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12:01 AM
If too much vitamin you quaff,
It’s very hard to piss it off,
Or should I say to piss it out,
In short, you’d have to stick it out.
Not a rhyme. :)
Oh, it might be in some accents. Just not in mine.
It rhymes for the Google Lady :)
As for rhymes, as a speaker of Korean, I dunno whether rhyming with 다 da counts.
@CowperKettle Huh, that's weird: it does! OED says UK /ɒf/ and US /ɔf/ or /ɑf/ for off, and UK /kwɒf/, /kwɑːf/, /kwaf/; US /kwɑf/, /kwæf/ for quaff. I have /ɔf/ ("awf") and /kwɑf/ ("quahff").
@CowperKettle Depends on whether you have the cot/caught merger.
12:09 AM
So I round off but not quaff.
I'm not sure my heights are the same, either, irrespective of rounding.
There are infinite variations here.
A terrible problem for me
Was not enough Vitamin D.
So they gave me the max
Which brought on some attacks
That totally stoned my kidneeee.
@alphabet As I have many, many, many times tried to explain to you, that does not address this.
@tchrist Address what?
12:24 AM
@CowperKettle not with the available supplements
@M.A.R. Here a 120-count bottle of 10,000 IU Vitamin D pills costs $6.28. It wouldn't be hard to take 50,000 IU a day if you wanted to do so, for some crazy reason.
@alphabet I don't think that's true. I've met plenty of patients who have been on a small dose of, say, clonazepam for years. The risk is there, sure, but for anxiety BZDs are just as, if not important than SSRIs. Overall, I mean. They're also superior to beta blockers, gabapentin and other commonly prescribed drugs for anxiety disorders
@alphabet Just because somebody says caught like cot DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN that they stop rounding soft, frog, war, warn, horn, hog, hoof, dog, sauce, log, fog, cloth, gone, cross, long, wrong. Not all words change all at once in all speakers. That why what you've tried to point out doesn't apply here.
@M.A.R. I think it's much rarer in the US than in some other countries; it used to be fairly common but now you're very unlikely to get prescribed, say, clonazepam for GAD.
You can't use COT-CAUGHT as a stand-in for FATHER-BOTHER, LOT-CLOTH, STRUT-FOOT splits and mergers.
12:32 AM
@tchrist Indeed, but there is surely a correlation, so whether someone pronounces cot/caught the same is likely a reasonable for proxy for whether they rhyme off and quaff. Granted, I don't have any data for this.
In my experience, those who run all of those together are in the minority. There are some people here who do have the COT-CAUGHT merger but they don't merge LOT-CLOTH, so they all still say frog and off and and cloth "normally", meaning with rounding.
Wait, there's STRUT-FOOT merger?
@alphabet for GAD? Sure. For GAD you start with a benzodiazepine and discontinue it after you expect a therapeutic effect from SSRIs. (1-2 mo.). In fact, clonazepam and diazepam (long-acting and with active metabolites) are only officially indicated as anticonvulsants anymore. The benzodiazepine of your choice for typical GAD is alprazolam
Is there a gif jiff merger
@DannyuNDos Well, or lack of split. Those are both rounded in some dialects, so STRUT has the FOOT vowel.
@M.A.R. People who say it with a /g/ have simply never tasted good peanut butter and therefore do not wish to honor it.
12:37 AM
You're allowed to add salt to the peanuts, but nothing else.
Can we all agree that anyone who prefers Skippy peanut butter over Jif is a psychopath?
We can't be supporting the sugar slavers.
It's racist. And unhealthy.
Never even seen Jif.
Not imported here.
@tchrist You evil, evil creature.
@DannyuNDos for me peanut butter is meh.
12:39 AM
Perhaps that's because you don't have Jif.
It's the top foreign foodstuff to which I went "why?"
That's just unhealthy racist ecologically destructive pablum. It's not peanut butter.
Children's confectionary designed to keep dentists in business.
Err... I guess it's still better than Goober or Nutella?
@M.A.R. Importing our destructive children's fare is unnecessary. All you do is grind peanuts; you can add salt if you'd like. Now you have peanut butter, duty free.
It's 2 grams of sugar per 33 gram serving. Not the worst thing.
12:42 AM
I bet you do that to your tomato juice, too.
Also never had tomato juice
Okay maybe once or twice
But like 95% of Persian cuisine uses tomato paste anyway
I'm never eating tanghulu anyway
I don't think I've had tomato juice.
@DannyuNDos So it's like strawberry kebab? No thanks
Except as a component of other things, I'm guessing.
12:45 AM
If I want a fatty liver and clogged arteries I'd do it properly and with baklava
@M.A.R. Worse. Sugar coated fruit kebab.
Pfft. Baklava is essetially sugar coated with syrup coated with sugar.
@tchrist Don't tell me you're one of those types who buys fancy organic peanut butter that you have to stir to keep it from separating.
I mean I like peanuts but only as a friend
@alphabet I don't know what you're talking about. Adams has both the organic and inorganic versions.
12:48 AM
More than half a cup and I'd already feel queasy
@alphabet Nothing else taste like peanut butter. It just tastes like sugary cotton candy otherwise.Disgusting.
@tchrist I only see that kind of peanut butter at whole foods. So I just assume it's organic, but maybe it's just fancy.
@alphabet It's in every regular grocery store.
So peanut butter is like minimizing the non-nauseating parts and maximizing the nauseating parts to me
Here. But perhaps you live in one of those food deserts.
"Organic" means something else.
12:50 AM
This pharmacy I worked at for a short while was surrounded by two confectionery stores.
Just because you don't put a bunch of extra crap in it does not make it organic legally.
They gave people diabetes and we gave people insulin. Sounds like a deal
Is it true that children on those "food deserts" do not recognize veggies?
@tchrist The grocery store I usually go to doesn't have it, unless it's buried on a bottom shelf somewhere.
If your peanuts were not certified organically grown, you won't have organic peanut butter even if you put nothing else into it.
12:51 AM
I don't recognize most 'veggies'. I'm a city freak
They're all green and leafy
@DannyuNDos yes. or fruits. all they recognize is the cheap processed stuff that's killing us.
Is it racist to say they all look alike
Vegetables are gross.
Except in restaurant meals where they're covered in fat and sugar.
Children are like that.
I pretty much stopped eating them as soon as I stopped living with my parents.
12:53 AM
Cinnamon is okay in tea.
I haven't died of it yet.
Ok, Archie.
Aw man, would it render freaky if I said I love onions and garlic?
And ginger too.
12:53 AM
Onions give me reflux
I like them with omelets
I mean, I eat those. They aren't the bad vegetables.
Okay in soup. But that's where I draw the line
(I mean, as parts of other dishes, obviously.)
McDonald's should consider putting more lettuce and tomato in their burgers.
The nondescript green ones. Those are the worst
12:55 AM
If humans were meant to eat plant leaves, they would taste good to us.
Humans are meant to be omnivorous.
I haven't ever drunk alcohol except as part of a cough syrup. They say it's bitter. Makes you wonder why people would like it in the first place
Same thing with greens
Bad parenting is the only reason that spoiled children have problems with veggies.
Though, I'd agree to people disliking carrots.
12:57 AM
Get out of here, carrots are awesome
I only like them in cakes and juice.
Can we all agree that green beans are utterly disgusting
@alphabet ugh, you're just like my brother
No, all beans are awesome. Especially when served together among rice.
All fruits and vegetables are a gift from our benevolent world.
12:57 AM
@DannyuNDos +1
Green, slimy, grainy, bitter. A blight on mankind.
The more of them you use to replace the crap that the food processors want you to eat, the better you'll feel.
@tchrist except durians
Rice is the king, barley is the queen, beans are the jack, and the rest are commons.
My weekly diet is probably 30% rice
12:59 AM
@tchrist There are more foods to choose from than kale and Doritos. You can avoid processed foods without eating much vegetables.
@M.A.R. I wasn't talking about weapons of mass destruction.
Up high, my fellow Asian
@M.A.R. Oh I thought you were Aryan not Asian!
I'm between ethnicities
How many cities are you ethnibetween?
1:01 AM
Well, Iranians consume too much carb. In the form of rice and bread
There are no vital nutrients found only in green leafy vegetables, and throughout history there have been plenty of cultures that don't eat them.
For good reason.
You should have a salad with every supper, and with many lunches.
Because they are bad.
Let me throw y'all off: Eat wakame!
And I mean a green salad not a fruit salad or a ham salad.
1:02 AM
@tchrist Ask Dickens, he already covered two at least
@DannyuNDos it looks like a spawn of cthulhu
@DannyuNDos I have. It's ok.
It's not something I'd seek out, but if it's all there was to snack on, I would.
Unlike all those dried jellyfish snacks you lot like so much. :)
And sea cucumbers, which aren't.
I'll stick to cucumber when I want gum that I can swallow
Just make sure it's not the sea kind.
@M.A.R. Can you abide dill pickles?
@M.A.R. Well said; because Koreans eat live octopuses too.
No worries there, we're working very hard to ensure the only salt lake around is drying up too
@tchrist too salty
1:07 AM
Yeah, they work better chopped as side relish.
Yeah, that's why it's usually served sliced.
Otherwise, it might block your airway.
@M.A.R. You can swallow ordinary gum; it's only dangerous in large quantities. (Not that I would know.)
Crap, the reality that I should probably be eating healthier is upon me again
Gum is basically inert plastic, often literally polyethylene.
1:11 AM
Yeah, looks tasty.
With flavorings.
How do people put so much work into doing meals? I often just end up doing whatever's cheap and easy, which is not usually vegetables
@tchrist When I looked at this, I thought it was pizza bites
You know what's easy to prepare? Milk.
@Laurel You know they can give alcoholics certain drugs that make them grossed out and vomitous by the taste or smell booze? I wonder if they make those for junk food, too.
Most kinds of Korean soups are easy to cook. Put ingredients together, boil, done.
1:13 AM
@Laurel Because of all the red pepper? :) You could use that on pizza if you'd like.
@tchrist I would probably die. Or more realistically I would lose weight and probably have to get a feeding tube or something similarly drastic
Note that that's sweet paprika, not the spicy kind.
Mmm now I want pizza with jalapeno peppers
It looks like two different types of cheese on a crust
You can never have too much sliced jalapeno on your pizza
1:14 AM
Too spicy things often make me nauseous :(
You know it's good if it makes your mouth hurt.
@Laurel Notice carefully that its recipe comes with your name on it!
> Ingredientes
1 pulpo de aproximadamente 1,5 kg
4 patatas medianas
2 cucharadas de pimentón dulce
Sal gruesa al gusto
Aceite de oliva virgen extra
1 hoja de laurel (opcional)
It's just so much work doing meal planning and execution. I'm currently in a vicious cycle where I can either have ingredients in my house and have them go bad or I can not and not be wasting money
I suppose my no-vegetables rule has an exception for sufficiently spicy peppers, which do not taste vegetable-y enough to be bad.
@Laurel I certainly sympathize with that. It happens too much.
I think the way around it is to decide what you want to eat today and tomorrow, and never buy more than that at a time. It's frustrating.
1:19 AM
@Laurel I make all my meals at home. For instance, I manually unwrap all of my Chipotle burritos.
El laurel (Laurus nobilis) es una especie de planta perenne de la familia de las lauráceas originaria de la región del mar Mediterráneo y de la mitad norte de la costa atlántica de la península ibérica. Sus hojas son utilizadas con fines medicinales y en la cocina. == Descripción == El laurel común es un árbol dioico perennifolio de 5-10 m de altura, de tronco recto con la corteza gris y la copa densa, oscura, con hojas azuladas, alternas, lanceoladas u oblongo-lanceoladas, de consistencia algo coriácea, aromáticas, con el borde en ocasiones algo ondulado. Tienen ápice agudo y base atenuada. Miden…
@tchrist Yeah no that also sounds horrible. Meal planning every day? Meal shopping every day???
@Laurel It would be nice to be able to afford the time.
Yet another reason to avoid NMFs.
Laurel is what we call "bay leaf" in this country.
1:21 AM
What are NMFs?
I need someone in my life who knows how to cook and will do it for me in exchange for no money and the pleasure of my company. And also eat the stuff I don't eat so I stop throwing away leftovers
It's the magic ingredient for baked beans and such.
@Laurel Any volunteer grandmas around there?
@Laurel In terms of eating the stuff you don't eat: do you have any local raccoons you can support?
Laurel wreaths can be stored for winter.
But not for war.
1:23 AM
@tchrist That's a population I haven't yet exploited yet, tho I think it's pretty promising. I'm the exact right age to remind them of their children (who themselves are too busy with their own children to come visit)
@alphabet All of my leftovers go in the trash (and eventually the dumpster) or down the garbage disposal
@Laurel Perfectly fine, as long as the dumpster is easily accessible to us.
> The plant is the source of several popular herbs and one spice used in a wide variety of recipes, particularly among Mediterranean cuisines.[8] Most commonly, the aromatic leaves are added whole to Italian pasta sauces. They are typically removed from dishes before serving, unless used as a simple garnish.[12] Whole bay leaves have a long shelf life of about one year, under normal temperature and humidity.[12] Whole bay leaves are used almost exclusively as flavor agents during the food preparation stage.
The dumpster has openings that are too high up I think lol
I like to think of my garbage disposal as a dog that will even eat onions and needs less attention and care than a cat
1:26 AM
@tchrist What's weird is that the plant we call a laurel in this area is actually toxic when eaten
The Mountain Laurel and its ilk
Call me a polly foe lee ah!
The next street over from me is named Kalmia.
And yes, Laurus and Kalmia are different genera. Never trust common names. :)
::uses google GPS::
All our streets here are alphabetical botanical names. Kalmia comes before Linden and after Juniper. This way you can't get lost.
Hahaha now we can determine where you live
1:30 AM
Then Iris, then Hawthorne. You get the picture.
Poplar, Quince, Redwood, Sumac.
Tamarack, Utica, Violet.
Awesome. I wish Korean streets worked like that.
Linden is the tree, Lindon in the Grey Havens.
Interesting fact: if you know what town someone lives in, and they own their own house, you can often just look up their address in the local tax assessor's database.
What about avenues?
Grape, Forest, Elder, Dellwood, Cedar, Balsam.
@alphabet Or the phonebook.
Voter registration also works well.
I know exactly what sort of neighbors I have.
There are even a few mixed marriages.
I wonder how that works out.
1:36 AM
Not that I test this on people I meet online or anything.
Where you live is for the most part of matter of public record.
I once told an SE Community Manager to meet me at my house on Saturday around lunch time. I did not bother to provide an address. They showed up on time to the right place.
I can't be found in the tax databases, fortunately, though I assume anyone who knows my name could still determine my address somehow or other.
I mean, I thought tchrist basically gave us a map of where he lived once
@tchrist Yikes.
It's an IQ filter.
1:41 AM
I'm sure sufficiently creepy people will be determined enough to find your address even without a particularly high IQ.
I feel like you're just encouraging people to stalk you by making it seem like a challenge lol
Autograph hounds.
"You can find my house by following the crowds of screaming fangirls."
Maybe one day I'll reveal my own location by telling you about the features of my dialect and those around me
1:43 AM
@Laurel I use to meet random strangers in exotic cities that way. They heard I'd be town for some conference and wanted to meet me.
Sadly, I would probably be too terrified to do that T.T
The world was smaller then.
I was thinking it would be cool if I could do like an exchange with someone from another country (where we spent like a month together at each of our houses) but on thinking about it more it sounded like a quick way to be a victim of sex trafficking or something
"We Can’t Stop Writing Paper Checks."
1:49 AM
We never thought twice about it.
Sorry, who is the "we" there?
People who want to pay their bills or their friends.
Or the guy shovelling your driveway.
Or helping out with paying for supplies.
Or paying a parking ticket.
Or a speeding ticket.
Or your taxes.
@tchrist My friends don't accept checks. They only do Venmo or cash
Also I learned that buying more checks would cost money so I decided to not do it. The last time I did a check it was to get my passport
@Laurel If your friends don't accept your checks, those people are not your friends.
On the rare occasion I need to pay someone via check, I do that thing where you tell your bank to mail someone a check on your behalf.
1:53 AM
@Laurel Why would you think everybody does this Venmo thing?
@alphabet Hmmmmmm I didn't know that was an option
All my bills are on direct deposit.
@Laurel Yes. I do that a lot.
When there's a one-time bill. You have the bank mail the check.
@tchrist Well, I don't actually do Venmo. I have a complicated setup where I make my family send the money via Venmo and then (in theory) pay them back
It shows up as paper.
1:55 AM
A lot of places accept credit card for bills that I didn't think would. Like the dentist. That's helpful
@Laurel Your family send you money via Western Union from Mexico? :)
@Laurel It's part of Bank of America's "Bill Pay" feature. It works pretty well though the check may take a few days to arrive.
@Laurel And more expensive. You'll get a 5% discount for check or cash.
@tchrist My brother (who's away at college) is actually the one who sends the money, which comes from my mom's account
@tchrist I don't know that I would lol. They didn't have any other option
You can't pay bills with credit cards. You just move them.
1:57 AM
I pay the credit card with direct deposit
I'm not stupid lol
Well, I suppose this preserves your dispute rights for longer that way.
I pretty much just treat my credit card as a debit card; it's set up so that it automatically deducts my bill from my bank account balance. The only advantage of it over a debit card is that you can dispute fraudulent charges.
I don't have any real debt except this month's bills and the debt that's within my family
It's hard to get your uncle to cancel a sawback once given.
@alphabet And cash back
1:58 AM
"Cash back"?
Points, which you can exchange for money or other fungible goods
Like you can get a gift card
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