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@s.H.a.R.p.R.i.F.t Not a joke, exactly, but a borrowing of a previous sound. To, uh, felicitous effect.
@alphabet You mean the "nether" revolution.
@Robusto Have you consulted an otologist?
Have you consulted an "oat"-ologist?
All that milk with no oats ... tsk, tsk.
Hypersensitivity to pain could indicate an ear infection. Is there an amoxicillin for neitheritis?
That was weird. I hate when chat does that.
Unlike cow's milk, oat milk will not help me deal with my mommy issues.
12:02 AM
Nor will it with money issues.
Q: What does this famous quote mean?

Rhea KIn Serenity (2005), Kaylee says to Malcolm, who deserted Simon and River: Kaylee: Going on a year now, I ain't had nothing twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries. What does this famous quote mean?

@alphabet But cow's milk does???
@CowperKettle Kaylee was my favorite character on that show (and film).
@Laurel Yes. It is from mommy cow.
@Robusto I also love me a woman in STEM
12:06 AM
Too bad that show got such short shrift.
Does it age well, is it still worth watching today?
@alphabet Or is it???? reddit.com/…
I suppose oat milk comes from sowing one's oats…
@s.H.a.R.p.R.i.F.t If you take it in the spirit it was intended, which was as a space western.
@Robusto Maybe I'll watch a few eps, first world dilemma I guess.
12:10 AM
@Laurel Also: milk isn't technically consuming animals, is it?
@s.H.a.R.p.R.i.F.t Better than a lot of crap that's getting put out these days.
@Robusto Just finished watching the Wire for the 4th time I think. I mostly watch stuff from before.
And many times over.
@s.H.a.R.p.R.i.F.t I've watched that three times already. Still holds up.
> "I'm thinking"
"I'm not thinking"
I needed 3 times to really understand it @Robusto
12:14 AM
@s.H.a.R.p.R.i.F.t Ah, so you had trouble with the dialects?
@Robusto No, I mean the intricate connections between the storylines.
Oh. Yeah, I didn't have trouble with that.
@Robusto I've been exposed to AAE for a long time now.
I just savored the acting, the writing, all of it.
I hear you.
12:17 AM
It's funny, but I never started watching that show till it was over. People would tell me how great it was, and I'd watch an episode (out of context, of course) and I wouldn't think how this was a great show. Then someone I trust told me I had to watch it from the beginning. I did that, and then was compelled to watch the whole thing.
Similar experience.
@alphabet Vegetarians will consume milk but not vegans
@Laurel I thought vegetarians could consume vegans. Hmm, TIL.
@Laurel Indeed. But those who merely say "I don't consume animals" should have no beef with milk.
@Robusto I only watched Firefly/Serenity once but I can't think of anything problematic either. I liked it
I'm getting close to the end of watching a sitcom from 2005-2014 which is where the regrettable jokes are at
@Robusto If you are what you eat, yeah
@alphabet Do I give off vegan vibes when I say things like I don't drink milk lol? I also use soda water instead of eggs when baking. But I'm not vegetarian or vegan
12:21 AM
@Laurel Nah, lots of people drink oat milk. A disturbing trend toward a diet even higher in NMFs.
To be fair, I am technically some level of lactose intolerant so I just decided I didn't need that in my life
But I did decide I need ice cream
I tried oat milk, but it didn't work for my purposes.
Maybe Top Chef S04. Cheers!
12:58 AM
@Robusto hit the paywall this time. I feel like Odyssey every time I visit news sites. So many challenges to overcome
@Laurel ice cream is the miracle cure Big Pharma doesn't want you to know about
@Laurel wait. What's their objection to that?
AFAIK milking cows is the opposite of unhealthy for them
@M.A.R. Well, maybe you haven't met enough vegans…
@M.A.R. You mean their objection to milk, or their reason for consuming it but not meat?
@Laurel I only have this vegetarian friend. Actually I dunno if he's really vegetarian or only the meat in the uni cafeteria disgusts him
@alphabet vegans' objection to consuming milk
@M.A.R. Dairy farms are generally horribly inhumane. They've industrialized the process of optimizing the amount of milk a cow produces in ways that are not optimal for the cows themselves.
@alphabet Yep
1:03 AM
Also vegans often think that using animals for food is inherently unethical.
Or clothing
I mean, does anyone actually think that we treat commercial animals properly?
@alphabet well, many (most?) farmers around the world are also inhumanely exploited. Doesn't mean we shouldn't buy tomatoes.
Local small scale farming is probably humane but that's not what you're buying in stores
@M.A.R. You mean Odysseus?
@Robusto oh yeah. Blame 4 a.m.
1:05 AM
You should read Circe, if you can get it in your country.
Madeline Miller is a sensational author. I literally could not put that novel down.
Her Song of Achilles is great as well, but Circe is a masterpiece.
Don't wear cotton clothes because the whole industry is built on slave bones?
Eating meat is like circumcision
Hear me out
@Mitch I'd rather see you out.
@Robusto I can get it in Cowp's country. More precisely, from sites that shall not be named
@Robusto +1
1:07 AM
@Mitch reportedly some of the stews in uni cafeteria do feel like that
Like who would have ever imagined doing that to someone
But it seems like everyone else is ok with it so ... shrug
Yeah, but why do that to a helpless baby?
Because the adults can fight back?
I suppose the big difference is people didn't start out as circumcised but they did start out as mostly carnivores.
@Mitch In that rates are much higher in the US than similar countries?
1:09 AM
@alphabet sure, follow the metaphor to the bitter end
squirms in seat
I'm sorta scared of searching to find circumcision rates in the middle East. But it was never a big thing in Islam
I'm surprised that so many Christians do it
It's like, why???
@M.A.R. Huh. I always thought it was widespread in the Muslim world
@Laurel It's mostly in the US
@Laurel exactly
But also why eat another animal?
Seems like a weird idea
@Mitch Could be. "You want to do what?"
1:12 AM
I feel like there was a guy 200 years ago who was really for it because he thought it reduced masturbation, and who also had a number of similar hot takes on food but I'm not sure if I'm getting two different guys confused
Historically, various American medical associations have advocated circumcision for (allegedly) reducing STD transmission
@alphabet you may be right
@Laurel contra @M.A.R. it's a pretty middle eastern African thing
You would have to check in with me after I wake up
Khitan (Arabic: ختان) or Khatna (Arabic: ختنة) is the Arabic term for circumcision, and the Islamic term for the practice of religious male circumcision in Islamic culture. Male circumcision is widespread in the Muslim world, and accepted as an established practice by all Islamic schools of jurisprudence. It is considered a sign of belonging to the wider Muslim community (Ummah).Islamic male circumcision is analogous but not identical to Jewish male circumcision. Muslims are currently the largest single religious group in which the practice is widespread, although circumcision is never mentioned...
> The estimate indicates that circumcision is higher among countries where the Muslim or Jewish faith are commonplace, such as Iran (100 per cent), Iraq (99 per cent), West Bank (99 per cent), Yemen (99 per cent), Indonesia (93 per cent), Syria (93 per cent), and Israel (92 per cent).
So apparently Iran is actually the world leader in circumcision rates.
1:14 AM
@Mitch The guy with the hot takes on food was Mr. Sylvester Graham cracker and he was a vegetarian actually
> The prevalence of circumcision varies widely in western countries led by the USA (71 per cent), New Zealand (33 per cent), Australia (27 per cent), the UK (21 per cent), France (14 per cent), Germany (11 per cent), Sweden (5 per cent), Italy (3 per cent) and Ireland (1 per cent).
He thought that Graham crackers would reduce sexual urges
@alphabet woohoo! Go Iran!
@M.A.R. I highly recommend it. It provides a vision of a female hero that gives new meaning to the term heroism. Also a real page turner.
@Laurel was he the Corn Flakes guy?
1:15 AM
@alphabet TF, USA
I suppose you might not be aware of local circumcision rates if you don't use an app where random guys constantly send you dick pics.
@Mitch it seems like the USA is not 1st place in something. Please fix
@alphabet New Zealand feels like the total opposite of west. Like the most east
@Robusto some day, some day
@M.A.R. we'll have social media get on it
1:17 AM
It sounds like a productive thing to do. So it'll have to get in line. Can't disrupt the slacking off balance
@Mitch No that's Kellogg, who apparently invented a meat substitute
@alphabet It sounds like you know what you're talking about :p
@Laurel maybe they were friends?
Like Edison and Tesla
The vegetarians are the real illuminati. This discussion has been insightful
@Mitch are you even a friend if you don't electrocute puppies in the name of your friend?
@M.A.R. whoa whoa whoa dude ...
Wait... are these bad puppies?
I'm a cat person.
1:22 AM
Oh, Kellogg was the guy who was promoting circumcision for the same reason! thetakeout.com/…
Edison didn't electrocute any cats because he knew we were the superior race
@Laurel All these kids and their phones. Back in the good old days we went cruising in person.
@Laurel So he only took tips?
@Robusto stop
I can't breathe
Couldn't help it.
1:25 AM
Ok now let's do Israel Palestine
Which side do you wanna do?
The kosher vs halal side
If this site is to be believed, circumcision in Palestine is near-universal (99.9%), whereas in Israel it's just extremely common (91.7%).
@alphabet lots of Russian immigrants?
@Mitch Oh, you wanna talk about food. OK.
1:28 AM
@Robusto yeah. That's more enjoyable
Per Wiki, the % of Israelis who are Jewish or Muslim is...91.7%. So that tracks.
What was that stuff I used to get when I lived in a Jewish neighborhood? Some kind of candy made out of sesame seeds? I couldn't get enough of that stuff.
@Robusto halvah?
I ought to be able to remember the name, but I don't.
@Mitch Maybe. Sounds familiar. Different spelling, perhaps?
It's both halal and kosher
1:30 AM
And sweet.
Probably halvah. I would only get it at the Jewish delis.
Never seen it anywhere else.
I've only ever seen it in ...
Those other stores
@Robusto Hot dogs?
I should know. I'm Jewish, but only in the technical, I-was-born-into-it sense.
1:33 AM
I think the maker was Joyvah? Joyva?
Non Jewish but middle eastern
@Laurel Mitt Romney's favorite food, I hear.
@alphabet better than the other way
@Mitch Dying into it?
@alphabet Still, you qualify.
1:34 AM
@Robusto Indeed. My apologies for the poor state of the global economy.
@alphabet What about all the Gentile babies you killed in those rituals? Do you still have to do that to keep your credentials?
Sorry, you know I'm kidding, right?
@Mitch You can convert, but it's not exactly advertised.
And you have to really try
Fine... if you don't want me to join... whatever
I could get in because my maternal grandmother was Jewish, but I wouldn't see the point.
@Robusto No, no, we subcontracted that all out to the Clinton family and Bill Gates.
@Robusto (Yes, obviously.)
1:37 AM
That's the conversion mantra into Unitarian Universalist
"sure, whatever"
@alphabet And George Soros, of course.
Congratulations you're in!!!
@Robusto You already are, at least to the same degree I am.
@alphabet There was long pause, so I wasn't sure if I stepped in shit.
@alphabet Nu?
I'm not Jewish and I've never been Jewish but the closest I came to it was turning down a (then) boyfriend who wanted me to convert to it
I did go to their service one night at college tho. I didn't know any of the words which sucked
1:39 AM
If you're matrilineally descended from a Jew, then you are a Jew, regardless of your religion. Or so the tradition goes.
@Laurel And that was before you went out with him, no doubt!
What if your mom is Jewish and dad is Muslim? Do you just explode right there?
By definition
@Laurel just like opera
@Mitch Is that the Israel Palestine conflict right there ?
@alphabet As far as I can trace back, my family's been Catholic
1:43 AM
@Mitch It's the same as if a Northern Irish Protestant married a Northern Irish Catholic.
Today I was astonished to be informed by the grey lady herself that no fewer than 75 American senators are in fact—and here I needs must quote precisely—"male people", although their servants are reportedly more diverse in this regard.
@tchrist That sounds so ... clinical.
@Robusto ok that's not right
@Laurel Religion isn't relevant, in the traditional definition. If your tenth maternal grandmother was a Jew, then you're one, even if all the intervening generations were Catholics who married other Catholics.
And that's not all: they even have 10 Senators who are Jewish people, which is all the more surprising given how many are uncircumcised.
1:47 AM
@tchrist So did they have a short-arm inspection in the cloakroom?
> The new freedom of dress applies to senators only, not to anyone else who works there. This could lead to a new kind of visual class stratification, wherein a group of older (median age of 65.3), mostly white (88 percent), mostly male people (75 percent) in various states of leisure wear is being served by a cadre of younger, less well paid, more ethnically diverse interns and staff members all in formal business wear.
Just like the Roman empire
Pretty sure that rule change was primarily made for John Fetterman, who has an excuse.
All these old dudes running around like they're at some frat party
@alphabet I don't really know much about my family predating their immigrations to the US (my great grandparents, I think).
1:48 AM
@Robusto Jacky Rosen and Dianne Feinstein both declined to be circumcised.
@alphabet Aw, I love John Fetterman
@tchrist Well, at Feinstein's age ...
@Laurel Indeed. Most people can't be proven to not be Jewish.
Does he have an excuse tho? Also doesn't he have the one suit he wears to congress?
@alphabet Excuse?
1:50 AM
@alphabet On the other hand, I think most Jewish people have a strong sense of ancestry, which is why I don't think my family is Jewish lol
What has the world come to that we're so afraid to say the word men for our Senators that we must call them male people instead?
Some of them might still be boys :p
Nope, it's in the job title: senator < senex
Also senile. You have to be old. It's the job.
@tchrist those without wombs
1:51 AM
@alphabet There's apparently an Ashkenazy gene that only Jews have.
Women and wombless
@Mitch Don't you dare go all hysterical on me!
@tchrist He's recovering from a brain injury (and not very well, if the news is to be believed).
@tchrist or sitting down
@tchrist McConnell means "senile" in Gaelic, I think.
1:52 AM
@alphabet I think that's probably true. I don't quite understand how it applies to his dress.
@alphabet He had a stroke but he's so young he seems to have mostly recovered from it
I'm not sure if the speech problems he had were related
This seems strangely appropriate now.
@Laurel As of February, he still had fairly severe physical and mental impairments: nytimes.com/2023/02/10/us/politics/…
Impacting his dress?
Maybe it's hard for him to tie a tie. I can sympathize, a very little. Not empathize but sympathize.
@Robusto I've been trying to figure out if the guy on the right is Trump or what
1:55 AM
The rule change was basically made purely because of Fetterman.
But if so, surely his valet needs to be fired.
> When he returned from treatment, he started donning the more casual clothes, which he says make him more comfortable.
@Laurel The Fox people were talking about Biden. The Lincoln Project just mortised in Trump in his place.
Apparently his baggy clothes make him more comfortable due to whatever impairments he's dealing with
I in the other hand prefer baggy close because it facilitates shoplifting
1:57 AM
@Mitch Also hidden weapons.
@Robusto sure, if you're shoplifting them
@alphabet Now I don't know what to say. I'm glad that Schumer is being compassionate if this is what it's all about. But I still think the grey lady needs to man up.
I spent this week:
1. Accidentally deleting a production database
2. Buying a bunch of random stuff to hang on the walls of my apartment to add to all the other random stuff hanging on the walls of my apartment
@alphabet It doesn't take an entire week to type drop database.
@alphabet Did you have backups?
2:01 AM
> The new rules [..] appear to have been changed mainly to accommodate Mr. Fetterman. Since returning to the Senate after being hospitalized for depression, Mr. Fetterman has refused to squeeze his hulking, 6-foot-8 frame into a suit [...] The rule change will now allow him to enter the chamber, and even preside over it, in his preferred state of dishevelment, which doubles as a way to signal his blue-collar, outsider status.
@Laurel Yes, but we (by which I mean I) screwed up the restore process, and then discovered that our backups were incomplete, and then had to spend much of the week dealing with the fallout.
Ah well. Things are mostly fixed now.
@alphabet Also, that reminds me, I have almost nothing on my walls. Considering the amount of Spackling I had to do to get to this point given the previous owners' proclivity for ruining the walls, I'm not included to make my own mark…
@alphabet Thank you very much. I thought that, but as other people here pointed out she probably just didn't finish her sentence and the interpreter did just the same thing.
@Lambie Thank you.
@alphabet Pretty sure everybody everywhere always discovers that their backups are incomplete at the least opportune moments.
@jlliagre Thank you very much.
@Laurel My apartment appears to have been designed by someone who is rather bad at planning, careful decision making, or remembering to clean things.
What's the point of being gay if you don't get to be good at interior decorating?
2:06 AM
@alphabet Pretty sure those are called disaster gays
@alphabet You've just outed yourself as a "male person", young man.
My aesthetic is "raccoondencore."
I've seen the bottom of my trash bin. It's not a good look.
@tchrist Don't worry, I'm friends with several people who identify as "male persons". It doesn't have to be a stigma like it was in the olden days
You see nobody envies the way my apartment looks. That is due to the giant nazar hanging from the ceiling.
2:14 AM
I've been told that my condo looks pretty good, tho I might be priming them to say that by mentioning the fact that I had to do so many repairs before it was livable
But that also means I got to make a lot of the decisions myself. Like I got to have all laminate floors, which is fantastic and probably the only reason I can keep the floor kinda clean
One of my geniusest ideas was buying ceiling hooks and putting them on every corner of every room of my apartment so that I can hang random stuff from them. Mostly Christmas lights from roughly December through June.
My friend has all her Christmas stuff up year round. I don't even know how she got plastic snowflakes to hang from the ceiling considering that she's not a heights person at all. Meanwhile, I don't have a single Christmas item in my condo bc I moved in in February
Peace on Earth man
I do have "mood lighting" which is a $4 strip of neon lights from 5below that I put on my mantle above my fireplace
I should get more until my place looks like a gamer keyboard
@Laurel Never settle for mere rainbows when you have a circumzenithal arc.
2:31 AM
Now I'm trying to remember the name of the illusion that makes it look like the asphalt is wet on a sunny day
I found it but the name sucks
2:48 AM
Why settle for an inferior mirage?
3 hours later…
5:36 AM
In the nearby town of Berezovsky, 80 yo retired psychiatrist killed his 43 yo mute and non-ambulatory son who suffered from cerebral palsy, and then committed suicide. e1.ru/text/incidents/2023/09/23/72733679
6:37 AM
> Children whose mothers had a higher exposure to certain phthalates, used as plasticizers and solvents in consumer products, during pregnancy tend to show smaller total gray matter in their brains at age 10 and lower IQ at age 14. nature.com/articles/s41380-023-02225-6
Daily Octordle #606
Score: 59
7:13 AM
Wordle 826 4/6

7:40 AM
So you've never heard the joke about the three holes in the ground?
Well, well, well...
> Dad took his kids out for lunch and ordered French onion soup.
“Why is it considered “French?”” - asked one of the kids.
“Because you eat it with your mouth open.”
Three holes in ground in cricket.
8:36 AM
There are three stumps (leg stump, centre stump and off stump) that have two smaller sticks, known as bails. The stumps are an essential part of the game, as they determine whether the batsman or bowler has earned a point.
I never saw cricket being played in real life.
It's just a very rare occurrence in Russia.
@MichaelRybkin Whatever the sentence she pronounced, I'm convinced it was complete. The is no long 'a' or silence that would convey an hesitation or change in mind in a truly unfinished sentence. Her pas is finishing the sentence and then she starts immediately the other one "Y'a des enfants et autres, donc[...]" that hasn't been accurately translated either by the interpreter: 'then there are the children'.
Daily Octordle #607
Score: 64
Wordle 826 4/6

8:51 AM
> One in a million cells in your body comes from someone else. A new study has revealed the dynamics of microchimeric cells, which are passed from mother to child and vice versa during pregnancy. These cells may influence the child's chance of a successful pregnancy later in life. technologynetworks.com/immunology/news/…
9:10 AM
@CowperKettle For me it is only sport I know about and I loved playing it with friends as a kid. You need minimum five to six players even if you want to play casually in street. Now that everyone is busy with their lives, I miss playing it.
2 hours later…
10:50 AM
Q: Hello! Is there anyone making Youtube Thumbnails and ACTUALLY have experience? Please respond here!

Tristan LindegardhMy agency is in need of skilled graphic designers, we pay GOOD and you will have consistant work! I You could also add me on Discord for this ".bofi" and introduce yourself. Thank you!

Title 🤣
11:33 AM
@Vikas everyone knows Youtube thumbnails are the pinnacle of graphic design.
What do you wanna be when you grow up? Daddy I wanna be a Youtube thumbnail designer
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#Worldle #610 1/6 (100%)
> Murat was forced to retreat to escape being surrounded, but the Russian general Baggehufwudt was killed.
Russian general Baggehufwudt.
Karl Gustav von Baggehufwudt
1:54 PM
@jlliagre thank you
🌎 Sep 23, 2023 🌍
🔥 39 | Avg. Guesses: 4.3
🟨🟥🟩 = 3

Wordle 826 5/6

Daily Quordle 607
Daily Octordle #607
Score: 66
2:17 PM
> El español rioplatense presenta patrones tónicos que lo distinguen netamente de cualquier otra variedad del idioma; estudios de la primera mitad del siglo xx indican que el cambio se produjo paulatinamente a lo largo de esos años, reemplazando la curva tónica típica de las variedades meridionales del español peninsular —en la que el punto más alto de la curva sigue inmediatamente a la sílaba acentuada— por una en que ambos elementos coinciden.
It's the next sentence following that one which caught my attention.
> La variación podría deberse a una asimilación de patrones tónicos del italiano y de otras lenguas como el gallego y el portugués.
Read that as "tonic patterns", not "tonic patrons". And it's nice of them to call Galician and Portuguese two different languages. :)
@tchrist I read it as "patrons" at first. Thanks for the tip.
I've often heard the Argentines' ... "canto" ... attributed to Italian influence. This is the first time I've thought about galego-portugués influence.
When I was translating pharma documents from Russian, SDL Trados attempted to change deionized water to demonized water.
Where OCR meets OCD? :)
the opposite of holy water
2:24 PM
Some Chinese translator gave in to his spellchecker
And it's "demonized water" there.
demonized water is heavy water used in nuclear reactions
In early versions of MS Word, the word "multikanalny" (adjective, "multichannel") was underscored red, and the proposed option was "multik analny" (anal cartoon).
@user726941 Also tritium is the darker version of trinity.
"Goop to sell new 'ionized water' that wards off demons"
2:28 PM
@user726941 I'd be more worried about the T₂O than the D₂O; one is ionizing and one is not. But no water that's made with something other than protium is as good for you as that which is, however sweet it may taste.
@tchrist If it's sweet people will drink it anyway.
Heavy water tastes a little bit sweet.
I don't know that we have a chemical model explaining why we perceive it that way.
The new aspartame replacement
2:33 PM
@CowperKettle Trick or treat.
Singing over air raid sirens, how heroic
@Robusto The word is broader in meaning in Spanish and Portuguese than it is in English. It can also mean standard, as in el patrón oro for the gold standard. Spanish patrono doesn’t carry those other meanings.
Portuguese uses it where you talk about the standard language.
> 8. m. Modelo que sirve de muestra para sacar otra cosa igual.

9. m. Metal que se toma como tipo para la evaluación de la moneda en un sistema monetario.
8 would be like a template.
"cut from the same mold"(?)
> cortado, da por el mismo patrón

1. loc. adj. Dicho de una persona o de una cosa: En la que se advierte gran semejanza con otra.
Apparently there's also a maritime rank, and this time it's feminine.
> 11. f. Galera inmediatamente inferior en dignidad a la capitana de una escuadra.
Still think it's a boat.
== Español == === Etimología === De galea. === Sustantivo femenino === 1 Náutica. Buque de cien pies de quilla, poco más o menos, bajo y raso, muy lanzado de proa, con un gran espolón en ella y aletas a popa; tres palos con velas latinas, y en su castillo de proa dos o tres cañones de grueso calibre. Su mayor andar era al remo, para lo cual, y según su porte, llevaba distribuidos por cada banda hasta treinta o más de ellos, cada uno de los cuales era bogado por dos o tres forzados. Según las relaciones históricas, los antiguos las tenían de dos, tres, cuatro y cinco órdenes de remos.2 ...
> Patrón de yate, título náutico que habilita para el gobierno de embarcaciones de recreo de bandera española;
Patrón de embarcaciones de recreo, título español que autoriza a gobernar embarcaciones de recreo a motor o motor y vela de hasta 12 metros de eslora;
Patrón de navegación básica, título español que autoriza a gobernar embarcaciones de recreo de hasta 8 metros de eslora si son de vela y de hasta 7,5 metros de eslora si son de motor.
En Wikipedia, patrón (patrona en femenino) hace referencia a los siguientes artículos: == Ciencia y tecnología == Patrón (estructura), tipo de tema de sucesos u objetos recurrentes; Patrón de medida, el modelo que se emplea al establecer alguna magnitud o su muestra para replicarla; Patrón de Moiré, en óptica, patrón de interferencia que se forma cuando se superponen dos rejillas de líneas con un cierto ángulo, o cuando tales rejillas tienen tamaños ligeramente diferentes; Patrón de residencia posnupcial o patrón de asentamiento, en antropología, categoría analítica que permite describir la norma…
== Español == === Etimología === Del latín patronus ("protector"), y este de pater, "padre" === Sustantivo masculino === 1 Persona que defiende o protege una causa. Uso: anticuado Sinónimo: protector2 Religión. Deidad o santo designado como protector de una ciudad, congregación u oficio, Sinónimo: patrono3 Persona que aloja a un huésped en su propia vivienda o establecimiento. Uso: anticuado Sinónimo: anfitrión4 Propietario de una finca o hacienda.5 Persona que dirige y contrata empleados. Sinónimo: patrono6 Ocupaciones. Persona que dirige un buque mercante. Hiperónimo: capitán6 Modelo...
3:05 PM
@user726941 Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 was famously premiered in Leningrad under German siege in the summer of 1942 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
> Most of the musicians were suffering from starvation, which made rehearsing difficult: musicians frequently collapsed during rehearsals, and three died. The orchestra was able to play the symphony all the way through only once before the concert.
Three died during rehearsal? Oh my.
And the late summer of 1942 was far from the worst period of the siege. The worst was the November to February, 1941 to 1942, when rationing was far below the starving level.
> A scoping review in Anasthesiology concluded that "psychedelics appear to show promise for analgesia in patients with certain headache disorders and cancer pain diagnoses." pubs.asahq.org/anesthesiology/article-abstract/139/4/523/138862/…
@tchrist So now I wonder which meaning is meant here in Patrón tequila.
3:20 PM
> The word palyanytsya is used as an important shibboleth test in the Ukrainian language, to identify people for whom the Ukrainian language is not phonetically familiar. When captured, some Russians have claimed they are Ukrainian. Instead of pronouncing it "palianytsia", Russian speakers usually replace the Cyrillic pronunciation of the letter и (y) with і (i), and the Cyrillic я (ya) with а (a),[8], thus sounding more like "palianitsa" ([pɐlʲɪˈnʲit͡sə]).
Yes, it's hard to pronounce because the combination of vowels is weird.
A case where the wrong pronunciation can get you killed.
In a small town in the Urals, some doctors staged a mass quitting because their bonuses were slashed, and now say that they are earning more at liquor network stores.
4:32 PM
This gives me a great idea for a combination liquor store / hepatology clinic
@alphabet You could call it Sir Osis!
Because the world needs more liquored herpetology clinics.
Hepatica (hepatica, liverleaf, or liverwort) is a genus of herbaceous perennials in the buttercup family, native to central and northern Europe, Asia and eastern North America. Some botanists include Hepatica within a wider interpretation of Anemone. == Description == Bisexual flowers with pink, purple, blue, or white sepals and three green bracts appear singly on hairy stems from late winter to spring. Butterflies, moths, bees, flies and beetles are known pollinators. The leaves are basal, leathery, and usually three-lobed, remaining over winter. == Taxonomy == Hepatica was described b...
Proprietor: Sal Hepatica.
@Robusto Il n'y a pas de sot métier, il n'y a que de sottes gens.
Peut être.
@jlliagre I'm guessing one of our words for drunkard comes from French.
> Etymonline: "late Old English sott "stupid person, fool," a sense now obsolete, from Old French sot, from Gallo-Roman *sott- (probably related to Medieval Latin sottus), a word of uncertain origin, with cognates from Portugal to Germany. The surviving English meaning "one who is stupefied with drink, one who commonly drinks to excess" is attested by 1590s. As a verb, it is attested from c. 1200, but this is usually besot."
4:43 PM
> Ne bið se na wita þe unwislice leofað, ac bið open sott.
> Ne foloȝe we na ficesyens ne philisophour scolis, As sophistri & slik thing to sott with þe pepill.
It's universal then.
Sots everywhere!
Middle Dutch had sotten, zotten to be foolish.
> < Old French sot (masculine), sote (feminine) (modern French sot, sotte), of unknown origin; the medieval Latin sottus is recorded from c800. Hence also Middle Dutch sot (sod), zot (zod; Dutch zot), Middle Low German and Low German sot, sott, Middle High German sot.
It is telling that European languages all needed a handy word for stupid person.
They never lacked for those.
But sot is so handy.
4:52 PM
The OED attests 818 terms that mean a stupid, foolish, or confused person. Eight hundred and eight fucking teen.
@tchrist There must be an interesting contrast with "intelligent person" in there.
> sharpness, shrewdness, insight ADJECTIVES (117 terms)
> intelligence, cleverness ADJECTIVES (67 terms)
Of which the first four in historical order are keen, nimble, witty, and smeigh.
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