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@RegDwigнt Great graphs! Not much flattening yet, is there?
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Q: Is there a word that means boring and fun at the same time?

adriannamaria3I’m a Junior in High School and I’m trying to answer a question for a discussion board and the question is “In ONE WORD, how would you describe this past week?” I’m trying to say that it was both boring and fun at the same time. Is there a word that describes both boring and fun?

@RegDwigнt Our best question so far.
Yes, I am amazed at all the effort people are still putting into improving this site after ten years.
They will even post their school homework here when all the schools are closed everywhere.
This dedication can only be applauded.
@Gigili the person who drew it can't even copy the music for Ode to Joy. And can't even count till four.
2:05 PM
Oh, yes, homework.
2:35 PM
The sky always does interesting things out here.
Mighty, mighty sky.
@Robusto Beautiful, and refreshing.
Pictures don't really do it justice.
True that.
We had a snowy day, freezing cold.
Yeah, I hate those.
2:51 PM
@RegDwigнt That happens when graphics world is ruled by uneducated graphic artists.
Anyway, you can't even take in the whole sky at a glance out here. You have to keep moving the visual frame to take in more and more of it. On a clear day you can see more than 100 km. It fills you with awe, the clouds at sunrise stretching from the horizon to behind your head, all of it lit on fire.
Truly amazing.
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4:08 PM
Q: What word, in the context of casual conversation would be equivalent to the word "deal breaker"?

Sushant19I was talking to a girl online and she asked me where I am originally from. I home state reputation is very bad. So, if you can recommend a reply, do tell me. EDIT: I am looking for a synonym of deal breaker but it can be used in a casual conversation because the word, "deal breaker" is often us...

Questions like this make me deeply sad.
How do all these people get to talk to a girl online?
I never get to talk to a girl online.
And I can actually form a complete sentence.
you don't know @Cerberus isn't a girl online
Everyone knows that online he's a dog.
oh yeah. I guess I fell for the old "you can't tell I'm not a dog" trick
Maybe I need to unlearn knowing what to reply to people, and then people will start talking to me.
Sadly I've learned so much that the unlearning will take decades.
Stupid me.
> Rather than asking how Trump won, we should be asking how Trump was close enough to win.

... Here, then, is Bartels’s point: if you’d been given a printout of voter data from the past few elections and been asked to identify which campaign was the bizarre one, the one that would rock American politics and lead to book after book trying to explain the outcome, would you be able to do so? The results in 2016 mostly looked like 2012 and 2008 and 2004, even though the winning candidate is one of the most bizarre Йgures ever to crash into American politics.
Am reading this book, and loving it. It references a staggering amount of data and statistical research. And it's pretty grim.
Thought you might be interested.
> Let me be clear from the beginning: This is not a book about people. This is a book about systems. How American politics became a toxic system, why we participate in it, and what it means for our future is the subject of this book.
4:27 PM
@RegDwigнt says nothing
@Færd I like how they use the Russian letter Й to mean the English letters fi.
That is a very useful shorthand.
@Færd 'Grim'? in what way. I mean Orban just got voted to have unspecified no time limit powers. I'd say that's pretty grim for Hungarians. Or maybe Orban will do the right thing and give up powers after the crisis is over. He'll probably do the right thing.
Orban was always grim and never did the right thing. Just like Berlusconi. And countless other rulers.
People just like jerks.
Remember what your mother told you. Nice guys finish last.
Nice guys never finish, they last forever.
4:40 PM
I feel like I saw that clip ten years ago.
5:32 PM
@MattE.Эллен Exactly!
I could be anything.
@MattE.Эллен In MMORPG parlance, girl stands for "guy in real life."
5:45 PM
@RegDwigнt Did I give myself away that that was copypasta from a suboptimally OCRed PDF file or what.
@Mitch In the way that unprecedented party polarization is likely to render much of politics abortive for some years (decades?), and the failures of the system is likely to aggravate it.
It's a good one because it shows you that the faulty system is getting much less of the blame than it deserves. The people are the same. The ideological divides are even less gaping than the way they were several decades ago. But party polarization is very high.
@CowperKettle Cute!
7:08 PM
@Mitch Quite scary indeed.
@Færd Very true.
@RegDwigнt Yeah, more people should know this before they vote Tory.
Or any other liberal-right party in Europe.
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8:22 PM
@RegDwigнt That about sums it up. I don't usually like YouTube comments, but someone said in response to that video, "America isn't a country, it's a business." Too bloody true.
Q: If I name my child Mathematics, will I become the father of Mathematics?

Ardent CoderFirstly, I'm a male. Secondly, this was a troll but I took it seriously: As a proper noun (the child), yes. As a (?) noun, no. I'm not a grammarian, so my reasoning maybe flawed. I am looking for the correct answer to this question.

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9:30 PM
Reading an article about WWII in Nome, Alaska, in which the Russians and Americans shared an airfield.
> [An American pilot] decided to go after the Russians. He stood up, walked over to the table of 56th pilots and announced, “I’m gonna drink those goddamned Commies under the table.” Laughs and scoffs followed. The pilots teased him. There was drinking, then there was Russian drinking, then there was Russian aviator drinking. It was a whole new dimension of alcoholism that Americans could only watch with awe.
Pro tip: Never challenge a Russian to a drinking contest.
It's like bringing a knife to a gunfight.
Hear, hear.
Every time I challenge myself to a drinking contest, it's always a tie.
Fucking Russians.
Just how much can they drink.
I even make sure to have a dedicated bottle just for the tie break, but the tie never breaks.
> The upload has not made this video available in your country.
The fuck, uploader. You don't even know what country I'm in.
Just search YouTube for the song. I'm sure there are Germans who've uploaded it.
I really like the "sorry about that" in a smaller font.
That's a nice touch.
9:41 PM
Better than "suck a bag of dicks" in a smaller font.
The other day I read somewhere that YouTube and some other sites agreed to serve lower-quality videos in Europe by default, because of the spike in traffic due to corona.
But since Russia pretends not to have the corona, they still serve HD there.
So everyone's now switching their VPNs to Russia.
I read that the Chinese government has had to supply about ten times as many burial urns to Wuhan as the official death count would require.
@Robusto isn't it strange how lawyers always put "suck a bag of dicks" in the finest of prints and yet still manage for it to take up 142 pages.
Not so strange. That's what lawyers do.
@Robusto To be fair, it was their most modestly priced receptacles.
9:48 PM
Walter, what the fuck does anything have to do with Vietnam?
I didn't watch my buddies die face down in the muck so that nothing has to do anything with Vietnam.
Every time I read news like that I have to wonder why you'd be able to keep quiet about the fate of a thousand human beings but not be able to hush the fate of a thousand modestly priced items.
Just how hard can it be to send a single truck somewhere without the world entire taking notice.
@Robusto in a brilliant strike of karmic justice, the answerer managed to misspell "mathematics". Twice.
Just deserts.
@RegDwigнt Figures.
I'm surprised that question is still open. How it comports with our guidelines is beyond me.
11:03 PM
@Robusto source please

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