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12:01 AM
@Mitch Yeah, "proves" in the sense of "tests" ...
> A software tester walks into a bar..
..runs into a bar
..hops into a bar
..skips into a bar
..jumps into a bar.
> ..bumps into a jar.
> He orders:
a beer
a bear
a bier
2 beers
3 beers
65535 beers
π beers
-1 beers
0 beers
O beers
NULL beers
¡Una cerveza por favor!
> The bartender fulfils the orders that he can fulfil and refuses the others. The tester writes up his results and forwards them to the senior analyst for sign-off.

A live user walks into the bar and asks where the toilet is. The bartender explodes, the bar catches fire and the ceiling falls in.
12:07 AM
@CowperKettle Sounds like someone in QA missed a few scrums.
> Russian man causes a delay of 120 air flights by screaming "Alla, ya v bar!" to his wife across an airport hall. (Алла, я в бар! = Alla, I'm [going] to the bar!")
Alla is the short form of Aleftina, a female name.
Policemen in Yekaterinburg busted a prostitution joint that was located right across the road from the police office e1.ru/text/incidents/2023/12/07/72994979
A list of fines for prostitutes for violation of work culture/discipline
Point 14 says "Falling asleep during active work" - 5000 rubles.
That rule should be introduced into State Duma.
12:34 AM
@CowperKettle Checkmate at guests?
12:46 AM
@jlliagre Мат also means "swear language", so it's "swearing in the presence of clients". :)
мат = матерный язык
Ру́сский мат (ма́терный язы́к, ма́терная ру́гань, матерщи́на, устаревшее лая матерна) — бранные слова и выражения, употребление которых не допускается общественной моралью, предназначенные преимущественно для оскорбления адресата или отрицательных оценок людей и явлений. Матерными считаются высказывания, в состав которых входят слова, образованные от матерных корней (список таких корней определяется по опросам носителей языка и традиционно содержит от четырёх до семи общеизвестных корней). Употребление русского мата в некоторых случаях может расцениваться как нарушение закона при ругательстве в...
ебануть, ебануться, ебаться, ебиздить, ёбнуть, ёбнуться, ебстись, въебать, выебать, выёбываться, доебать, доебаться, доёбывать, заебать, заебаться, наебать, наебаться, наебнуть, наебнуться, объебать, объебаться, остоебенить, остоебеть, отъебать, отъебаться, переебать, переебаться, поебать, поебаться, подъебать, подъебаться, подъебнуть, разъебать, разъебаться, съебать, съебаться, уебать!! :-)
@CowperKettle You know you're bad at sex when your prostitute falls asleep partway through.
1:41 AM
@alphabet I feel like that was part of the b-plot of a Dawson's creek episode
Notice how messed up the first map is compared with the second.
Because you do not need to know what those Welshmen say, nor Scotsmen, nor Irishmen, nor Manxmen. It makes it seem like there's more officialness.
I guess if I used -men for one that they all needed it.
Just sounds funny.
I wouldn't want folks to worry about the cats.
The map is showing what's happened with the STRUT vowel around England.
> The FOOT–STRUT split is the split of Middle English short /u/ into two distinct phonemes: /ʊ/ (as in foot) and /ʌ/ (as in strut). The split occurs in most varieties of English, the most notable exceptions being most of Northern England and the English Midlands and some varieties of Hiberno-English.
> In Welsh English, the split is also absent in parts of North Wales under influence from Merseyside and Cheshire accents and in the south of Pembrokeshire, where English overtook Welsh long before that occurred in the rest of Wales.
I work with a Scot.
> In non-splitting accents, cut and put rhyme, putt and put are homophonous as /pʊt/, and pudding and budding rhyme. However, luck and look may not necessarily be homophones since many accents in the area concerned have look as /luːk/, with the vowel of goose.
> Usually, unrounding to /ʌ/ did not occur if /ʊ/ was preceded by a labial consonant, such as /p/, /f/, /b/, or was followed by /l/, /ʃ/, or /tʃ/, leaving the modern /ʊ/. Because of the inconsistency of the split, put and putt became a minimal pair that were distinguished as /pʊt/ and /pʌt/.
> The absence of the split is a less common feature of educated Northern English speech than the absence of the trap–bath split. The absence of the foot–strut split is sometimes stigmatized, and speakers of non-splitting accents may try to introduce it into their speech, which sometimes results in hypercorrection such as by pronouncing butcher /ˈbʌtʃər/.
2:04 AM
I was googling frivolously and found this:
It's trapped minnows.
> The STRUT–COMMA merger or the STRUT–schwa merger is a merger of /ʌ/ with /ə/ that occurs in Welsh English, some higher-prestige Northern England English and some General American. The merger causes minimal pairs such as unorthodoxy /ʌnˈɔːrθədɒksi/ and an orthodoxy /ənˈɔːrθədɒksi/ to be merged.
It's not the trap-bath split, but it might as well be
@alphabet It is not true that "BrE has /ʌ/". That's a terribly broad brush truer from gazing down from ten thousand miles away than it is in the field.
> On the other hand, in Birmingham, Swansea and Miami, at least the non-final variant of the merged vowel is consistently realized as mid-central [ə], with no noticeable difference between the stressed and the unstressed allophones.
2:06 AM
It's party time, get your dr[ʊ]gs out
@alphabet I am completely adamant in refusing to allow rap to abuse my ears.
when I say hi, I get sh[ʊ]t down: youtube.com/watch?v=b7Bj1dBMYBE
> Some other minimal pairs apart from unorthodoxy–an orthodoxy include unequal /ʌnˈiːkwəl/ vs. an equal /ənˈiːkwəl/ and a large untidy room /ə ˈlɑːrdʒ ʌnˈtaɪdi ˈruːm/ vs. a large and tidy room /ə ˈlɑːrdʒ ənˈtaɪdi ˈruːm/. However, there are few minimal pairs like that, and their use as such has been criticised by scholars such as Geoff Lindsey because the members of such minimal pairs are structurally different.
@tchrist I have no clue what genre that even is. It went viral on TikTok, of course.
I wonder what that means: the members of such minimal pairs are structurally different.
2:11 AM
I think it's because of the word boundaries
Then that's the complaint about an ice cream and a nice scream etc.
"Bought a transgender man two pints, gonna get l[ʊ]cky and fist him tonight." True poetry.
You can't find less aggressive examples?
You can't appreciate the beauty of their music?
Next you're going to tell me you haven't listened to the complete Ke$ha discography.
2:25 AM
@tchrist Only 17,000 views. Crappy lyrics. No rap breaks. Why bother?
I get that you like your older, more obscure artists, but you need a solid understanding of the music that's most central to our society if you want to be considered cultured.
@alphabet I have no time for rude provocations.
Maybe you'd learn something from those cultural touchstones so central to our collective memory. I suggest starting with Hollywood Undead.
Stop it.
I couldn't possibly care less about what sorts of rash trash you choose to wallow in, but stop trying to drag others down into the sewers with you.
It's insulting.
I am merely suggesting how you might edify yourself if you want to experience our civilization's greatest and most important works.
You can't really understand yourself until you've listened to One Direction.
Why does this chat always seem to get so heated
2:36 AM
@Laurel Constant performative disingenuity.
It's easier to use humor like that than to not and have other people hating on the stuff that you're mentioning
You might just find a song that saves your life
My taste in music seems to be just songs that are popular to hate on
Also known as pop, I guess
We'll always have Tom Sawyer, eh.
@alphabet Not going to get me watch your trash.
2:43 AM
Why can't we all just be friends…
@tchrist It's an important message about mortality
I prefer music.
Some of us here are trained musicians with professional experience. I know you like to insult actual learning. Good bye.
(Even I think that last song is...a bit much.)
I will never, ever, ever click on anything you post. Ever. You're just trying to abuse and offend. I won't play your game.
@tchrist If it's not obvious, I'm just parodying the way you describe my tastes as unrefined.
I promise I won't actually judge you for failing to understand Ke$ha.
2:46 AM
This is like the best you're going to get from me with trying to regulate chat
I just don't get why this seems to be actually resulting in hostilities instead of just taking it with the seriousness that it was meant to be taken with (ie little to none)
@Laurel Pop rocks in cokes.
@Laurel I was being sarcastic in my criticisms of tchrist. Sorry if I came across as genuinely upset or argumentative.
Sarcasm seldom works well in writing, let alone with people you don't know.
Maybe it's a culture gap? I understood it as sarcasm at least
I was parodying the way you'd criticized me for not reading great literature or listening to, I dunno, Bach. Sorry if that wasn't obvious.
2:56 AM
Sarcasm is the last refuge of teenagers
@alphabet that only works if you say 'Bach' with a sore.throuat
No work of art has changed my worldview so thoroughly as Miracles
I'm not clicking on that link either
Probably some Russian crypto bro
To this day I refuse to learn how magnets work, on principle
How do blankets work?
@Mitch Right after the sangha
3:02 AM
The youth these days have very strong eye muscles from rolling them so often
Also, what's sangha?
How many bands do you know whose fans have marched on Washington?
@Mitch It was a joke referring to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refuge_in_Buddhism
@alphabet Buddhists aren't as nice as they'd lead you to believe
@Mitch C'mon, it was only that one genocide
The Dalai Lama has a lot of skeletons in the closet
@alphabet uh...just one that you know of
@Mitch Technically they're mummies
3:08 AM
I remember having long discussions about whether such and such recordings was music or not.
Dead Kennedy's was a hard sell
The best part of being a raccoon is that, if you want to become a Juggalo, you don't need to buy any face paint
We are born Juggalos
Raccoon faces don't take white grease paint too well
I think people mostly become Juggalos for the name
We don't need it; we are already proper Juggalo colors
It's my favorite music fandom and/or violent street gang
'You' don't have a white face though
What's important is the stripes
3:12 AM
A shiny white face with wide fat red lips and eyebrows
@alphabet I think maybe you and I have different ideas of what a clown looks like
@Mitch Juggalos do not look like clowns
@alphabet oh
What? Sure they do!
@Mitch They wear this bright black and white face paint in odd patterns
Clown makeup and stuff
@alphabet I always seem to get that word mixed up with gigolo
3:14 AM
@alphabet like KISS!
Like that crap
@alphabet ok that looks like a clown but not a raccoon
@Mitch Indeed. The Juggalos just do it in a more...organized way
It doesn't help that I can't remember what letter gigolo starts with unless I look up the wrong spelling
3:15 AM
@Laurel my solution is usually to avoid it altogether
@Mitch ...I haven't seen a clown who looked like that.
@Mitch I wasn't the one who started this conversation :p
A pale imitation of the real thing, which can only be achieved by being a raccoon.
@alphabet This is practically the same image that comes up when you search "old fashioned clown": ebay.com/itm/124692819864
What is it with people who wear leather collars around their neck?
@Laurel Are juggalos appropriating clown culture?
3:21 AM
@alphabet I think that's a different subculture, especially if there are spikes on it
@Laurel Is it some sort of alternative fashion statement, or is it some weird sex thing, or both?
I think both, or rather there's at least one subculture with each
I should buy a studded leather collar. Would turn heads at the local Target.
Personally I think those toddler leashes should come with studded leather collars, so it looks like a fashion statement.
My parents used to put my brothers on toddler leashes when they were little. No studs tho
I find those things incredibly creepy.
Just...ick. People do not go on leashes.
3:36 AM
You're not people tho :p raccoon
@Laurel ooh that burns
@alphabet I once tried to take a cat for a walk on a leash
I no longer have the physical scars but ..
Or rather 😢
4:39 AM
Five more days of cold weather.
For us, the cold should end tomorrow.
Is westerly winds why you're behind us?
At -16°C, it would be possible to go for a jog without the risk of burning one's throat
I was coughing yesterday, so I'm wary of jogging at minus 26°C
It does sound rough.
We seem to have left the realm of freezing.
Thought it still 'feels like' -1.4.
4:45 AM
Wow. It's a great weather for running :)
Even better weather for sitting inside.
5:01 AM
Quelle tragédie.
2 hours later…
7:05 AM
Dinosaur of the Day: Borealopelta markmitchelli, named after Mark Mitchell, who spent several thousand hours reconstructing it.
> Examination of the specimen's stomach contents indicates that ferns were a major part of the animal's diet. The fact that ferns made up the majority of Borealopelta's last meal suggested that it was a highly selective feeder.
It died 110 000 000 years ago, and they managed to analyze its stomach contents
Wait, that can't be an intact fossil??
Surely no fossils are found that well praeserved?
@Cerberus I was also amazed, upon coming across this on Facebook (of all sources). I've noticed, after peeking into Facebook after months of absense, that it somehow rewired the feed, making it less hysterical.
Medical slang of the day: eminence-based medicine (blind reliance on the opinion of a senior doctor by his subalterns)
7:33 AM
@CowperKettle Perhaps it was heavily 'restored' with speculated parts?
Borealopelta markmitchelli is een plantenetende ornithischische dinosauriër, behorend tot de Ankylosauria, die tijdens het vroege Krijt leefde in het gebied van het huidige Canada. Het in 2011 gevonden fossiel van Borealopelta, een "dinosauriërmummie", is het meest complete dat van de Nodosauridae bekend is en toont de pantserschubben in hun natuurlijke positie, nog voorzien van hoornlagen en de min of meer oorspronkelijke kleur. == Vondst en naamgeving == Ten noorden van Fort McMurray in Alberta exploiteert Suncor Energy de Millennium Mine waarin teerzand in dagbouw voor de winning van o...
Q: Should Politics SE posts conform to the IHRA suggestion and updated APStylebook regarding "antisemitism" vs "anti-Semitism"?

Rick Smith We now write antisemitism (n.), antisemitic (adj.), without a hyphen and with no capitalization. This is a change from AP's previous style: anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic. APStylebook, Apr 23, 2021 Also, IHRA suggests no hyphen. The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) would lik...

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3 hours later…
11:26 AM
Fun fact: Koreans call a flasher a "Burberry man".
@CowperKettle yeah I split my hair when I read that
11:39 AM
@CowperKettle this phrasing is very . . . clumsy? Stupid, to borrow his word for it. First off, he's frustrated that people lose trust in doctors because they say things they don't know (FTR "six months to live" is not a diagnosis, not even prognosis") but then he says doctors can be pretty dumb so he further causes people to lose trust in doctors and seek divine intervention or whatever.
Second, patients don't like being kept in the dark. They don't want an in-depth analysis of the likelihood or remission or a model for a five-year survival rate of other people with their condition. Too much nuance. So the doctor talks about what they commonly encounter, so people can adjust their expectations. It's not a concrete formula to plug in the numbers.
They could be wrong and biased about it, but if 80 percent of the people with advanced NSCLC die within a year, then ending up as the 20 percent that doesn't doesn't invalidate epidemiological data
I read the captions, didn't hear his voice. It could be the typical faculty banter of "look at my students, they're so dumb". But I've said it before, I'm holding this guy to a higher standard than that.
1 hour later…
12:56 PM
@M.A.R. He was just joking.
The video actually includes several skits, and only the first one is about "doctors" (in reality, about belief in paranormal events)
My left biceps is oddly painful, as if I was lifting dumbbells. I wonder if that could be lamotrigine acting up, because I increased the dose to 25 mg yesterday for the first time.
1:08 PM
@CowperKettle it's possible, but not very likely. Have you taken any checkups since you started lamotrigine?
Immunoglobulin levels, esp. IgG and blood cell counts (immune and red blood cells)
@CowperKettle pity that if I discover any drugs the drug won't be called MARi
2:04 PM
Given, well you know the circumstance, I also wonder what happened to Yoichi Oishi. Actually, it looks like he came back to the site recently (end of November) so he may be ok
2 hours later…
4:28 PM
@CowperKettle IIRC, the only thing you need to watch out for is a skin rash, since those can be serious. The only side effect I had was some nasty vertigo at doses over 300mg, that got worse over a few weeks; fortunately lowering my dose fixed the issue
5:26 PM
Wordle 902 3/6

@Cerberus "the specimen is remarkable for being among the best-preserved dinosaur fossils of its size ever found. It preserved not only the armor (osteoderms) in their life positions, but also remains of their keratin sheaths, overlying skin, and stomach contents from the animal's last meal"
@alphabet hahaha
6:01 PM
@MetaEd OK yeah so it is exceptional indeed!
I still wonder to what degree the armour was in its original position: it is possible that only a smaller part was, and they reconstructed / recomposed the rest?
@jlliagre So the article mentions that another "exceptionally well preserved" dinosaur was found around the same time elsewhere, Zuul.
This is Zuul's reconstructed skeleton.
So the earlier photo is several times more intact than this exceptionally well preserved one.
The article also says the earlier one was extracted as one block of stone, but it fell into 'several pieces' during extraction.
So a lot of work must have been done to present it in its current shape. Seven thousand man hours, so says the article.
6:35 PM
@Cerberus So you're telling me it only took their team of 7000 researchers a single hour to do it? Pfft
@Mitch Yeah they work together very efficiently.
@Cerberus Like the cats i' the fable, one lap by a million kittens empties the lake
Now imagine a very deep, tiny lake with a circumference of 2 metres, and 7000 tigers lapping.
By the way, is i' a common abbreviation?
@Cerberus Not at all. It's some goofy Shakespearianism. Probably to make some weird rhythm scheme to work. (it doesn't change anything like that that I can tell, but poetry ain't my thing)
Ah, so the Bard actually uses this?
6:53 PM
@Cerberus Yes, in constructions like "i' faith, I know not."
@Cerberus Cats don't use it. It's pretty foreign to them.
The Bard is not a cat, I don't want to mislead you.
@Cerberus It makes it sound like there's a consistent syncope of 'n' there in EModE. That may have well been so, but 'n' is not dropped as far as I can tell in ModAmE
7:33 PM
@Robusto I may have seen this before.
@Mitch Who is Emode?
8:10 PM
@Mitch Curiously, in Modern English the /n/ of "in faith" often assimilates to [ɱ], a sound that doesn't otherwise exist in English
I wonder if that didn't happen in Shakespeare's time, favoring the elision of the [n] instead, which would explain why the abbreviation i' made sense then but not now.
8:33 PM
@Cerberus That's Early Modern English (what Shakespeare embellished with a lot pf poetic license)
@alphabet I rarely, if ever, utter such a sequence.
in faith, that is
rather "'in faith', that is"
8:51 PM
Q: Slang appropriate use

Garzia GrizedIs yeah consider a slang? If is consider as slang, can a professional use that slang in a Corporate meeting!

Should that have been migrated to ELL instead of closed for lack of research? Or would ELL reject it also?
@alphabet Basically it's a duplicate:
Q: Isn't there no difference between yeah, yes and yah

Listenever “Are you coming with us?” “Yeah, I'm coming.” (Merriam-Webster's Learner's) In my tongue, for saying ‘yes (Korean yes),’ I could say ‘ye [je̞]’ or ‘ne [ne].’ Korean dictionaries say there’s no difference, not even some subtle nuance difference at all between the two - there’s my favourite bu...

Though I'm not really satisfied with the answers since I think that it's perfectly fine to use "yeah" in pretty much all contexts
Like even at work
@Mitch Ahh abbreviations.
1 hour later…
10:15 PM
@Laurel Yup!
11:13 PM
@alphabet It's a dupe
but I am inclined philosophically -not- to close things as dupes because it's always nice to revisit a question. It encourages totally new people to chime in on things. Just because someone already asked it before doesn't mean that that should be set in stone as 'the' answer place.
@alphabet oh... a dupe on ELL.
so not really a dupe, @Laurel? or is ELL really just part of ELU but we just don't go there anymore?
@Laurel What's the culture at ELL for typos/mistakes in other's posts? "Isn't there no..." is really making me uncomfortable.
@Mitch One could argue that someone with enough reputation should edit the post to fix it. I don't think the onus should be on OP, provided the question is comprehensible, since people there are (by definition) still learning English.
11:31 PM
@Cerberus Yes. All those words are so long.
@alphabet That's why I ask... may e fixes would be welcome there, or maybe they'd be an insult. So I'm asking.
11:57 PM
People come out of people because people come into people

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