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12:33 AM
Looking for a someone who speaks Welsh or anyone who might could comment on pronunciation from Evelyn Waugh. Would Llanabba Castle (based on Llanddulas) use the lateral fricative?
@livresque I'm only peripherally acquainted with Welsh, but I did discover (to my great surprise) that the double-L in names like Llewellyn is pronounced as you say.
12:54 AM
@Robusto The Internet keeps giving me a broader [l] not the lat fric for Llewellyn so thank you for saying so. I like to have a realistic idea of pronunciation in my head when I read or you know, I end up mispronouncing silly things like cerulean for the rest of my life.
@livresque Yeah, the Internet is probably giving you the English version of Llewellyn, not the Welsh one. If you can find some Welsh TV programs (Amazon Prime has some channels that feature UK programs, including Welsh ones), you'll get a good idea of how they themselves handle the pronunciations. That's how I found out.
Jan 1, 2018 at 1:39, by Robusto
I just discovered that the double-L in Welsh is not pronounced like a stretched L. It's actually pronounced kind of like how Daffy Duck (or some people with a speech impediment) says an /s/. Now, how did I never know this my whole life long?
I remember the lateral fricative (it's kind of hard to forget), names like Lloyd tried to, but it's...yes.
When I was a student, during the summers I worked with a woman named Janice. For want of a few teeth, most of her name was pretty close.
Rik Mayall did the audio book of Decline and Fall, which I'm sure makes it delightful, maybe after I finish the novel.
@Robusto Still I learned very young that Evelyn starts with [i] and that took time to correct, now training myself back to it for Waugh.
1:32 AM
Dec 28, 2013 at 22:51, by tchrist
@ctrl Most words don’t truly have opposites, let alone entire sentences. You can negate the verb, but that often carries additional connotation. It is not in general possible to find "an" opposite for most words.
A: Is “man” the opposite of “woman”?

tchristYes, nouns can have opposites. For example, the North is the opposite of the South, at least in the American Civil War, just as left and right are opposite in direction — and in theory opposite in politics. The problem is that most nouns can be thought of as having many different properties, an...

> man – woman
man – superman
man – boy
man – beast
man – machine
man – nature
man – nam
man – uɐɯ
> So a woman or mulier is a sex, rather than wif or femina the gender, whereas man is a species (a being with a mind), whereas wapman or mas is a sex and wer or vir the gender. They can't be compared to each other. Woman and wapman are complementary, not opposite; the opposite of a woman is a hýpothetic being that wrecks wombs, ovaries, and XX organelles.
I didn't write that one, trust me.
1 hour later…
2:45 AM
@tchrist excellent thanks
3:15 AM
> The 220-million-euro Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB), which will be inaugurated on Friday in Komotini in the presence of the two countries’ prime ministers, will go into operation by the end of July
Bulgaria will cover its natural gas demand using Azerbaijan's gas from the end of July
> Plans to build the interconnector first emerged in 2009, when Russia cut off midwinter gas supplies to Ukraine in a payment dispute. ...
Domestic politics -- and Gazprom's ability to influence them -- have played a role in the delay ..
Now I understand why Bulgaria expelled 70 diplomats. It is finally off the Russian gas needle.
> Bulgaria has declared 'personae non grata' the record number of 70 Russian diplomats for activity incompatible with their diplomatic status.
This was several days ago.
3:36 AM
@CowperKettle If you have more than persona non grata, they should collectively become personae non gratae. But writers in English just aren't used to agreement, are they? :)
4:13 AM
4:28 AM
New York was shelled
1 hour later…
5:58 AM
> Reuters: TotalEnergies quits major Russian oil project.

French oil and gas company TotalEnergies agreed to transfer its remaining 20% stake in the Kharyaga oil field in Russia's Nenets Autonomous District to Russian state oil firm Zarubezhneft.
4 hours later…
9:32 AM
New PM for UK?
10:03 AM
In Krasnoyarsk, banners appeared saying "Alaska is ours!"
10:15 AM
In the town of Kolomna, authorities wanted to blot out this peace mural painted in the 1980s, but the locals protested, and it was left untouched.
2 hours later…
12:18 PM
Yes, a new PM for UK.
Word of the day: Borixit
Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi
It's good that there are countries where a leader can be changed without a revolution or a coup.
1:25 PM
I liked Boris Johnson, but I don't have the energy to read up what he did wrong. He possibly did something.
I love this song.
@CowperKettle A cat can look at a king
@CowperKettle OK in my half-addled broken Latin that looks like "People who like Bon Jovi don't like cows"
which are words to live by.
One more ping
1:41 PM
@user4539917 ok now you do 'blorp'
ok, now you start
I turned off the sounds for this site, so pings don't worry me
1:44 PM
@CowperKettle same here. probably because of abuse by people like me who go back and edit
@user4539917 🤟
We need more emojis in here!
@CowperKettle Has been a consistent liar for many decades.
He is just a deeply non-decent person.
Says the three headed dog :P
1:45 PM
In many different ways, including soft corruption.
Why wasn't he removed from office decades ago?
@Cerberus But did he do bad things governmentally-wise?
Have I ever lied to you?
@CowperKettle He was a journalist then.
@Mitch He did Brexit poorly.
1:46 PM
He appointed a Russian oligarch as Lord, who can now vote on any British law.
I think it was he.
@Cerberus As Brexit was entirely idiotic without him, I'm not sure it could have been done better (not intimating any competence on his part)
1:48 PM
He was pro-Brexit?
Was he a Farragiste?
@user4539917 emojis are so small and the default flesh ones match the ELU chat background so closely I have to 'zoom in' to 400% to see anything.
@Mitch He violated things that were agreed on earlier under May.
And he signed another treated, violated it again.
Someone who is associated with Nigel Farrage, who was the primary pro-Brexit leader and also seemed to be evil.
1:51 PM
I think that Brexit is a tragedy.
@Cerberus So... unreliable.
@CowperKettle He has been bombarding the British public with often untrue stories about the E. U., steering public opinion towards Brexit. He was a kind of journalist for a long time.
@Mitch Quite.
@CowperKettle I've been going back and forth between US and UK, who is going to fall apart faster. At the moment it feels like the US.
In Russia, there are numerous gleeful comments right now from Putin's politicians.
@Cerberus Damning with 'kind of'
1:53 PM
I think that it's not the thing that worries me. I'm not worried about the US or the UK. I'm worried about the Peak Oil and rising population, and the AI.
turns channel from news to pop music
🎵 "... all the lonely Starbucks lovers..." 🎶
@CowperKettle we should worry about -falling- population, at least in Europe/NA
goddammit I thought I wasn't going to listen to the news
2:01 PM
Wordle 383 3/6

@Mitch A plagal cadence.
Wordle 383 5/6

#Worldle #167 1/6 (100%)
Wordle (ES) #182 3/6


@Robusto iv–III–II–I7
#Worldle #167 1/6 (100%)
Other heads of state ready to resign?
wishful thinking
2:09 PM
@Mitch Yes, vœu pieux
@Mitch Those are enharmonic chord references. If you're in a minor key, the root chord is minor (i7, not I7), but if you're in a major key, the ii chord and iii chords are minor, and the IV chord is major. BTW, if you ever make a I7 chord, the likelihood is that it's a cue that you're modulating to the subdominant.
@Robusto I had to look it up but it is the generic 'Spanish' cadence, which they say is not really a cadence so look man don't harsh my mellow
#Worldle #167 2/6 (100%)
@Mitch OK, so it's modal, not diatonic. I rest my case.
But in that case it's a flat II and the I is not a 7 chord.
@Robusto Oh but dude...play it that way and see
2:25 PM
Order, order. The prosecution has now rest their case.
The defense will now call their next witness.
This was my dream as a kid, to be a star pitcher who could also hit.
Yeah, that was something
@Robusto I meant to say "not a dominant 7th" there.
2 hours later…
4:47 PM
Wordle (ES) #182 5/6


5 hours later…
9:24 PM
If anyone still needs a reason to kill the grammar checker in Word, a friend just sent me this one: "Word flagged my three-word sentence, 'Art illuminates history.' What did it propose as an improvement? 'Art illuminates' [sic] history.' Bang, Word, you are dead to me."
2 hours later…
11:12 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Repeating characters in body (63): How to interpret the following sentence?‭ by user583726‭ on english.SE

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