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12:40 AM
A woman received $250 on her account in the Russian bank, and the bank took a transfer fee of $250, leaving her $0. After the shutting down of the SWIFT in Russia, the bank ramped its transfer fees for foreign currency transfers even higher.
12:52 AM
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2:39 AM
Carmakers' troubles are low on my worry list, but yes, it's curious. I think they will set up ties with Chinese and Iranian manufacturers, and airbags will soon be back.
If the general situation remains on this level, that is. If the general situation.. escalates.. airbags will be the least of people's worries.
3:28 AM
@Robusto So it looks irrelevant to lol. @M.A.R. 's is a good point.
3:54 AM
@Vikas The point is, the z is like an s in that it signifies multiple LOLs. So the zzzzz just reinforces that. Not haha but hahahahahahaha.
4:15 AM
Also LOL is already "hahahahah"
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7:00 AM
Q: Can whales send each other [3D] images?

AraucariaRussell Arnott, apparently an oceanographer, who currently works as a project manager at the Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University (UK), wrote in his piece Whales and Waves (2016, p.2): New research from the DAREWIN Institute postulates that once a whale has obtained an image of an object u...

7:15 AM
> Naphtha engines work by using some of the liquid as fuel, and the rest of it is vapourised and used to drive the engine. It's then cooled and condensed and fed back into the feed tank.
A naphtha launch, sometimes called a "vapor launch", was a small motor launch, powered by a naphtha engine. They were a particularly American design, brought into being by a local law that made it impractical to use a steam launch for private use. == Naphtha launches == By the 1880s, the small steam engine was well established as a power unit for small steam launches, as well as for large boats. However US law, prompted by some past boiler explosions, required that all steam boats carry a licensed engineer at all times. Although this was no difficulty for a commercial craft, it prevented small...
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10:12 AM
Word of the day: encaenia (The annual commemoration service of founders and benefactors of Oxford University)
10:23 AM
@CowperKettle lolzzzzz
Yeah, so, what the heck's been going on in the US? Did they make abortion illegal?
Like, all forms of abortion? Even medical?
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1:16 PM
@M.A.R. No. What they did was leave it up to the states to decide. They took away a woman's absolute right to control her body, and left it up to religious majorities in some states to choose for her. Similar to your mullahs deciding what is moral for women to wear, how to behave, etc.
#Worldle #155 2/6 (100%)
Wordle 371 5/6
Not all coals are anthracite.
@Robusto What if the majority of states will still permit abortions?
@M.A.R.: In practical terms, some states will make it a crime (murder) for a woman to have an abortion.
There are liberal states like California
Meanwhile, the justices decided it is an absolute right for people to carry the means of murder (guns) with them at all times, in all places.
@CowperKettle People in those states will, until SCOTUS decides differently, have access to abortions. Stay tuned.
1:28 PM
No matter how hard you burn another variety, it won't ever gonna give that much heat.
it's the heat which is produced matters, not how hard it burns.
@CowperKettle: The problem is, the poor are the ones affected by this, as always. Women of means will be able to travel to free states and pay for an abortion (for now). Poor women will become poorer by having to pay for a pregnancy, childbirth, and the child itself.
At first I though you were referring to the heat of the animosity between the varieties of people based on their stance towards abortion. But then I looked up your earlier message about anthracite.
@Robusto Can't even a poor woman take a train ticket or a bus ticket to the nearest abortion state?
Ah. There's the medicinal services to pay for.
They are expensive in the US.
Pro-abortion people should set up cheap abortion clinics.
@CowperKettle Assuming the has the means to do so. But there is the matter of staying there while the abortion is performed, paying for the service (if she has medical insurance, in slave states the insurers will likely not pay for abortions), and so on.
By the way, the free- and slave-state characterization is apt. Women are becoming chattel, who are not permitted to decide their own fate in the latter places.
With modern tools for detecting pregnancy, women can still manage to get an abortion even if a deadline of say, 2 or 3 months is set.
I guess that in the 21st century these tests are very quick and precise.
@CowperKettle I have been desiring your advice from a few days. Let me know if you're free.
1:40 PM
@ConGovDeIn I'm free.
@CowperKettle That's what they had before. Not anymore. Aborting any detected pregnancy will be legally murder.
Why do we have different varieties of coals, though they serve the same purpose?
Is that casteism or racism? (no politics intended)
Abortion in the United States is subject to individual state regulations on abortion. In 1973, Roe v. Wade made the first abortion case to be taken to the Supreme Court, which had made it federally legal. In 2022, it was overturned, and abortions are now subject to regulations based on state laws once again. Individual states can regulate and limit the use of abortion, some of which already have through the use of "trigger laws", which made abortion illegal within the first and second trimesters when Roe was overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States.Eight states—Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas...
@ConGovDeIn Oh! I'm not an expert on coal, sadly
Any ordinary thought upon them?
@CowperKettle That's the current situation. What the court decided now is that states can make any law restricting abortion.
1:43 PM
Coals are compressed organic matter, so depending on the nature of the matter they will be different.
@CowperKettle In my country anthracite is not found.
The Coal Region is a region of Northeastern Pennsylvania in the United States. It is known for being home to the largest known deposits of anthracite coal in the world with an estimated reserve of seven billion short tons. The region is typically defined as comprising five Pennsylvania counties, Carbon County, Lackawanna County, Luzerne County, Northumberland County, and Schuylkill County. It is home to 910,716 people as of the 2010 census. == History == The population of the Amerindian tribesmen of the Susquehannock nation was reduced 90 percent in three years of a plague of diseases a...
bituminous is abundant.
> the largest known deposits of anthracite coal in the world with an estimated reserve of seven billion short tons.
energy released when 1 kg of anthracite is burn is 33 Mega Joules, while for bituminous is 27 Mega Joules.
1:46 PM
@ConGovDeIn A huge power plant near Yekaterinburg works on brown coal, with a high sulfur content. You can smell the sulur when you approach the town.
There is an entire seam of anthracite coal in Pennsylvania that is burning underground.
A coal-seam fire is a burning of an outcrop or underground coal seam. Most coal-seam fires exhibit smoldering combustion, particularly underground coal-seam fires, because of limited atmospheric oxygen availability. Coal-seam fire instances on Earth date back several million years. Due to thermal insulation and the avoidance of rain/snow extinguishment by the crust, underground coal-seam fires are the most persistent fires on Earth and can burn for thousands of years, like Burning Mountain in Australia. Coal-seam fires can be ignited by self-heating of low-temperature oxidation, lightning, wildfires...
No matter how hard you try, bituminous coal is never going to give you as much energy as anthracite.
@user4539917 Short answer: tough luck.
Is human brain only a coal?
@ConGovDeIn We're playing way past coal. Find another energy source.
1:48 PM
Coal can take us far.
Coal is one big cause of climate change. Find another energy source.
If I have got a lignite brain, no matter how hard I try I will never be able to achieve what anthracite brains achieved.
People don't have brains made of coal, except those who want to continue burning coal.
If we have seen further it is by standing on the anthracite shoulders of Giants.
no royal road to anthracite field
1:52 PM
The San Francisco Giants are an American professional baseball team based in San Francisco. The Giants compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the National League (NL) West division. Founded in 1883 as the New York Gothams, and renamed three years later the New York Giants, the team eventually moved to San Francisco in 1958. The franchise is one of the oldest and most successful in professional baseball, with more wins than any team in the history of major American sports. The team was the first major-league organization based in New York City, most memorably playing home games...
Yes, these ones
Their logo signifies a mine.
An anthracite mine.
I'm burning myself hard, but the heat is still low.
My variety of brain is not of high quality, I reckon.
The Anthracite Range is a mountain range in the West Elk Mountains, a sub-range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The range is located in Gunnison County of western Colorado and lies within the West Elk Wilderness of the Gunnison National Forest. The Anthracite Range is one of several prominent laccoliths found in the West Elk Mountains. == Geology == The Anthracite Range is a laccolith, formed when magma intruded into sedimentary strata of the Mesaverde Formation approximately 30 million years ago. Subsequent erosion has removed the softer, overlying sedimentary rock thereby exposing the...
> “My lignite burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light!”
1:58 PM
@CowperKettle Thanks. Thank you so much. You have not broken my hope
I chose the right person for talking, thanks.
I'm glad to have helped!
does it give lovely light, really?
"Anthracite" around here means a place or a trail through it in western Colorado. It's a nice trail. I've walked it. Couldn't get up to Schofield Pass this last week though not without trying.
I'll always be grateful.
2:01 PM
Oh Be Joyful is also a place I went through a couple times in the past week.
@ConGovDeIn 💖
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3:09 PM
@CowperKettle No, a poor woman cannot buy a bus or train ticket to travel to a state that allows abortions. Poor people can't pay for things, and there are almost never any possible bus or train routes connecting anything here.
Look how much of that map is in colors indicating they're at least 100 miles away.
And again, the idea of taking public transport pretty much anywhere in these places is not realistic. America does not have public transport of that sort.
Amtrak operates the following intercity and long-distance passenger train routes. == Current routes == Amtrak service is divided into three categories of routes: Northeast Corridor routes, state-supported routes, and long distance routes. These types indicate how the service is funded. Northeast Corridor service is directly subsidized by federal appropriations. Federally-supported long distance services are subsidized by appropriations under a separate line item from the NEC in federal budgets. Additionally, Amtrak partners with 17 states to provide additional short- and medium-distance services...
That's all. We essentially have no trains at all except for a sliver along the northeast coastline.
There's the bus routes. Notice how much is completely inaccessible to busses.
This is America: it was built for cars alone. You are expected to own a car in good working order that you can afford to put gas in whenever you please. You are expected to be able to take time off during the workday to take your car somewhere you need to go. If you cannot do all those things, you are not going to be able to have access to pretty much anything. You'll be a servant.
In other words, a member of the working class. The rich heiresses will always have access. Their servants will not.
What does it mean when someone says "that youtuber is cringe/cringy"?
It saying that that person makes you cringe.
I can't understand this word through dictionary, actually.
cringe == to feel embarrassed
So a cringy YouTuber is one who makes me embarrassed through his videos?
3:28 PM
in that context it means more like "to recoil in distaste"
kind of like "that YouTuber makes my skin crawl with those videos"
@user4539917 So basically you would be less likely to see his videos? And you consider it a negative point? Or is it a good thing actually, but it's just you who don't favor it?
Verb: cringe (third-person singular simple present cringes, present participle cringing, simple past and past participle...
4:03 PM
I started reading a book on borderline personality disorder, and the book is based in singificant part on Attachment Theory. I googled, and lo and behold, "attachment theory is wrong, says Harvard researcher". fatherly.com/health-science/…
a lot of psychology is turning out that way
it makes me cringe to think they call it an experimentally based science :-)
> Here, we have the halcyon period during which nothing is too good for you and you must be saved and protected at all costs. Anything you want, you must have. Someone else’s body, even at risk to her life? You got it! We owe you that much. We have no way of knowing you won’t be Shakespeare, or invent foaming hand soap. Up until the moment of birth, you are a glistening orb of magical potential. You might become a president, or better yet, the man who picks the president by deciding which electoral votes get counted.
There was an event titled Ural Music Night from yesterday to today, with many rock bands playing all other the center of the city, so that people could walk and listen to different bands.
I will display the next message for a couple seconds and then I'll delete it.
This was very brave of him, but I'm afraid for his fate now.
your fear is justified
4:21 PM
@Robusto Every sperm is sacred.
@tchrist Masturbation will be punished by the death penalty!
That will be part of the rollback of legalizing same-sex relations. Otherwise you have to borrow an other-sex hand.
Forget the Constitution, we have the Bible now!
written by the SCOTUS
The United States of Jesus Christ.
4:24 PM
Genuflect when you say that.
I did! Honest!
(And the worms ate into his brain ...)
This unthinking worship of the U.S. Constitution is a violation of the commandment against idolatry. Man was not made for the parchment but the parchment for man.
It is not inerrant. It is broken and should be fixed.
I'm using a lot of slammers now, but that's only because I am shrieking inside.
Ask not what the constitution can do for you...
If you thought having poor people take a bus or a train before was hard, it's almost immeasurably harder now, or will be soon.
4:36 PM
lest we forget we're living in a post pandemic world where diesel costs a lot more than regular gas
@user4539917 I admit most social sciences, psychology, sport sciences and the like also seem too "soft" to me, but I also suspect these are layman misunderstandings born out of exposure to the least trustworthy and weakest of research in such fields.
@tchrist the first time I heard the term "Amtrak" I thought it was a coinage in a fantasy novel
Well, the second and third and fourth times also.
That one was tricky:

Wordle (ES) #170 6/6


@M.A.R. The least trustworthy being where they don't have enough data to conduct a meta analysis.
5:15 PM
@user4539917 probably much worse out there
@M.A.R. I've always felt that same way. This may be my own inner bias, but there it is.
5:34 PM
Wordle (ES) #170 3/6


6:20 PM
#Worldle #155 1/6 (100%)
What an epic guess! I had no clue about this map I just felt it.
Didn't get 2nd equation.
@Vikas well, it'd be no fun if I spell the answer out loud!
Though it's mostly just to trigger Cerb
6:39 PM
But the Romans didn't have zero, so ...
> My phiz is sae kenspeckle that the very joiner's apprentice whom Mrs. Burns employed to break open the parcel (I was out of town that day) knew it at once.
7:02 PM
> I solved today's Redactle (#80) in 29 guesses with an accuracy of 65.52%. Played at redactle.com
Once I got one of the title words, the rest was easy.
> Reider (1993) conducted a survey where 16 native speakers of Spanish (eight European and eight Latin American) answered whether they thought 27 sentences showing 𝒕𝒐𝒖𝒈𝒉-movement with different adjectives were grammatical, and found that Latin American Spanish speakers tended to accept 𝒕𝒐𝒖𝒈𝒉-movement with more adjectives, but there was considerable variability between speakers; no two speakers had the exact same response for all 27 sentences.

This led Reider to propose that rather than a semantic reason for why certain adjectives can trigger 𝒕𝒐𝒖𝒈𝒉-movement and others cannot,
Because some things are hard to learn, only if you study hard can you learn something hard. But no matter how hard you study you'll never learn hard.
Q: Why is “learning hard” wrong yet “studying hard” is right?

하하호호Why does saying learning hard sound so terribly wrong and unnatural, given that working hard, exercising hard, listening hard, thinking hard, and even it rains hard sound perfectly natural and get said all the time? I know that we can add hard to something when we’re talking about doing something...

The reason you can't learn hard is because it's too distracting. :)
You can throw hard but you can't catch hard.
You can listen hard but you can't hear hard, not even if you can hardly hear.
He used a hose that sprayed hard on the mud that dried hard.
He wouldn't have needed to do that if it had hardly dried.
Hard may not be hard but it's hardly easy either.
Even a bird that flies hard through the night can't land hard or else it's in trouble.
But if you throw a baseball hard that baseball can't fly hard.
Because it wasn't the baseball's idea.
In badminton you can hit the shuttlecock hard but it won't fly hard.
Again, because it wasn't the birdie's idea.
A shuttlecock (also called a birdie or shuttle) is a high-drag projectile used in the sport of badminton. It has an open conical shape formed by feathers or plastic (or a synthetic alternative) embedded into a rounded cork (or rubber) base. The shuttlecock's shape makes it extremely aerodynamically stable. Regardless of initial orientation, it will turn to fly cork first, and remain in the cork-first orientation. == Origins == The object resembles a hawk's lure, used from ancient times in the training of hunting birds. It is frequently shortened to shuttle. The "shuttle" part of the name...
You can have a hard run if you've been running hard.
It will be even harder if you fall hard.
You can listen hard but you can't hear hard. You can look hard but you can't see hard.
Can you smell hard?
Maybe if something is hard to smell than if you smell hard enough you'll smell it.
Can a star shine hard and bright?
> There, peeping among the cloud-wrack above a dark tower high up in the mountains, Sam saw a white star twinkle for a while. The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him. For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.
7:46 PM
Redactle #80 in 88 guesses with 75% accuracy. Best I’ve done. Not hard.
8:16 PM
@Vikas 5 is V in Roman. Substitute 5 with V and consider that 1 as I
Maybe hard has its own constraints. You can ✅hit hard but not ❌catch hard. You can ✅wish hard but not ❌want hard. You can ✅close a door hard but you can’t ❌open it hard. You can ✅try hard but you can hardly ❌win hard nor ❌succeed hard. You can ✅think hard but you can’t ❌remember hard, ❌realize hard, or ❌know hard. Can you ❓teach hard? You can ✅live hard and maybe ❓die hard, but the first didn’t ❌cause hard the second. You can ✅fly hard and ✅grip hard but ❗falling hard and ❗landing hard are different, just as a hose ✅spraying hard is hardly like mud ❗drying hard. Can the sun ❓shine hard? — tchrist ♦ 1 min ago
3 hours later…
11:09 PM
Does the verb octuply rhyme with not apply or with panoply or with copped a plea? What about the adverb?
11:59 PM
Hard to say :)

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