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12:18 AM
@alphabet it's about seclusion from the rest of the world. Put people in an island and see what sort of crazy things they come up with.
@Laurel some interpretations of Islam (though all Middle Eastern religions I suppose) have this characteristic vulgarity that has an ancient feel to it.
A President’s Derangement, a General’s Duty How Mark Milley worked to avert catastrophe
Like, this is how some damaged people 1000 years ago thought about beards or rabbits or bearded rabbits, and this belief's age establishes its validity
@Robusto the Atlantic have taken some haram position in some matter recently, haven't they. Because I need to turn on a VPN now
@M.A.R. Hmm, I don't keep track of those things.
What's the opposite of haram?
I forget.
The VPN's IP is blocked. Oh well.
12:28 AM
Could be. Better get the VPN out anyway.
Oh, I see. You can't access it in the open, so The Atlantic must be blocked.
There's a saying in Persian, "a hunk of wood that's got shit on it on both ends"
Do you need a VPN to access SE? Someone from Iran was having serious problems the other day on MSE
@M.A.R. Cf. blivet U.S. military slang: "Ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag."
@Laurel no, except for a few sites like Christianity and Judaism
The problem is the well-known VPN providers tend to be more reliable. But the updates to the censoring filters usually target those specifically. So you end up having to use shoddy shitty VPN that botnets also use, and also have your data stolen
VPNs that trigger captchas or are outright blocked by sites like The Atlantic
> I'm living in a country where it is illegal to access the internet.
Ooook. I hate the censors as much as the next guy but this isn't true obviously
It is if "the internet" means "the whole internet."
12:36 AM
Well, then my understanding is that in no country is "the whole internet" legally accessible
But I know what you mean
But there are probably workarounds for reading articles. Like maybe an archive site would not block the VPN
So , it seems like that after i posted the question here i can access stackxchange for now , unlike instagram this forum got the kindest and the best members and staff ever existed in one place thank you alot . but just imagine if i couldn't post this question , i would and the rest of my country blacked out from this place for ever currently CF is blocking our access to many sites like artstation instagram etc i really hate them ... — hamed.3d172 yesterday
I can go read Al Jazeera if I want to.
CF? Cystic Fibrosis?
12:39 AM
Well, he's not wrong. Cloudfare is worse than Cystic Fibrosis
I don't think I'd care for either.
CloudFlare probably doesn't give Tor (or most VPNs) its vote of confidence
@Robusto the Iranian media's relationship with Al Jazeera is interesting. On the one hand, their articles are regularly borrowed, sometimes verbatim, just translated. On the other hand, Arabs have lost their way as they occasionally make a half-hearted attempt at making peace with Israel and don't want them "wiped off the map".
Sometimes the doublethink surprises even me
Of course, recently we borrow more often from RT
Of course.
Cloudflare, Inc. is an American company that provides content delivery network services, cloud cybersecurity, DDoS mitigation, and ICANN-accredited domain registration services. Cloudflare's headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. According to The Hill, it is used by more than 20 percent of the entire Internet for its web security services as of 2022. == History == Cloudflare was founded in July 2009 by Matthew Prince, Lee Holloway, and Michelle Zatlyn. Prince and Holloway had previously collaborated on Project Honey Pot, a product of Unspam Technologies that served as some...
And guess who's been so far the favorite US presidential candidate to quote on TV? No not Trump. Robert F. Kennedy.
12:46 AM
> Cloudflare has said it has a content neutrality policy and that it opposes the policing of its customers on free speech grounds, except in cases where the customers break the law.[72][73] The company has faced criticism for not banning hate speech websites and websites allegedly connected to terrorism groups,[74] but Cloudflare has maintained that no law enforcement agency has asked the company to discontinue these services and it closely monitors its obligations under U.S. laws.[75]

When asked about whether or not websites should be allowed on Cloudflare, and in response to Twitter rema
@M.A.R. Well, of course. The Last Kennedy had to be a real nut job.
"F" probably stands for "fuckhead". Because I have to spend hours every time the TV says something like "The Americans admit they made the coronavirus" debunking it
@Robusto Al Jazeera is not ... what you think it is. Its not in North Korea. Or .. I don't know if Iran disallows their news agencies from being read from outside
"The _____________ admit they made the coronavirus" (Insert group you hate in the blank.)
@Mitch one way to find out
@Mitch How do you know it's not in North Korea? Have you been there?
12:49 AM
Al Jazeera is not blocked
@Robusto well played
You should go to North Korea and demand that they stop hosting Al Jazeera.
@Robusto "The [people who refused to wear masks during the height of the pandemic] admit they made the coronavirus" Wait a minute...
@M.A.R. what is it 'irna.ir'?
@Laurel I think you're on to something.
12:51 AM
@Mitch The Iranian Associated Press
@Mitch It anagrams into "iran ir"
Q. Is Farsi the etymological root of "farseeing"? Discuss.
@Laurel no way
@Laurel Also "rain ir" while we're at it.
12:54 AM
"The president's (Raisi's) speech in the UN YouTube channel has more views than Zelensky and Biden's speeches". Here's to journalistic values.
What is going -on- there?
@Mitch That's on a need-to-know basis.
@Mitch Is the guy on top sleeping???
@Laurel guy? GUY?
@Laurel that guy!
12:56 AM
That's his mournful face. Except he can't be bothered anymore. And the person passing away was not a martyr in any way, shape or form. No tears have been shed in the making of this video.
I mean, I didn't want to assume it was a guy but he/she/they has a beard soooo
Also Google Lens is not getting me where I need to go on that image
That's what electrolysis is for
Anyway, all this means something but I'm not sure what
@Mitch and bottom right is someone telling the press that the president will visit South Africa
Well that's something
@Mitch understanding Farsi news is simple. You don't even need to speak Farsi. There are some simple tenets that every newspiece must abide by. Bonus if it includes more than one.
1:01 AM
I guess
Such as 1. The Supreme leader is not dead.
It would mean a lot
If I cared
My apathy is not for lack of trying
2. Iran is not an isolated country. Look at all these weird-skinned people we are paying a visit to!
It's like martinis
Hear me out
3. Feminists suck. Of course we're feminists, we're just Islamic feminists!
1:02 AM
Like I've tried to like martinis
Kind of a lot actually
Martin is a solid name
Really tried
And I realized I just don't like them
> Iran and Djibouti decide to resume diplomatic relations
Thank goodness
I missed that Djiboutian . . . Er, tropical fruitshake
@M.A.R. oh? looks for recipes
Is it like a martini?
They share a few letters of the alphabet
Non-alcoholic martini
1:07 AM
Oh then it's settled
@M.A.R. the alcoholic taste is what really ruins a martini
I have no idea what alcohol tastes like
I mean, that weird cough syrup taste I assume is mostly not from its alcoholic content
@M.A.R. it's not good
If anyone claims they like the taste of alcohol, they are lying straight to your face or straight to their own
@Mitch maybe from the outside? Cigarettes also smell like crap
@Mitch good, it's a crime not to be straight here
@Laurel Hey, women can have beards, you know. Haven't you ever been to a carnival side show?
I'm imagining what sort of concave face faces itself straight
1:10 AM
@M.A.R. I think the awful taste of cough syrup is the actual medical stuff and the alcohol is to make it taste better?
And then the cherry flavor to cover up the alcohol?
It's all awful
@Mitch the alcohol is to improve solubility. The awful amount of sugar and flavoring is for the taste
@M.A.R. it's difficult but with practice you'll get it
@M.A.R. oh
@Mitch I think I don't wanna meet you in person. I'll remember this conversation and it'll get awkward
Q: If more users could vote, would they engage more? Testing 1 reputation voting on some sites

CatijaTL;DR: We are interested in finding 2-3 Stack Exchange sites willing to volunteer to test lowering the reputation required to upvote and downvote to 1 so that we can understand how this change impacts participation on sites. This test will be run with direct communication between the company and ...

Holy hell they actually did it
A bearded lady (or bearded woman) is a woman with a naturally occurring beard normally due to the condition known as hirsutism or hypertrichosis. Hypertrichosis causes people of either sex to develop excess hair over their entire body (including the face), while hirsutism is restricted to females and only causes excessive hair growth in the nine body areas mentioned by Ferriman and Gallwey. == Background == A relatively small number of women are able to grow enough facial hair to have a distinct beard. The condition is called hirsutism. It is usually the result of polycystic ovary syndrome which...
I rest my case.
I would say that something strong like vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol smells
1:16 AM
Proved in the court of 'See!'
@Mitch Thank you.
In most iterations, dwarven women have beards
According to Peter Jackson, perhaps. But I myself have never been to Middle Earth, so I can't vouch for that.
Maybe I should go see a travel agent. Tell them I want to go dwarf-hunting, or something of the sort.
Too late. The age of men began a while ago. Elves and dwarves were viciously hunted
The ones that didn't get on boats anyway
Oh well.
1:25 AM
@M.A.R. Because you're in Iran, I assume?
I didn't really want to hunt dwarves anyway. I mean, what if I actually caught one? What the hell would I do with it?
Listen to it complain?
Those dwarves aren't like Disney depicts them, you know.
@alphabet I developed an aversion to alcohol and cigarettes very early. Both my parents are pharmacists. I dunno how much they would have objected to them and instilled this aversion if they weren't religious
Are both banned in Iran?
@M.A.R. For the best, health-wise.
I drink sometimes, but I don't smoke, not even vaping
1:30 AM
@Laurel only drinking alcohol. I phrased my message poorly
@Robusto make it smith stuff and profit
@M.A.R. That's what I thought, but there's no reason for me to remember that so I wanted to make sure
Drinking has no doubt increased. People dealing with methanol poisoning in hospitals probably have a good estimation
But you won't see drunks causing a scene in public. Not in most parts of the city anyway.
@M.A.R. Hmm. I suppose that could work.
@Robusto yeah CEO it up
Present his ideas as your own
1:36 AM
Add useless features to his machines and patent them
So pull a Thomas Edison.
Rename his machine to 'X'
Yeah, about that. A stricter reading of the vandalism laws would have prevented Musk from sabotaging Twitter like that.
@Robusto yeah. And say some quotable stuff about hard work
TBH I suspect Musk will change the name back to Twitter in a few months, revealing that this was all just another of his wacky stunts.
1:39 AM
Edison: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."
Tesla: "Maybe for you, Tom."
@alphabet I doubt it. He loves presiding over a Bonfire of the Inanities.
@M.A.R. I don't think I've ever seen a drunk person making a scene in real life
@Robusto there's such a tangible legal gap in the laws for these entities, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Nobody knows how to deal with them. Well, before anybody could know, Musk already ruined the biggest one
They do it all the time in movies and TV
@Mitch it's all just method acting?
I think they must be exaggerating
1:43 AM
@alphabet I was kinda hoping he would give Twitter back to whoever he got it from once he got bored, or at least to some other person who actually has sense to run it, but that didn't happen either
@Mitch well, I wanted to be fair because I would probably never live in parts of the city that movies say these things happen
I am a conscientious member of the outer party and the dealings of the proles are beneath my station
There was a woman who was acting like she was drunk at my neighborhood pool, but it could also have been that she was really bad at walking too. And I don't live in the city
Except Winston seemed to wake up every day at 8:00
@M.A.R. ok Mr Darcy
@Mitch When you see someone making a scene, it's hard to know all the contributing factors.
1:47 AM
Hoity toity toity
@M.A.R. Winston Smith, you mean?
@Mitch That's the kind of talk that can get you flagged.
@Robusto he must have been a dwarf
As I recall, he never whistled while he worked.
@alphabet I don't think I've ever seen someone making a scene at all
Oh shit
Maybe it's me then
@Mitch Do you take public transit?
-I- am the one who was always making a scene
The Kia Pride is a subcompact car sold by the South Korean automobile manufacturer Kia Motors between March 1987 and January 2000, and again since September 2011. Between April 2005 and September 2011 the Kia New Pride had been sold. Original models derived from the Ford Festiva and sold in South Korea and some export markets. Between 2005 and 2011, the New Pride was the South Korean market name for the Kia Rio JB sold in export markets. The Pride sold from 2011 to 2017 is also based on the Rio—this time the UB series.
@Robusto oh my
Eagerly waiting for Prejudice, but I suspect it's not very marketable
Presumably it's more obvious in other countries; public drinking laws in the US are unusually strict and generally well-enforced, so getting drunk in public is less common.
1:50 AM
@alphabet my experiences in public transit have never involved any kind of 'scene'
@alphabet Except in automobiles.
@Mitch you are part of the Truman show
Your public transit is the scene
However whenever I've visited Chicago, well after having lived there for a number of years without seeing this, each time I was in the El, there was somebody who was on heroin
@alphabet Belize also apparently has laws against drinking in public. I was drinking out of a brown paper bag in town like a drunk lol
No overdose. Just ... it was obvious
1:53 AM
@Mitch How could you tell?
Maybe they were just North Koreans high on freedom?
@M.A.R. picks at the film on the subway window
looks through
That one seat is always giving off heroin because the packers keep using it
@Robusto that might give away more than I'm willing
I actually didn't know they were high on heroin (two separate instances) at the time
Vu later experiences made me reassess the past situation
@Mitch You didn't figure that out until you got to know them better, I guess.
This makes it sound like I'm some kind of spy or something
1:56 AM
Well, aren't you?
Well, at least this means Mitch wasn't the one who sold them heroin, right? It's at least pretty unlikely
smiles into spy camera
I'm not high on anything. Would a high guy smile like this
@Laurel You can never tell with @Mitch.
I was near Melnea Cass Blvd (just south of BMC here in Boston (you may have heard of this place @Robusto) which is a well known drug hangout) and saw someone ... that acted just like these guys I saw in Chicago
@Robusto -I- can't tell
That's how deep under cover I am
@Mitch Why would I have heard of that place? I was raising children and working and ... and ... stuff like that.
2:02 AM
Well actually ...
No I saw this recently
Any way, in case you're thinking of visiting Boston and are looking to hit up someone for heroin, go to the Boston Medical Center in the South end (not Southie) and ask for Jim Bob
Boston and heroin are two problems I don't really need right now.
Sorry, go a couple blocks south of BMC. The prices at the hospital are just way too high
@Robusto heroin is ok I guess
I'm glad we had this talk.
As a fellow Bostonian, I'm pretty sure everyone knows that you don't go to that neighborhood.
We should talk about heroin more often
@alphabet I know!
Because everybody is doing heroin!
Do you also live here?
2:09 AM
In that area of town there are some good restaurants.
That's how I came across this ..situation
@alphabet here as in Boston area? Yes. Not in Boston but suburbs
@Mitch Ah.
I can hear the accent
Through the heroin haze
That one part of Boston where people have Boston accents.
I don't know where that part of Boston is. Just like making a scene, I've only heard that accent on TV or movies
Just like the big city Teherani accent
They say the best Iranian accent is Shirazi
Or Los Angelesi
Is heroin the one where you stick yourself with a needle like between your toes because you've tried all the other places? Or is it the one with the spoon and a lighter and some other third thing?
I haven't seen Trainspotting in years
2 hours later…
4:16 AM
The weather is wildly warm this September.
4:40 AM
How warm?
We had a very warm first ten days or so.
Now it's cool.
Next week will be fairly warm again.
@Cerberus Here, centralized heating is usually turned on by 15 September, but this year, it's already 22 September and the temperature is too warm.
I wake up and feel dead tired.
Despite venlafaxine 225 mg
Oh, 24 degrees, even.
2 hours later…
7:05 AM
@Mitch I used to read nonstop for hours as a child. One of my eyes would start aching, and I would close it with the palm of a hand, and continue reading.
Maybe in people with keratoconus there's a predilection for reading?
Wordle 825 4/6

7:19 AM
@CowperKettle 🤣
7:38 AM
Word of the day: fixer-upper
5 hours later…
12:23 PM
It was believed that ChatGPT 3.5 could not play chess. Some guys tweaked it somehow, and it turned out that it can play chess at ELO 1800
> Class A [1800-1999] - above average in everything but still makes inaccuracies but you'll have to find them
1:23 PM
@Robusto Whenever I do a regex word search on /usr/dict/words it's always annoying when I get a whole space of affix-ornamented variations -ed -ing -al un- de- -ment -ship -s, doubled everytime. My mental model is root word, and all the rest are secondary (of course depending on how gruntled I am).
So maybe there's some intern that randomly happens to look at their dictionary and just removes some derived nouns capriciously?
@CowperKettle I used to get headaches reading as a kid. So they gave me glasses. I never used the glasses. I never got in the habit of wearing them and they really didn't make much difference, I still read the same way. But I suppose the headaches weren't that bad or really didn't bother me that much or really I was a kid and maybe I had a headache a couple times or maybe it was just eyestrain and just needed to take a break once in a while.
So maybe getting glasses worked even though I never used them.
> Russia Plans Huge Defense Spending Hike in 2024 as War Drags. Budget sees defense spending at 6% of GDP from 3.9% now. (Bloomberg)
@CowperKettle I saw that. ELO 1800 is pretty good.
@CowperKettle Some people believed that the SO formatting assistant could not play chess. It can, but apparently it's not very good at it. RIP
But you can't get it to play at a beginner's level (ELO 300?). ie follow the rules exactly but make poor choices. The idea is that only ELO 1800 style games are in the training set.
1:43 PM
Wordle 825 4/6

Intel has boasted that it may produce a CPU with a trillion transistors on it by 2030.
Allegedly by somehow using glass as part of the CPU base layer, but I'm afraid it's too complicated for me.
@CowperKettle Theoretically?
In the 1990s, my computer had a 486 DX2-66Mhz, which had 1.2 million transistors.
@Vikas Yes
There have been also news they have produced more missiles.
I'm sure that Russia is ramping up its output hugely.
It's a long industrial war, and it's only starting
1:54 PM
@Mitch Alpha Zero and other engines based on it play in the mid-3K range. Heck, even I cracked the Elo 1800 range, and I'm pretty bad.
Can one run an Alpha Zero on a laptop, or does it require a supercomputer to run each time?
@CowperKettle I don't know.
I know the engines you can get for a laptop are way beyond even Magnus Carlsen.
I only ever play chess with my son these days. He's around 2400 Elo online. He beats me effortlessly.
I woke up feeling tired, and it's 19:00, and still tired. And feeling heaviness in the left part of the abdomen.
@Robusto Wow
My sister beats me at all times, even when she was ill she easily beat me.
She also knows English, Hindi, and a bit of Hebrew and Hungarian, against my "English and 300 words in Ukrainian"
@CowperKettle Does she have a rating?
@Robusto No, she does not like chess.
Now she's into horse riding.
2:02 PM
So is my wife.
2:17 PM
Do you think songs about Jesus...
...identiy as He/hymn?
#waffle609 5/5


🔥 streak: 11
🏆 #waffleelite

Ah, Waffle me reconnaît à ma juste valeur ! :-)
@Mitch Maybe your regular expression is at fault?
English-language tourist in Sevastopol was shooting video near the beach front today, and accidentally right at that moment the rocket attack started: t.me/Crimeanwind/43169
I own a tee shirt with part of that comic on it. ^_^
2:27 PM
@Robusto I used the same tactic while doing some elementary math problems for my school homework. I imagined simple stories
@CowperKettle Interesting that he keeps the camera on himself, not what is going on. Because he's the important part of that story, of course.
He has a great beard, and superb spectacles
Red yeast rice (simplified Chinese: 红曲米; traditional Chinese: 紅麴米; pinyin: hóng qū mǐ; Jyutping: Hung4 Kuk1 Mai5; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: âng-khak-bí; lit. 'red yeast rice'), red rice koji (べにこうじ, lit. 'red koji'), red fermented rice, red kojic rice, red koji rice, anka, or angkak, is a bright reddish purple fermented rice, which acquires its color from being cultivated with the mold Monascus purpureus. Red yeast rice is what is referred to as a "koji" in Japanese, meaning "grain or bean overgrown with a mold culture", a food preparation tradition going back to ca. 300 BC. In both the scientific and popular...
Curious. I never, ever heard of this. It sometimes contains a chemical that acts as a statin, identically to lovastatin. Chinese quisine is interesting.
@Laurel You there?
@Araucaria-Him Hi
@Laurel Don't think there's much I can do about it because I don't have a plain text copy (and there's too much for me to retype, and I'm crap at retyping).
What did you mean by doing the IPA. How were you thinking I could do that?
Like, type up the IPA? Copy the symbols from somewhere that lists all the stuff?
2:58 PM
Most of the IPA is within the sentences in the text
I could get the rest of the text ready but I don't know that I can do the IPA
What do you mean by 'somewhere that lists all the stuff'?
@Laurel I can type out all the IPA that occurs within the text, and place it in here. But I wouldn't know how to integrate it.
@Laurel Like this: /smel/ /smeld/ , /smelt/
/bɜ:ʳn/ /bɜ:ʳnd/, /bɜ:ʳnt/
Yeah, so I got the rest of that image transcribed for you, so you can edit that in now
Lol, OCR tried "/b3:'n/ /b3:'nd/, /b3:'nt/"
By the way, this isn't anything special. I'm using Google Chrome and I right click on any image and select "Search Image with Google" which brings up a sidebar which will give me rough OCR text, which I then edit into shape
Heh, I already did the other post you linked, which was hard since I couldn't think of a good way to represent a tree in text at first
Q: Can I really follow the theoretical framework proposed in the Cambridge Grammar of the English Language?

Mz2501In the book 'the Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (CGEL)', the authors propose the theoretical framework used to describe the English sentences as shown below: Text version: Clause: Subject: NP Det: D → a Head: N → bird Predicate: VP Predicator: V → hit Object: NP Det: D → the He...

3:16 PM
@Robusto maybe there are too many words and we need to cull them.
Or I guess it would be easier for me to copy them from chat...
#Worldle #609 1/6 (100%)
@Robusto In defense of ChatGPT, just following the rules is -amazing-. But an anecdote or a few games has the huge glaring warning alarm of 'confirmation bias' and I won't be sure of it until someone has done a systematic study with lots of games.
@Mitch Maybe it also needs look-ahead/look-behind capabilities like GREP?
Of course, that would eat up lots of processing time.
@Laurel I don't have time to do this right now. Shall we hook up another time to do it. What do you suggest?
3:21 PM
@CowperKettle Paper clip production is hardly noticeable at the moment but is doubling every year now.
🌎 Sep 22, 2023 🌍
🔥 38 | Avg. Guesses: 4.3
🟧🟥🟩 = 3

I wonder if it's easy to "stick together" several neural nets, like several, say, ganglia are connected in the basal ganglia. Or it's very complex and at present impossible to do.
@Robusto look behind is what introduces the possibility of exponential runtime. look forward can be converted into a linear time DFA.
Wait... is that right?
Wordle 825 4/6

@Araucaria-Him The first image is successfully transcribed, and I'll transcribe what I can of the rest and then roll it back to that version so it doesn't have crap for IPA. When you have time, you can edit the version with the transcriptions without me. How does that sound? PS thanks for agreeing to put time into this!
3:27 PM
@CowperKettle At the current state of technology and knowledge, an artificial neural net works nothing like a network of actual neurons. A chain of matrix multiplications is just nothing like the thresholding of synapses and backprop (the update of the matrix values with a loss function) is nothing like the (not very well understood) learning process of a collection of neurons.
That said, it is vaguely conceivable that the binary input and output features of an ANN could somehow be matched with individual neurons -or- with clusters of neurons (single ones are kind of hard to attach too).
@Laurel Sounds good, but no idea when that will happen right now. (Shouldn't have done the post at all, really!)
Will do it at some point though.
But there is a lot of vagueness and hope in that, and would take a lot of research to figure out.
I just don't know what Neuralink's 'brain interface' is really doing... I expect what we imagine is not really what they're doing.
@Laurel Bye for now
@CowperKettle I think yes the engineering to connect individual neurons to an electrode is beyond current abilities. But also, I don't think that's the way the brain really works. Some areas of the brain have very specific functions (removing them or having a stroke there removes abilities) but if the damage is not too extensive, relearning is possible.
This means that yes there are modules (that one could presumably pop in and pop out), but their connections with other modules are astronomical, and there is a lot of unspecifiable redundancy and relearning that can be done in other parts of the brain.
I mean if you remove the hippocampus or the LGN (for vision) you're going to have a lot of problems that can't be fixed, but if you have a tiny stoke in Broca's area and lose a large part of your vocabulary, it is possible (with a lot of training) to relearn the vocab.
Thus a recent paper that explained why numerous MRI studies looking for definitive areas of matter loss in psych disorders turned out nothing specific. It's all in the configuration of connections, not in specific areas.
3:40 PM
Daily Octordle #606
Score: 50
@jlliagre My 2nd best score. ^
I got to 49 once. I don't know how I can improve on that.
A lot of things have to go right.
For one thing, all your guesses have to work.
Wordle 825 4/6

3:55 PM
Daily Octordle #606
Score: 68
@Robusto Bravo, mon meilleur score est 52.
> from Latin meliōrem, from Proto-Indo-European *mélyōs, from *mel- (“strong, big”).
@CowperKettle Yeah... conceptually we feel like there's gotta be things like a 'grandmother' cell, the one neuron that is responsible for recognizing your grandmother's face.
But the neurological reality is that that recognition ability is all over the place mixed up with other stuff about your grandmother and with other faces, over lots of parts of the brain.
So a single cell for that ... it just don't work that way.
> Using subcallosal cingulate (SCC) local field potentials available from six participants, we deployed an explainable artificial intelligence approach to identify SCC local field potential changes indicating the patient’s current clinical state. nature.com/articles/s41586-023-06541-3
They embedded sensors into the brains of patients so that the deep brain stimulation could be adjusted better, because now they can "sense" when the patient feels better. (or gets better?)
Deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression.
> At the study endpoint of 24 weeks, 90% of participants demonstrated robust clinical response, and 70% achieved remission.
They tested it on 10 patients totally resistant to antidepressant pills.
And there's a replication study already underway.
> In the medical papyri, the word transliterated as ‘aaa’ was recorded almost fifty times, along with numerous remedies, including preparations made from antimony and honey. Today, antimony compounds are known to be effective, albeit debilitating, antischistososomal drugs.
4:11 PM
@CowperKettle I personally would feel uncomfortable having sensors 'placed' deep inside my brain. How do they put them there? There's gotta be a lot of damage on the way in.
Also, walking around with some wires sticking out your skull has got to be precarious. It would make me hold back on my parcours game.
@CowperKettle effective but debilitating.
"You can lose a lot of weight, but you won't be able to walk"
See, the way you lost all that weight was from limb amputation.
Get it?
because the legs are really weighty.
Napoleon's doctors called Egypt "the only country with menstruating men", because schistosomiasis was so widespread, and it caused men to urinate with blood
@Araucaria-Him Considering that the images are underneath in case anyone really needs the IPA, I think I can get away with not doing complicated things with rollbacks. You can just edit like normal
Or maybe I'm making this even more complicated lol
4:28 PM
I love this guy's YouTube channel. Though apparently one of his raccoons went missing recently
Raccoon-proofing a house to prevent escapes is, as you can imagine, difficult.
4:57 PM
@alphabet I love underwater videos
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6:16 PM
\o @Lambie
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> Google Search is arguably the most important innovation of the commercial internet—a modern marvel that has forever changed how billions of people access information.
Its success, especially early on, felt like a small miracle. But Google Search is also a tragedy: The democratization of information demanded the invention of a behemoth that could successfully handle the abundance of the web. But chasing scale is a dangerous, unwinnable game. Perhaps the real lesson of Google’s story is that you can try to iterate, but ultimately, no company or product can grow alongside the internet foreve
7:52 PM
The Tragedy of Google: The Prince of the Internet
8:06 PM
Spoiler alert: They will all poison themselves with porn in the end and die.
8:33 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer (79): Did "A F" exist as an intensifier prior to social media?‭ by user487947‭ on english.SE
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youtube.com/watch?v=dTVcyZlb5Yw#t=1m the food is not (I don't understand what she is trying to say)
@MichaelRybkin I'm not totally sure either. Maybe she was saying "naught"?
@MichaelRybkin She says: The food is not....and then switches mid-sentence to something else: then there were the children. In other words, she did not finish her thought.
My theory is that she's saying "the food is naught" = "there is no food." But Lambie might be right.
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