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12:07 AM
Rootl game #117



@jlliagre Perfecto!
Somehow I just clicked with all of them.
For once their hints weren't opaque.
They're proud enough to make a video of that and post it on the internet?
With 11M views.
Speaking of which, Total Eclipse of the Heart just reached 1 B views on YouTube
12:27 AM
@user726941 But it wasn't of a cute kid swearing.
12:38 AM
A kid who looks like a gen coV member
@user726941 I don't know what that means.
I just did a quick search and found out what gen COVID is
I thought it would be kids born after 2019.
1:06 AM
Perhaps, too quick.
1:20 AM
I believe my latest H&P question should win an award for "least comprehensible": english.stackexchange.com/questions/613064
2:00 AM
@alphabet I don't know why anyone would write that sentence in the first place.
I don't even know why anyone would bother to dispute it, as H&P apparently did. Are they trying to catalogue the World of Wrong Attempts At English Grammar?
That's a sentence I invented; it's not one from H&P.
> You can rely on no friend too much or enemy too little.
I think this sentence is correct; maybe others don't?
But I am perplexed by how to analyze it. It irks me.
2:24 AM
@alphabet 'Nonce'?
That's all I got
@alphabet Horrible.
I would cross it out.
@user726941 Hmm then what is a textbook in that sense?
It's perfectly grammatical for.ke. but not realistic about psychology.
Unless you 'no true friend' me
In other news I discovered a language anachronism on a TV show.
Did I mention I'm really proud of having found it?
@Mitch It's because you turn a non-constituent into a constituent. E.g. "I gave five dollars to Kim and ten dollars to Pat." "Five dollars to Kim" is just a NP followed by a PP, as is "ten dollars to Pat," but you transmogrify them into single constituents so that you can join them with a conjunction.
@Mitch What?
What is that trope? Paradysapocope? Where you wonder aloud about something you never did for the only reason to bring it up?
@alphabet on S1 E2 of 'For All Mankind's (set in 1969 in the near-alternate universe where the Soviet Union get a man in the moon a few weeks before the US)...
Someone says 'shut the fuck up'
And that wasn't used until at earliest 80's.
Maybe, if the Soviets had gotten a man on the moon earlier, Americans would have responded by inventing the phrase "shut the fuck up"
2:35 AM
I say that out of pure intuition.
But Google Engrams, the scientologist interface to all knowledge, tells me it found one in 1986, and I give profanity a ten year window from use in the real world before it finds its way to print
@alphabet haha
That what the show is about
Shutting things the fuck up
Avant la lettre
Hey it's drafty in here, could you please shut the front door
So do you think I should put that in my cover letter to be a lexicographer to the OED?
Euphemism is a euphemism for lying
@Cerberus what do you call a word like 'compound' which is not exactly a compound (two words mushed together to make one, like 'blackbiard')?
Con- is not a full word by itself, and -pound really isn't either for its meaning, and there's a sound change (and really it's Latin)
1 hour later…
@Mitch Bollocks. I myself used it frequently at least a decade prior to that.
"Get the fuck out of here!" or "What the fuck do you want?" or any other emphasis using "the fuck" including "Shut the fuck up!" have been in wide currency as long as I can remember. The use of fuck to intensify statements that formerly relied on hell (e.g., "Shut the hell up!" and "Get the hell out of here!") is so plainly available and such an obvious escalation that I can't believe anybody would have the effrontery to suggest a precise date for its inception.
4:14 AM
Well this is just sad: global100.adl.org/about/2023
In both Russia and Ukraine, >40% of people agree that "Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust"
Found this from an article about the use of Nazi imagery in Ukraine
Well, the "good" news is that neither is as bad as Poland, where it's 57%. Such friendly NATO allies our country has.
It's 20% in the US, based on their 2015 survey. Well that's just wonderful.
@Mitch I don't know, you might call it a compound word, or a complex word, or a word consisting of several morphemes?
@alphabet Is that really such an absurd position?
@Cerberus Yes.
If you say so.
As is the claim that "Jews don't care what happens to anyone but their own kind," which received similar levels of support.
I would say that is quite different.
Perhaps it is inspired by the Israeli government.
4:22 AM
Spare us the apologetics.
In Iran, only 30% agreed with the Holocaust question. Kudos to the Iranian government for their excellent work in Holocaust education. (68% agreed that "People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave," though.)
Thankfully the Netherlands did quite well in that survey
2 hours later…
7:25 AM
@alphabet Did you message me, Raccon?
7:42 AM
Quaint hypothesis I've never heard of of the day: Histamine, allergy and ADHD
Rootl game #118



@Robusto Imperfecto!
8:10 AM
What do we call it? Heron?
There are common here in fields.
@Vikas I guess so, or egret.
Egrets ( EE-grəts) are herons, generally long-legged wading birds, that have white or buff plumage, developing fine plumes (usually milky white) during the breeding season. Egrets are not a biologically distinct group from herons and have the same build. == Biology == Many egrets are members of the genera Egretta or Ardea, which also contain other species named as herons rather than egrets. The distinction between a heron and an egret is rather vague, and depends more on appearance than biology. The word "egret" comes from the French word aigrette that means both "silver heron" and "brush...
Yeah look exactly same.
What would you call a red Egret?
8:56 AM
I kinda-wanna insist clopen as the word of the day.
'Cause, y'know, this must be the most cursed word to people who are unfamiliar with topology.
1 hour later…
10:03 AM
A photo of a 75 that has gotten stuck on the beach behind my house
I wonder what it means.
2 hours later…
12:08 PM
@Vikas I think you red Egreted that pun right away
12:18 PM
@Robusto OK. But when do you think people (in the US) started using it then? And what may be more important, do you have any published confirmation of it?
@jlliagre Quel dommage !
How helpful, that people closed my question without giving a clear reason: english.stackexchange.com/questions/613064/…
@Mitch I don't know, but I would suspect shortly after they started using hell in the same situations.
@Robusto that sounds reasonable, but do you have a quote for that?
@alphabet It was "Not suitable for this site → Other (add a comment explaining what is wrong)" but then the comment was self deleted :/ presumably because there was already this comment:
Why don't you ask the authors, not us? — BillJ 7 hours ago
12:23 PM
@Mitch No, but the point is that such things didn't get printed, did they? If they did, they were masked in some f------ way.
There is a HUGE difference between the two words.
@user726941 The difference is one of degree, not kind.
@Laurel ...how is that a close reason? "Please do prior research by writing a letter to two university professors."
Nope: kind and degree and every other psychological phenomenon studied by man.
Oh, well, that settles it then, Dr. User.
12:31 PM
@Araucaria-Him I noticed you were responding to an answer by our good friend ChatGPT, then decided I should just flag it and have the mods deal with it.
@DannyuNDos TIL that that's a math term. I just knew the other definition; Wiktionary gives it as "A pair of work shifts in which a worker works a closing shift one day and then works an opening shift the following day."
That's a good one.
It does seem paradoxical to the non-mathys.
Did I spell "mathys" right?
12:39 PM
I believe the PC term is "people with mathopathy"
Dr Coon :-D
@CowperKettle Un 75 means a car belonging to a Parisian (75 is the "département" number of Paris, written on the license plate). So the text makes fun at Parisians who venture in the sand with their cars.
Vehicle registration plates are mandatory number plates used to display the registration mark of a vehicle registered in France. They have existed in the country since 1901. It is compulsory for most motor vehicles used on public roads to display them. In French, vehicle registration plates are called plaques d'immatriculation or plaques minéralogiques. The latter makes a reference to the national mining administration, which was responsible for issuing the plates in the early 20th century.Since 1901, various systems have been successively introduced, the most recent dating from 2009. The ...
Unrelated, but here's a multilingual joke: Koreans will laugh if you pronounce "danger" as if it were a German word.
@jlliagre Ah! Thank you!
12:48 PM
@user726941 'Cause it would sound like "sweets".
Okay, thanks.
@Robusto ymmv
@alphabet Which one was that?
@M.A.R. 🤔 Didn't get it.
1:04 PM
@alphabet It's a freeform text field, which is supposed to be used for the less common off topic questions (e.g. "what's this video say?") but that people often use for their own purposes. It's kinda annoying to keep track of who's using it for what
@Vikas regretted = re gret (ed)
@Araucaria-Him This one; I'm about 90% sure: english.stackexchange.com/a/613056/470858
@user726941 The important thing to remember is that "swear" words have been euphemized for so long that they become fossilized evidence of what has been. When did "goldarn it" come into play? You may be sure that it didn't arise from nowhere, but shortly after someone said "goddamn it." The various euphemisms for "fuck" should provide similar evidence.
1:20 PM
I totally agree with that analysis.
@Laurel Sorry, I meant "Why would people close it for that reason?"
Anyway I have voted to reopen my own question since I don't know why it was even closed.
@alphabet oooof pretend I knew that :p
@alphabet We have a serious clopening problem
An dead-alive situation
Wordle 830 6/6

A happy ending after all.
I ate six panipuris today. The guy asked me if it is spicy enough? I said no, it feels sweeter. Then he used the other ingredients also and it felt more tasty.
So yeah a happy ending.
1:42 PM
@alphabet What are the giveaways?
@Mitch perhaps, a combined word
Having the combined meanings.
re: clopen
@Robusto The word "fuck" was initially an euphemism
1:59 PM
@Robusto Taboo words are a problem in dating. But still, personal memory is unreliable and printing is.
Now that I think of it, this should be well-worn internet discussion but my cursory internet search just brings up a lot of BS articles about just 'fuck'. So hard to wade through the internet shit.
@user726941 Between what two words 'Shut the hell up' and 'Shut the fuck up'? Those are barely different syntactically and semantically.
So if 'shut the hell up' appears in print, I'd be more inclined to suspect that there is a good possibility that 'shut the fuck up' was common at the same time (though of course not proven).
"fuck" can be used much more aggressively than any of its substitutes
In spoken language
Wordle 830 4/6

Especially as a verb.
The action there of.
2:04 PM
@user726941 it's paradoxical to mathys who haven't seen an example of a set that conforms to the topological definitions close and open.
Also it's annoying to topologists.
Or maybe a fun thing to differentiate themselves from mere mortals.
@user726941 sure. that doesn't contradict what I (or @Robusto) said.
@user726941 You're talking about a subject that is quite different. We're talking only about the use of 'the X' as an infix, as in 'shut the X up' or 'close the goddam door' or 'calm the fuck down'
I didn't mean to contradict you guys, I just meant in spoken language it can be used as a "bomb."
Sometimes the slightest change in form conveys a huge difference in meaning. But also sometimes a huge change in form is barely a blip in meaning.
@user726941 OK sure, but that's addressing an issue that is entirely unexpected and new to the convo, and doesn't address the point at hand which is provenance and dating of the phrasing.
Dare I say irrelevant, but then irrelevancy is on topic here.
OK, got it.
@Araucaria-Him A bulleted-list summary that provides vague, somewhat equivocal information but doesn't actually posit a solution.
@CowperKettle I thought it was a hoax but found it is actually a real product. I'm not planning to buy one though. To stay on topic, I don't give a fuck about my hair density :-)
2:14 PM
@Vikas Nice. Isn't that a lot? I know each one is a single (big) mouthful, but still that's a big snack.
@jlliagre No being on-topic in chat
@Mitch J'en ai rien à foutre ! ;-)
@jlliagre I feel like I should be shocked but because it is in French it's like a floating of island of meringue.
Haut la la!
It's like when Dick van Dyke puts on a faux Cockney accent in Mary Poppins and it sounds like he's sipping tea with the Queen.
Or when John Cleese speaks faux Russian because it turns on Jamie Lee Curtis in a Fish called Wanda.
@alphabet Holocaust . . . Education . . . Iran? Those three words NEVER go together. I hope you're sorry
The older generation doesn't care. The less literate people of the older generation certainly don't even know about it.
Or when Werner Klemperer, the son of renowned composer Otto Klemperer, spoke in a faux German accent (even though he was born and raised in Germany) in the WWII POW camp comedy Hogan's Heroes.
Every once in a while, if a conservative figure they admire mumbles some things about denying Holocaust, they'll turn to a random direction and mutter some agreement. But since the Jew population is non-existent, it is quickly forgotten
2:29 PM
not a comedy in the camp style about POWs, but a comedy about POWs in a camp.
You could say they're too distant from the issue to take any serious positions about the Holocaust specifically, so they might offer some basic human sympathy
@M.A.R. They (Iranian Jews) all moved to Paris or Los Angeles in the 1980's
Make no mistake, anyone with even a slightly religious mindset is pretty antisemitic. In Hadith, Jews in Medinah were the backstabbers, trying and failing to thwart all the Prophet's holy plans
I don't think Iran has a lack of internal minorities to blame things on.
@M.A.R. (I was joking, in case it wasn't obvious.)
2:31 PM
@Mitch yeah this is something Fard kept repeating, but I certainly don't think it's like that.
Sure, there is a lot of systemic discrimination against Kurds, for example.
Or more recently, due to a prominent Sunni Imam taking a critical position of the government, Sunni people.
But it is true that, in their 2015 poll, Greece and Turkey had higher levels of antisemitism than Iran. Strange.
But the official line has never been that this or that thing is this or that minority's fault.
Some people do a decent enough job of hating other ethniticies of course
@M.A.R. unless it's the Afghans and drugs
@alphabet it's more of that distance I mentioned. People can't too strongly hate people they have never met
@Mitch that was like 15 years ago. These days they're too inept to decide their position on Afghanistan
Your typical conservative social media channel has at least once a month a video about how Jews own this or that and are the illuminati of course.
@M.A.R. I can't tell (because news is dumb here) but When the Taliban came in a year ago, didn't they 'clean up' the drug trade, leading to lots of drug traffickers among the refugees that came into Iran?
2:37 PM
Indeed. When asked "Have you heard about the Holocaust in Europe during World War Two?," 62% of Iranians said "No." So I guess that does explain the anomalous response to the questions about it.
The younger generation is trying a bit harder to be liked by the world, so a lot of younger people know something called Holocaust happened, not too many details. As for how sincere they are, I have no idea
@M.A.R. Have you seen all the Assyrians essentially running the bazaar? We should wipe their country off the earth!
listens to earpiece
How long ago?
Because the effect I've mentioned a while back persists, English speakers are too cool to be wrong. So young people that tune in to Joe Rogan or whoever would say something like "Jews whine a lot"
-We- did that?
Well good for the Assyrians for being such hard workers.
Assyrian culture is all about peaceful compromise
2:40 PM
@M.A.R. All I've ever heard is Joe Rogan listeners whining a lot.
@M.A.R. And that's why we cannot let that stand!
I don't know... -are- there Assyrian businessmen?
I mean probably?
@Mitch Hey if I'm thirsty I won't care if lemonade is from an Assyrian stand
I've heard Joe Rogan say the same thing.
To be honest I've heard -of- Joe Rogan.
and that's about it.
Well me too
I didn't know much about him before he apparently went off the deep end, and after, I only know that he went off the deep end
So. Many. Celebrities.
@jlliagre At first I did not even understand what it was for. I thought it was a hat with some metal mesh inside, like a colander :)
But if it works for improving hair growth, it's great.
I've seen more of Howard Stern on half second clips of... what's that show? Dance Your Ass Off? America's Got Syndicated Over the Whole World?
... than I have heard the actual Howard Stern show.
@M.A.R. Too much weightlifting is the deep end?
2:46 PM
@Mitch if it makes you an antivaxxer
@alphabet In Soviet schools, we were taught about concentration camps, but there was no mention of a specific program to destroy the Jewish race. Or maybe I'm mis-remembering it. We were taught that millions were sent into death camps etc.
@CowperKettle Maybe I'm saying too much here, but what is so great about lush radiant swishable hair growth on the head?
@Mitch yeah I've forgotten more than I know about him. He's the Bob Ross with a booze problem, right?
@CowperKettle I've heard that that was the case in the former Soviet Union. They tended to deemphasize the specific targeting of Jewish people to avoid being "divisive."
@M.A.R. Bob Ross is the contemplative landscape painter/public television guy with the afro.
2:48 PM
@Mitch I have a friend who has been bald since his early 30s, and he would love to have his hair restored
I was wondering if Joe Rogan actually said something like that. He did say:
> The idea that Jewish people are not into money is ridiculous. That’s like saying Italians aren’t into pizza, it’s fcking stupid. It’s fcking stupid
Howard Stern was the original 'shock jock'.
Ridiculous. closes safe filled with shekels
@CowperKettle What will that do for him? Increase his yearly shampoo budget?
@alphabet Yes, that's why we were not taught about nationalistic detachments that helped the Nazis along. Ukrainian nationalists, etc.
2:50 PM
@alphabet The Money-Protein associated gene (MPa) mutation in Jews is the scientific reason
@alphabet OMG he's so uneducated. That's not how you spell 'fucking'.
@M.A.R. Somebody tell Richard Spencer
@alphabet escape Markdown with \*
@CowperKettle Apparently Canada didn't learn about them either: cbc.ca/amp/1.6978422
@alphabet Yes, that was a blooper of the highest sort
2:52 PM
@CowperKettle A pastafarian hat :-)
That whole Canada scandal is just bizarre. How do you honor a soldier and at no point ask...what war they were fighting in, or who they were fighting for.
@CowperKettle What I (as an American brought up during the Cold War) always thought weird about the Soviet Union was that it had all these internal 'autonomous' regions kike Tatarstan and some-other-stan all enclaves within various SSRs. The point being that the USSR was a goddam empire, they should force those enclaves to be ... not autonomous?
I was young at the time.
@alphabet fck me
My grandma almost got sent into a concentration camp because some Ukrainians were helpfully hinting to the German soldier doing the paperwork that she was a Jew, but she had a newborn baby with her, and the soldier probably did not subscribe to the whole ideology, so he wrote her down as Russian.
Ukrainian Cossaks killed off whole settlements of Jews in the 17th century.
But this was part of the same war that reunited Ukraine with Russia, so this was not mentioned in the school course of history.
Curiously, I first heard this in an audibook by Kostomarov, a 19 century historian who grew up knowing French better than Russian.
At some point Kostomarov got enamored with Ukraine and learned Ukrainian to a level that he started writing poetry in it.
And he ended up writing many interesting history books.
2:57 PM
@Mitch Not really 😂 Some people might put too much stuff in it so in that case six might feel like a proper food like dinner or lunch. But usually you can eat a lot more than six. I'm sure I've eaten around twenty in one go when I was a kid. And usually people can eat more than twenty. I just limit them now because too much might not be good for stomach.
So he was a Ukrainophile, but I first learned of Ukrainian Cossack antisemitism and their 17th century Holocaust of Jews from him.
@alphabet His aides probably didn't have any clue about what he did during WWII, and only knew 'Ukrainian soldier'. And that's -it-. No need to ask. 'Ukrainian' = good, 'soldier' = good.
Also, I could eat about eight times more panipuris 20 years ago, in the same price that I ate today.
Oh the dude is 98 years old? They probably didn't see the number and never gave a second thought.
@Mitch Because Lenin decided to use this as a tactic to take power from the Empire and into Soviet hands.
Lenin was against any nationalism and hoped that in the future, the proletariat will be taught to live in an international style, without nationalism.
3:02 PM
@CowperKettle I think the pogroms against Jews lasted a lot longer... up until the early 20th c?
@Mitch Yes, and in Kiev were was a well-read antisemitic newspaper.
@CowperKettle Good intentions.
But to show "subdued peoples" that the Bolsheviks would not proceed with the Tsarist practices, he proposed the policy of helping national identities.
Korenizatsiia (Russian: коренизация, IPA: [kərʲɪnʲɪˈzatsɨjə]; Ukrainian: коренізація, romanized: korenizatsiya; transl. "indigenization" or "nativization") was an early policy of the Soviet Union for the integration of non-Russian nationalities into the governments of their specific Soviet republics. In the 1920s, the policy promoted representatives of the titular nation, and their national minorities, into the lower administrative levels of the local government, bureaucracy, and nomenklatura of their Soviet republics. The main idea of the korenizatsiia was to grow communist cadres for ever...
Stalin did not like this policy and halted it all when he grabbed 100% of power, by 1930
@Vikas I was in an Indian grocery store the other day (here in the Boston area) and there was one set of shelves that was full of pani puri shells. I was considering taking a picture to show you, but it was my turn at the register.
The Jewish Autonomous Oblast (JAO; Russian: Евре́йская автоно́мная о́бласть (ЕАО), romanized: Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast; Yiddish: ייִדישע אװטאָנאָמע געגנט, romanized: yidishe avtonome gegnt, IPA: [jɪdɪʃɛ avtɔnɔmɛ ɡɛɡnt]) is a federal subject of Russia situated in the far east of the country, bordering Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast in Russia and Heilongjiang province in China. Its administrative center is the town of Birobidzhan. The JAO was designated by a Soviet official decree in 1928, and officially established in 1934. At its height, in the late 1940s, the Jewish population in the region...
> The area was constantly penetrated by Chinese and White Russian resistance groups, and the idea was to shield the territory by establishing a settlement whose inhabitants would be hostile to white Russian émigrés, especially the Cossacks.
3:10 PM
@Mitch Oh good.
3:52 PM
@alphabet Smart.
My friend went there.
4:40 PM
Indian terminology of the day: Virama (Sanskrit: विराम/हलन्त, romanized: virāma/halanta ्) is a Sanskrit phonological concept to suppress the inherent vowel that otherwise occurs with every consonant letter.
2 hours later…
6:30 PM
@CowperKettle For what? For the act of intercourse in flagrante delicto?
#Worldle #614 2/6 (100%)
They "approximated" away several key features of the silhouette.
🌎 Sep 27, 2023 🌍
🔥 43 | Avg. Guesses: 4.29
🟥🟥🟩 = 3

Curiously, "fucked" seems to be one of those cases where the meaning of the deverbal adjective differs from the past participle. You can say "it was a fucked situation," but not "he fucked the situation." This raises a question: is "the situation became fucked" valid?
I think it is. Curious.
6:46 PM
@alphabet That term may be used in as many ways as imagination gets multiplied by exasperation.
Presumably this is because this use of the adjective "fucked" is derived, not from the verb "fuck" directly, but from "fucked-up."
And you can certainly say "He fucked up the situation." And if someone betrays you or similar you can say "He fucked us" without implying actual carnal intercourse.
Interesting also is "unfuck" ... but I seem to recall we've had this discussion before.
You can clearly say both "He was completely fucked" and "He was regularly fucked" (with different senses of fuck). But "He became completely fucked" is acceptable, whereas "He became regularly fucked" is not, because that context requires the deverbal adjective rather than the past participle.
Daily Quordle 611
7:05 PM
@alphabet Yay, the nonce and sex questions are reopened!
Some people just want to close everything whatever the reason, if any reason at all.
"This question makes me uncomfortable" - CLOSE IT!
May 2, 2012 at 14:10, by Mr. Shiny and New 安宇
I knew a girl in school named Brandy, she was short, like a shot of vodka, so I called her vodka. She wasn't that amused, tbh.
May 2, 2012 at 14:11, by Robusto
@MrShinyandNew安宇 Yeah. Kind of a shorter way of saying, "Please, never have sex with me. Ever."
May 2, 2012 at 14:12, by RegDwight ΒВBẞ8
For centuries people tried to come up with longer ways of saying that, but then Mr Shiny happened.
So wise
when we were younger
Beware! I am become Robusto, Doorman for Cats!
so spoiled
Who? Me or the cats?
7:16 PM
A doorman is a somewhat modest occupation, requiring the skills of deference, foresight, invisibility, necessity.
A cat is an entitled lump.
Does USA have schools that are specifically for either boys or girls?
Farm cats are OK.
For example India have Boys School and Girls Schools.
@Vikas Used to. I went to one in high school.
@Vikas Public schools, serving the great majority of the population, are coed.
7:17 PM
I don't think they have those anymore, though.
I tried to get into the all-girls wing, but they wouldn't let me.
But private and parochial schools can teach the sexes separately or be single sex.
We still have and they are pretty common. Most of them are government schools.
Did you have to wear a uniform?
They still have boys/girls schools, not sure if any are public tho. There's a pair near me that are Christian private schools that cost more than actually going to college lol
In school? Me? Yes.
7:20 PM
@Mitch The girls' side did. The boys had to wear a suitcoat, dress pants, and a tie. Always a tie.
And if one wouldn't wear uniform or wear slightly different color, we could get punished.
@Mitch Are you insulting Coco Laeticia? [my cat]. You are funny, though.
@Vikas Sounds like India is full of Catholic educators.
Yes, there are tons of boys schools and girl schools in the US, all private except for Catholic parochial schools (semi-private). At mine, we did wear uniforms.
I went to a private school where K-4 was mixed sex, 5-12 was separate (but some advanced classes were coed). Starting 7th grade, the boys had to wear ties and blazers during winter months, and shirts with collars/no jeans the rest of the time.
-But- it was an age of transition, at least at my school and I think by 10th grade they got rid of the ties/blazers thing, but still a no jeans dress code. So no uniform where everybody dressed identically but still limitations on what could be worn.
7:23 PM
@Robusto But that was just one reason for punishment 🤣 Many more existed.
@Robusto holy crap, it looks like we are more similar.
@Vikas Of course.
Do you have one green eye and one blue eye?
@Mitch No. Two green, no blue.
@Lambie Not as an individual. As part of an excrescent type, yes.
@Robusto Oh. well I don't have one green/one blue either.
7:26 PM
So I asked this to understand it better. I thought maybe one reason could be for girls safety especially in countries like India. Do you prefer such schools? If boys and girls study in same school (I guess that's called co-education), doesn't that help them grow more peraonally?
@Vikas Who knows why countries and schools do the things they do?
What I want to know is this: is having a monkey in a backpack on your back some kind of meme?
@Vikas There has always been the argument that separate sexes give a less intimidating intellectual environment for girls. In the US I've never heard the argument where the word 'safety' was used.
But of course that might well be an issue in the US and I've never been attuned to it. Or the idea 'less intimidating intellectually' is really just a misdirection for safety.
@Mitch I've observed at least some people here like to send their daughters to girls school for safety. So boys don't tease them. Also, since it's girls school, the staff would be more dedicated to their care.
But anyway, the great majority of the US population goes to public school and thosehave been coed for so long I feel like 'coed' is not even used anymore, it's just education, and 'single sex' is what is used to differentiate.
7:31 PM
@Robusto Add some text and we can call it meme.
Someone just told me that's Julius the Monkey.
I actually don't know the exact purpose of single sex schools. Maybe they have some benefits.
@Vikas Bullying has always been a problem everywhere. But frankly the idea of boy-girl bullying doesn't seem like a thing in the US? @Robusto @Lambie @Laurel thoughts?
@Mitch I'm sure there would be far less cases of bullying or teasing in USA.
@Mitch Well, unless you call excessive, insistent attention bullying.
7:34 PM
@Vikas less drama in high school over boys/girls?
@Vikas It's hard to say.
The more advanced math/science classes were permitted to be coed, so I made sure to take all of those.
For advance study?
And I did take typing, two semesters. Guess where? Yup, on the girls' side.
@Vikas Advanced study.
@Vikas High school advanced study, for prep for college
AP Physics, AP Calculus, etc.
7:36 PM
Yeah I meant that.
It was a college prep school.
And, indeed, I did test out of all the freshman requirements when I got to college.
@Robusto did you grow up Catholic? Or was that just the school 'leaning'?
@Mitch Grew up RC. Ditched it before I ever got to high school.
But I was still nominally Catholic.
and high school was Catholic?
OH yeah.
7:38 PM
My school was non-denominational Protestant.
Mine had priests and brothers.
Mine had nothing like that
Jun 14, 2021 at 14:00, by Robusto
If anyone's curious about what a Catholic prep school was like in the '60s, the film Heaven Help Us gives a very accurate portrayal.
Wannabe golf pros
We had chapel everyday (lord's prayer) and a lot of Christmas stuff where the whole school (it was small) showed up to the church near campus.
7:41 PM
but none of the Easter big deal.
@CowperKettle 🔥😂
oh and mandatory: one religion class and one ethics class in high school
but that was it.
I once visited a 'Christian day school' (a common alternative to public school in many US cities that are usually also non-denominational Protestant), and to start the day they had 1) Lord's prayer 2) Pledge of allegiance 3) some christian statement of belief (not the Apostle's creed).
I thought it was a little much.
But where I went it was probably a little much to public school kids.
> Enshittified platforms which act as intermediaries can functionally act as both a monopoly on services and a monopsony on customers, as high switching costs prevent either from leaving even when alternatives technically exist.[2] Doctorow has described the process of enshittification as happening through "twiddling"; the continual adjustment of the parameters of the system in search of marginal improvements of profits, without regard to any other goal.[18]
Apr 6, 2011 at 1:33, by Robusto
Did I ever tell you about the time I got kicked out of Religion class for using logic?
7:59 PM
French politicians, especially far-right but not just them, say they want the reintroduction of school uniforms in France, and this has been discussed again this year in the parliament, and rejected. The fun fact is school uniforms were never used in mainland France (outside very specific cases like a a few militar schools).
8:16 PM
Wow, that's absolutely crazy! School uniforms all over the world.
8:33 PM
@jlliagre There are pervy men in Japan who get all wound up over girls' school uniforms.
Kind of a fetish.
@Robusto You little trouble maker, the next thing you'll be doing is Dungeons and Dragons, and then ... shudders ... growing up to be an engineer.
@Cerberus That's a lot of washing to do.
@Mitch Heaven forfend.
practices Harry Potter spells in the corner
I feel like the whole Harry Potter series could have stopped at volume 3 with one good expelliarmus.
@Mitch We wash our student clothes too, even while they aren't uniforms :-)
why in the hell did spellcheck flag 'expelliarmus'? Don't they know about real words?
8:41 PM
Rootl game #118




Big letdown from yesterday.
@jlliagre I don't know how it works, but I imagined that the school supplies the uniforms, or the parents buy -one-, and so they wear the -same- uniform everyday for the whole week.
and then you'd have to wash the whole uniform (or maybe just the shirt?) everyday?
@Mitch Dream on. Saturday was washday, unless you got blood on something.
Now I know more about religion.
"Thirty percent of people working from home admit to having worked in their pyjamas." So I guess this means 70% lie
8:55 PM
Putting on pajamas to go to work is too much ... work.
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