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12:03 AM
@Xanne meaning I know of all those labels but not how they're related and which label goes with which
12:33 AM
@Mitch Yes.
@Mitch Has eggplant made peace with you?
1:18 AM
Should I watch Clerks? Is it real,y funny, or just some romcom with "awkward" situations?
@M.A.R. Do you mean the film by Kevin Smith?
@Robusto yep
A: Was Leviticus 18:22 only prohibiting homosexuality that involved pagan rituals?

Glen OWhat isn't addressed in other answers is where the claim comes from. Without understanding the claim, they fail to counter it. In particular, they all rely on the common English versions of the verses, where the claim arises from analysis of the original Hebrew. And one of the complications is th...

Ignoring the other sometimes bigoted fluff in that thread, this answer by GlenO about the contentious Bible gay verse is interesting
@M.A.R. It's pretty good. And if you are interested in Smith's later films, that one is a must-see. It shows his talent and ability to put something like this out on a very low budget.
@Mitch it might be a ship of Theseus problem. How much does it have to change before it counts as something else?
But AFAIK except a few cases where people just refer to them as "flu" just because of the symptoms, these flu viruses are related
@Robusto I think this might be an odd sort of bias I have but he's veneered off the course of the mainstream set of beliefs in a way that wouldn't make him popular with conservatives and liberals. I mean, he's probably wrong a lot of times (and the sort of "racial" policy he advocates always misses the point anyway) but it seems to me he at least looked for truth, whether or not he settled for something lesser.
1:36 AM
@M.A.R. Yeah. I agree with all of that. But he's still pretty funny, except when he's being scary (as in, say, Red State).
Well I'm not really familiar with him. I was just looking up commentators that are a bit wacky, like Peterson
You'd have to understand the US culture in the '90s, I think, to really get what he's going for.
@Robusto what, he likes Metallica or something?
@M.A.R. No. It's just ... I don't know. I really associate him with that era, more Grunge than Metal (musically speaking).
1:51 AM
@Robusto 1) It was so in the 90s, after they were first introduced, but now everybody wears seat belts readily 2) TBE is a big problem in the Urals, there are vaccine propaganda campaigns 3) In Fyodorovna, it is on the first syllable, but in Gennadyevna it is on the second, so it depends on the stress in the original name, but it never falls on the yevna ending
@CowperKettle 1) Thanks, 2) Thanks, and 3) Thanks. That is interesting.
Regarding the pronunciation, Frazier half-asses the stress where you can't tell if it's on the first or second syllable.
2 hours later…
3:33 AM
> To commemorate the landing of Yuri Gagarin in the Saratov Region after his first space flight in 1961, the Government of Russia decreed to keep all things in the region as they were in 1961.
A joke.
4:06 AM
@Robusto I spent a week in the intensive care in 2017 with tick-borne encephalitis. Luckily, I had been vaccinated, so I recuperated fast.
in Language Overflow, May 26 '17 at 7:01, by CowperKettle
Turns out it was not a false alarm. I was infected with tick-borne encephalitis, and the vaccinations that I underwent in 2014 and 2015 saved me.
4:18 AM
I really should have stayed home instead of calling the hospital for advice.
Should have taken a painkiller. It was boring to do nothing in the hospital. But I called the free medical line and asked whether it's okay to take Aspirin or some other pill if you were bitten by a tick a week before.
They said "get your things, we've booked an ambulance car for you, it's on its way to your house".
They are used to people quickly deteriorating with TBE.
The ambulance came very fast, and drove me to the clinic, where they forbade me even to walk by myself. Put me in a wheelchair and said to make as little movement as possible, lest the virus spreads faster to my brain.
They said in the clinic that a year before there was a man my age. He spent 2 months in a coma and then got better. Relatively speaking. They had to teach him to walk and talk when he regained consciousness.
4:35 AM
@CowperKettle Wow.
I didn't know there was a vaccine, that is good.
2 hours later…
6:28 AM
@Cerberus Yes, it's a great luck, and the Russian vaccine against TBE is considered very efficient.
6:41 AM
Striking at students is the sure way of nurturing professional revolutionaries. The czarist regime did that. One moderaly liberal student refused to shake the hand of a policeman in 1890s, was dismissed from the University, and became a real pain in the ass for the regime.
Many such stories.
6:54 AM
7:17 AM
7:29 AM
> As of January 1, there were 10,836 electric vehicles registered in Russia, representing an overall uptick of 71 percent over last year’s figures.
Maybe there are some electric cars passing near me daily, but I don't notice them.
I don't know how to distinguish them.
7:54 AM
> "A police raid on the DOXA (a student magazine). Right now the police is breaking the door in my flat. I love you all".
Putin's regime in a nutshell.
8:28 AM
@CowperKettle When you’re out running, you have to watch out for them because they don’t alert you with the usual vrroom sound, Tesla has sold about a third of them. Here are some photos—
russian electric cars
I don’t know how to show the pix, but it looks like a creative group.
There’s one that looks interesting.
@M.A.R. Nore here.
best-selling electric cars is Russia
9:23 AM
Why was 2019 afraid of 2020?
Because they had a fight and 2021.
@Xanne looks very cute
1 hour later…
10:29 AM
+22°C. Must be an all-time record for 14 April
10:52 AM
> Editors of the DOXA magazine face up to 3 years in jail for their collective statement issued some time ago. In that statement, they said that it is illegal to punish students and schoolchildren for participation in peaceful political rallies and pickets.
The preliminary hearing is ongoing. They might be arrested today.
Three years in jail.
11:35 AM
> When I get a headache, I take two aspirins and keep away from children, just like the bottle says.
1 hour later…
12:52 PM
Why is there no rule for wearing helmets inside cars? That might drastically reduce head injuries.
@Cerberus To the best of my knowledge, eggplant surely has no opinion whatever of me.
@Xanne so 'the flu' that we get vaccines for -every- year in the fall... are those always variants of H1N1?
Sure...I -could- look all this up but ...
Influenza, commonly called "the flu", is an infectious disease caused by influenza viruses. Symptoms range from mild to severe and often include fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pain, headache, coughing, and fatigue. These symptoms typically begin 1–4 days after exposure to the virus and last for about 2–8 days. Diarrhea and vomiting can occur, particularly in children. Influenza may progress to pneumonia, which can be caused by the primary viral infection or by a secondary bacterial infection. Other complications of infection include acute respiratory distress syndrome, meningitis, e...
> Influenza viruses, particularly IAV, evolve quickly, so flu vaccines are updated regularly to match which influenza strains are in circulation. Vaccines currently in use provide protection against IAV subtypes H1N1 and H3N2 and one or two IBV subtypes
This leads me to believe that yes the 1918 flu is a variant of the flu that yearly vaccinations are for.
Whether it is descendant variant of the 1918 H1N1 vs some cousin is not explained by these labels. So 1918 and the every year flu are certainly related (in the same group, but even more specific than the vague 'the flu').
@M.A.R. structurally part of the virus could be a ship of Theseus but other parts must be identical (not swapped out at all) in order to have the same label (H1N1)
@M.A.R. 1) it's not what I would call a romcom at all. 2) If you are >15 and <25 it should be hilarious to you otherwise no.
1:19 PM
@Mitch I suppose the bit with the spoiler was more traumatic than romantic
> 22 degrees must be the all-time record for 14 April. (Should there be the or an?)
I first wrote "an" but now I think it should be the
Since a record only happens once.
Or maybe it happens many times? Because it might happen again, with a higher temperature.
I think the is appropriate
I would guess people use an if they're hedging
If Biden gives Putin a bloody nose by introducing ultra-heavy sanctions or by giving a lot of arms to Ukraine, I will order a hand-painter portrait of him, and hang it in my room.
@Mitch well I'm too lazy to look up this specific case, but because these things mutate so much, it's often easier to compare them than to define them. For example, some virus uniquely has a smiley face on its capsid, has genes that force host cells to karaoke, and has three genes for wrangling the host DNA. When it mutates, one mutation ends up without the smiley face capsid, and one has two DNA-wrangling genes, while other traits are the same in the two mutations. [cont.]
[...] Scientists will probably categorize the mutated capsid mutation as the same virus, because it might not have much to do with infection mechanisms and symptoms etc. (or it might), but if the DNA-wrangling gene is crucial enough for the virus, a mutation that changes it would be categorized as a related category but not the same
And as I said, I think a few unrelated diseases have traditionally been called 'flu' in the past, probably not so much these days, if they have the same coughing-sneezing type symptoms
1:41 PM
@CowperKettle Sorry to hear about that, but glad you recovered. Frazier did his travels in the '90s, so that was apparently before there was a TBE vaccine. Also before seatbelts were a thing there.
1:54 PM
@Mitch Admit it, you've bought off the Boston eggplants so they'll say nice things about you. Eggplants out here don't think much of you, and they despise the Boston eggplants who suck up to you. There, I said it.
@Mitch I was well over 25 when I saw it and still thought it funny. I guess that means I have a juvenile sense of humor.
@CowperKettle I've had similar thoughts, but I suspect that head injuries are not the topmost in car accidents.
@Robusto Are we really talking about sports? I feel we're just talking about sports.
@Robusto .
@M.A.R. Goddamit I said nuanced, not a scientific treatise.
Which is to say yes, that's kinda what I was getting at.
or rather, what I expected you were getting at with Theseus and his ship and stuff.
Theseus should just buy a new boat
2:13 PM
Theseus vs Drseuss
2:49 PM
He would not do it in a boat.
He could not do it in a moat
3:18 PM
> Female nurses are roughly twice as likely to commit suicide than the general female population and 70% more likely than female physicians, according to a University of Michigan study examining suicide among physicians and nurses.
4:09 PM
@CowperKettle Yikes. I have a niece who's studying to become a nurse. Can you link the article?
4:26 PM
@MattE.Эллен Man that guy's got performance problems
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer, toxic answer detected (159): What is a 17th-century affectionate term for "Mother"? by Jayden Bedea on english.SE
4:50 PM
@CowperKettle As they said in early Christendom, the blood of the martys is the seed of the Church.
5:20 PM
@Mitch I'd be bummed out if my ship was without identity as well
@CowperKettle Thanks!
@Robusto Oh I remember one of the very few articles of Sullivan that I read also said essentially this, which is why I didn't dismiss him as another contrarian idiot
I honestly find it a bit concerning when a lot of liberals are okay with giving the government the power to restrict freedom of speech as long as only views they hate are repressed
@M.A.R. Yeah, he's intelligent, and the fact that he's gay puts him in a position not to automatically gobble up the right-wing party line.
His Wikipedia page says he started deviating from the right-wing path around 2000
Which sounds about right, it's when the right lost that modicum of integrity
5:26 PM
@M.A.R. Well, of course. But you have to decide what is free speech and what isn't. The Supreme Court ruled that money is speech. They ruled that corporations are people. So the line gets blurred. If a corporation is a person, then is not a corporation—Twitter—within its rights to deny access to someone—Trump—who repeatedly violates their Terms of Service?
In the days of radio and TV broadcast communications, the airwaves were owned by the government and leased to the stations. They then expected a free and open interchange for those leases. But the Internet is not leased or regulated in that way, so different venues have different rules and don't have the same obligation to give access to all. It cuts both ways.
@Robusto well the thing with platforms like Twitter is they've sort of close to monopolized their trade, so they're something more than a corporation. They truly do earn much more than any corporation has any right to, and I totally get that freedom of speech is just one thing to consider among many other rights that might be violated. But a lot of the left doesn't seem to get that.
@Mitch Do you even know the master creatures that live in each eggplant?
In principle, though, even the notion that broadcast stations gave access to all views is laughable. Airing an opposing view after midnight on Sunday morning isn't the same as giving Trump a bully pulpit with millions of followers.
@M.A.R. I think these things are open for debate. What is Twitter's monopoly, exactly? Is Facebook not a robust competitor? Is anyone prevented from opening a forum like Twitter's, as Trump says he is now doing?
If a wedding cake baker is within its rights to deny their services to gay couples on religious grounds, should Twitter not also be allowed to define who it will or will not service?
Oh, sorry, I gotta finish this thing, I'll be back in half an hour
6:08 PM
@Robusto I think there is some relation between populist politics and religion, but not in the way suggested.
The idea that religion brings happiness and peace would seem rather silly.
Probably some irreproducible studies claiming that.
The happiest countries in the world are often the ones least religious.
The things the article suggests correlate are often not independent variables.
@Cerberus I think the point is that some people need a belief system based on imaginary things, and when some kind of morality is a by-blow of that system, there is potential for the society to benefit. Yet even as I write this I am reminded that some of the most egregiously immoral acts have been perpetrated in the name of religion, so ...
@Robusto Yeah, I don't think religion is replaced by this new phaenomenon.
I do think both phaenomena appeal to similar human tendencies, to some degree.
I don't think religious people behave any better than others, morally.
Otherwise, the most religious countries should have the fairest systems and the greatest happiness, which they do not.
6:31 PM
6:48 PM
@Robusto Yeah sure, and I think that sort of disproportionate representation is actually antithetical to freedom. Now, I think I confuse myself a lot with the terminology, but the system is doing really badly on positive freedom, and that allows demagogues to go berserk with their tantrums
@Cerberus But in what sort of netherworld would you be in if you didn't have religion to keep you up?
And don't go bringing eggplant into this, those assholes know what they did.
@Mitch The Netherworld.
@Cerberus I think you made my point for me.
@M.A.R. Say what you will about that Nazis, at least they had integrity.
@Mitch and fashionable coats
And Star Wars guns
Han Solo is a nazi
@Cerberus Maybe that uniformity does that, whatever it is the population decides to be uniform on is secondary
6:54 PM
@M.A.R. What uniformity would this be?
@Cerberus I mean when a significant majority of the population are religious (or secular for that matter)
OMG those guys
Echo chambers are appealing for a reason, and some distress is I think the cost people pay for activism
@M.A.R. What if they are religious but of many different, conflicting religions?
@Cerberus Isn't it too complex an issue to decide that? I mean, we all live in just a snapshot of human history, I just think this is a very difficult topic to tackle. Though of course, if someone is like "Oh I'm happy the way I am, and I will go to great lengths to prove it to you" are probably not that happy
6:59 PM
@M.A.R. I agree that it is very complicated.
@Cerberus well, what sort of conflict? I mean, the Shiites and the Sunni used to be rather in harmony right up until like the 10th Hijri century. Then something happened and sects like Wahhabism came along and a lot of bloodshed happened
@Cerberus ?? For example?
Islam and Buddhism are probably more conflicting ideologically speaking than Islam and Christianity.
What did the Mongols start off with? That was a religion of success!
They had the guts of true European colonizers
7:05 PM
the hutzpah
the gall
I feel like I've said this already
@Mitch Quite the contrary, I think Genghis was very masculine
Or not. You don't know with all these old portraits
Sheesh, Photoshop seems tame compared to what they did to people's faces and body shapes
@M.A.R. Could be many kinds.
Extreme religions from place like Arabia and America do cause a lot of trouble around the world.
Well, I dunno, to me it has always sounded a bit irrelevant
@Cerberus uhh...
7:10 PM
But it is also just more or less 'old' religions that disagree with each other often, and which are not at all harmonious or uniform.
Populists harness the bigotry in that certain part of the population whenever they like. The real problem is rarely religion
@M.A.R. Unfortunately, there are many other kinds of potential conflict.
"The real problem"?
@Cerberus Yeah of course
Why does my typing tend to rhyme when I'm tired?
I typed mind other kinds instead of many other kinds.
Go on
7:12 PM
Oh, I do it all the time.
i wanna hear more
Just pay close attention to what I type in this room and you'll see it often.
@Cerberus Yeah, uh, I kinda feel too lazy to explain. So religion is used to pump BS into the minds of some Saudi terrorists, and they hit a building with a plane. Then everyone is having a discussion about how bad religion is that people can abuse to cause something like this to happen. It's kinda a tangential point. The people spreading the bullshit can come up with other things to say, and they're the problem
@M.A.R. yeah. I think it's an easy but irrelevant target
except maybe the taliban
I don't think the actions of religious fundamentalists are wholly caused by religion.
7:14 PM
So this has always been bugging me ever since I read about this stuff. I'm only now putting it into words.
There are usually other, socio-economic and ethnic factors in play. But I do think religion is often a big factor.
words are empty without action
To the barricades!
I'll bring bottles
You bring the kerosene
Do you have a bottle opener?
We have to empty them first
@Cerberus I can count on one finger the wars that were fought because of religion.
@Cerberus How big is it? As I said, I think it's really not that big
It's not that big
In fact
@Mitch How many knuckles does your finger have?
7:17 PM
usually totally irrelevant
QAnonists now literally worship a golden statue of Antichrist. I mean, that's against their scripture even at face value
@Cerberus I can count on one knuckle
In religious conflicts, I think religion is usually a substantial factor, and not seldom a large one.
@M.A.R. QAnon is not coherent so I can't take that as meaningful
In other conflicts, it may or may not be a factor.
7:17 PM
Actually I'm reminded of that history.SE answer that quoted an analysis that said roughly 7 percent of the wars in human history had religious causes
Say what you will about the Nazis, but at least the had a coherent ideology.
But making people believe in supernatural beings is not harmless.
@Cerberus That does not follow
@Cerberus So the type of religion where they worship the sun or something is less harmful?
maybe it wastes time better spent on repairing a leaky faucet
7:19 PM
Doesn't follow
but harmful?
So. It has come to this.
@Mitch It's the other way around.
7:21 PM
@M.A.R. Not if they worship it as something supernatural.
But, yes, I suspect non-anthropomorphic religions may be less harmful.
@Cerberus believing in the supernatural is (almost?) irrational, but does it lead to harmful things?
False beliefs may lead to wrong actions.
maybe if you actual listen to those voices in your head that tell you to kill, but religion isn't what does that.
Ceteris paribus (this is the big one), false beliefs more often lead to wrong actions than right beliefs.
@Cerberus It's all just playtime make-believe.
a toy dollhouse
7:23 PM
If you believe that e.g. women are inferior to men, you are more likely to take wrong actions, ceteris paribus.
hm... maybe these fairy tales does prevent people from taking rational action for things like health.
Health, or basically any other topic to which they are relevant.
@Cerberus but that's not religion
or at least not the mystical fairy land of religion
Those beliefs are part of many religions.
It's just an example.
And those beliefs follow from other beliefs.
I think these are all separable
7:25 PM
What do you mean?
Many religions have people believe that.
@Cerberus One common argument they make is Islam prevented then-very sexist Arabs from burying their infant daughter alive because of the shame it brought so it was a pretty big cultural improvement. But of course the counterargument to that is that kind of crazy rubs off on people until it shapes their beliefs to an extent it's indistinguishable from the teachings of a prophet
a system of ethics, a mythology, food taboos, magical beliefs, governmental structure, these are all associated with religion, but only the magical beliefs are actual religion
@M.A.R. Well, it's ceteris paribus.
Religious beliefs do not always cause wrong actions.
@Cerberus Bless you
@Mitch Says who?
7:27 PM
Also Islamic scholars
@Cerberus says me and anyone rational. people who don't say it are wrong and stupid.
(And I imagine Christian scholars too)
Perhaps you should define religion, then.
the mystical part
which actually is a lot of the mythology
they're just making stuff up
I don't think a religion is only its mythology.
It is a socio-cultural complex, perhaps.
7:29 PM
if it is just in identity then it's pretty irrelevant
so: an identity, a system of ethics (I'm not sure about this one), a mythology, magical thinking, quasi-scientific thinking (explaining things), behavior restrictions (incest and food and stuff), and possibly group leadership.
sometimes the ruler of a tribe is a shaman (magical/religious leader) too. sometimes they are separate people.
I'm sure there are other parts.
is it all of culture?
7:47 PM
8:43 PM
Hi. Anyone here?
Hi. Here to find an English word/expression. When you quit something and some time later you have a strong urge/desire to go back to it, what it is called? We say, I'm having ??? It's bothering me, I cannot find the right word/expression/slang for it. Please help.
@S.. would "I have a hankering for" work? It does not imply the quitting part, just the urge part.
I mean like - if someone quits smoking and some days/weeks later has strong desire to get back to it - how do we say it? I think it's a slang... something like when someone has second thoughts about something.

I just can't get that expression. Been trying to remember for some time now.
That's not slangy.
Maybe you're looking for "buyer's remorse"?
9:00 PM
Yeah, not a slang, @Cerberus.
Too pompous, @Robusto.

I think it's along the lines of
- having the blues
- having second thoughts
@S.. It's hardly pompous. You must be confusing that term with something else.
But you know when a word is at the tip of tongue and you just can't get it out. Ugh!
9:17 PM
Got it, people!!!


Having withdrawal symptoms.

I had to Google 'quit smoking tips' to find it - and I never smoked in my life.
Got it here (tip 3/14 : nicotine withdrawal may give you headaches) - https://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/ss/slideshow-13-best-quit-smoking-tips-ever
Well, it's not really a slang. But at least I can sleep peacefully now.
Thanks for helping, guys.
9:34 PM
@S.. huh okay, that sometimes doesn't imply the urge part.
@S.. 'slang' is a mass noun, so the phrasing is 'The word is slang' -not- '... a slang'
But whatever gets you to sleep OK!
I didn't know that, @Mitch.

So, I should say 'the word is not slang' or 'it is not a slang term', is that correct?
@S.. yes, exactly "It's not really slang"
but 'second thoughts' fits your description, even if 'withdrawal symptoms' is what your mind was grasping at.
second thoughts are doubts about a decision.
withdrawal symptoms are involuntary reactions to a new lack of something.
so there is some very slight semantic overlap, but apply to mostly different situations.
"I had withdrawal symptoms of headache and fatigue when I gave up coffee as a new years resolution. So I had second thoughts about that decision."
"I had second thoughts about buying the Tesla because it was so expensive" (no withdrawal symptoms)
"I had withdrawal symptoms from stopping taking heroin. I suppose it is possible to have second thoughts about that because when you're taking heroin it is awesome and the withdrawal symptoms are horrendous. But the contortions I was going through overshadowed any thoughts I could have had, first, second or further."
9:53 PM
Great, thank you.

Yes, 'withdrawal' is the word I was looking for.

I'm not a native English speaker, so it's interesting to know the use of both.
Thanks again.

For me, second thoughts is more like 'doubting a decision before you actually go for it'.
But apparently one may have second thoughts after as well, right?
@S.. Yeah, that's not what you described. Withdrawal symptoms are immediate, not something that kinda sorta comes on "later" and they're a lot stronger than "second thoughts."
Okay, @Robusto.
Thank you.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in answer (81): Possessive 's on three nouns in a row by James Fernandez on english.SE
10:32 PM
@Mitch I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms because of quitting Tesla
10:57 PM
@M.A.R. Well, I suppose working for Tesla might be similar to taking heroin.
... I've heard.
I've heard the opposite?
It's toxic and you're thoroughly invested but it's not particularly good for your health.
That Tesla workers are underappreciated and overworked
@M.A.R. working for tesla is like selling heroin?
Unless we're treating heroin as bad
10:58 PM
@Mitch Yeah that
@Mitch well you never know with drugs
@M.A.R. Aspirin
Just like Hamburger and Trump
The only two people talking about them are those who worship them and those who hate them with a passion
aspirin destroys communities
Now I want hamburger
11:00 PM
kids peddling packets
@Mitch It is estimated that half of world population has H. pylori
mothers prostituting themselves for a hit
H. pylori causes gastric ulcers
police corruption
Aspirin exacerbates gastric ulcers
I feel like we're talking about two different aspirins here
11:01 PM
@M.A.R. By an amazing coincidence, I'm going to have a hamburger for dinner.
I just had doener kebab for dinner
@M.A.R. solved by antibiotics
@M.A.R. nummy
or rather, my wife loves those things.
Unless people start being idiots about it and help H. pylori grow resistant
I think they're too big and if you save the rest for another day they get all soggy
Too big?
11:02 PM
@M.A.R. but
Well, the one I had wasn't that big
@Mitch and
anxiety -really- exacerbates them even if it doesn't cause them.
@M.A.R. oh.
german ones are bigger than your head.
. . . well, that looks unbelievably messy to eat
I like falafel ones. basically doner kebab, but falafel instead of the lamb or chicken meat off the gyro
@M.A.R. Exactly!
Well since when do they look as advertised?
11:05 PM
The best falafel doner things are Israeli ones because they usually have a buffet of add ons that you can choose from.
they don't exist in the US because they're really uptight about people sneezing on food and stuff.
People don't sneeze in Israel?
Lizard overlords confirmed
secretly licks eyes
Apparently not over food.
Wow, next you'll say they don't litter or something
they wait to sit down with their falafel sandwiches before they restart their argument
@M.A.R. visualizes ...nope they litter.
It's not like Switzerland or Japan where kids learn to clean up before they can walk.
One really great thing about telepathy would be that you could still argue with your wife and it won't be interrupted by food
11:08 PM
so clean
Haha boomer humor
old people are dumb
@Mitch Life goal: getting my kid to change his own diapers
uh... that's what using a toilet is. without bothering with diapers
i mean
What if you're stuck in a jungle
11:09 PM
if the kid had the ability to learn how to change their own diaper then it'd probably be easier to teach them how to use a toilet
And the noise might draw the predators
Like those slobbering ones
@M.A.R. the noise of what?
That keep drooling on people's head in movies
@Mitch defecating
@M.A.R. Oh those guys? get a towel?
Well they get pissed off when you mention it to them and start chomping heads and stuff
11:11 PM
@M.A.R. I'm not from this planet, but I'm pretty sure it's not -that- noisy. Let me check with the humans in my dungeon...
Well a diaper is less noisy
hm...I suppose
@Mitch You have dungeons? Haha boomer aliens
Where do gen z aliens keep all their food then? Do they just go to restaurants all the time for human carcasses?
kids these days
No they get their human prisoners stuck in infinite time loops
That's all the rage now #rage #all

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