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12:57 AM
@Robusto Oh right, I had the CBS pair (2,12) swapped.
You can remember the dozen UHF channels forever. But these new things? Memorable as a URL isn't.
@Xanne And here I thought it was Edna.
4 hours later…
5:10 AM
what does hit pause mean?
_We’ll assume we’re watching from a spot high above Earth’s North Pole, which would mean that everything is moving counterclockwise._
Now, __hit pause__. Where are the planets? Maybe Earth is off to the left of the sun, and maybe Jupiter and Saturn are to the right. From this view, it doesn’t really matter what the line from the sun to Earth is like; after all, there’s always a straight line between any two objects in space. But what’s the Earth-sun line doing with respect to, say, Saturn? For most of every year, the Earth-sun line would need to jog off in a different direction to get to Sa
5:32 AM
@CaptainBohemian Press the pause button. The word "hit" is a bit informal.
Basically it means "now, freeze the Universe in order to observe it in stationary form"
2 hours later…
8:02 AM
Q: What is Stack Exchanges official stance on words such as "black list", "white list", "master", "slave", and so on?

ChrisI've just had one of my questions edited on StackOverflow to swap out "black list" and "white list" for "allow list" and "deny list" respectively. There was no comment on the change but I assume it to be due to those words being racially charged. I don't mind the change (except for the introduce...

I sniggered niggardly at the niggling assumption
5 hours later…
12:49 PM
@M.A.R. Just look how your denigrations have made the poster's avatar blanche!
1:43 PM
@tchrist beat me to it.
@M.A.R. I feel all kinds of weird because I answered the question about alternatives to blacklist and whitelist many years ago. And that seems to be what people are starting to use (and I've had a steady stream of votes for th epast two months with hardly anything in the intervening years.
@Mitch If someone is writing something, if the first thing that comes to their mind is allowlist, it's OK. But to correct "blacklist" and "whitelist" has a LOT of implications.
"allowlist" is rather bland and boring, regardless. You're literally stripping the words of their color.
Honestly, if this isn't 1984 levels of dumbing down the language, I dunno what is.
For people that would still use "blacklist", the next step is being flagged and harassed because they're being racist.
2:03 PM
Q: What to call "casual" or "commonplace" death?

Dima TisnekIn a science fiction future, people naturally live forever, although accidents and murders are still possible, even if much less common as there's a lot to lose. Suppose a future person looks at our time, when death was commonplace, when people died left, right an centre, when everyone has dead r...

This your HNQ now
4 close votes now. Just needs one more.
Is there a way that we can exclude certain tags, such as , which are problematic from the start, from the HNQ?
Seems like that's a feature we could put to good use.
2:23 PM
@M.A.R. I don't disagree that there are parts of explicit language change that go in that direction, but that's not the whole story.
@Robusto I don't think it'd be such a load on the mods to exclude a question with certain criteria from HNQ whenever they stumble upon it, but you need meta to agree on it
@M.A.R. Yes, I think that is unfortunate to assume that everybody is informed of the change and should implement it immediately otherwise you go to bad person jail. I would call that sophomoric.
And from experience, you folks don't agree on anything
@M.A.R. We've agreed on many many things... and then nothing happens about it.
@M.A.R. That's just plain wrong!
2:26 PM
@M.A.R. Also... you're one of us now.
@Mitch well that's just meta in general, not ELU meta
@Robusto Cue Flying Circus
@Robusto done
Moulin Rouge
Remember the first rule of advertising: If you have nothing to say, sing it!
Maybe. Sounds like something they'd say in Moulin Rouge.
What a weird movie.
@Robusto I thought it was sex it?
2:28 PM
@M.A.R. What? was that Ewan McGregor or Nicole Kidman?
@M.A.R. This was before sex.
@M.A.R. Both?
Or maybe the villain
@M.A.R. The Duke? Or was it the Count?
Look man I can't keep all those things straight.
Count Duke
2:30 PM
Wow... Count Dooku.... that's how they got his name.
@Mitch That's "Sir Duke" to you.
2:50 PM
"Hey what would be a good name for lesser royalty? Count.... no, Duke....hey... Count Duke"

"Naw that's too obvious... how about Count Doo"

"Wait.. Count Doo KOO"

Haha you're still hung up on that
Like Darth - Vader, Sidious, ... invader, insidious...
Darth Maul doesn't fit
3:12 PM
Maybe Mal sounded feminine or not evil enough
3:43 PM
@M.A.R. Immaulate
6 hours later…
9:29 PM
@Mitch @M.A.R. Darn I liked that “casual death” question. While not worth an argument, only embarrassment to ELU justifies closing it when compared to the continual onslaught of similar vocabulary look-up questions.
9:40 PM
@Xanne In an ideal world, ELU would be trying to attract scholars and really super very knowledgeable folks to answer questions
@M.A.R. No kidding? Got any more wise sayings?
It's the whole reason closing and downvoting exists. You either do that or be part of the 'you can't prevent floods with diapers' crowd. Shrug Both are fine by me
Q: A Single Word For Person without any bad habits

SudhakarA person without any vices is known as.... A person without any bad habits is known as or called as.....

Oh gosh—maybe I could answer that one . . .
@Xanne What's not to love about that tag.
@Xanne Sure you can, and you can get tons of rep by answering similar questions. I dunno if it'd have any real consequences
Some green +10 dopamine secretion
What I'm saying is
@M.A.R. Well at 10k you can see deleted questions! Like about who and whom and stuff.
9:45 PM
I acknowledge both "what's the point" and angry-moral-curator POV.
@Xanne On ELU? I'd pass.
If you get 10k on SO you get to see all the meta.SO drama
Not to mention a, and and the. As well as their absence, whiv
which have their own names.
There's a movie on TV about Steve McQueen playing an Indian–American
Not the movie, but the about-movie?
And I'm trying to decide whether people were more forgiving or more gullible back then
@Xanne It's about the Indian–American, and Steve McQueen is playing it
Nirvana no, Nevada Smith
Well in Shakespeare’s time men played women. So, let us tear down that replica of yhe theater where his plays were shown.
10:03 PM
Men still play women nowadays.
Tyler Perry. Sandler. Enter the next unfunny comedian.
I guess it won't matter much though if you're screaming rhymes in a high pitched voice
But let's. I haven't seen the replica and it's not beneficial to me
We'll have a huge laugh on January when Trump tweets are no longer the common form of torture

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