion on here. An interesting question is brought up though. If an OP asks about an English word, and their own definition in their own language is wrong. That causes a mess.
But even so, the OP wasn't talking about the hospitality industry. I wonder how an experienced programmer would feel in the same situation. Where all the answers are wrong and he gets a bunch of dv's.
Has anyone ever heard of a coarse attitude? [sigh]
Wordle 984 3/6

4:25 PM
@Mitch Have you seen The Lunchbox?
5:10 PM
@Vikas it's on my list...I don't think netflix has it yet
5:42 PM
@Mitch And Netflix want to increase prices, again.
5:56 PM
The reject on Reddit call normal people 'normies', I should call you guys 'subscribies'
If America is the land of the free how come I can pirate shows this easily here.
6:17 PM
in The Periodic Table, Oct 18, 2023 at 7:55, by CowperKettle
> If you think that alcohol is the solution, you're diluting yourself. (Dmitry Mendeleyev)
@CowperKettle Do you have the original Russian line? I wonder what the word play was in Russian.
Russian words for dilute and delude aren't word play.
@misk94555 I doubt there is one because I doubt Mendeleyev said that
@Cowp is actually trilingual. He speaks Russian, English, and Dad joke
@M.A.R. ... does he have chemistry training too? That's a fine dad joke.
Mendeleyev's second most important work [distant second] was on mixtures of alcohol and water. It was commissioned by Russian imperial government. True history.
@misk94555 he reads a lot of scientific (and unscientific) articles. Right now it feels like he has training about anticonvulsants and mood disorders
Anybody know a good reference that could address this in meta?
Q: What would actual victorian swears sound like?

Chiffa Holmes tore it open, and then with a bitter curse hurled it into the grate. With a bitter curse I shook my fist at it as I gazed. “With an oath Miss Winter darted forward, “That will do,” said he, with an oath. These are all taken from the Sherlock Holmes canon. The question is what would...

2 hours later…
8:06 PM
Resumptive of the day, this time from Reddit:
> I'm the kind of person that if you're eating and I ask for a bite and you say no I will respect your choice and move on.
@MetaEd I compiled a list of "god's x" oaths here (obviously not the only oaths out there): english.stackexchange.com/a/404573/191178
8:22 PM
@alphabet I'm a very talented chatter. Should I put it on my CV?
Chatterer? Chattererer?
Why are notifications on ELU blood red? Does it refer to the vampires that feed on questions, or?
8:34 PM
@M.A.R. red letters are sacred
Daily Octordle #765
Score: 52
Daily Sequence Octordle #765
Score: 67
1 hour later…
10:02 PM
Today's breakfast is black pudding soup.
HostMonster just made changes to my cycling club's website's .htaccess file without notifying me. I found out because the PHP code just stopped working while leaving the page shells OK. Shame on you, HostMonster!
10:30 PM
Daily Octordle #765
Score: 59
Daily Sequence Octordle #765
Score: 52
10:47 PM
I feel like this should be on topic but it's already been closed twice: english.stackexchange.com/q/618768/191178
11:05 PM
@Laurel except:
Agree with the decision to close. — DJohnson Feb 21 at 0:38
by the question author.
Too easily intellectually bullied.
I mean any answer will be speculative I suppose.
Or rather I am speculating that it is speculative.

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